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MAY 2021

Satellite Images Show Damage At Israeli Missile Factory After Alleged Explosion

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Satellite Images Show Damage At Israeli Missile Factory After Alleged Explosion

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On April 25, Iranian sources shared new satellite images showing damage at an Israeli missile factory where a large explosion was reported earlier this week.

The factory, which is located in central Israel in proximity to a residential area, belongs to the Tomer defense company. The large company manufactures missiles for use the by the Israeli defense forces and other Israeli defense systems, including the Arrow interceptor.

Locals reported a large blast in the company on April 21. However, the company said that a test was taking place at the factory.

“This was a controlled test with no exceptional circumstances,” Tomer said in a statement.

The new satellite images show scorch marks near what appears to be a missile engine test pad in Tomer’s factory, that is known to be among the most sensitive military facilities in Israel.

Iranian sources, including defense journalist Hossein Dalirian who shared the images, alleged that the missile factory was the target of a sabotage act. According to the claims, the explosion was caused by an infiltrator.

These claims were completely dismissed by many defense experts, who noted that the scorch marks were simply the result of a routine missile engine test. This theory appears to be more realistic.

Earlier this month, a sabotage act orchestrated by the Israeli intelligence rocked Iran’s main uranium enrichment plant in Natanz. Tehran responded by enriching uranium up to 60%. Yet, some in Iran are still expecting a military or a covert response.


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  1. Graham Steinberg says:

    Interesting ! It was reported by others, the explosion was like a ‘mushroom cloud’.

    Is it possible this is ALSO a nuclear facility?

    Please enlighten me………

    1. ruca says:

      Any large bomb can create a mushroom cloud. It is caused by the intense heat drawing the surrounding dust into the air.

    2. farbat says:

      a nuclear bomb would cause an electro magnetic pulse so nobody could have filmed this since the pulse travels faster than the explosions expansion

      1. Lone Ranger says:

        Not all nuclear explosions will create an EMP.
        You need a rather big yield for that.
        Dirty bombs, neutron bombs, and sub 5kt nukes won’t create an EMP.

      2. tzatz says:

        STFU …

        1. LRcaptain says:

          no u

        2. Not a fan of Israel says:

          OMG….it was Pakistan getting involved. Fried Israeli with a serving of salad and garlic bread, anyone?

          1. Arch Bungle says:

            There’s enough garlic in the jew without needing to add more … *puke* …

          2. Not a fan of Israel says:


            “My Israeli’s been overcooked….I SAID Medium RARE!”

          3. tzatz says:

            Haven’t heard that one before … pulling sh Xt out of yer aXX ?

          4. Not a fan of Israel says:

            One thang about Zionists that always makes me laugh, your gullibility.

    3. Not a fan of Israel says:

      Anyone see any fried Israelis?

      1. Arch Bungle says:

        Only under a microscope …

        1. Not a fan of Israel says:

          I thought it was a Banksy but no,…..it was an ashen Israeli against a wall.

  2. Israel. End. 2022.

    1. LRcaptain says:

      state yes
      people no unless you got an asteroid

      1. Shia man says:

        Israel will end and as for the illegal occupiers and calibrators they will be kick out or killed and the decision doesn’t go back to the Palestinians even if the Palestinians were to want peace with Israel.

        1. LRcaptain says:

          “Israel will end and as for the illegal occupiers” yes like a said the State will end
          But Jewish people will live there no matter who ruling it.

          1. Shia man says:

            They got kicked out before and they will get kicked out again. History will repeat itself.

          2. LRcaptain says:

            well i guess that what happens when you can’t pay romans rent

          3. tzatz says:

            The Romans were the a Global Superpower … Israel’s enemies aren’t superpowers … except in their own imagination … eh?

          4. LRcaptain says:

            do i have start harassing you again?

          5. tzatz says:

            Again ? Whatever for … history not your thing?


          6. LRcaptain says:


          7. Not a fan of Israel says:

            I never stopped hassling Ker-Splatz. He got one thing right….

            his “The Future is about to land”.

          8. Bobby Twoshoes says:

            Because China isn’t a Global Superpower… eh?

