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Saudi Arabia Claims It’s Open To Sending Troops To Syria


Saudi Arabia Claims It's Open To Sending Troops To Syria

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir

Saudi Arabia is open to sending troops to Syria under the US-led coalition if such a decision is taken, Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said on April 17, according to the state-media.

“We are in discussion with the U.S. and have been since the beginning of the Syrian crisis about sending forces into Syria,” Jubeir said during a news conference with U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in Riyadh.

The foreign minister added that Saudi Arabia had previously proposed this idea to then US President Barack Obama.

Earlier the Wall Street Journal’s report speculated that the administration of US President Donald Trump is seeking to establish some “Arab force” that would replace US troops in northern and northeastern Syria.  This “Arab force” reportedly could be established with the support of Saudi Arabia and some other Gulf states.

However, a possible deployment of Saudi troops in Syria is far away from reality according to Syrian experts. Saudi Arabia is currently involved into a long and complicated military conflict in Yemen. The Saudi-led coalition intervened in the country in 2015 in order to defeat the Houthis and to establish a puppet government in the area. However, since then, the Saudi-led coalition has not achieved its main goals in the country. Its forces have even failed to retake the Yemeni capital. At the same time, the Houthis have increased cross-border attacks against and missile launches at Saudi Arabia.

In November 2017, SouthFront released an analysis entitled “Would Anyone Profit From a New War in the Middle East?“. It provides a look at Saudi Arabia’s poisition in the region:



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  • fuck you

    first to comment !!!

  • Paul James

    On what F%^&*(g basis ? No surprises – US-Led Western Strategy to Divide and Destroy Syria Revealed in Leaked British Cable https://wakeup-world.com/2018/04/18/us-led-western-strategy-to-divide-and-destroy-syria-revealed-in-leaked-british-cable/

  • fuck you

    lol i thought i comment first but i put a blank post it doesn’t count

  • Dušan Mirić

    Moron is proud of what a decent man is ashamed of
    Croatian proverb

    • BMWA1


  • AJ

    Saudis troops to Syria – this is a joke they are preoccupied with Yemen war. Let Iran militias give them a big welcome.

    • Garga

      Of course it is, but I really doubt that it makes any significant change. The same head-choppers, heart-eating terrorists that joined SDF will wear Saudi colours. The added benefit compare to joining SDF is that they no longer need to shave.

      Sudanese mercenaries and others from African puppet countries will also join. The only difference for them is that they will “try” to murder Syrian civilians instead of Yemeni civilians and instead of fleeing the Houthis, they will flee from Syrians and allies.

      Apparently, Trump’s promise about leaving Syria was nothing but a sales pitch, to milk Saudis some more, and the hopeful king-to-be (currently the clown prince) will do whatever they demand from him, in order to secure himself a throne.

  • Iraqi man

    Holy fk he looks ugly

    • AJ


    • Starlight

      Trump and Putin both announced yesterday that Saudi forces, under the guise of Arab League nations acting as ‘peace keepers’, are going to be flooding into Syria.

      NOW we know what FIG LEAF Putin is planning to use as an excuse to withdraw Russia forces, and give perfect victory to the wahhabi horrors.

      Trump dropped planned sanctions against Russia yesterday (only an idiot would fail to comprehend the significance of this). Trump has agreed to allow Russia continued access to its naval port. Putin will soon announce new nation wide elections in Syria under the ‘protection’ of KSA ‘peace-keepers’.

      The the sad deniers here, what the hell do you think was going to happen after zionist appeaser Putin painted himself into this corner? The coming Saudi invasion will de facto partition Syria- just as we have witnessed in various Africa nations when the same trick has been applied.

      After Tony Blair invaded Iraq, the semi-autonomous Kurd region continued for quite some time. Look at the current political map of Syria and you’ll see the partition boundaries. Why do you think Putin has been so careful to keep the worst of the rebels alive and ship them safely to certain regions in Syria? Those regions are the new Turk/Saudi partition.

      Thank’s to Putin, Syria is a perfect loss for our side.

      • Don Pagani

        Are you brainless?

        • 1691

          He is. It’s best to ignore him. Let him rant. It doesn’t matter. He is making a shekel.

          • Kell McBanned
          • 1691


          • Kell McBanned

            Starlight I mean not you.

          • jerry hamilton

            All the time and on every level.
            Considering the percentage of jews to non jew, the media presence is massive.
            There can not be political debate without it coming down to who is the anti-semite.
            Look at what is happening to Corbyn at the moment.
            Jews are destroying him.
            They are turning the sheeple to hate people that don’t love jews.
            Since they control the media, that is very easy for them.
            You must obediently love your jewish masters.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Starlight lost his brain when the Rabbi bit off the end of his penis.

      • fuck you

        i don’t know about that bro russia isn’t going to give up syria just like that it plays an importance to russia it would be worth nothing for russia to pull out

      • Iraqi man

        This is not true :D

        • Bob

          Starlight is systematic disinformation and diversionary troll – simply premise is to blame Putin for everything, everyday, in attempt to shift focus away from ongoing NATO war crimes.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Troll always want to cover up for CIA/GCC operations “Bringing Muscle to Bear on Syria” Plan 2006 , and then CIA/SAUDI Operation “Timber Sycamore” 2011-12 still ongoing Trump never closed up the Backdoor by Obama Executive order. These operations are what has killed nearly 600,000 Syrian people and displacing millions, then they want the same people operating the operations to control Northern Syria with no UN mandate to even justify their illegal presence. They have been trying to manufacture cause since 2013 and they are behind every false flag chemical attack as Bandar”BUSH” organized the 2013 attack and APR. 2017 Khan Sheikoun along with the chemical attack on the Kurds in 2016 then again in APR. 2018 Douma where Bandar “BUSH” has been operating for years from that region until recently.

