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Interview With The Saker, Discussion Of US-Russian Relations (Recorded Version)

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TOPIC: Interview with The Saker (please, visit his blog, TheSaker.is) on the US-Russia relations and other issues of the international agenda.

The Saker is the friend and one of the key partners of SouthFront. He’s a well-known military and geo-political analyst and a regular contributor to The Unz Review (Unz.com).

Dear friends, you can ask questions about the live stream topics and other issues related to SF in the Youtube chat. (It’s available if you open the live stream in a separate browser tab)

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Tudor Miron

Thats a “must be there” event for me. Highly recommended.

Nigel Maund

Really looking forward to this. “The Saker”is a superb commentator


Sadly I will be away.


yeah, I remember his article when he claimed that Russia is the most powerful country in the world. laughable. he was later retracting on that with some rather obscure explanations.

Tudor Miron

All I can take from your laughable statement is that we would not enjoy your presense coming Saturday. Or will you be so gracious and giving and come to discussion and destroy opponents laughable arguments so we can see the light of true knowledge and understanding?
Don’t even start with US is the most powerful country etc. That country is just to short historyed to be taken into serious consideration. In essence – its Anglo saxons, Italians, French, Germans, Poles, Russians, Jews, Talmudic jews (that take care that Jahve is fed with enough human blood) etc. etc. People who’s roots are from another place. Locals…. they dissapeared from the face of the Earth. Gp is playing its old but tryed and proven games with us and we’re willingly engaging in enslaving/killing our own kind (humans) for no rational reason. Just think how unnatural it is… gp never does anything himself (has no ability)… it’s always us – people. Everything is done by our hands.


I was referring to the ridiculous statement about ‘the most powerful country’, not the country itself which I respect as a member of a Slavic family despite bad history between my country and Russia.
I think that is obvious for anyone who is not blinded with with this nationalism nonsense.

How did you come up with such a rant, I have no idea. Hurt feelings probably and lack of inclination towards objectivity.

Have a nice interview, enjoy it as you please.


Tudor Miron

I’m sorry fir my rude reply….I was a bit emotional (for unrelated reason) and felt offended for Saker :) Sorry.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US only projects it power because of it’s insecurity and paranoia , which gives a false sense power, the US has never really won any war on it’s own nor made a good lasting impression. One can see why there is a difference in soft power and hard power , the US lacks the political savvy to be a lasting Major power and only holds on tenuously because of it’s unstable thinking and open aggression.

Brad Isherwood

Have followed the Saker/posted his website,…along with Stephen F Cohen interviews
On the John Batchelor show.

Both over focused on this Russia seeking Detente,and Russia the non aggressive Nation.
Saker at least mentions Jewish Oligarchs and Putin’s dangerous outer circle.
Neither pointed to Putin’s rise to power out of nowhere with Certain Russian Oligarchs who were Jewish and the Chabad Lubavitch cult.
Trump’s history with the Chabad Lubavitch cult is truly disturbing.

Same snakes on each side of the fence….
Jared Kushner is Chabad Lubavitch.

The only rational explanation for what’s occuring between the US and Russia is to follow
History and look for common signature clues of who is behind the geostrategic positioning which finds sanctions and wars being applied.
Yes…it’s Bankers, …yet Bankers need intelligence and numbers to effect control. .
The Masonic Lodges since the 1700s were major players in US Revolutionary war
In the French Revolution, …Napoleonic wars,…WW 1.
The Lodge evolves into the Corporate powers whereby Elites/Oligarchy reach globally.
It’s the same game….just morphed via Satellite and Computer speculation Day Trading.

Putin and those who got him into power,…..are players in the old game.
They do betray and conspire. ….that’s all part of the history.
Basically. …everyone plays….as there is ….No other game.

