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Saudi Arabia Claims It Successfully Intercepts Houthi Drones In The South

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Saudi Arabia Claims It Successfully Intercepts Houthi Drones In The South

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On January 30, Saudi Arabia announced that its air-defense system had intercepted an armed drone of the Houthis (formally known as Ansar Allah) that was flying in Yemeni airspace. The drone was intercepted, Riyadh claimed, because it was a threat to Saudi Arabia and its forces.

“Joint Coalition forces intercepted and destroyed this evening (Saturday) a bomb-laden UAV in Yemeni airspace, which was launched by the terrorist, Iran-backed Houthi militia toward the Kingdom to deliberately and systematically target civilians and civilian objects.”

A day later, on January 31, pro-Saudi sources claimed that another drone was intercepted over the south of Saudi Arabia.

A brief overview of the recent developments in Yemen:

  • The Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room (loyal to Ansar Allah) reported 198 ceasefire violations in al-Hudaydah during the past 24 hours;
  • On January 31, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted 2 airstrikes on the Madghal area;
  • On January 31, Saudi-led coalition warplanes conducted 2 airstrikes on the Sarwah area;
  • On January 31, the Saudi-led coalition claimed that it shot down a drone over the south of Saudi Arabia;
  • On January 31, Aidarus al-Zoubaidi, head of South of Yemen Transition Council, with a committee of Southerners arrived in Moscow to meet with Russian representatives.


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First, let’s wait for a confirmation from the Yemeni side. It’s not that I don’t trust the Saudis, it’s just I don’t trust Saudis.

Then the question pops up: Who are they civilians, their names, their pictures that are targeted repeatedly by this evil Houthis? Idiots, you claim to shoot down the UAV over Yemen, do you have a crystal ball that tells you it was going to hit civilians?

On this side, every “legitimate target” that Saudis attacked -like a military schoolbus full of ballistic children, evil weddings, funeral resulted targeting of that evil wedding, mischievous hospitals, grain silos conducting malignant activities, dangerous bridges, killer power stations, murderous water treatment plants, terrorist vegetable markets that threaten the security and stability of the free world are fully documented with all relevant info, names, pics, etc.
What about the other side?

Shame on Ansarallah and Yemeni army who deliberately target civilian buildings like King-what’s-his-face airbase and prince-what’s-his-name army fort, resulting in killing of some civilian soldiers, captains, generals and destruction of commercial and passenger-carrying armed drones, tanks and MRAPs.

Yet again this Turki guy’s mouth moved

Icarus Tanović

Now we are speaking. In case you missed it article says “a drone was intercepted in the south of saudi Arabia.”
No more Rafsanjani did this and Larijani did that.
I was too honest to you, but you didn’t even bothered to answer my post.
Also, you, sir, do not represent entire Iran.
Have a nice night/day.


I don’t know about you Icarus, but I saw this:

“Joint Coalition forces intercepted and destroyed this evening
(Saturday) a bomb-laden UAV in Yemeni airspace, which was
launched by the terrorist, Iran-backed Houthi militia toward the
Kingdom to deliberately and systematically target civilians and
civilian objects.”

and wrote what I wrote.

Why are you angry? I apologized to you for bursting the bubble you lived in about Iran and that is Iran has a very dangerous group of domestic enemies -now part of governing system- trying to destroy it from within. In front of them, there’s another group of patriotic Iranians who won’t let them. The first group were against helping Bosnia, Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, you name it and wanted Iran to give up its defence and nuclear programs like Ghadhafi, the second group are against them and wise enough to be in and help those countries and keep our defemce and nuclear program. I fully explained everything to you, what else I left unanswered (upvoted your last comment meaning I agree with you, to end that discussion)?
Sorry that you like Rafsanjani and Larijani, one is dead but both deserve[d] a long time in prison or even better, a firing squad and return of the stolen public property.

And you are right, I don’t even represent myself (since I don’t write with my own name and I’ll keep it that way) let alone entire Iran.

You know what? Forget everything I said. Come over here and see for yourself.

Icarus Tanović

Sorry, I’m short of time now. Gonna answer tomorrow. Anyways, big thanks for the answer.

Icarus Tanović

If Iran is without its nuclear program, perhaps one don’t have to be very smart to see what would happen.
How about other Rafsanjanis?
But, real deal and big issue is as far as I can tell Ali Larijani. I don’t know, but I always had sympathies for Larijani, and I really have no clue what he did that is so damn and criminal. I understand that he had some to do with that super big, high technology heavy machinery factory, that produces super expensive machines for Eastern Asia. Do you have any links or the name of that factory?
You know, I’m writing from my mobile phone, so I can’t see who upvoted or otherwise my comments.
I don’t know, but perhaps you know that if we loose war in Syria, a war for freedom, not just Lebanon is at stake and at the mercy of Wahhabi headchoppers, entire humanity is at stake, so I think that those are nothing in comparison (Larijani) to what is our goal, or however you name it.
Iran helped us, so we must do a propo for Iran. There arr many ways of fight and battle and Jihad.
Next time gonna post you first hand interview with very good Bosnian warrior and I’ll translate that for you what he said about Iran, etc.
Me in Iran! Wow! Such a great thing.
There was expose in Sarajevo that shiwed all Iranian products, that was enormous in the biggest hall of vey large mall in central part, right here in center municipality. From agricultural products, to cars, to industry, and excavators, bulldozers, and those are very, very expensive machines.
Really would like to come there, that’s for sure.
See you,


