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JUNE 2021

Saudi Air Force Pounds Yemeni Capital In Attempt To Eliminate Top Houthi Members

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Saudi Air Force Pounds Yemeni Capital In Attempt To Eliminate Top Houthi Members

F-15 fighter jets of the Royal Saudi Air Force

On April 27, warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition conducted a series of heavy airstrikes on several areas in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, according to local sources.

The collation reportedly targeted the HQ of the Yemeni Ministry of Interior, the al-Daylami airbase, the Presidential Palace, the al-Najdah military camp and several other positions where the Houthis are stationed.

According to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV, the Saudi-led coalition airstrikes on Sanaa injured six civilians, including women and children.

The UAE-based al-Arabiya TV reported that the Saudi-led coalition is trying to target several leaders of the Houthis who have recently arrived to Sanaa to attend the funeral of Houthis top member Saleh al-Samad, who was assassinated by Saudi Arabia on April 19.

These new airstrikes confirm that the Saudi-led coalition is now working to damage the Houthis chain of command by targeting their political and military leaders.

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Pave Way IV

Must have been a daytime attack. If this happened at night, the Houthi FLIR + truck-mounted R-27T IR-homing air-to-air missile would have discouraged the Saudis (or Emirati or Israeli) pilots. The funeral itself will probably be the next Saudi target. The 1:50 ratio of Houthi leaders to Yemeni civilians is a price the Saudis and Evil Orb coalition are willing to pay.


you left out British and American…


And when Yemenis retaliate by targeting Royal palaces, ministries and bases, Saudis again whine and cry with their fingers pointed at the usual big bad Iran. Another show by the resident witch in the UN, UK and France shouting Iran’s missiles must be stopped, the whole nine yards.

Saudis war on Yemen is more like a joke, a bitter one because of all the civilians death. I wish Iran gave Yemen something for these air attacks so Saudis’ whining was true at the least.


Somebody should have to remove these Saudi wahabi butcher regime from Middle East for ever.

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