      • Volker Burkert

        “Syria is a perfect loss for our side.”
        No, Syria is a perfect loss for YOUR side, meaning for CIA & Friends.

      • EL ZORRO

        Yep, Syria is a perfect loss for the Ashkenazi khazarian jews mafia.

      • Bob

        ‘Our side’ – you do not represent anyone.

      • One has to credit you with persistence. Then the same might be said about mosquitoes.

      • Joe

        Your imagination….

      • schiamachy

        What is your side?

    • Hrky75

      That’s what happens when you are first cousin with both own your mother and the family goat ;-D…

      • John


    • Smith Ricky

      The look of Satan

    • FlorianGeyer

      HE is but usually wears a bandage on his head :)

  • Michał Hunicz

    Wahhabi Regime is going to murder Syrian children. Shoot down every Saudi warplane and target every military convoy belonging to them!

    • FlorianGeyer

      And destroy the Saudi oil ports and infrastructure , as that will increase the oil price that will help Russia and cripple the West.

  • Miguel Redondo

    Yes , the Kurds will be very happy , now they will have to ally with the same wahabbies they fought before.

  • World_Eye

    Hah LOL they got me laugh, the Saudi Wahhabis will fight in Syria, those cowards, you have seen what the Houthis are doing to those bitches, how are they running from every possible spark, so now they are considering sending WHAT to Syria “Troops” what troops lol, the Sharia Wahhabists ohoh. Man what is this mid of east turns into.

    • Derapage

      What troops?Ethiopians, Sudanese, in short, all the scum that failed to enter ISIS ranks for 1000$ paycheck

  • Saudi Arabia the most reprehensible dictatorship wants to do what? As long as Russia is there in Syria legally, Saudi dictator who recently travels with suitcases filled with billions of dollars to convince European key politicians to love his shitty place. Russia should fulfill its promise that it will bomb them to stone age. And Putin should do just this.

    • christianblood

      Saudi Arabia is the belly of the Beast, the Head of the Dragon!

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        nope just the money pocket.

      • That Guy

        Israel is the head of the snake, US is the body, and Saudi Arabia is just the tail.

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    I cant stop laughing. Nice joke.

  • Trustin Judeau

    Saudis are being embarrassed in Yemen for more than 3 years.The same thing will happen in Syria.

    • That Guy

      Not the same. It would be even worse for the Saudis.

    • Derapage

      But in Syria Saudis will stay together with the Kurds. I’m curious to know if this strange alliance (pseudo-communist + medieval tiranny) can work. It would be nice if SAA give them a slap.

      • You can call me Al

        No, the Kurds hate them as well.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      Even worse this time!! :)))

    • chet380

      If the Saudis replaced the Americans east of the Euphrates, it would be a huge plus for the SAA and its allies — at present, there is a reluctance to engage those east of the Euphrates for fear of killing US soldiers there — no such reluctance if it were the Saudis.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Good point :)

      • You can call me Al

        Remember the Kurdish despise the Whabists as well.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        Especially with Erik Prince and his Clown Crusaders , that caused all the mess in the Green Zone in Iraq. They are what the world needs exterminated along with those NEW ISIS Army in Northern Syria and a no fly zone imposed when they take over in that region not allowing any Coalition fighter into Syria , hell impose it now be done with it!

    • Redadmiral

      They won’t be embarrassed in Syria, they will be buried in Syria….

  • Vince Dhimos

    But Mr. Jubeir, your troops are all over Syria and Iraq. They just don’t admit they’re yours.

  • 1691

    This indicates that Americans are not able to maintain their troops and mercenaries.

    • fuck you

      the people don’t support it bro over in the states trump receives alot of criticism for getting deeper involved americans don’t give a fuck about what’s going on out there the way most americans view it is why are we even there ??? believe me i hear it all the time most americans are focused on their lives and family they want all that money being spent over there over here where we need it the u.s has some political problems that need to be resolved … not to mention most americans are well aware that we aren’t wanted in the middle east the u.s fucked that up a long time ago

  • JEinCA

    The Syrian Armed Forces, the Iranian volunteers and Hezbollah will chew them up and spit them out

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      yep it be a very good practice, for their armies.

    • whatsmolly

      Hell, even the Kurds wouldn’t want to be under soudi occupation.

      • That Guy

        Re-check that, they already have good viwes on Saudi Arabia.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          Only from Deep State Department controlled spokespeople. Majority see them as partners to the Turks and are none to happy with it as even Arabs want all gone from there and will not except them in the region and no chance of US running the show either anymore.

    • Mountains

      Tough talk from a man who lost against the rebels if russia didn’t save them… Russia is doing their bidding

      • JEinCA

        Russia simply derailed the US/UK/Israeli and Saudi plans to overthrow Assad, destroy the Syrian state and turn it into Libya in the Levant. God bless Russia for saving Syria from that fate.

      • That Guy

        Tough talk also coming from those who got humiliated by some flip-flop fighters.

