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Saturday SplatFor Report – Oct. 3, 2015

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Who ever imagined that modern warfare could be so much “fun”?

Saturday SplatFor Report – Oct. 3, 2015
Have you ever wondered why the “deep state” always seems to stay in power? The “deep state” builds consensus behind closed doors and then uses “Stratcom” (strategic communications) and a controlled main stream media to “manufacture” consent (convince the public to go along). The deep-state savagery is still very much alive but it is well-hidden, camouflaged behind a finely-tuned screen of “public relations”. This article reveals who makes up the deep state “shadow elite”. These are the real “deciders” who tell the politicians what to do.

Although the mainstream media is currently talking about Volkswagen and the just-revealed (but long-time) practice of secretly rigging its diesel automobile emission-control software to cheat during emissions testing, the practice of using hidden software “code” has been going on worldwide for a long time. Volkswagen simply had the bad luck to be caught. Another example of hidden code is the secret accessing of private and corporate computers. This secret surveillance is common practice by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). One of their techniques is to “work with” (this means to force) technology companies to insert “backdoors” in encryption software. These hidden backdoors then allow the government to secretly intercept and decode communications that the computer user believes are secure and confidential. One government program is called “Plan X” and is being developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The goal is to make launching a military-grade cyberattack as easy as launching an application on an iPhone. Who ever imagined that modern warfare would be this much fun?

Author Michael Snyder believes the world is facing the most significant global financial meltdown since the end of 2008 when world economies crashed and had to be “rescued” by U.S. Federal Reserve “hot money” creation. This so-called “rescue” only created a bigger global problem and now all of the largest stock markets in the world are crashing simultaneously. Junk bonds are also crashing. Bank of America describes the “high yield” bond market as a “slow moving train wreck that seems to be accelerating”. Another term for a “high yield” bond is a “junk bond”; a bond that is speculative and below investment-grade. Because of the risk of NOT getting paid back, junk bond holders demand higher interest payments compared to the interest rate paid on traditional, “investment-grade” bonds. The widespread speculation in junk bonds has been fueled by the low (essentially zero) “quantitative easing” interest rate policy of the Federal Reserve since 2008. In Mr. Snyder’s opinion, the violent downward-upward-downward market swings that occurred this September confirm that the world financial situation is risky and perilous. He believes that the current volatility is only the beginning of the long process of global financial meltdown. Now, dear readers, you must excuse me. My next-door neighbor just dropped in to give me a hot, “sure-fire”, “can’t lose” investment tip.

The Fukushima earthquake happened on March 11, 2011 and led to the meltdown of three of the six nuclear reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi electrical powerplant complex near Tokyo, Japan. Since then, radioactive contamination has been flowing unchecked into the air, the ground and the Pacific Ocean. Within weeks, airborne contaminants spread around the world. Within months, radioactive byproducts were carried by Pacific Ocean currents to the west coast of Alaska, Canada and the United States. The following article by David Gutierrez explains how food products from the radioactive exclusion zone around Fukushima have likely already been sold in food stores around the world. In a future SplatFor Report, we’ll examine the health hazards of eating radioactive seafood from the Pacific Ocean.

The 1.8 million people of the Gaza Strip have lived with political uncertainty, occupation and war since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. For the last eight years, Egypt and Israel, with support from the United States, have maintained an almost total blockade of the 7-mile wide and 32-mile long territory, limiting the entry of essential goods and products. Gaza residents survived by digging underground tunnels to neighboring Egypt and smuggling food and other goods in. Gaza has been called “the world’s largest open air prison camp”. In response to the firing of homemade rockets from Gaza, Israel has waged three wars against the people of the Gaza Strip, bombarding them by air, sea and land and killing thousands through a practice known as “collective punishment”. As if being bombed wasn’t bad enough, Egypt, on Gaza’s southern border is currently conducting an aggressive campaign to flood the smuggling tunnels with seawater – a process that is also ruining the earth for farming by contaminating the soil with salt. Because of the constant interruptions of water, food, power, sewage systems, medical supplies and other necessities of life, the living conditions have become so bad that a United Nations report now predicts that Gaza may become completely uninhabitable within five years. The people of Israel, with support from the people of Egypt and the United States are proving that they don’t need a concentration camp to carry out “ethnic cleansing” – the attempted extermination of the people of Gaza.

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