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Saudi Arabia Can Survive ‘2,000 years’ Without US Help, ‘Will Pay Nothing’ To Trump For Its Security: MBS

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Saudi Arabia Can Survive ‘2,000 years’ Without US Help, 'Will Pay Nothing' To Trump For Its Security: MBS

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. IMAGE: SPA

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman responded to remarks by US President Donald Trump alleging that Saudi King Salman would be unable to stay in power for two weeks without US support.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the crown prince stated that his country “will pay nothing” to the US for Saudi Arabia’s security, adding that “all the armaments we have from the United States of America are paid for, it’s not free armament.”

“Also included in these agreements are that part of these armaments will be manufactured in Saudi Arabia, so it will create jobs in America and Saudi Arabia, good trade, good benefits for both countries and also good economic growth. Plus, it will help our security,” he said.

Bin Salman stated that his kingdom existed decades before the US and will need ?something like around 2,000 years to maybe face some dangers.”

“…if you look at the United States of America, when for example they wanted to free the slaves. What was the price? Civil war. It divided America for a few years. Thousands, tens of thousands of people died to win freedom for the slaves,” Bin Salman said adding that he likes to work with President Trump but he stated the US is not an example of successful managers of social change.

The crown prince further noted that Saudi Arabia is allegedly “trying to get rid of extremism and terrorism without civil war, without stopping the country from growing, with continuous progress in all elements.”

“So if there is a small price in that area, it’s better than paying a big debt to do that move,” he said.

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Art of the deal….

Cleverson Santos

Jesus Christ… Donal Trump is a big mouth… what shame for someone so powerful!!! He has the means but he doesnt have authority… that is the difference between a leader and a boss…


Be carefull petit prince, US democracy can knock your door any second.


Especially when he had no real ally within his own kingdom.

Potato Potato

Honestly if US invaded and deposed this entitled brat and his good for nothing family I would totally support the invasion.


The US invaded Saudi Arabia decades ago, the US runs Saudi Arabia, the prince is just a bit of window dressing.
Check out the American troops that protect Americas Saudi colony.


Don Machiavelli

Zionists own Saudi Arabia since British made Saudi as a nation.

You can call me Al

You may find that other parts of MBS’s family, will beat the US to it, specially now. Win-win for everyone.


US cannot engineer their own democracy in other countries because there will be harsh consequences for US. The US can only destabilize entire regines.

Ivan Freely

Don’t tell me MbS is considering buying the S400 as well.

Hisham Saber

The Saudi’s have shown interest in the S-400. They currently deploy the U.S. Patriot system, but its inferior to the Russian system. And with the Houthi’s managing to get through to their capital Riyadh, the Patriots have been known to miss their mark significantly.

I myself have seen a Saudi Patriot launch and go haywire and crashing, causing local damage.

Ivan Freely

I believe there was a cellphone video (posted here) of a Patriot inside Saudi Arabia that circled back within seconds of launch. LOL IIRC, the video was taken in some eating establishment.

In any case, I doubt the Russians would sell the S400 to them until the US fully withdraws from Saudi Arabia.

Hisham Saber

Yup, the Patriot is a horrible system indeed. Even during the first Iraq war their record of success against simple archaic Scud B’s and Scud D’s launched on Israel were abysmal. Its just that the Scuds didn’t have large enough , and high explosive yields, warheads,to really have caused a big nightmare for Israel. Because many went right through the layers defense of Patriots.

Russia may sell the Saudi’s the ‘ export ‘ version of the S-400, after all, its really yesterdays technology for Russia. Believe me, after they recently put up a sound perimeter around Russia with their new S-500’s, they are probably working on something that’s totally new to the realm of air defense. We just don’t know, but those Russians are brilliant.

Feudalism Victory

Theyve made cryptic statements about new principles of physics. Probably directed energy weapons.

Don Machiavelli

They are but they already bought US stuff for over 15 billion. I think in 2015 as i remember.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

hahahaha trouble in paradise mister clown prince? lmao


Hey Mister Clown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman XVI….you & your Jewish House of Saud will have a Little Coup d’Etat soon is my guess…good Luck Dirty Little Wahhabi-Headchopper-Supporter….

Jens Holm

You certainly keep Your level well.

S Melanson

MbS says maybe in 2,000 years Saudi Arabia will face dangers while at the same time comments on his approach to stamp out extremism without civil war.

Risk of civil war seems like a pretty major danger not to mention the fiasco in Yemen with that show now coming to Saudi towns near you complements of the Houthis.

Well that was a fast 2,000 years.

Jim Bim

Lol…Saudi Arabia has not even existed 100 years. Saudi Arabia is a British creation, just like Israel.
The Brits installed the ruthless, brutal and extreme islamist Clan Saud as a western puppet.

Jens Holm

Muhammed did it.

Don Machiavelli

You are ignorant fool.

Jens Holm

According to what the history books tell, Muhammed also secured the middle of the pensinsula for karavane traffic.

Ottomans never did that.

True Britts and French installed Leaders. There was none apart from Tribe-ones.

What would You have done – Diven them some some Turk from Contantinople or what.

Give a try: Macchiavelli here we comes…


Pres. Trump is so offensive, as in rude, crude, and insulting. “You need me” is not just rude, it is a human rights violation style of bullying – y – because it undermines personal sovereignty.