  • Hrky75

    Saudis are struggling to deal with flip-flops wearing Houthi tribesmen. I’d really like to see them go mano-a-mano with Syrian Republican guard or the Tigers. Now that would be a real massacre… Oh and BTW I thought SAA killed “the last Wahhabi clown” back in Aleppo in 2016. – is this inbred moron trying to fill the vacancy…


    so SAUDI want to SENDING TROOPS TO FIGHT SYRIA with US led Coalition
    Like the Saudis want to DIE

  • Rob

    How the Arabian prince spend their money. This will be a shame history.

    To see how Saudi prince get the girl. This will be a shame history.

    If I had so much money as much these Saudi princes then honestly there would be no war and no one would die due to starvation. I would never sell my raw oil rather I would produce thousands of products of this oil that is fabrics, plastics, domastic products, packages, fertilizers, cosmatics and so on and then I would sell in international markets but not in US dollars but in my own currency that is Riyal of which conversion rate I would fix myself.

    I would produce and sell 5th generation fighter jets, commercial jets, tanks and other thousands of defence hardware. I would produce bullet trans, nuclear power plants, ICBM, manned space rockets etc jointly with China, Russia, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan etc. Majority of Saudi princes wasting their time and money on women, cars, homes and personal aeroplanes. So that is their priorities because of lack of proper education. LOL.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      And how you think all the weapons you be producing will be used? As for the rest it is this by products of oil, that destroy the environment today, so good thing you dont have that much money.

      • Rob

        If there is no Zionists in this world then there is no need for weapons to use. Use your brain.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          I think is you, who is not using its brain, no insult, mean here. And what the world need to stop wars is not more weapons but people to begin using common sense and stop wanting to steal the neighbors cow, or for her to die.

          Free energy exist since the time of Nikola Tesla, as well all by products of oil can be done with natural ingredients that dont pollute the ground or the atmosphere. i.e. paper from hemp, best quality cloth, and fuel that produce no environmental poisoning etc. And not all who support and promote western NWO are zionists kid.

          Their followers are worst than them as they are the ones doing their deeds. In any case get educated since you want to save the world and your intentions is you to have money and power, and both corrupt feeble minds same as the prince you watch on the video.

        • fuck you

          what about when aliens attack earth ?? lol not trying to be funny but seriously

    • matt

      fake money

  • Rob

    Yemen Explained: Saudi Coalition, Houthis and Famine

    Yemen: On the brink of starvation – BBC News

    How the Saudi Blockade is Starving Yemen

    Oh my God these are children dying due to starvation. They have no food due to blockade …..
    This is a real holocaust.

    1. The Largest Humanitarian Disaster.
    2. 8 Million People Hungary.
    3. About 11,000 people killed.
    4. About 50,000 people injured.
    5. Entire villages and towns have been demolished and erased from the earth.

    Russia, China and Pakistan could help to open blockade on Houthis, send them humanitarian aid in emergency. All world leaders should stand against Saudi and Israeli bastards that regularly bombing them like pesticides on insects. Stand against Saudi and Israeli oppression and aggression. Saudis tell to Yemen nation that accept Hadi as president otherwise you all will die and nobody will know. Shame

  • That Guy

    The Pro-govenment coalition would give you a big massive welcome, with MLRS and airstrikes, then with S-300, S-200, BUK, KUB, Pantsir S1, Shilka, and Strela for your aircrafts, then a final Blitz push from three directions supported by CAS and artillery of all kinds.

  • so

    So they’ll put up the money to hire mercinaries like Xe or Blackwater to stand in for them.
    Sounds about right. At least our solidiers will make alot more money working for the government
    that funded destroying the World Trade Center. They certainly won’t make a living wage in the US.
    That about sums up my country.

  • Don Pagani

    This man looks stupid. If Saudi pours its forces into Syria then Iranian army will publicly join fighting. A wide scale war will happen with unpredictable outcomes.

    • 1691

      This is what the zio zombies want and up to the last attack they though they will win. Now, it will be retreat, reinforce, come back again. They need the Saudies and the other fools to step in and keep the fire on.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        If the russians stop jerking around and give what Syria needs for her defense, they will not have a second chance.

        • 1691

          I read somewhere that s3000 will be delivered to Syria soon but after the last attack the terms have changed. Russia has been on thin ice since they stepped in 2 years ago. They have to consider every idiot in the neighborhood. I read there was a deal with bibi and that’s why the s3000 was not delivered earlier.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            yes I hear the rumors too about that, but if Syria is not protected and win then why on earth Russia step into this in the first place? Israel always been on the site of the group that want to destroy russia and take over her resources and let us not forget what they did in Georgia and Ukraine.

            Up to this point I understand and agree with the strategy they followed trying to keep the balance and not go into a WW3 that will more than likely end up nuclear, BUT…….. if you can not handle the heat dont go into the kitchen right?

          • 1691

            Yes and no. Russians are handling the heat. The fact that we are still around is a clear sign that they have done great in protecting their country, Syria and the world from a nuclear disaster. The zio mafia wanted Russia before the war in Syria. They still want it. I can not express how greatfull I am to all the Russians for handling all the accusations, sanctions, sabotages without losing their marbles. They are doing great.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            I dont disagree. And I dont think much different than you are about the russians. And no sane man want a WW3. I have great respect for the ones in Russia that do the planning and the strategies, but sometimes is not enough you do everything right when you have an opponent that the only thing that will save them and allow them to keep what they thing they have it is war.

            And the ones who call the shots in west is exactly what they want to be saved, in their stupidity and you seen them how they behave. And I am referring to NATO countries and allies.

