Saudi Arabia Calls On UN to Manage Sanaa Airport


Saudi Arabia Calls On UN to Manage Sanaa Airport


On Friday, the Saudi Alliance spokesman, Colonel Turki al-Maliki, called on the United Nations to “contribute in resuming commercial flights and passenger transport to Sanaa airport through managing Sanaa airport security and ensuring legitimate Yemeni government concerns,” the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

“Sanaa airport closure and its limited relief flights came due to concerns about the safety of civil aircrafts and commercial flights destined for the airport, and because of the Houthi armed militia through arms smuggling,” Maliki claimed. and added: “Therefore, Yemeni airports have been allocated to the liberated and safe areas as alternative airports and at the request of the legitimate Yemeni government.”

It seems that Saudi Arabia finally agreed to reactivate Sanaa International Airport. However, it’s believed that if the Saudi Alliance agrees to reactivate the airport, it will be restricted to humanitarian aid only.

The Yemeni Ministry of Transport revealed on August 9 that 13194 Yemenis had died as a result of not being able to travel to receive proper treatment because of the Saudi siege on Sanaa airport.

In another development, Saudi Alliance warplanes continued bombing the Houthis-held areas. It carried out airstrikes on the areas of Al-Safraa, Kataf and al-Zaher in Saada province with 9 airstrikes. The Saudi warplanes also targeted Al-Talaa military position – under Houthis control – in Najran near the Saudi-Yemeni border with 4 airstrikes.

However, the Saudi Alliance is still unable to advance towards the Yemeni capital Sanaa despite its air superiority.



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  • Brigitte Turkmani Nur Präsident Assad die syrische arabische Armee werden den Kampf gewinnen. Gott schütze den Präsidenten Bashar Al Assad und die SAA

  • I see…… YOU phück it up – and the rest of the world UN gets to pick up the tab?
    Very American of you but …. GAFYWAC!

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      They were told by the US to attack Yemen and are only doing what they are told. The predicament would be easier to resolve if the US didn’t have these feels about regime change to suit their selfish needs of controlling other countries resources. Time for the US to withdraw from the region and attack the Saudis since they are in need of a major regime change and overhaul and Balkinization of the country this would possibly lead to better stabilization in the region. The UN should remove all Saudis positions at the UN until they are compliant , but the UN will back down to the US and it’s wishes. Time to put it to the UNGA and bypass the UNSC which seems ineffectual as it stands with too many supporting US tyranny.

      • They were told by the US to attack Yemen and are only doing what they are told.
        I’m sorry — is that the excuse or the reason?
        Because the standard response is “If he told you to jump off a cliff – would you?”

        The are over 200,000 American troops in over 1000 military bases in more than 100 countries.


        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          The Saudis did this willingly but since they are also nation of greedy and base Sunni Tribals such as the Sauds are Wahhabi Islamists, the US had Yemen on it’s seven countries list of which Wesley Clark has done some back pedaling since it is an active operation.