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Sattelite Images Of US-controlled Rukban Refugee Camp In Syria: Hundreds Of Graves And Insanitary Conditions


On March 5, the Russian Defense Ministry released stattelite images showing the situation in the Rukban refugee camp, which is located in the US-occupied part of eastern Syria, near the US military garrison of al-Tanf.

The released pictures allow to see the real living conditions in the refugee camp.

  • A waste deposit is located in close proximity to the living accomodations.
  • A notable part of the camp is tents and sheds, which means that no conditions allowing a permanent residence of thousands of people have been created. This is an especially acute problem during the winter.
  • No subsistence warehouses or meal stations are being observed.
  • Food and other goods can be get only in pop-up markets controlled by militants.

The Russian military said that US-backed militants are preventing civilians from leaving the site. It said that the Rukban area is no more a refugee camp. It’s a reservation area with hostages.

The Russian side pointed out that the US military is opposing to the evacuation of civilians and spreading rumors that they will be presecuted by the Damascus government. US-backed militants demand notable sums in USD from people who want to leave the camp.

At the same time, the statement added that about 35,000 people have declared their readiness to return to the government-controlled area. About 28,300 of them are going to return to the province of Homs, about 2,800 – to the province of Deir Ezzor, about 1,600 – Damacus province, about 1,600 – Hama province and 1,200 – Aleppo province.

Sattelite Images Of US-controlled Rukban Refugee Camp In Syria: Hundreds Of Graves And Insanitary Conditions

Click to see the full-size image

Sattelite Images Of US-controlled Rukban Refugee Camp In Syria: Hundreds Of Graves And Insanitary Conditions

Click to see the full-size image




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  • Promitheas Apollonious

    what part any one dont understand that americans are barbarians, on the cheap version of them?

    • Jens Holm

      Barbarian is an arabic disrespect for berbs in Morocco and all North Africa, which declared all those pr definition were secon class.

      As it was written …

  • Saddam Hussein

    The Syrian govt has to solve the Idlib issue ASAP so they can focus on eliminating the k*rds and other terrorists in the south. President Assad should not give an inch of Syria away. Syria will remain an arab country.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      i second this.

    • verner

      in due course they, the kurds, will be forced back into the fold. but the earlier that is the quicker assad can get things in order and start phase 2, to remove the squatters on the land they stole from the palestinians and which they are now busy killing off in the DEPALESTINATION-program. every last one of them must go!

      • Saddam Hussein

        The kurds are just a made up ethnicity, theyre iranians and turks pretending theyre something else. Either they respect Syrian arab land and language or they go back to Turkey. Theyre lucky President Assad will keep them alive after backstabbing him and abandoning their country.

        • Nowruz

          Thank you, Saddam Hussein. Someone finally understands. Kurds are Aryans, not Semites, like Arabs or Turkic to Turks. The Kurdish language is a derivative of Farsi unlike Arabic or Turkish. The culture and traditions of the Kurds are Persian. They were all apart of the Persian Empire the same applies to the Lors, the Parsis, Isfahanis and the Guilanis.

          • Jens Holm

            Not at all.

            As long as You dont define the Indoeuropeans being in most of Anatolia before any Turkmen has arrive.

            It was at the time, where the place with no Turks were named as Asia and not Minor Asia with Turks as well as Tunis was named Africa.

            You make the fatal mistake connecting Iran/Persia of today with something maybee 4.000 years ago.

            If so, You have to remove every single Turk there as well. Pls do. Those are the real emmigrants as well as partly arabs.

            Its the same for Syria. Syria never was a country apart from it was in the Khalifat, which collapsed in 158 by the Mongols. But it was a landscape and it did not include Aleppo and Raqqa provinces of today. Here is another too often heard mistake, that Kurds has immigrated to Syria.

            Well it the opposite. Syria as a construction was moved north and mainly got the Kurds as well as many Turkmen already living there. It should be impossible to blame them for that.

            Its also true some Kurds has emmigrated to there from Turkey of today. But thats not unusual in that region as well. Ottomans systematicly removed/deported people. So mainly it could be a matter of who did this and that.

            If anything You should blame Turks and Kurds killing 2 million others in that region and not the armenians part of Turkey of today. That made space and living for many Turks as well as Kurds. They even´removed almost all well descriebed signs of Christians, but You still can find good desriptions in books.

            And now the grandchildren still are figthing for the property which their Grandparents killed for.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          You are thinking on the right track, but sadly the ground realities are different. Kobani is the new capital of Syrian Kurdish region and the Americunts have poured over a billion dollars in arming the YPG terrorists, I simply don’t see how Syria can now be put back together. The Americunts will not leave al-Tanf and eastern Iraq region either and Turkeys and their headchoppers are now entrenched in Idlib under Pasha Erdogan’s blessings. The CIA’s SDF is now getting closer to Aleppo now again as there are daily attacks on the SAA in Homs and Aleppo regions and Russia is doing fuck all.