          • 1691

            I know it is too much and too complicated and we do not know everything. Personally I would have given them a bloody nose and send them back to where they came from but this is not the solution because they will come back for revenge. It will be a never ending story. I guess, Putin/Russia has a solution and they see the bigger picture with all the details and work on it, on every level. We have to be patient and help as much as we can. Russia is fighting not only isis. Russia is fighting the globalization, which I call colonization, and is winning.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            yes I agree we dont know everything. And for the moment in our minds the Russians are winning. So let us see what happens but I still think they need to supply Syria with what I said so who ever think to attack them to think of it more than twice.

          • RichardD

            There’s no need to expand the conflict beyond Syria’s borders as long as the attacks from outside Syria’s borders have little if any effect on the progress of war.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            Also range my friend. And can see what allegedly is stealth and that matters, in an all out attack, beside the psychological factor, on the troops that defending.

          • RichardD

            They wouldn’t make much difference in a stand alone war of Syria against NATO. Though they would be an improvement over S-200s. And provide an improved deterrent against Israel, or the US for that matter. They’re also expensive and the S-200s are paid for.

            Syria is being subsidized right now by it’s allies until the war is over and it can get back on it’s feet economically. And what’s being subsidized is on a prioritization basis. And there have evidently been things that have been a higher priority than long range air defense systems.

            If Syria isn’t going to use it’s S-200s outside of Syrian airspace, S-300s would be a waste of money. The Buk M2s will take hostiles down inside of Syrian airspace almost as well as S-300s at a lower cost. If a decision is made to expand the war outside of Syrian airspace under some circumstances, then yes S-300s start to make more sense. And that’s being looked at right now judging from press reports. As well as some MIG 29s that Syria has had on ordr since before the war.

            Wikipedia is showing that Syria has already taken delivery of some S-300 systems, though it’s questionable if that’s true if they’re operational yet.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            I never suggested she be alone, one against many. In Syria this minute beside the Russians -Hez and Iran is also 5.000 that we know off Chinese special forces.

            But if is a serious attack against Syria from NATO, comes the one who must initiate the answer to them with allies supporting any way they can. The S300 is so they can not use Lebanese air space to attack Syria. As a sovereign country is the one who must take the initiative protecting itself and if you notice is also the policy of Russia.

            Is one thing Russia countering the attacks from NATO and is another Russia doing it. In the first case we have NATO getting her ass kicked from the ones who attack him and second case we have a full blown WW3, if russia counter the attacks. Same goes with the anti ship missiles I suggested.

            If you arm someone to prevent WW3, do it right and do it now, not after the event.

          • RichardD

            Lebanese airspace is their responsibility. Syria can take down planes over all of it’s neighbors now. It’s a simple matter to transfer improved antiaircraft and antiship capability to the SAA. But the Syrian military will never be able to counter NATO on it’s own no matter what weapons they receive. Only the Russians can do that. Syria playing a game of one upmanship with NATO is a waste of time and resources. That’s what the Russian bases are for instead.

            So it’s not the SAA that’s deterring NATO and the Jews, it’s Russia. The Russians are interested in winning the war, not getting in a macho contest with the regime change perps. And that’s what they’re doing, winning the war. When the time comes to extend the no fly zone west of the river to the US occupied areas on the Jordan border and east of the river. The Russians will put that in place.

            NATO and the Jews don’t want the Syrians to have improved ability to defend themselves. Which is why they’re limiting their attacks to ones that will have no affect on the outcome of the war. Because the more that they press the issue. The more that the Russians will upgrade Syrian capability. The Syrian air defenses have become increasingly robust with legacy equipment upgrades and new equipment additions. Why argue with success? The Syrians are winning the war. That’s what’s important.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            I dont disagree my friend and I understand your logic very well that it happened to be my logic not long ago even though as a military person, have seen Syria pay heavy prices in the name of politics of others including Russia’s, that she would have never paid.

            My family business been working with the Russian side of our family since Russia existed as a country and her capital was Kiev. So I know Russians since birth and been trained by my family not schools in realities a very long time ago. So what I say dont take it as an anti-russian commends because they are not and me and my people if the time come, that I believe will be very soon we are not on the side of west, and their NWO shit.

            That said does not alter what I said or make it less real. Russia is trying to show to the world the real face of NWO thus avoiding WW3 by activating a reaction from the western population. And we are all for it IF the sheep wake up and react but watching americans, the first victims of globalization, and the rest of the colonies, I come to the conclusion this war is unavoidable unless City of London and Vatican, are willing to go down with out a fight and they will not.

            China already is hitting the $ as an international trading tool and that what is all about right now, by backing her coin in international transactions with gold. Russia has finished the transformation of all her government computer systems with software that they have develop based on ancient Greek language programming. And I know as i am part of that movement Putin started few years back.

            They have also almost done building their banking system transactions to be able operate outside the banking system of the west and from what we been told they be activating before the end of this year. meaning suddenly west banking system will be having a very hard competition and the UK/Usrael know that day marks their implosion financially and the end of their existence. This last two years the $ has been lost almost 40% of the international market as trading tool.

            West is but 1/7th of the world population with a failing economy based on debt since is creation and not profit. On the other hand you have Russian economy that is based on profit and owns to no one nothing beside the running every day cost that if Russia for example owns few billions here and there from imports which is always happens on credit, for example to germany for the goods they import from them, 1, germany owns to Russia 30. and same goes with China and not only.