          9. tzatz says:

            They’re Israel’s enemy?


          10. Bobby Twoshoes says:

            They’re helping Iran avoid your sanctions and they’re fighting your terrorists in Syria.


          11. tzatz says:


            Israeli sanctions and Israeli terrorists are fiction …


          12. Bobby Twoshoes says:

            I didn’t mean Israel when I said “you”.

            Israel is fiction anyway so of course calling literally anything “Israeli” is fiction. The correct term for that region is Palestine.


          13. tzatz says:

            “Call me any name you like
            I will never deny it
            Farewell Angelina
            The sky is erupting
            I must go where it’s quiet”

            Bob Dylan

          14. LRcaptain says:

            you could block me

          15. LRcaptain says:

            the future is about land

          16. Not a fan of Israel says:

            Everyone is Israel’s enemy, according to Israel.

          17. tzatz says:

            You’re sounding like an Iranian bot … an Israeli is behind everything … lol

          18. Not a fan of Israel says:

            What sort of twisted thnking processes do you have? Really strange ones, IMO.

          19. Not a fan of Israel says:

            Well, they THINK they are but are learning rapidly that there are other MAJOR stakeholders in the shadows that simply laugh at Israel.

          20. tzatz says:

            He who laughs LAST … laughs best

          21. Not a fan of Israel says:

            You won’t like the way THEY laugh, lemme tell ya.

          22. LRcaptain says:

            u e pp

          23. Bob says:

            Fact check: In ancient Mediterranean based world, Rome was a superpower, ranging from Mediterranean to North Sea, and quite capable of laying waste to its enemy Carthage on shores of continental north Africa. However, prior to this, Hellenic Greece was a Mediterranean superpower, running across Asia Minor all way to Alexandria (hence why so many ancient texts are in Greek), and, in that same era, from landlocked central Asia, there was another regional superpower, vying to expand its frontiers toward eastern Mediterranean – Persia. That is why Greece and Persia fought extensive, and hugely expensive, wars for decades, under successive leaderships, over control of the eastern Mediterranean.

          24. tzatz says:

            Wow … is that what they call an education in persia?

            The topic was 1st Century Judea … when the Judean Revolt occurred … the lands between the River and the Sea … hello?

            Seems the Jews didn’t like the OPPRESSION of their overlords, the Romans, and wanted to be free of them

            The Roman Occupation was resisted to the last man … and failed … the Jews were disbursed

            The miracle is … they’re back


          25. Bob says:

            You seem to have missed the point about the ancient world based around Mediterranean – Judea was tiny irrelevant backwater province – of no consequence to the main game of the ancient world. Greece, Persia, Rome were all major empires that, over time, battled for Mediterranean dominance. Next, indeed.

          26. tzatz says:

            I didn’t / don’t deny it … Judea was NEVER a major imperial power … hello?

            The Jews THEN and NOW just want to be left alone in their sovereign state … under their own leadership in an overwhelmingly Jewish State … hello?

            That’s the ONLY point

            BTW … the tiny backwater Judea had 2 MAJOR rebellions against the Roman occupation …

            BTW … the tiny backwater Judea is the source point of the 3 MONOTHEISTIC ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS WHICH STILL DOMINATE THE WORLD … the Holy Bible is the most read printed text ever … it’s origin? JEWISH


          27. Bob says:

            Blah, blah. The Romans were forced to build a massive fortified wall to keep the ever troublesome Scots out of their English possession – now, that is a truly rebellious and difficult ethnic tribe. As for the cultural/civilization legacies of the Mediterranean superpowers, Greece, Persia and Rome – seriously, where to even begin with that epic list…

            Note: you appear to need a lot of self-satiated ego-validation about your identity, do bear in mind, empty vessels make the loudest noises.

          28. tzatz says:

            Scots? The Scots?

            You’re comparing the Scots and to the rebellious Jews? C’mon Man … the Jews were right in the middle LITERALLY of the Empire … the Scots were at the Axx end of the Empire … seemed unworthy to conquer … lol

            My son spent a year in Dundee … I would have visited but he said it was unworthy … and I’m a golfer!!!

