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Saudi Arabia Asked Palestinian Hamas To Make Peace With Israel – Report

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Saudi Arabia Asked Palestinian Hamas To Make Peace With Israel – Report

Hamas rocket unit. Illustrative image.

The Palestinian Hamas Movement communicated with Saudi Arabia recently on the hope of freeing several of its members who are currently detained in the kingdom, the al-Mayadin reported on August 14.

More than two years ago, Saudi authorities arrested dozens of Palestinians on terrorism charges. Many of the detainees were members of Hamas, including the movement’s representative in the kingdom Mohamad Saleh al-Khudari.

Al-Mayadin said that Hamas contacted the Saudi leadership via a prominent Palestinian figure who lives in the kingdom.

Sources familiar with the matter told the Beirut-based news channel that Saudi Arabia informed Hamas that it would reestablish relations with it, and release all of its members only if accepts the conditions of the International Quartet on the Middle East. The sources noted that the kingdom didn’t ask the movement to cut ties with Iran as it did during past communications.

The Quartet was established in 2002 by the United Nations, the US, the European Union and Russia to help relaunch the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Among the conditions set by the Quartet is the acknowledgment of Israel’s right to exist as well as all peace-related accords signed by Palestinian authorities.

“Hamas was shocked by Saudi Arabia’s requirement that a settlement be reached with the occupation,” al-Mayadin’s sources said. “Hamas informed the prominent Palestinian mediator in Saudi Arabia of its categorical rejection of any settlement with Israel or the resumption of relations with Saudi Arabia, if it is on this basis.”

Hamas has already refuted al-Mayadin report, denying any recent communication with Saudi Arabia over the detainees issue.

It’s worth noting that the Houthis (Ansar Allah) offered in 2020 to release several Saudi captives, including fighter pilots, in exchange for Hamas members and other Palestinian detainees in the kingdom. Saudi Arabia never responded to the Yemeni group’s offer.



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They should reply with asking them to make peace with Yemen




Such very excellent commentary as your peace with Yemen suggestion spotlights the high minded commentary here at Southfront devoid of malice and balanced.

S Balu

Jnoub Absolutely correct


or ask if Israel or the West are likely to recognise Palestine’s right to exist any time soon

Iron Zion 🦾🇮🇱

Bless you brothers🦾🇸🇦🇮🇱🦾


Saudi Barbaria’s Mudman Bin Salami surely one of the most evil pieces of vertical fecalia outside of the angloZionaZi empire of shit proper. The good news is of course it will be “removed” with a sudden spray of automatic gunfire in the not so distant future.

Peter Jennings

It would seem that these detained Hamas members are to be kept for bargaining, in the interests of the isreali apartheid regime only. Not Yemen or Palestine.

If the isreali apartheid regime wants recognition to peacefully exist, then why does it evict whoever it wishes from their own land and bulldose their homes? Does this plea for recognition to peacefully exist extend to the ‘greater isreal’ or the present one? which keeps expanding into neighbouring lands. A rinse and repeat cycle the regime is so fond of.

The US, the EU, the UN, have all broken their promises and agreements with Russia, so what is to say this one is any different. The world knows that the isreali apartheid regime will break it sooner or later. It’s inevitable. It’s what they do. It’s their foreign policy.

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