            The west knows that the moment the BRICS activate their own banking system fully they are done. Now do the maths and you know why I speak as I speak. The only reason russia still plays the game with the west of friendship is so they buy tie to activate their own systems. That day west is finished and their economies will be in shatters and I dont believe for a moment west will wait for them to go down gracefully and they truly believe that a controlled WW3 based on the power they have now will save them.

            This is generally is what is going on down right now. The only chance this can be avoided is NWO control to be eliminated by the people who make it possible and those people is all western population, that keep this people in power as their tax slaves and man their armies but watching how western people think and never react to anything happening to them in their majority I dont believe russians planning in that area will be a success.

            What you think?

          • RichardD

            I think that you have a good grasp of the situation and that what we’re seeing is one more Jew pump and dump of the type that these vultures are justifiably famous for. If their hegemony plan fails, plan B is asset stripping of the host or hosts that failed to obtain it for them.

            Where I have a different perspective than you is WW3. I doubt that the US will go for this.

            I predicted in my analysis on these threads in the lead up to last weeks attack. That even the Israel firster US legislature is getting fed up with the President of the United State’s groveling to the evil Jew miscreants and is moving to reign in his criminally insane mad bomber for Israel activity before he gets us all killed:

            “A group of US senators have put forth a new Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) bill that would limit President Donald Trump’s authority to attack other countries, days after he ordered a missile attack on Syria.

            Unveiled on Monday by Senators Bob Corker, the Republican chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, and Tim Kaine, a committee Democrat, the new AUMF bill allows any sitting US president to take military action against terror groups like al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Daesh and other non-state actors.

            However, in order to attack any nation state, for instance Syria, the bill suggests that the president must first inform Congress and give lawmakers two months to decide whether military action is necessary.

            Without any expiration date, the new AUMF will replace the 2001 war authorization act passed by Congress in the days following the September 11 attacks”

            – US Senate moves to limit President Trump’s war powers –


            This puts a break on these types of mad dog attacks. If it had been in place last week, it would of slowed down and possibly prevented the attack which is an obvious scam that damages the US reputation considerably. And makes it more of pariah than it already is.

            This attack has been a complete public relations disaster for the US, France and the UK. With the scammers running these governments repeating the mistakes of the past. And permanently damaging their reputations in the process. With the main target having repeatedly been certified clean by the inspectors, and not even waiting for an investigation of the alleged attack when they easily could of. And with after action inspections that will almost certainly fail to justify the strikes, and will expose the justification for the entire military operation as a complete fraud.

            There is almost no public support for what the NATO Jew 3 have done:

            This is a recent British poll on attacking Syria:

            “Even though most Britons believe a chemical attack has been perpetrated, only 22% of Britons would support a cruise missile attack against the Syrian military”

            – By two to one, the public oppose missile strikes on Syria –


            The last time a US president tried this, the public opposition coming into congressional offices was almost universally opposed. Nothing has changed, if anything they’re more against it now than they were before:

            “About 60 percent of Americans surveyed said the United States should not intervene in Syria’s civil war, while just 9 percent thought President Barack Obama should act.”

            – As Syria war escalates, Americans cool to U.S. intervention –


            The Afghan war also has close to zero support in the US. These Jew world order hegemony wars stem from the Jew stranglehold on the politics of the US, France and the UK. Which are 3 out of 5 of the most Jew infested nations on the planet.

            I’ve been asked in the past what my solution is to these problems. And having read these threads you know what it is. Get rid of Jews by outlawing their evil cult, dejudifying the planet, and creating a Jew free world that will be much better for humanity. Which includes delisting Israel from the UN and replacing it with Palestine.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            they deleted my answer to you as spam.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            I guess you seen my answer because some bright person here delete what I answer to you as spam. And because of that it is the last time they see a dime from me or any of my group posting here. And will like the one who deleted a perfectly normal respond to our discussion to explain me where he seen the spam.

  • roberto silveira

    Good. If Saudi Arab troops replace USA ones, Russia and Syria can bomb them into oblivion.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      They will bomb the americans too when they are done with Damascus and the rest of the pockets left. Unless they get their asses out of there.

  • Samuel Boas

    They can’t even kill the Houthi soldiers and now they want the Tiger forces chasing their asses?

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      dont try to make sense with masochists.

  • John

    It is unvarnished theater. For a long time there has always been some way to pull the train wreck out of the fire for the West. Kosovo is one example. Now the time has arrived where they are truly going to lose this one. In the long term, all of the marbles are at stake so, they are going to try anything. As surreal as this is, inviting some of the very people who started the war to serve as peacekeepers and reconstructors, I am sure it will get a lot more weird than this. Strap in, it will be quite a fantasy performance. I wish well to all.

  • French

    what a wonderful stupid idea

  • Pareggiamoiconti

    sounds like the Iranians are going to have some fun…

  • Promenade Press

    This is the most absurd American idea ever floated. it shows a complete lack of understanding of the situation. First, would would the force be deployed. the only possible location is Deraa. They could be inserted through Jordan. Other than that. Are they that stupid!!!! Turkey has the north locked down. Kurds have the East locked down. Assad has the major cities and the coast locked down. There are Russian and Iranian bases every where but Deraa. Saudis get anywhere near the Lebanon border Hezbollah will come across in droves. If Hariri or Aoun support the Saudi it is time for another Lebanon civil war.
    If this is Bolton’s idea then he has earned his reputation as being not too bright.