Tudor Miron

It’s well known that Putin was put in place by Rothshields that were controling Eltsin’s inner sircle. There were different oligarch groups all of which were greatly supported by the west in ripping Russia apart. Yes, Putin betrayed Rotshields and yes it was a double game from his side (People should find out where he worked in KGB). In fact he just kept his Oath to CCCP (Russia is the only post CCCP country where officers were not forced to take new Oath, to new country – ask an officer what does it mean – double oath in officers career is something very shameful. Saying goes if he did it twice, than 3, 4 times are a possibility.)
Putin knows principles of “conceptual power” very well. He knows how the world is ruled and he’s using this knowledge – he rules this country via “images” – gaining peoples support for what is right for this country. Those things are subtle and mostly go unnoticed by general public but their influence is huge – nation is largely united behind ideas presented in those “images/examples” – traditional/orthodox values (family values), state that takes care about its people, preserving nature etc., etc. thats in comparition to western neoliberal values that already give results. People can see that western population are rapidly weakening and loosing ability to resist existential threats.

Brad Isherwood

Excellent coments Tudor : )

The West roars and struts about the New World Order**,
Which is not really anything new …

Rothschilds banking and others who were linked to the Vatican/Papal Bull signatory.
These maneuvered during the Conquistador rape of the New World,
When nations privateer and Pirates stole treasure ships from the New World.
Spains Kings went bankrupt in succession. ..the Bankers taking the wealth of the
New World.
The Templars /Masonic. …an evolution of opportunism.
The British Empire with its Masonic reach,..Revolutionary socio power via Thabians,
Cecil Rodes,Roundtable, Institute of of Foreign Affairs/CFR* in USA.

A long March of geostrategic influence.
Russia and China are connected to Rothschilds banking and the Old World money who
Are playing the rise of Eurasia/Silk Roads vs the decline of the Anglo /US Empire.
Recently…a Russian bank went off SWIFT due to recent sanctions. ..and is running on Russia’s new interlink transfer system.
So…it’s on….
Trade wars and positioning.
US and NATO MIC will get some mileage out of the game…
It however is a risk adventure …
The materials /metals lost in this game cannot be replaced in mere months.
To go to war on a level like WW 2 is high attrition/consumption.
Russia and China positioned in Area denial defence will not encure the losses that an Agressor will.

Doom Sternz

Thank You SF, The Saker is a very respectable guest.

Gideon Anthony

Can someone make some comment on the reason why there is social cohesion in territories controlled by Isis. Is there a class element to it. How can such a state be politically stable. Is it pure terror? Does Isis have anything corresponding to a positive and stable political vision for local people held under its sway?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Contrary to your belief that there is peace within the ISIS regions is you would be quite surprised they are the opposite. The area is sparsely populated and they hold people hostage to create good behavior , this has been used for centuries. They enforce restrictive laws and will behead those who disagree with them sounds like coerced cohesion , the media rarely presents this side of ISIS but you here it whispered about.

There Political vision goes to using the same rules as Al Qaeda uses and even far more restrictive then the Taliban has been in some instances, the Warlords instituted extremely restrictive laws more than the Taliban to enforce their rule. They all seem to be bad in ideology some are far more willing to invoke their barbaric penalties such as death for the least infraction.

Gideon Anthony

Thanks Terra! Right I know that there is a strong element of Oregon infrastructure her like money, educational institutions and a lot of foreign fighters, but are you really saying that a dogmatic religious obscurantism with no music, smoking, bared heads etc…. is all there is to it. There must be more. According to the handbook on insurgencies that is American standard issue , the phrase, ‘use justified grievances…’ to promote a more democratic agenda is used. These guys must have had some pull to take over metropolises. So look at Hamas unrelated of course except for demonization in the western media – efficient and egalitarian, esp. compared with the PLA under Abbas, distribution of medical care and resources. ISIS have a stron cohort of ex Baathist officers. Is it a sectarian thing? Is a sectarian thing enough or is there an element of political economy there as well? Remember Yvonne Ridley with the Taliban (also influenced by tafkiri , Wahhabi nutjobs..)

Gideon Anthony

Oregon ->. Foreign

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US relies on using the ancient differences between the Sunnis and Shia which only seems to be one accepted with Wahhabi Islamists and Salafists, and very rare among secular Sunnis. The Shia practice Sufism which the Wahhabi and Salafists consider to be an abhorrent behavior so they treat any deviation as apostasy and punishable by death. There is much wrong with sectarian thinking of many of the GCC members who most are Sunni , Jordan is Majority Sunni, Bahrain is majority Shia, Iraq is Majority Shia , Syria is majority Sunni Iran has a large Sunni population, but Iran, Iraq and Syria are secular nations and choose the leaders on merit and not sectarian division, the English used to hate and Kill Catholics for centuries. The barbarity of religious personal views continue to be an issue in some cultures still to this day.