        • Jens Holm

          And You are nothing or minus.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        I don’t think the Kurd turds will give up the large chunk of land they hold now in Northern Syria. They have already introduced their own administration and planning on linking up with Iraqi Kurdistan. This was the Zionist plan dating back to the 60’s.Russia is pretty much a party to the dismemberment of Syria and it is now impossible to put it back to its original state. Putin played for his Zionist masters.


          U R drunken, like a sailor.

          • Jens Holm

            Facts are the SDF systems work. There is no chaos there even all is very low according to war econimics.

            Next is very correct too. Of course they would like to keep it in an own version as well, bacuse its very innovative and effective compared to Assads and Sharia Jihadisme.

            You must be on to much watertobacco Yourself. Maybe UN has given You pork as food or something.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Pakistan shot down two Russian flying dishwasher an Mig 21 and SU-30 MKI enjoy their aces

            Two Indian planes were shot down by Pakistan Air Force on February
            27,” Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told parliament Wednesday.

            He named them as Squadron Leader Hassan Siddiqui and Wing Commander
            Nauman Ali Khan, saying he wanted to “pay tribute” to them both.


          • Zionism = EVIL

            Pakistan shot down two Russian flying dishwasher an Mig 21 and SU-30 MKI enjoy their aces

            Two Indian planes were shot down by Pakistan Air Force on February
            27,” Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi told parliament Wednesday.

            He named them as Squadron Leader Hassan Siddiqui and Wing Commander
            Nauman Ali Khan, saying he wanted to “pay tribute” to them both.


    • ColinNZ

      By the end of March the Idlib campaign will begin. The West’s ‘CW’ threats have been neutered by the bbc (yes, even those scum) and the UN. I doubt whether there will be any green buses for this one since no-one and no-where will want them.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        I am not sure. Russia is in a weak position as Putin is undermining the Russian military in Syria. The Red Army, SAA and Iran wanted an offensive when the headchoppers were ousted by Aleppo. However, one year respite has given the Turkeys and Americunts to rearm and reorganize the terrorists. Putin is more focused on aligning with his Zionist masters agenda.

        Syrian Arab Army has yet to retaliate to the first major attack on Aleppo by the jihadist rebels.

        Over the last 48 hours, both the Syrian Arab Army and Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham have traded attacks in Aleppo, causing damage to much of the area around the provincial capital.

        • Concrete Mike

          Dude tone it down…the red army doesnt exist anymore…it hasent existed in almost 40 years.

          You deliberatly choose to say red army, what are you trying to do trigger old cold war dogs??

          The orcs will get whats coming to them.

          When you play poker you dont go all in every hand!!

          • Jens Holm

            I seldom agree with that moron at all. But I get the same picture and sometimes use USSR and KGB as well.

            They are kind of going back to that. They have not improved many things since that system collapsed. Most of it cant be excused by the robbercapitalism, when they collpased. That was 17 years ago.

      • Jens Holm

        Thats only speculations as any Imam or Mullah could say on fridays too.

        “I hope ….. “

    • Zionism = EVIL

      You are right of course, but most people with their head buried deep up their dumbass don’t understand that Russia has allowed Syria to be partitioned. There was good documentary on PBS about how the Kurds effectively now control over 35% of Syrian Territory with Kobani as their new capital. There is no vestige left of Syrian central authority in Idlib, Eastern Euphrates and Al-Tanf region. This does not include the 10% land lost to Zionists in Golan in 1967 and more in 1973. Russia stopped Iran and Assad from retaking Idlib, crawled up Erdogan’s arse and it is well known about Putin’s permanent lips plant on Nutter Yahoo’s butt cheeks. It is so sad that Syria has been dismembered and will be impossible now to put in back together. The Syrian legitimate government barely holds half is pre-1967 territory with over 8 million displaced. Syria has ceased to exist. Sorry, but those are the FACTS.

  • Syria insider

    “The Russian military said that US-backed militants are preventing militants from leaving the site.” WTF is this?

    • Jens Holm

      Haha, You are right. Its very muddy having so many versions.

      I wrote one version yesterday, which could be true – too. Take it as You wish.

      The semi-FSAs has become hostage takers of most of the camp. By that they make money from the americans for not killing any civilians.

      Americans has put a fence ariiund it and wont let any semi FSA go unless they relase the hotage.

      So Yes WTF.

