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Saudi Air Force Is Leveling Yemeni Capital To Ground In Response To Houthi Strikes On Riyadh

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The Saudi-led coalition has been bombing Yemen with a renewed energy following the recent missile and drone strikes on the Kingdom’s capital by the Ansar Allah movement (also known as the Houthis).

According to pro-Houthi sources, Saudi warplanes conducted over 60 airstrikes on different targets across the country during the past few days. They insist that the most of the targets that were hit were objects of civilian infrastructure. At the same time, Riyadh claims that it has been precisely bombing Houthi military positions.

For example, on September 12, the Saudi-led coalition announced that it had carried out a series of airstrikes on the Military Engineering Complex in the Sa’wan Suburb, east of the Yemen capital of Sanaa. According to pro-Saudi sources, the Yemeni Armed Forces loyal to the Houthi government, which controls Sanaa, were “manufacturing and assembling” ballistic missiles and combat drones. The pro-Houthis al-Masirah TV confirmed that Saudi-led coalition warplanes had targeted the Military Engineering Complex with six airstrikes.

On the next day, the new wave of Saudi airstrikes hit the countryside of Sanaa. They allegedly targeted Four drones at Al Dailami Air Base, a military research facility in the Weapons Maintenance Camp, a number of barracks and military posts in the districts of Bani Harith and Arhab, and a headquarters in the al-Sawad Camp.

On September 14, additionally to the Yemeni capital, the Saudi Air Force also conducted raids against Houthi forces in the province of Marib, where the defense of pro-Saudi groups has been collapsing. Clashes between Saudi-led forces and the Houthis have been ongoing across the districts of al-Jubah and Rahbah. However, the main target of the Houthi advance is still the Maas base. Yemeni sources claim that as soon as the base falls, Houthi units will launch an advance on the provincial capital. The Saudi-led coalition captured it in April of 2015 and since then it has successfully kept it under its own control.

Nonetheless, in late 2019 and early 2020, the course of the conflict with no doubt turned to favor the Houthis and Saudi Arabia found itself in conflict even with the main formal ally in the intervention coalition, the UAE. So, the Houthi government now has a good chance to take back the city and the entire province.

This development will become a panful blow to the Saudi leadership and became yet another piece of smoking gun evidence showcasing the failure of its military campaign in Yemen. In response, the Saudi Air Force will likely continue its intense bombing campaign aiming to level Sanaa and other big cities in the hands of the Houthis. The problem with this approach is that this very campaign forces the Houthis to conduct more intense and regular missile and drone attacks on targets inside Saudi Arabia itself.

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Free man

It turns out that the Saudis know how to respond when its enemy bombs their cities. I wonder when the axis of resistance will get the courage.

Free man

If you say so.
The United States is waiting for your revenge for the killing of soleimani. And Israel is waiting for your revenge for the assassination of Mornia and hundreds of bombmings of the Iranian forces in Syria. No one is talking any more about the terrorist that Israel killed two months ago in Syria.
You turned a proud country in to a joke. A particularly talkative joke.

Free man

So you continue to destroy Arab countries.
And the other Arab states, which you failed to destroy, sign peace agreements with Israel.
You guys can’t tell the difference between the propaganda of the mullahs regime and reality.
In reality, Israel is stronger than ever and Iran is weaker than ever.
You threaten to destroy Israel but in reality you are afraid to throw a stone in the direction of Israel.

hans meiser

the talkative one is you and you will be the begging ones soon enough after the usa is pushed out of west asia


It’s not the right moment. Israel is capable of anything, including the dirtiest of the dirty jobs in order to make Hezbollah or whoever refrain from answering. Just look at the Beirut blast. Says it all doesn’t it?

Why would Hezbollah answer after that, to bring more suffering to the lebanese people?

Free man

“Why would Hezbollah answer after that, to bring more suffering to the lebanese people?” – I agree. But why are these jihadists talking and threatening with empty threats all the time.


Last year when they hit israelis with ATGMs ir was not an empty threat

Free man

They managed to kill the rear tire of the Israeli truck.


As well as fitting a russian TV team inside an israeli base haha


They killed Taliban Mike.

Free man

There is no doubt that this imaginary Taliban Mike was as important as soleimani. LOL.
Why give these stupid excuses. It just shows how bad the situation of the mullah regime is.

cechas vodobenikov

u confuse your nation of plywood villages populated by self loathing shallow puritans, afflicted c covid hysteria where the hysterical snowflakes now copulate with mobile phones…with civilized peoples like Iran that actually do have a culture


You are correct, I am in error. He was Michael D’Andrea, the CIA director who handled the file on Solemani, supposedly; Ayatollah Mike . He is more than imaginary… he was. Speaking from an operational level, he was probably more important to the US than Solemani was to Iran. While the attack on the base was a distratcion, the real revenge was taking out Mike. but, you know all of this stuff right?

Free man

I know this is a fairy tale that the IRGC invented to save face.
Fairy tale with the face of film actor Fredric Lehne from the Hollywood movie “Zero Dark Thirty”.



Icarus Tanović

I say so too.

Séamus Ó Néill

Even the arch-Zionist, Kissinger, knows it….he, himself stated “In 2022 Israel will no longer exist”, not that it would change course or change dramatically, but that it wouldn’t exist !

cechas vodobenikov

already occurred u robot—100 US obese military w “brain trauma”


Allahu Akbar!

Icarus Tanović

Let’s bring some more explosive drones and balistic rockets. Let’s see what they’re gonna do. Let’s bring them to theirs knees.


And where do you suppose those Saudi iinvaders are getting their bombs?


Secret playground for adults where you can meet different people – https://cutt.ly/LfSpIbs


wtf? it’s a military forum. get out of here, bitch

FANFARΟNE ? Year of the Pig ??

really ? I thought it was irani fanboi playground


wrong Sherlock. it’s not pornhub either…

cechas vodobenikov

uncivilized Saudi amerikans—they have been instructed in morality by hyenas….”amerikans are not at all happy…it is as if all the sensitiveness has dried up in them….I admire their kind of happiness but I do not envy it:: it is the happiness of a different and inferior species”. Stendahl
“the amerikan soul is hard, isolate a killer”. DH Lawrence

carlo cozzarin

Every pig gets his San Martín day
A cada cerdo le llega su San Martín
Don’t be hurry
Meanwhile, bad people can enjoy the bad deeds of theirs masters and show the world and the creator what dough they are made of

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