    • That Guy

      Daraa or Al-Tanf. Other than that it would be stupid.

  • Eeevee

    Who is this fucking idiot ? The Saudis have already proved themselves to be incompetent in fighting the Houthis in Yemen and this Idiot wants to go into Syria ? Ah, so all those dollar$ they spent supplying ISIS and the Rebels did not work and they finally grew some balls to try to do the Job themselves. This idiot is deluded and should be in a mental institution under heavy medication.

  • palegreendot

    Look at that fu**ing fa**ot. Both jihadi fingers raised.

    Osama was apparently only half the terrorist, only raising one.

  • RamboDave

    It is the Saudis that started this war on Syria by funding all the jihadis in the first place. All Syrians know this. If the Saudis choose to put themselves within reach of their victims, it will merely provide extra incentive for the Syrians to get their revenge.

    Letting the Saudis take over and defend Syria’s Omar oil field, for example, would be the fastest way to return it to Syrian control.

    This article below reveals the Saudi role in the destruction of Syria.


  • Good idea.
    Syria can kill them.

  • …. I’m positive that creep’s a kiddy-diddler.

    • Empire’s Frontiers

      Call it a cultural feature.

  • Omega

    Please do.

    I look forward to seeing Saudis being decimated.

  • cliff

    Ooh please send them and by Allah Syria will be all they graves,the Arabs army are cowards with no guts they can’t fight as the Syrian army fights.

  • Merijn

    Wahhabistan coming Again to Syria????!!!! They are almost All Eliminated!!! And now Wahhabistan is Planning to send NEW Ones??!! Houthis are going to Knock on Your door Soon..Son of Satan….you are Nothing But ZioNaziBloodLiners…you have no Faith Devil Worshippers…

    • matt

      boy boy, such childish language….

      • Merijn

        Hey Matt…doin’ alreet? No that is not childish language…I’m cursing them….that is different.. as long as everything goes fucked up for the Enemy…it’s workin’ right?

  • alejoeisabel


  • Dr. Ronald Cutburth

    HAHAHA. Go ahead put Saudi Army in Syria so they can be crushed for their complicity of murder os of Syrians. In fact, what Saudi gov would recruit their wahambiyist ISIS freinds for their army. Interesting how the US/Zionist Israel goverments are bent on murder of anybody to control the world

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      that will be divine justice .

  • Mustaffa Ashaa

    Apparently, this Saudi idiot and his verbal diarrhoea is the side effect of heavy camel urine drinking session with his Bedouin Wahhabi staff. For the past three years, the bare-footed, but highly motivated brave Hoothies in Yemen humiliated the wahhabi army for three years. Their multi-Billions US state-of-art weapons couldn’t help. They employed mercenaries and Sudanese help, they begged Pakistanis, Egyptian and still can not finish the job in spite of all UK and USA intelligence and logistic help. It will be a great sceptical to see them the extremely battle-hardened SAA and its allies. Go on Saudies Bedouin …. we need a good laugh and you are used to provide it.

  • David BlackBeard

    saudi soldiers getting raped in Yemen by Houthi fighters who are running there around in sneakers and with a stepladder , and this fucking walking dead face wants to go into Syria …….. just looooool

  • Petrus

    Perhaps they are feeling a bit guilty about not doing their part in yet another war we have been waging in their interests? In case one needs the heads up, we have been invading just about every middle eastern country who also happens to be their enemy…

  • Tudor Miron

    What a snakehead :) Brave worrior, I assume he’s going to lead from behind.

  • FlorianGeyer

    I have a better idea. Equip ALL the Saudi Royals with American weapons and give them a Black hawk taxi ride to Deir Ezzor and let them show how tough they are :)

  • Amine Mansouri

    go KSA!!!

    • outer_rl

      They can go all the way to hell and everyone they pay will keep telling them they’re nearly in heaven.

    • That Guy

      Yup, we also want to see KSA get eaten for breakfast in Syria as well.

  • novychelovek

    They would get their arses handed right quick by a battle hardened and grizzled units of the SAA.

    That KSA is not being charged with crimes against humanity and breaking International laws and norms with their attack on Yemen tells us of the evil contained within the Anglo-Atlanticist global oligarchy.

  • Feudalism Victory

    Not exactly the worlds most feared military. Still it seems their proclivity for brutality means it isnt just funny.

    • Empire’s Frontiers

      Indeed. It turns out subjugating women isn’t quite the same as subjugating men.

      Though this hasn’t gotten through to the barbarians occupying that tragic barnyard they call a palace.

    • oldenyoung

      Yah…they should try the French regular army first…/smile

  • outer_rl

    This is pretty much the absolute stupidest stategy Saudi Arabia could follow right now

  • You can call me Al

    Nice video thank you.

    From that, you can understand the shear panic that we are seeing now happening.

  • Kentus

    Nah!! The above picture is not what he really looks like.

    This is more like it: http://telemarksporten.no/SakerPhotos/Saudi_Foreign_Ministe_%20Adel_Al-Jubeir_Faces_of_Evil.jpg


  • Empire’s Frontiers

    They’ll land where, and do what?

    What would save them?

  • bob balluga

    That’s just what Syria needs, more countries sending their soldiers into it illegally.

  • MeMadMax

    Whats even worse at fighting a war than a saudi paid jihadi fighter?

    An actual saudi soldier! LULZ!!!!

    Seriously, those clowns are a joke!

