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JUNE 2023

Saudi Al Madinah-Class Frigate Was Destroyed By Houthis In Western Yemen (Video) – UPDATED

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Fighters of the Houthi-Saleh alliance have targeted and allegedly destroyed an Al Madinah-class missile frigate belonging to the Royal Saudi Navy off the coast of the Yemeni western province of Hudaydah.

According the pro-Houthi al-Masirah television network, anti-Saudi forces targeted a warship with a guided missile in waters near the port city of Hudaydah, 150 km southwest of the capital of Sana’a. 176 soldiers and officers, and a combat helicopter were onboard at the moment of the attack, the television network said in a report, citing an anonymous military source.

Pro-Houthi sources add that the warship was destroyed. However, this still has to be confirmed.

UPD: Saudi sources say:

  • It was a suicide boat;
  • 2 sailors wer killed;
  • The warship was damaged (NOT destroyed).

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Simon Abruzzo

haha, props to Houthis

Aimo Huikka

Army of KSA must be the most incompetent in the whole world:)


Trained by Americans and Brits.

Emmanuel Olusegun


kevin barsi

an alah akbah you can get behind

Toni Matsi



looks like the hit the helicopter deck, Saudi ship has a lucky escape further up en the ship would have been destroyed. I don’t see any counter measures like flares or chaff or CIWS with means the didn’t even see it coming. if this navy would ever go to a real battle the wouldn’t last a day

chris chuba

Another reason I don’t think the Houthis fired on U.S. destroyers, the missiles wouldn’t have fallen short. Also, the claim was that there were two or more missiles launched at the U.S. destroyers. I noticed that all of the attacks shown by the Houthis against ships show only one missile. If two missiles hit this ship they would have been in real trouble.

David Ball

It was boat not a missile IE no smoke nor until impact. Also folks it’s a hit but not sunk.

chris chuba

I don’t think the Houthis do suicide bomb attacks. Why couldn’t it be a missile (or rocket) while they have a boat in the area to record the hit from a video camera?

Granted, we didn’t see the contrail or flame from the rocket/missile but it was daytime so it would be harder to see and the boat was far off and likely not the source of the attack.


No, the Houthi’s and their allied Yemeni army factions have not used suicide bombers in this conflict. The impact point is also far too high above the waterline for that boat theory as well. Yemeni army – Republican Guard – retains medium distance Tochka and various other missiles stocks from earlier 1980-90’s purchases and mid 90’s civil war.


yes, looks its it hit mid-ship and should have been followed by a second SSM. Perhaps they will do a better job next time and use the jagged Yemeni coast to hide many SSM batteries, like Iran has done on the Persian Gulf. Use coves,caves and tunnels to hide missiles.

عبداللطيف الدباء

No it was missile I swear don’t believe Saudi media


Saudi funds lots of scums in Syria. Because their army is the most expensive and most retarded army ever.


Kudos to the Houthis and their brave fighters. Against well equipped forces, they prevail ion a rowboat. Bravo!


The Yemenis need to do a double tap SSM strike, the first one is always followed by second one after the ship is damaged or listing. They could have finished off this frigate easily.

888mladen .

The problem is that Saudi royal family has no respect for human beings whether they are Saudis, Sunnis, Shias Christians, Muslims, their own soldiers or Houti rebels.


FYI the Saudi royals are Crypto Jews. Google it and update urself. This explains their behaviour.

Vic Pittman

Good for them ! To Hell with Saudi Arabia !


fuck saudi arabia fuck isis fuck alqaida

Robert miczke

i seen the latest video suicide boat below radar

Robert miczke

The ship is a 2500 ton frigate the saudisaudi’s needed a lot of training fast

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