            Jews …

            without the Holy Bible … Western civilization is unthinkable


          29. LRcaptain says:

            next idot please/

          30. tzatz says:

            Look carefully in the mirror …

          31. LRcaptain says:

            i see you

          32. Not a fan of Israel says:

            Scots at one border, Jews occupied at another. Centre of Empire? You jest.

            Then the Mongols turned up.

          33. tzatz says:

            Mongols and Romans ?

            When did they meet? lol

            Stick to your own specialty …

            As for admiring the Mongols? They were destroyers … but great horsemen

          34. Not a fan of Israel says:

            Attila the Hun was a Mongol. They fought the Romans, Dummy.

          35. tzatz says:

            Dummy … you’re the dummy mongol

            And SHOUTING won’t get you a victory …. your expertise in your specialty is waning sluggo

          36. Not a fan of Israel says:

            Christianity and Islam arose precisely because of the corruption endemic in Judaism….and both were a lot more successful. Abraham wasn’t a Jew. Judaism didn’t exist at the time. I don’t see the fascination and obsession with him. A lot of the Torah is a fictional narrative account with SOME points of historical importance. There were developments in other places that had far more impact than what a bunch of Hebrews were doing.

          37. tzatz says:

            There is NO Christianity or Islam WITHOUT Judaism …

            BOTH … are refracted copies of Judaism

            What’s that saying about copying … ?

            A form of flattery? lol

            EXCEPT both Christianity and Islam are SUPERSESSIONIST RELIGIONS … the worst kind

          38. Not a fan of Israel says:

            Abraham wasn’t a Jew….probably wasn’t a Hebrew either.

          39. tzatz says:

            He was the father of Judaism … without Abram later Abraham there is no Judaism and consequently … no Christianity / no Islam

          40. tzatz says:

            ‘and both were a lot more successful’

            Christianity sought out the poor and the pagans … and making conversion easy

            Islam conquered by the sword and made converting easy … saving dhimmi annual dues … and being 2nd class subjects

            ‘Shvair tzu zayn a yid’ …. hello?

          41. Not a fan of Israel says:

            Judaism FAILED is the bottomline due to it’s embedded Corruption.

          42. tzatz says:

            Spoken like a muslim …

            Judaism is consequential … difficult … not frivolous … rules based

            Christianity said believe and you’ll be saved

            Islam was a ‘hack’ of Judaism but certainly less onerous besides those conquered had to submit or die …

            Judaism was at the time of the Romans … 10% of the population and growing …. paganism was in decline and ‘God Fearers’ joining synagogues


          43. Not a fan of Israel says:

            Not a miracle at all. Part of some greater End Times plan by forces much more powerful than Israel.

          44. tzatz says:

            I’m a non-believer / skeptic at most AND certainly no one is up there that gives a rat’s axx about going on here on Planet Earth

            END TIMES PLAN? lol

          45. Not a fan of Israel says:

            We’ll see.

          46. Not a fan of Israel says:

            Yep. And where was Israel in all of that? Insignificant is the best way to describe it. They are still dreaming of an Empire that will never happen.

          47. Not a fan of Israel says:

            Neither is Israel so what’s your point?

          48. Arch Bungle says:

            You get Masada’ed …

          49. Not a fan of Israel says:

            Didn’t the Jews start killing each other round that time as well?

          50. tzatz says:

            They’re sovereign today … they were ‘kicked out’ from Christian Countries where they were small minorities WITHOUT ANY POWER … hello?

          51. LRcaptain says:


          52. tzatz says:

            Can’t answer? Taking a ‘time out’? lol

          53. LRcaptain says:

            bing bing bong bong

          54. Not a fan of Israel says:

            WTF are you talking about? Didja drink something really cold fast and yer brain froze over?

          55. Arch Bungle says:

            There will be Jews after the Ashkenaz are expelled, just as there were Jews before Lord Balfour shipped them in:


          56. LRcaptain says:

            look what really pisses me off is the con artists that came the states ok
            they only been converted for 2 weeks then registered for a plot of land. then moved and started fucking shit up.