  • Pave Way IV

    Shouldn’t you MISO hacks in CENTCOM be covering up atrocities at Rukban better than this? Russian ‘forced relocation’ of starving refugees… FFS, is that all you got? Your job is to supervise the formation of public opinion in the US, i.e., lie to the American people to support your Israeli-firster neocon chickenhawk masters failing military adventures. You’re getting as incompetent as SOUTHCOM with their self-declared president Guaido. Better learn to code… (and we’ll see you at Nuremburg)


    • Albert Pike

      His Nickname was ‘Rabbi Goebbels’ – I wonder why?

      Jepp, the wife too (say’s another rabbi):
      And the BMW Industrialist Harald Quandt was her son. And the Quandt’s are Bilderbergers…

      • Jens Holm

        And You are a rabbit jumping up and down in a dirty diaper.

        • Albert Pike

          Well you must be a follower of the Ustashe, and it’s founder Josip Frank, the grandson of the hassidic Rabbi Jakob Frank, or just an ignorant jew…

          • Jens Holm

            Thats not a lot of graves compared to 550.000 or more has died. I dont know if that number includes all from ISIS.

            I have thought of checking my DNA but it seemes to be too expensive for the moment. You never know, who Your family is.

            According to what I know I am from farmers hand and low fishermen. In the Vikingage my family by that probatly was slaves.

          • Albert Pike

            Well surely there would be graves in the sand – but then again there aren’t 550 000. There you are right, because that would have needed 550 000 living to begin with. So ist’s all question of with how many of the living did they start with.
            Nothing wrong with with Vikings – if their name is’nt Solomonson or Rosenberg. A lot of those movements which were fighting against the ‘international jew’ like Henry Ford named it, where of rather questionable breed – like the mentioned Ustashe founder Frank or the promoter of antisemitism in Germany at the end of the nineteen century in Germany, Wilhelm Marr – who was married to three different wifes, and they where all jewish. So many of those movements had completly different aims then they say they had.
            Nothing has changed from then to now. Putin most likely isn’t who he says he is, and Trump didn’t do it eighter before the vote.

            It all follows the plan, which Theodor Herzl outlined in his diary, Page 10: ‘However, anti-Semitism, which is a strong and unconscious force among the masses, will not harm Jews. I consider him to be a movement useful to the Jewish character.’ or the famous one from page 84: ‘The anti-Semites are our most reliable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies. We want to emigrate as respected people.’
            It’s all about that dream of Zionism – of the heavenly kingdom of Zion to come, and Zion can also be named the Caliphate, or ‘the empire for a 1000years’ like Goebels promoted it (where I am back with the dirty diapers – which aren’t my diapers), or it can be named the ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’, as on the one dollar bill of our Nato Leader. They are all following the wet dream of Zion, and that’s why ISis is a part of them, and that would produce graves in the sand, because like Josip Frank, ISis can’t keep their masks on for ever…

    • Pave Way IV

      There are other mass gravesites in Rukban Death Camp besides the TASS/Russian MOD image, and the ones in the TASS image are not necessarily ‘fresh’.

      Copernicus/GeoEye-1 Imagery Analysis from a year ago counted 425 graves identifiable in four separate cemetaries. 1) There are likely even more grave sites scattered about the periphery of the camp beyond these four, and 2) there have been hundreds of deaths in the year since this imagery was acquired, 3) US forces and camp jihadi gangs have not permitted international reporters in the At Tanf zone or in the Rukban camp to photograph or interview detainees.



      Statements issued by supposed ‘local councils’ are nothing but the propaganda of the US-backed jihadi gangs running the death camp and in no way represent the opinions of the tens of thousands detained and held hostage there. Except for those the gangs have coerced to think Assad will kill them as soon as they leave At Tanf.


      • Jens Holm

        It would be very strange if there was no graves there. They have ha

        • Pave Way IV

          “…They have have had dead fighters even higly annouved by Assads and ISIS

          Bullshit – what dead fighters? The fighters die somewhere else fighting Assad or ISIS – nobody drives their their fallen fighters back across the Syrian desert to be buried at Rukban.

          “…as well as refugee camps isolated as this which hardly none would help must have ecxtra dead…”

          This is right next to the US At Tanf SOF garrison – nobody attacks the camp. Aside from a suicide bombing last year, no fighters have died anywhere near the camp.

          “…You fokus on the many deads, but not how and whome which has killed them directly or inddirectly…”

          No, my focus is entirely on why they’re even involuntarily detained in this desolate shithole death camp for years on end. If the refugees can afford the bribe for the camp militia to smuggle them out, they can leave. Or they can just start walking and die in the desert in a couple of days. The US has known that all along but insists NOBODY wants to leave, even when Syria and Russia offer to bus them out. Therefore, the US is responsible for every preventable death by denying their freedom. SOME people are likely ISIS/FSA and don’t want to leave. I would believe a number like 5,000 though, not 45,000.

