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Saudi Arabia and the UK on the border of Syria

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Long Saudis armored columns entered Jordan and moving towards the Syrian border, where the British and the armies of several Arab countries will participate in maneuvers called “Thunder”, for which the London newspapers say they represent the exercise of opposing Russia.

Saudi Arabia and the UK on the border of Syria

Published at Vesti-Online, translated by Mario Andrijasevic exclusively for SouthFront

British authorities have denied the claim of London´s Telegraph magazine, but remained unambiguous about the decision that they send to Jordan about 1,600 troops and 300 units of combat techniques.

The rattle of fanatics

Near the Jordanian-Syrian border is now deployed several hundred combat vehicles of Saudi Arabia which announced that with the approval of the United States is ready to enter Syria. All under the pretext of the fight against the Islamic State, which is actually not along the border of Syria and Jordan, but only so-called moderate opposition supported by the West and the various factions of al-Qaeda.

These terrorist formations are facing defeat and are faced with rebellions in the Syrian cities which are kept under control. It is remarkable that representatives of the so-called moderate Syrian opposition returned last week from failed negotiations in Geneva back by the private jet in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

A similar situation is in the north of Syria where the formations of Jabhat al-Nusra, Jaish al-Fatah, Jaish al-Islam and the so-called moderate opposition rattle between Aleppo and the Turkish border.

Ankara earns fortunes on trade from stolen Syrian oil, but the Russian intervention restrains also the Neo-Ottoman ideology according to which all the countries of the former Ottoman Empire shall be under the influence of Turkey.

The main Neo-Ottoman ideologist, the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who this time said that Turkey´s intention is to protect Aleppo (part of the city is run by terrorists).

Bombs for introduction

Kurdish sources reported that on Wednesday morning around 170 terrorists entered from Turkey to Syria who were sent to Aleppo. At night they also observed long columns with the terrorists in the province of Idlib which were destroyed by Syrian and Russian planes. Huge explosions suggest that the columns were transporting ammunition.

The war rhetoric

We will return the historical debt. During World War II the brothers from Aleppo were protecting our cities. Now we will protect the heroic Aleppo. Behind the city’s defenders is whole Turkey, said Davutoglu and accused Russian aircraft of bombing civilians in Syria and which has predicted a new wave of 70,000 refugees.

The level of rhetoric of the Turkish leadership has already cut the limit beyond which they cannot do anything without a loss of confidence crusty part of the electorate. Moscow has refrained from overly strong response, but the media is crawling about the mass transfer of the Russian Army to the Black Sea and Caucasus region.

According to available information, there is a verification carried out of the entire Southern Military District, one of the four in Russia. 40 planes from other areas flew on the southern airports and several airborne brigades were transferred to the airport which was not previously used. Also, the Caspian fleet with long-range missiles sailed into the open. Increased combat readiness was ordered in all bases in Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Armenia.

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Damn, all very interesting! And yet also… the continued march to WW3. The Syrians are on the verge of winning back the south, so the Jordanians and Saudis will want to intervene. Same with northern Aleppo, Turkey will want to intervene. It’s either admit defeat after spending so long funding and supplying the now losing side, or go all in. The thing is, they’d be going up against Russia, which is insane. Russia have carefully orchestrated their role in the war, slowly building up their forces, carrying out their entire military operation in a very cost effective way, which the US even admits. They’re too powerful and efficient for the likes of the Saudis to contend against, considering that the Saudis can’t even beat Yemen, one of the poorest, ill-equipped nations on the planet. They’ve even lost a swath of their own territory to the Yemenis, as well as billions upon billions of dollars at a time when oil prices have collapsed and they’re at a deficit. Now they plan to send tens of thousands of their troops two countries away? A supply line that long? The money’s not there, at least, not for long.

We in the UK have no appetite for joining another Middle Eastern war, we’ve already forced our politicians to say no once, I don’t know why they’re trying to repeat history by provoking morally right parties like Syria, invading their country to support terrorists when Assad has treated Christians well and these terrorists haven’t.

Doom Sternz

Is Britain now at war with Russia? because it sure does look like it to me.


Britain won’t find NATO partners, only the old partner in crime: US.


Merkel appears to have recently been taking drugs – as she seems now willing to support further destruction of a govt. that did nothing to provoke attack. Would to God the Brits and Europeans had the gonads to free themselves from being the U.S.’s ongoing accomplices in crime.


Britain has always been at war with Russia, one way or another.

Mabelle Vonk

Britain has always been at war with every country.


I think UK is just sending a token face saving tiny force to show Saudis (which bought a lot of military equipment from UK most of which goes to bomb Yemen).

Without air superiority (taken care of by Russian S400, Su35s , Su30s and S300) the 1,500 soldiers would not make any headway or significance.