          57. Helen4Yemen says:

            No, the Yemeni nor Iraqi or Ethiopian or Iranian Jews have no
            more right to that land than the Ashkenazi. They too are invaders’
            who must get the hell away and where they go from there is their

          58. Helen4Yemen says:


            You must understand that there were no Jews in Palestine before Zionism or else you must tell me who were those, where did they come from since there is not one Palestinian Jew anywhere on earth.

          59. Helen4Yemen says:

            95% of the “Jewish people” are just as alien to that region
            as the Germans. What is the reason the aliens must live

          60. LRcaptain says:

            stop bothering me i mean you could not give an actual answer to last my reply so start again higher in the thread

            yet i have shown you a picture of Jews who clearly want the state Israel to be disbanded, that proves you wrong.
            you seem to want an answer but i give you answer that you don’t like you keep saying i want answer.

            i take you then think that Muslims are good people but what about ISIS then and Saudis, but if you say that no they are bad cause they betray the Palestinians to the Jews.

            So then by extension so, Jews in that very pic who want Israel dismantled then are good people.

          61. Helen4Yemen says:

            How did the Orthodox Jews enter Arab land?
            How many of them are there?
            Why are they there?
            If Palestine became independent and the Palestinians
            ask all foreigners to get out will the Orthodox Jews
            comply or fight back?

          62. LRcaptain says:


          63. LRcaptain says:

            stop bothering me

          64. LRcaptain says:

            you are the fuel that western companies use against SF

          65. LRcaptain says:

            the upvote for your crap are long gone

          66. LRcaptain says:

            stop replying to me

          67. LRcaptain says:

            you have no compassion for others

          68. Helen4Yemen says:

            Show your compassion and retrieve your own white Jews.
            They are your Jews and we have our Arab Jews.

          69. LRcaptain says:

            block me don’t care

          70. LRcaptain says:

            block me don’t care…

          71. LRcaptain says:

            block me don’t care…..

          72. LRcaptain says:

            block me don’t care……..

          73. LRcaptain says:

            block me don’t care………….

          74. LRcaptain says:

            narrow minded extremist

          75. Helen4Yemen says:

            The Algerians, the Yemenis, Egyptians, got rid of the alien
            invaders but you are saying we cannot get rid of the alien Jew?

          76. LRcaptain says:

            extremist racist …..

          77. LRcaptain says:

            extremist racist ……..

          78. LRcaptain says:

            extremist racist ……….

          79. LRcaptain says:

            extremist racist ………….

          80. LRcaptain says:

            extremist racist …………….

          81. LRcaptain says:

            extremist racist …..,,

          82. LRcaptain says:

            im not going to throw out 8,000,000 apples because 500,000 are bad

          83. Helen4Yemen says:

            The French, the British, the Belgian, the Italians were thrown
            out from occupied land, is the Ashkenazi not another European
            invader? We do not want him around, who are you tell us what
            we should do with alien squatters. We almost did get rid of them
            in 1973.

          84. LRcaptain says:

            shut up

          85. LRcaptain says:

            zip it

          86. LRcaptain says:

            go cry to some one else

          87. Helen4Yemen says:

            Neturei Karta’s Rabbi Meir Hirsh

            the Orthodox argument is based on a divine command to stay in
            the diaspora, while the secular Jewish ideas are based on
            humanitarian values.

            Me: DNA is here and DNA says Rabbi Meir Hirsh = 0% genetic
            link to the Arab region. He did not diaspora from our region
            but from his own in Europe. When we have the power, this silly
            rabbi will be grabbed and thrown back to Poland just like the
            Algerians removed the French. These white Jews must realize
            they are thoroughly a European people and must clear our of our

          88. LRcaptain says:

            .go cry to some one else

          89. LRcaptain says:

            .go cry to some one else …

          90. LRcaptain says:

            .go cry to some one else ……

          91. LRcaptain says:

            .go cry to some one else ……..

