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Saudi Arabia Claims It Intercepted Houthi Ballistic Missile Targeting Civilians


Saudi Arabia Claims It Intercepted Houthi Ballistic Missile Targeting Civilians

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On August 27th, the spokesperson of the Saudi-led coalition accused Yemen’s Houthi movement of launching a ballistic missile, and specifically aiming it at civilians and civilian infrastructure in Najran, Saudi Arabia.

Reportedly, the missile was intercepted and there were neither damages nor casualties.

Just a week earlier, the Saudi-led coalition and the forces of the Yemen puppet government reportedly got the upper hand in fighting against the Houthis.

Approximately 1,000 Houthi fighters have reportedly been killed in the 4 days leading up to August 20th.

This happened in clashes in various contested areas of the central province of Marib, with hundreds more wounded or captured.

The fight for Marib is on-going, as most of the surrounding area was captured by the Ansar Allah movement after the Saudi-led coalition pulled out of it, due to being incapable of adequately fighting the incoming enemy forces.

“We have counted 966 Houthis, including senior officers, killed in the fighting in Marib over the last four days. Their bodies are still scattered on the battlefields,” an army officer in Marib, who asked to remain anonymous, said.

On August 19th, at least 35 Houthis reportedly surrendered when government forces attacked their location in Marib’s Serwah, local army commanders said.

None of these claims have any evidence to back them up, and in reality it appears that the Houthis are making significant gains and taking control of Marib is nearing.

In neighboring Al-Bayda, Brig. Abdulrab Al-Asbahi, the commander of Al-Bayda Axis, said on August 19th that at least 60 Houthis had been killed in heavy fighting with government forces in the district of Qania.

Lt. Gen. Sagheer bin Aziz, the army’s chief of staff, has renewed his pledge to defeat the Houthis on the battlefield and drive them out of areas under their control, including the capital, Sanaa.

It remains unclear how that will happen since, if the report of a ballistic missile being launched towards a Saudi Arabian city is true, that is, in itself, showing which side has the upper hand on the battlefield.

Attacks across the Yemen-Saudi border by the Houthi militias have escalated since late May.

In June, their missiles reached the Saudi capital Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia retaliated with airstrikes, and it has been proven to target civilians and civilian infrastructure more than once.




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