Gideon Anthony

It’s a lot more pro-active than that I can think of at least two known instances of special forces blowing up mosques in Iraq and I actually met a homeless soldier in London who claimed that he was on the external perimeter when the regular British army isolated Basra prison to free special ops guys who were caught dressed as Arabs with bombs in the back of a sedan. Robert Fisk detailed a real humdinger of an operation where a local is given money and told to call when when he sees a demonstration. No signal gets out of the car for signal. Calls and his car blows up. The Syrian ‘insurgency’ has, at least 30% of the fighters as foreign sourced – makes it a lot easier to use people as human shields – analogue maybe part of the same tradition. During the miners strike in the uk police from different forces were used to confront strikers in local areas. There is certainly a tradition of counter insurgency warfare and I am a strong believer that what is done overseas in our name influences how power interfaces with its citizens. I would flag up though that because of the Ottoman Empire being successful (until the Europeans interfered) in loosely politically integrating multi national and confessional political spaces. it may be that the European ruse to create unstable national ethnic states was not succcesful enough and this vector of Balkanization we see in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine etc has to be imposed from the outside, most counties in Eurasia i.e. Iran, russia, china are successful multinational and confessional states (different discussion) Said K. aburish is an invaluable resource here,

Gideon Anthony

Hizbollah and Hamas along side say Syria and Iran are registered as terrorist organizations because they are successful in offering a vision apart from European colonialism, and savage corrupt arbitrary ignorance disguised as religious obscurantism. (Israel and Saudi Arabia) or a disgusting servility to the Europeans. (Jordan Egypt etc)

Gideon Anthony

A high level question. Do you consider that the idea of a (monoethnic) nation state is being reflexively used by the euro zionists (looking at the coup in Ukraine as an example) to implement a global order which in itself contradicts cultural liberalism and that this gives rise to more anti-liberal critiques from the right? Cf. the right national conservative critique which says that refugee flows are being created to culturally destabilize Europe? (Which is interesting if far fetched). Are the roots of American exceptionalism as opposed to multi national states (the pragmatic live and let live approach of the sovereign eurasian states) not precisely that European enlightenment exceptionalist nation state history?


That was really good. Very big hug + many thank yous SF!

Rodney Loder

The game changing element the pundits didn’t know about is obviously TR Malthusianism, whereby ratioes are consistently escalating until the foundation gives way, I think rationalism has always accepted that, but the distance between “then and now” up until the Russian defection from the Soviet Union was an alternative to Market Economics, after that in the present time it’s Laissez-faire liberalism only until resource scarcity kicks in, after that it has to be a choice between Fascist ideology or outright Plutocracy, whichever way the liberal agenda leans in the mean time will determine which one becomes apparent and unassailable.
I think that the views expressed are somewhat shallow, actually to me it’s like listening to an old pop tune, but Allah has decided that the Libertarians rule in the West, however for them to do so realistically means temporary consensus is based on two false premiss, the individual came out of nowhere, and the individual goes nowhere, this flawed approach incubates liars and cheats to be the laureatship promoting future progress, a trend that will inevitably lead to Plutocracy, denying the right to life by those that can’t afford it.
I think survival has to take this reality into account, maybe Southfront should consider Steemit, Luke Rudkowski ( Steemit@wearechanged.) has signed up, it could be the next big thing, I’m buying steam while its at 4$, thank you Australian Government, I wonder will it affect my pension when I’m a billionaire.

Jeff Lewin

Hello, SF, who is your Bulgarian reporter, Victor [S?]?

william serrahn

Are the Charlotte demonstrations a deep state project to further demonize Trump? They had a field day shaming him for not immediately repudiating the white right’s side right to demonstrate. The Media was chanting that he didn’t because these evil people were a big part of Trump’s base – nonsense.

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