    They had to bring in south american mercenaries to help stave off the loses in yemen!


  • ColinNZ

    The SAA & allies would have a field day if the north-east & east was occupied by poor quality GCC troops and mercenaries ….. the rapid comprehensive defeat of them would be the perfect karma to conclude Syria’s war against these foreign terrorists.

  • Mountains

    Saudi ARABIA has superior modern army compared to SAA. But i don’t see them coming alone. Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan and UAE will come along

    • Sinbad2

      Indonesia won’t get involved, and I doubt Egypt will either.
      Actually the destruction of KSA and UAE would suit Indonesia.
      Killing the competition is the capitalist(American) way.

      • Mountains

        What competition? There is no rivalry between Indonesia and Saudi Arabia but would also understand if they don’t come and the same with Egypt but I see them coming no matter.

        I would say Pakistan, Egypt, UAE and Jordan are a lock to appear.

        Both Pakistan and Egypt have overpopulation issues and could use extra money in creating new jobs on the eastern side of euphrates employing their citizens who are jobless and getting paid good. Win/win

        But you can expect these 4 nations together with Saudi Arabia

        • Sinbad2

          What are you some kind of pinko?
          KSA sells oil, Indonesia sells oil, so kill the competitor, like America does.

          • Mountains

            So? The Oil market is huge man and they are not limiting each other. Get real

          • Sinbad2

            Oh really, so why does the US spend so much time and money invading oil producing countries and either stealing the oil, or just stop them selling it.
            Haven’t you seen the pattern, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Ukraine(Russia), Iran, Myanmar, Nigeria, Venezuela.
            Just a coincidence they are all oil producers?

          • Kell McBanned

            Because of jews.

          • Sinbad2

            Americans might not technically be Jews, but they have the same value system, they both pray to the god of gold.
            The Jews have their Golden Calf, and the Americans as always, have something bigger, a Golden Bull.
            That’s the reason most of the worlds Jews live in America, they feel at home.

          • Kell McBanned

            They are run lock stock and barrel by jews, the American people have no interest in the Middle East at all, these are all wars for Israel, the Iraqi oilfields are run by Chinese, Russian and Iranian companies, the US got stuff all out of it so oil as motive ie an old leftist meme is minimal if at all to do with it – so what is the real motive?


          • Sinbad2

            “the US got stuff all out of it”
            Total BS, you are just another yankee zionist trying to spread disinformation.
            The US still fills up tankers every day, for free, and Iraq has to buy everything from the USA, at double the price, and half the quality.
            Why won’t the US allow them to have free elections?

          • Kell McBanned

            Im Australian and very anti-zionist, its the jews as always.

            More about the oil since you are evidently clueless about the situation or what really drives all this war in the Middle East – https://theconversation.com/iraq-what-happened-to-the-oil-after-the-war-62188

          • Kell McBanned
          • Kell McBanned
          • Kell McBanned
          • Sinbad2

            Look, I also hate the Zionists, they are the Jewish version of Nazis, and yes most Jews support the Nazis(Zionists).
            But their power comes from money, and their golden goose is the USA. If you can’t get the Jews out of America, destroy America. Without American muscle they are nothing.
            Hard on the yanks, maybe, but if you lay with dogs you get fleas.
            Russia should nuke the US, which would mean we in Oz would get a couple, because we support their nuclear forces in Fremantle and Darwin.

            I hope their economy will collapse and war will be avoided, but killing Americas rulers, the Jews is not a realistic option, they are like cockroaches, some always get away.

          • Kell McBanned

            I dont support killing anybody, if a solution is to be found is suggest sending them all to israel and let nature take its course, no external support, they have to work and produce if they want to survive, if they dont have enough land they should have went to madagasca like Hitler suggested.
            Christian zionists would have a chance to examine their reasoning and if they persisted backing the Synagog of Satan they would be sent there as well, they can be slaves to the jews and share their fate as far as im concerned.
            This would be a terrible burden to the surrounding Arabs but not for long I would think.

          • Sinbad2

            “they have to work and produce if they want to survive”

            When have you seen a Jew do physical labour?
            That’s why they always inhabit other countries, they need slaves to survive.

          • Kell McBanned

            Yeah they can only make money out of thin air and charge interest for it, with no slaves I dont know how they will survive, hence the Christian Zionist slaves/cannon fodder if their willing.
            Many problems solved quiet nicely + everyone happy accept Pallies/Arabs for a short time, wont take long for nature to take its course and the logical conclusion to zionist terrorist extremism to take effect.

          • Sinbad2

            Thing is Israel(Palestine) Jordan and Lebanon are all part of Syria. Syria was invaded by the Turks, and after WWI, the British and French split parts of Syria off to faithful vassals.

        • Kell McBanned

          Is that you porky? Your back lol, ive missed your posts, funny as – where were you? Mental ward in Tel Aviv having a breakdown? How many other zionists were in there having similar backflipping conniptions?

    • Blackfield18

      Indonesia doesn’t want to get involved into saudi’s crazy adventurism. We hate the saudis anyway.

      • Mountains

        over 1 million indonesians live inside Saudi Arabia. The relations are not bad but I reckon Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and UAE will be the ones filling up the cap left by the US.

        I don’t see anyone being able or willing to move on this nuclear armed coalition. Ones they arrive Assad can forget everything about the eastern side of Syria only if he wants to be dethroned he will attempt on such a coalition

  • First Lastname

    Please do it! I want to see SA embarrass themselves in Syria for Israel. Please let this happen!