          “…Every time SDFs find graves You try to tell, that SDFs and americans did it, beacuse thats what You wish…”

          What in the fuck does the SDF have to do with Rukban? And the SDF had to finish taking Raqqa on foot – I won’t judge their soldiers’ actions. The dead civilians under the rubble are almost entirely the work of US and Coalition of Evil aircraft and artillery. If there were ‘only’ a few hundered civilian deaths in Raqqa, then sad but not unexpected. On the other hand, if there were tens of thousands of civilian deaths, then it was genocide. The truth is somewhere between those two figures, but it’s all censored by CENTCOM. I have no f’king idea how bad it was there, and they will never say.

          “…And You do it even when people are killed one by one by single bullets and by strangulations.”

          ISIS executed a lot of civilians, but I’ll never trust the figures US officials toss out. Nobody will investigate, nobody will speak for the dead. If someone with any credibility counted single bullet to the back of the head and/or strangulation civilian victims, then I would at least assume they were executed by ISIS. I’m only responsible for innocent civilians that die by US hands in a country we shouldn’t even be in. Raqqa was never the problem until the end. Riyadh and Abu Dhabi were the original problems that really needed a US military solution.

          “…Thats how You little narrowminded world is too. Aparting to Your true suferings, You try to claim others are much worse then You no matter facts dont say that at all…”

          Bullshit. I’m American, Jens. I’m responsible for everything the US does anywhere on earth. Nobody is worse than us besides the head-chopper proxies we use to advance our interests and the headquarters/financiers/backers of their Wahhabi death cult: Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Israel is worse.. but we’re pretty much their proxy/bitch in Syria. Those are my facts, not satelite imagery of graves.

    • Jens Holm

      To me its well covered. You only allow Yourself and others to see one side of it and even put Goebbels in it.

      The other sides are very well describes, but those are ignored and censured away.

  • gustavo

    There are to regions in Syria where Syria-Russia do not know what to do exactly. Idlib region, where the Russia-Turkey agreement has created a safe havens zone for the terrorists and Turkey, and Al-Tanf region where USA has created a safe havens zone for terrorists. What a nice picture Syria has right now.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      I dont think you are right. Russia is very happy with things as they are so she get what she want from syria and already have got that and to keep turkey happy so her gas pipes dont stop and lose the energy war. So as far russians go, they happy with this situation. On the other hand Syria it is not and i hope eventually they go in with russian approval or not after all is their own country.

    • Jens Holm

      Yerrh and Rutbah is next step to heaven – Look at all the graves. You are a dirt writing like that.

      And Russia. No come for the hair of Putin. And You are still in that Russia, Iran and Hesbolah has the same agenda as Assad. Very naive.

  • JustPassingThrough

    los angelos or san francisco or portland are also in line as examples of murican exceptionalism.

    • Jens Holm

      None apart from those i Salem understand that.

  • Tudor Miron

    As usual USA brings “prosperity and freedom” to locals. Ask indigenous Americans how does it work. What, no one to ask? Well that’s prosperity and freedom in American way.

    • BMWA1

      I am glad you are FINALLY coming around. You win a free dinner with Russia’s heart-throb, Victoria Nuland!!!

  • zman

    This is the sort of thing Russia needs to press continually. Document changes daily, showing progression of graves, waste piles, etc. Show this continually and often, see that RT shows this weekly. Even the US military cannot stand the light of day on this if it is constantly in the public eye. Force them to continue to lie, lies that they can be caught in. Russia should have done this long ago. It’s probably the only way these people will be freed.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      this people will be free when they bury each and every one who oppress them. None give a sh*t beside the people who are under fire what happens to them beside of course words of compassion that means nothing to them. Freedom is not a birth right is something you need to win it. And the cost is always blood. If it is your oppressors blood rather than yours so much the better.

    • Jens Holm

      Thats babling nonsense. Where should we send medicine.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Spin is spin no matter what side it comes from.
    Only 300 graves in a camp that’s had 50,000 people living in it for 12 months where’s all the rest of them?
    People die of old age, sickness, and misadventure all the time, the 300 graves shown here are named correctly as a burial site, it doesn’t look like something they were hiding at all, separate graves in some form of symmetry, that’s a burial site for people who’ve died, not people who’ve been murdered.
    They haven’t found the places where all the murder victims are buried yet, when they do they won’t be found in separate graves, they’ll be found dumped in several big holes, and I’m sure they’ll find many big holes filled with many victims scattered around the camp, that’s when they finally get a chance to look properly.

    • Jens Holm

      Thats right. Maybee thats why they invented the zero in that region :) + :( = 0

  • goingbrokes

    Keep it coming – this death camp must be exposed to the world! I thought before that the Yanks are not leaving because of some military consideration, but it is clear now they can’t leave behind a Concentration Camp and Death Camp.

    • Jens Holm

      300 dead of 70.000. I didnt know any could be that slow. They should work extra hours and donate oxygene to You.