“You NEED me” is not much different than “I OWN you” [i.e. slavery]…. and that is exactly what the USA is doing to the world. Enslave it and make it work for America’s benefit. Easy enough to do just destabilize nation after nation, threaten military and nukes, send in the corporations…

It is like a Goldfish in an aquarium and the owner is the President of the USA and he takes great gleeful pleasure in saying “You need me”.

– the Goldfish replies “Ya I need you to keep me imprisoned and barely alive in this tiny tank without other fish.- f#ck this, It is horrible, just kill me already you fat freak”

Feudalism Victory

TRUMP 2020


This is more or less true, they need our help for anything major but geopolitically no external power has really ever controlled the interior of the Arabian Desert.
That last statement was perfectly frank, though. There’s an honest effort to get rid of extremist elements in society but doing so without going full Syria is much more difficult than it sounds.


You are conflating Arabia with the Saud family.

Peter Moy

Yes this inbred, drugged up and alcohol addicted royal parasite is correct. Without US military and political support the house of Saud will survive, that is the royal family. If ever there is unrest in his country, they will just jet off to some extremely overpriced, permanent vacation location like Paris, London or Geneva. These overstuffed pieces of sand flea excrement have more money than some small countries, but like everyone else, their lifespan is also limited on this earth. Praise be to Alibaba! (Question to all Southfront posters: What ever happened to the CSS-2 medium range ballistic missiles (without nuclear warheads) that Saudi Arabia purchased from China in the 1980s? – Viele Danke.)

Daryan Alex

Prince Salman is quite correct when he states, “The US is not an example of successful managers of social change”. Our freed slaves live in large “jungle” neighborhoods where crime is rampant and white men fear to tread for good reason. These are numerous and even the small neighborhoods can be tough. These neighborhoods are filled with trash, graffiti, and urine in the streets. A few, like San Francisco, display large amounts of human excrement. The same is true with the Mexicans who are generally better behaved yet attack or harass people of different cultures in their neighborhoods. America isn’t safe for Americans, yet their powerful and expensive forces are flung far and wide. A strange land indeed.

Promitheas Apollonious

and the americans are? The settlers who had no business there in the first place?

Daryan Alex

The native Americans are the kindest ones. God bless them.

Promitheas Apollonious

by native I guess you speak of the Indians the settlers of the colony genocide?


Stupid Europeans called them Indians, because they thought they had arrived in India.
Native Americans know themselves by their tribal names, just like Europeans.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes I know but is what they are generally called and here we dont do history lessons we just communicate.


“Saudi Arabia Can Survive ‘2,000 years’ Without US Help, ‘Will Pay Nothing’ To Trump For Its Security: MBS”

In the pic, MBS stands with an African soldier to guard him.
The Saud family is an excellent example of how unbridled wealth and a low IQ creates debauched wretches.

Mind you, the US is only 2 paces behind the Sauds in debauchery.

Abramo Putra

Mr. Salmon, you are just a Bedouin sitting on an oil well. If you do not sit down on America, Iran eats you, and you have to look for other customers and patrons to sell your gasoline. You will pay, camel serves the master.


“If you do not sit down on America, Iran eats you,”

thanks, you confirmed, that iran is an aggrssive, expansive, ugly country. it deserves to be destroyed.
thank you again :)))

i have no other question!

Abramo Putra

But I have it: you are in false, Jew.


and you are puta

Abramo Putra

Go fuck you, Zionist shit, supporter of zion nazists, killer of children.


Putinbeater is sleeping right through the idiot war on terror.

J Roderet

This US/Zionist puppet would not last 2000 seconds in power without his masters’ financial/military backing.

Brother Thomas

MBS has been an unmitigated disaster since he took over. He is completely over his head and unaware of being so. It has been like giving the keys to a pickup truck to a 12-year old.


He’s an American stooge, the Americans like their dictators stupid.
How would it look if the puppet was smarter than the puppet master.

Chris P

This comment by Trump suggest that we are helping to keep a despot in power since the people will not stand behind the leaders. Which is true. Without American weapons, Saudi Arabia does not stand a chance. The same goes for Iran and Soviet Weapons. Iran is more democratic than Saudi. The hypocrisy of American Foreign policy. The petit prince should shut up just like Trump. Big mouth talkers. China and Putin love it.


What Soviet weapons in Iran, the S300 defense that they got 6 months ago?
Compared to half a century of American protection for the Sauds?

Lena Jones

Trump shoulda added: “… and israel won’t last a week without Uncle Sam’s support for jewish terrorism”.

Empire's Frontiers

2,000 years, at how many barrels per day?

Oh right…


Pretty soon the only thing that will come out of Saudi wells, is the sea water they pump in.
That’s why they are invading Yemen, to steal the oil.
All wars are about money.

Tommy Jensen

“Choice is an illusion between those who are in power and those who are not”,………………………LOL.


They don’t need to fight agaisnt “terrorism and extremism” because they create it!

Panthera Pardus

In your face Adolf!
Salman doubles down, he will last twice as your Millenium Reich.

Melville Pouwels

god forbid u have a civil war…do like the damn yank & have your war in someone else’s country, you coward mbs
mark our words, murderer, the day is coming…long before 2000yrs, when the jew no longer needs u mbs,
then we’ll see what u got boy..

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