  • frankly

    What they got extra troops they want rid of?

    • Sinbad2

      They buy them, like they buy their women.
      Rarely in history has their been such a debauched monarchy.

  • Sinbad2

    Actually it could be a good thing.
    If Saudi Arabia officially invades Syria instead of just its terrorists, it would give Syria the legal right to attack Saudi Arabia.
    A combined assault, Syria in the north and Yemen in the south, and Saudi Arabia would cease to exist.
    Saudi Arabia is not a real country, it’s a British creation, so it’s destined to disappear

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    That would be an improvement. Saudis are easier to kill.

  • klove and light

    saudis?UAE? LOLOL….
    hey dude u r missing the BIG PICTURE with that silly crazy idea!!!
    The KURDS are INFIDELS for the SAUDIS
    The SAUDIS are ARAB FILTH for the KURDS!!!
    They HATE each other!!!
    Their ideaology is 180 degress opposite from each other!!!
    So please dont blabla everything this zionist controlled white house gives from it!!
    Its pure bs.The us/nato motherfuckers are now stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    The illegal occupation in east syria is not sustainable for them.PERIOD!!
    Sooner than later Lebanon 2.0 will happen to the us/nato forces…remember Lebanon…Boooom 248 dead us marines in just 1 blast!!!
    Putin is a master……..the kurdish us proxies in the east will get crushed…just a matter of time…turkey in the north moving east……pressure from SAA ,Hezbollah and Iranian forces all along the front line from Raqqa to deir ezoor.
    No matter how the us plays this out…either with turkey as allies or kurdish sdf as allies..it dont change a thing anymore….

  • Sinbad2


  • pjt

    & Iran is open to sending troops inside Israel..


  • Mountains

    I like this idea very much. The Coalition should be made up by. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, UAE and Jordan.. each country providing 10.000 Soldiers numbering total 50.000 and in addition they will need 25.000 DMC and 25.000 SDF together becoming 100.000 armed forces on the eastern side of the euphrates.

    Complete locked down with a nuclear armed coalition everything will be locked down

    • That Guy

      This coalition is easy to decimate, and easy to deny them any air support, and they lack experience and competence. So, no matter how high is the number, airstrikes and artillery can take care of them, then a blitz 3 direction attack would finish them all for good. And oh btw, Jordan and Egypt won’t join this attack, because they are no longer hostile towards Syria.

      • Kell McBanned

        Yeah Egypt and Pakistan wont send any, Jordans still and may always be in the British pocket but I think they have realised their long term survoival is at stake and will stay out of it, so you have Idiot Saudis, Gulf Emeraties and whatever mercs they can scrape up, all having to be supported by air, should make for a great Turkey shoot.

        • Sinbad2

          I concur.

      • Mountains

        Deny them air support? are you drunk or something. They would have air superiority they are not insurgency who are lightly armed.

        Saudis and UAE have modern army compared to SAA or Iran who are very poorly armed. Hack I would even say they have better air force then the Russians when it comes to hardware. They will have air-superiority that is for sure.

        If Pakistan deploys it would be literally a wall but I don’t see it happening tho but if paid handsomely they would come. Money makes the world go around

        • That Guy

          *Cough cough* S-300, S-200, BUK, KUB, and some short range air defences like Pantsir S1. Yup even with superior hardware they will be denied air support.

    • Sinbad2

      Maybe that’s why the Russians are moving in tanks, they are trained for just that kind of war.
      With the Russian ability to create a no fly zone and stop American air support, it would be like a hot knife through butter. 100,000 dead American mercenaries would be hard for the western media to ignore, and make it hard for the US to recruit more suckers to die for America.

    • outer_rl

      Assad won’t need to do a thing. Turkey will invade and rout them with ease.

  • Saudi Barbaria has already sent troops to Syria. They’re called Daesh, Qaida, Jayshtards and 57 other flavors of cannibal, pedophile, headchopping Orcs.

  • Kell McBanned
  • Nosferatu

    These guys are crazy. Their army is geting wiped out in Yemen and they want to open another front?

    • Sinbad2

      Their army is made up of mercenaries, the US even recruits Colombians for the Saudis.
      They don’t care how many die, they will simply buy more.

      • outer_rl

        They’re selling off their country at a rapid rate. They’re already resorting to privatizing Aramco.

  • goingbrokes

    Yes please, yes please. Please Saudi Arabia, send troops to Syria, please! They will beat Syrians in no time!
    (laughs under his hand)

  • Sakaramanga

    Saudis as in ZioWahhabi Pedophiles will come to Syria to do what?

    Check out what does not move bloody handed US/UK/FR but only their fabricated lies abt CW :


  • Michael

    Yeah! He is going to send Sudanese…fodder.

  • Free man

    Arab soldiers maintain stability and peace in an Arab country. It sounds more appropriate than Russian / American / Iranian soldiers.

    • outer_rl

      That is, if they were maintaining peace.

  • I am not entirely opposed to this. The Saudis deserve to suffer heavy casualties in Syria and they do not have nuclear weapons. They can be bombed with impunity and all their aircraft can be shot down without them being able to strike back. It could deplete their armed forces enough for the Houthis to take Riyadh and kill Salman.

    • EoF

      This. Just give the s300 to syria.

  • schiamachy

    Saudi troops are already in Syria. They are called ISIS.

  • Is this guy a Talosian Bubblehead? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97NcJV3a7xA