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Finished: SF Is Answering Questions/Comments About Analysis Of US Military Capabilities + Other Topics


SouthFront will answer your questions/comments about the video “Why the U.S. Military is Woefully Unprepared for a Major Conventional Conflict” and other topics.




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  • You can call me Al


  • Vince Dhimos

    I can hear the discussion, but how do we get in and participate?

      • Hasbara Hunter

        They are Censorshipping me…. I can’t watch this movie…..they say the Live stream of this video ain’t available….

        • Freespirit

          Use Tor Browser, with Duck Duck Go as your Search Engine and “Ccleaner” to clean the thousands of cookies, especially,what I call the “Nasty” cookies which are being put on our computers, these days. I recently removed 349 cookies, on my computer, from just visiting ONE site The shills for CONTROL call them “Super” cookies and doesn’t “Super” sound nicer, than “Nasty” :-(

          I am convinced, from experience, that our computers have more RAM, and even Hard Drive space, just to accommodate the load those ADS and Cookies put on our computers. Qui Bono ?

          Nothing to do with improving our “experience”, unless you like experiencing ADS and being SPIED upon……but “Experience” also sounds nicer to say, than admit to what really their ads and cookies do to our computers and by extension – US and our “Wallets” !!!

          • Hasbara Hunter

            They Blocked me during the Live-Stream…. But I’m able to listen to the debate now…

  • Carlos Correia

    thank you southfront… for long time i was thinking im alone in this mess, but no longer i feel this way. thank you. sorry for the bad english but to know alot of languages is a pain. all hail Gaia… our mother.

  • R PLobo

    SF does a great job – very thankful!

  • charlesjannuzi

    They blew all their money on occupations, F-22, F-35, Littoral Combat Ship, Ospreys, etc.