Sadly your govt is but a puppet of the U.S. govt. Bush brought little Tony in to destroy Iraq..and Obambi has brought Destructive Dave in now in a continued attempt to topple a govt (Assad’s) that did nothing to any country to provoke such attacks (causing them all to be war crimes). Hopefully Dave, Tony, Obambi, Bush and hEllary will be hung for the many many 1000s of innocent Syrian lives they have caused to be taken – along also with Erdogan, and key officials in his govt as well as the Saudi and Qatari govts. who’ve perpetrated the senseless horrific bloodshed. I would love to have a first row viewing of such a judicially appropriate event.

Ole Johansen

Could it be that the UK and US is done with Saudi Arabia and now want to send them front line against Syria/Russia? That the Saudi pockets are empty and the US and UK might owe them lots of money?

So no they are sent on a suicide mission in order to have them and their claims blasted of the surface of the planet? Saudi Arabia has always been the second option when the CIA wants money for their dirty business all over the planet and if the congress did not approve funding, then Saudi Arabia was always there to grant huge amounts. Is the retarded king set up for a quick kill tricked to believe he will get US/UK support, just similar to Pigs Bay in Cuba?


and the empire takes over the saudi oil fields and somehow they dispose of erdogan too, one can dream


Time to lit up Saudi oil fields and those in the Emirates.

First Lastname

Lavrov submitted a ceasefire plan that will begin on March 1, but no other details are publicly available.

This is obviously a Russian attempt at preventing an invasion by the Saudi terrorist regime and the Turkeys. The Syrian people will forever revere the Russians for their assistance, just when the situation was most bleak. Unfortunately the West will view Putin as a warmonger.

Putin should not be named Man of the Year, he should be named Man of the Generation.


Putin is loved by all nation. US and UK and Israel is seen as scum of the Earth.


Beautifully said

New User

Now if the Russians start openly backing the Yemeni rebels, the KSA will be in a right old pickle.


Right on, and than support the huge oppressed crowd in Saudi Arabia with weapons and the people of Bahrain.


mixing NATO/UK and Saudi Forces. Set up to provoke global war,


If Saudi invades Syria… the most important thing to observe is how is Iran going to respond?

Syria alone cannot take on the combined forces even with Russia air cover.

My guess is , Iran will intervene with even bigger force.


Iranians and the Kurds could take Ankara out of the game.

barney klingenberg

Ankara isn’t Saudi arabia………. Ankara is Turkey.

Mabelle Vonk

You forgot about China and India.


The Syrians are on the offensive but far from winning the war. They will in a short time liberate Aleppo and this also is an important moral victory for them and their allies.

More importantly than anything else they have cut the terrorists supply line from Turkey. Once that is secure they can concentrate on the other leaks such as from the border with Jordan where a small force of armored Saudi and British forces has gathered for supposedly some type of “exercises”.

If just the Wahhabi head choppers invade then rest assured the battle hardened SAA will make mince meat of them in very short time. They may be reinforced with a small number of poms but not enough to do much unless they were quickly reinforced. I doubt the russians will get directly involved unless they were specifically targeted or Syria is at risk of falling. They will no doubt provide advisors, weapons, sat info etc. Iran also wont risk another round of sanctions by increasing its involvement, but who really knows?

Turkey may also invade from the north and this will make things messy for everyone. If they confine themselves to some blood letting on the Kurdish pop in Syria then russia may just complain to the UN etc or it may take the opportunity to get even with them for shooting down their jet last year. If they did get involved, I doubt NATO will risk direct confrontation with russia as long as it doesn’t involve countries outside of Turkey and Saudi. Erdogan is quickly becoming a liability and not worth the risk in an arena that is within easy reach of some very nasty missiles and forces that would ensure a quick NATO defeat provided the war remained regional and conventional.


Syria has every right to pound Jordan into stone age, Russia should arm the Kurds with serious weapons and that will keep the Turks busy.


After reading the latest from Farsnews I’ve reconsidered Iranian involvement. They seem to be daring SA to come, almost drooling to get their share of Wahhabi scalps lol


The UK and Saudi camel boys will face Russia’s opposition. I think we need international brigades to fight UK/US fascism.

Igor Dano

Russian military doctrine allows the use of nuclear weapons. It is time to use it against Turkey and Saudi Arabian troops.


This should be an interesting war. Saudi Arabs battling Russian forces in a desert. The Saudi’s couldn’t even win in Yemen; so haw are they gonna win in Syria. I suppose the nervous Nelly Israeli’s are gonna twiddle their thumbs as they can’t seem to control the Syrian Air Space any more for fear of tangling with Russian Air forces. The Israeli’s can of course blast any Arab or Russian Planes over Syria any time they so desire. Everybody has their fingers in the muddle pie. I hope Trudeau gets our Canucks out of there ASAP!


How wonderful it will be to see the Russian and Syrian air forces decimate the Turkish soldiers and their proxy soldiers in Syria, ISIS. — This will also be the case for the Satan-i Arabian troops and vehicles and UK vehicles. Well deserved destruction awaits them.

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