Other Rafsanjanis? hmm… does snake anything other than little snakes? A couple of weeks ago some TV program interviewed his daughter and among many things, she said she wished if Trump won the election. Interviewer asked why and she replied: Democrats aren’t serious, Trump would pressure Iran very hard so the government eventually has to give up and surrender.
Now I shared the first part (Trump win) but for different reasons. I know it doesn’t matter how much pressure they put on us, we won’t move an inch but Trump was fantastic to destroy the American empire from within. Fortunately seems Harris/Biden are picking right from Trump left.

And about Larijanis. They are 4 brothers, 3 in politics. Their father was a very respected cleric, but his sons… One was the head of judiciary (before Raisi) and turned it into a corrupt ruin. Raisi did a herculean job fixing this ruin in less than 2 years.
Ali was the head of parliament for so many years (in his last 2 terms he knew there’s no way he gains enough vote from Tehran, so he registered from Qom, a city with less than %10 of Tehran population). He blocked many things in the parliament and presses other representatives to vote for or against any issue he or his friends had a stake in, like he pressed the JCPoA to pass in less than 20 minutes without anybody reading it and NOW we know what hurtful conditions for Iran is in that agreement. All brothers now have files in courts for stealing national lands.

You have no idea how happy it made many of us to see them outside power and decision making. Let’s hope a militaryman comes forward this time for presidential elections.

I really wish you visit here some day, apart from the holy cities of Qom and Mashahd (if you are religious) there are so many things to see here and experience 2 seasons at the same time in 4 corners of the country.

Icarus Tanović

Sorry for late answering, but yesterday I haven’t even check replies.
What is going on in Qom and Mashahd, why are they important for Muslims?
I know what are you talking about. You have in mind Fazeha Rafsanjani, her involment in that Mi6 creted cult, criticisms of Iran, and so on. I question hers sanity or she’s just nasty idiot. But hers sister, Fatimah is at least okay.
Don’t know what else to say on Larijanis, so perhaps you know much more, and please what is the name of that machinery factory?

Yes, indeed I would like to come there, build a house down in the mountains, and I would walk long strolls down on the beaches, maybe take a swim, but I’d rather walk there close to the sea.

I said it and I will say it again. If we loose War in Syria, not just Lebanon is at stake, but God knows what is next.
So, therefore Rafsanjanis and Larijanis and others are minor stuff as long as we have majority of good Iranians.
Take care,
See you


Those cities are important for Shi’a. Mashad is the burial place of the 8th Imam, Imam Reza and Qom is where his sister Bibi Ma’sumeh rests. There is also Jamkaran mosque near Qom.

I think it’s better to leave Rafsanjani’s family out of politics altogether.
Sorry, I can’t remember what machinery factory are you talking about? The one I told you about which used to build heavy construction machines? Its name is HEPCO. If there’s another factory you’ll have to refresh my memory.

Icarus Tanović

Thank you, dear garga for all this info altogether.
And don’t forget: Ummah is one.
Thank you once again.


Take care.

Ashok Varma

The last Saudi spokesman Assiri was executed after the Khashoggi debacle as the fall guy. He had the bone saw in his suitcase.

comment image


saudis have only a few years left and iam not the only one saying this these days


again the saudis dont win a war by killing 4 of their enemies and stopping one single drone and i know saudis and zionists are cooperating now which is why the manner of saudi war is now deception but it doesnt win saudi one single thing and they better be worried about losing “royal” familiy member in large numbers in the next stage


the arab tradition says if you cant cut off the hands of an enemy than you better kiss it and if saudis dont kiss irans hands soon than they will be the party cut into pieces this time


Frankly, there are no Houthis but ANSARALLAH, the helpers of God. The wording should be corrected in the article. Secondly, the Saudis are full of crap.

comment image

Ansar Allah or Ansarullah (anṣāru llāhi أنصار الله‎) is the Arabic for
“Helpers/Supporters of God”. It refers to: a Quranic (Sura 3:52) term for the Disciples of Jesus in Islam.


the truth about this war and how it will end is getting seen by more and more people

Just Me


The new administration has raised concerns the UAE might use these jets against the rebel Houthis in Yemen. The Houthis have no air force and only rudimentary air defenses. The UAE has a decently-sized air force made up of 77 F-16s and 63 Mirage 2000s, mostly flown by expatriate mercenary pilots from the west and Pakistan.

The UAE operates with Saudi Arabian air assets against the Ansarallah government in Yemen. Saudi Arabia has 42 F-15s , 74 light attack F-5s and 44 Tornado fighters.

There have been a number of previous incidents where the Saudis and UAE have indiscriminately hit civilian targets, either on purpose, incompetence or by accident.

Arch Bungle

I bet that was a mossad drone.
They probably had to apologise to their masters in Tel aviv.

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