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JULY 2022

Satellite Images Show Damage At Ukrainian Airport Where S-300 Air-Defense System Was Struck

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Satellite Images Show Damage At Ukrainian Airport Where S-300 Air-Defense System Was Struck

File image.

On April 12, the US-based BlackSky Technology shared a satellite image showing the aftermath of a Russian naval missile strike on the Dnipro International Airport.

The strike, which took place on April 10, targeted components of an S-300 long-range air-defense system that was recently delivered to Ukraine by a European state, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense. The ministry was likely referring to the S-300PMU system that was recently supplied by Slovakia.

Several Kalibr cruise missiles launched from Russian Navy warships struck the airport’s main hangar, where the air-defense system was hidden.

According to the Russian MoD, the pinpoint missile strike destroyed four S-300 TELs [transporter erector launchers] and killed 25 Ukrainian troops.

The satellite image released by BlackSky Technology shows a cloud of black smoke rising from a severely damaged hangar in Dnipro International Airport. The image corresponds with the information provided by the Russian MoD.

Slovakia shipped its only S-300PMU system along with 45 missiles to Ukraine early on in April in response to Kiev’s repeated appeals for air-defense systems.

The Russian military has already destroyed much of Ukraine’s air defenses. According to the Russian MoD’s most recent briefing, Ukraine has lost 244 short, medium and long-range air-defense systems since the beginning of the Russian special military operation.


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What A great display of Russian teck. LOL They were able to hit the two biggest buildings at the air port, and even spot planes, at the airport wow not much going on today?

Last edited 2 months ago by Clyde
hans raus

Yeah, it’s so boring I’m going to talk with myself again. 1000 ukros surrendered but otherwise nothing happened. Still I managed to spam 1000 stupid comments here. One comment for one ukro POW!







The Russian flag ship is sunk today also.


So much for cia brown tongued sodomite asio intel sexperve gai mongrel with its sausage doggy who tried in vain to deny that was be the case,but you know whats really funny is the other brown tongued sodomite wannabe wanks,who thought the bogus patriot system as the upgrade to s300s? To be fair to usa not all companies are into lies,trannys and gimps,maybe its time to rid cia/nazis?


The US treats everyone as a combatant in a conflict. Men, Women, Children it really doesn’t matter because the US seems to only kill folks 3000 mile from US territory. Russia is not treating the Citizens of Ukraine as combatants, the conflict is ZERO miles from Russian territory. Ultimately the Ukrainian people will still be living next to Russia. Russia’s approached to this conflict is much more humane and intelligent than what the US has displayed in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan for example. The US has a scorched earth approach to conflicts without regard for human life or ultimate success. After decade long wars the US failed in “for example” Syria, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. Signed A US VET.


the Russian military, unlike the Americans one, does not strike civil airplanes. What reason would Russia have?


Poor ol’ Ukrotard. Smashed in the name of projecting US power against Russia. Good times.


wait for it…………………………………..wait…………………………wait………..BOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

there goes Kyeva, in a flash


Russia’s military capabilities are clearly way superior to Ukraine’s, even with all the NATO weaponry they receive for free. Russia could destroy that whole country to ashes if they wanted to, even without using nukes. It’s just that they actually care about civilians.


Who said all arms are free?

Elensky himself said this. Weapons now and payment later.

Last edited 2 months ago by DSB88
Off to the German sweatshops again

Pay with what…..slave labor? That’ll be a shock to all the guys with the nazi tattoos.


S300 is a complex interconnected system, destroying its component parts makes it unusable. There are multiple truck mounted parts to the system – radar, communications data and fire control, and launcher. These all have to be in working order to be of use. Good job Russia, knock it out quickly. Those 45 Slovakian missiles are useless without the functioning infrastructure to successfully and accurately launch them.

Last edited 2 months ago by BabylonGardens
mein ukrainischer Kampf

Since when did the NATO sponsored troglodytes care about accuracy? All they know is how Hitler’s V2 rockets could hit somewhere in a 50 mile radius and that was good enough for them.


More ukrop copium hahaha.


Much ado about zilch. Nothing the AFU couldn’t do if it’d herded civilians inside first.


It’s just their proof that the delivery was destroyed. Nothing less or more.

Alcide gasperi

Usa and Eu from an italian point of view is as follow: we are ruled by a can of worms…


NATO will build a new military base at Pisa (on seventy hectares of ecological forest) using green economy budget :D

mein ukrainischer Kampf

Kind of sounds like JFK’s admission that ‘we are all toxic jellydonuts now’.

Aunt Polly

Italy have paid a hefty price already. Like the Bologna-massacre.

John Tosh

So the mother of all Sanctions was a dud. Fake sanctions. The world will no longer be afraid of Western sanctions now that we know how to survive it and even thrive.

Thank you Russia for telling us what to do to survive the strongest sanctions ever put in place in human history.

Edgar Cayce was right. “ Through Russia will come freedom”.

The strongest weapon the Western countries have had before now was the power to sanction a country to death. Russia just broke that.

Vladimir Putin - Leader of the Free World



Well said

mein ukrainischer Kampf

Ah, those sanctions from Hell. The Devil’s always in the details.


Not only that. US has sanctioned so many countries it has isolated isolated itself. They are still importing record amounts of Russian oil as no-one else is willing to do business with them to sell theirs. I think no-one saw this coming, I certainly did not. But that is a good sign, that the world is not falling in line like US had planned/wished for.


Better update dutto,you know hes not the sharpest tool in town all his team deny prided anzacs:


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Last edited 2 months ago by Patricia

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Nice work by the Russian military…tje Ukro-Nazis are losing shipments from the US vassal states, before they can even bring them into action. :D

mein ukrainischer Kampf

Just as well. They’re so fucked up by now, the rockets would probably end up landing in Warsaw or Sofia.

Last edited 2 months ago by mein ukrainischer Kampf

Why wasn’t this airport and aircraft destroyed too? Why let them continue receiving weapons deliveries


Why not? Let them waste their resources and efforts. It’s common strategy, to have fun with them like that. It keeps them busy and does people make believe they will achieve something.


I find it odd that Russia didn’t destroy the runway too. They have to stop the inward bound flights of military support weapons as well as any train supplies of these weapons.


I think they know best what to do. This way Russia is controlling the actions. When they destroy the runway, the west might shift to a more secure tactics. So far letting them use those facilities is apparently a better outcome for Russia’s army. You always have to think 3 moves ahead.


Sorry but the pic.twitter does nor excist.? A other fake news? But this is real https://t.me/c/1736151536/4935

Last edited 2 months ago by Johan
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