          92. Helen4Yemen says:

            SHOO – GO AWAY

          93. LRcaptain says:

            you will read my comments
            you will ready my replies
            you have no choice
            unless you block me

          94. LRcaptain says:


          95. LRcaptain says:


        2. tzatz says:

          Muslim Braggart …

          the Jews / Zionists / Israelis aren’t going anywhere … full stop

          1. Bobby Twoshoes says:

            Dead men don’t tend to go anywhere… Rest assured your corruption will eventually come to a full stop.

          2. tzatz says:


            Every Muslim State on Planet Earth is rife with corruption … hello?

            Baksheesh … is a Persian term


            You can’t make this stuff up … eh?


          3. Bobby Twoshoes says:

            What does any of that have to do with my comment?


          4. Not a fan of Israel says:

            Yeah, I wondered that too. Ker-Splatz is using the “Power of Chutzpah”…..trouble is the batteries have lost all charge.

          5. Not a fan of Israel says:

            …..but you’ll give it a go. You’ve lost the f**king plot, Ker-Splatz.

          6. tzatz says:

            ‘Still am alive and well’ … Johnny Winter

            the dying regime of the Mullahs is on life support … no oxygen tanks are being offered … the virus is relentless


            BTW …. Israel’s per capita GDP just rose to be in the TOP 20 WORLDWIDE … eh?

            + $43,000 USD per person

            More than Canada … I’m jealous

          7. Not a fan of Israel says:

            Ok, they can die there then.

      2. People, swimming to Poland, no need for an asteroid, just some guns

      3. Not a fan of Israel says:


        1. LRcaptain says:

          no asteroid only due those missile and rocket shelters not even a nuke won’t kill off the Israeli population.

          1. Not a fan of Israel says:

            So you’re saying they’re cockroaches?

    2. tzatz says:

      So … I got you down for 1 year

      1. It can go very fast, you haven’t seen anything yet

        1. tzatz says:

          Sure …. I’ll take your word Kenny … lol

          1. Don’t take my word, take Henry Kissinger’s word, he’s a known zionist, who said in 2012, in 10 years it’s over

          2. tzatz says:

            Why listen to Henry or for that matter Albert Einstein?

            The Jews / Zionists / Israelis are sovereign and they’re in charge of their own fate … eh?

            Israel joined in the Top 20 countries on Planet Earth – + $43,000 USD per capita

            It’ll be over in 10 years … but that’s Covid

        2. tzatz says:

          You’re right …


  3. LRcaptain says:

    All I know is that some one on Israeli side fucked up big time.

      1. Arch Bungle says:

        You’re pathetic. You used to lie better than this.

      2. LRcaptain says:


      3. LRcaptain says:


      4. Not a fan of Israel says:

        Sabotage. Goodness, two can play at that game, apparently.

    1. Not a fan of Israel says:

      I don’t think they’ve got their ‘story’ straight yet.

      1. LRcaptain says:

        there is one woman who Israel as a state owes their existence to. But guess what let her die in poverty. If this woman made a different choice the roles of Jews and Arabs would be reversed.

        1. Helen4Yemen says:

          95% of world Jewry are the Ashkenazi who were totally
          unknown to the Arabs. Go ahead and tell me where the
          Arabs even know the European Jews from?

          1. LRcaptain says:

            stop asking for a answer im not going to agree with you
            im not going to share your opinion
            stop pushing DNA stuff

            look for some one else to tell you what you want to hear.

          2. Helen4Yemen says:

            How are the Ashkenazi who are 100% European
            related to the Arabs or to the Middle East region?

          3. LRcaptain says:

            stop it extremist

          4. LRcaptain says:

            no im telling you stop

          5. LRcaptain says:

            stop talking to me

          6. LRcaptain says:

            im getting in really sick of it

          7. LRcaptain says:

            you are pushing people away from SF

          8. LRcaptain says:

            you are plan racist

          9. LRcaptain says:

            stop harassing me

          10. LRcaptain says:

            you only see one side of the coin

          11. Helen4Yemen says:

            You are not disputing that the Ashkenazi = 100% European = 100 alien
            to the Arab region. Go ahead and tell me how you think he belongs
            in a region and according to Pew Research, he is hated by 98% of
            the people of the region?

          12. LRcaptain says:

            i don’t care ….

          13. LRcaptain says:

            i don’t care ….,,

          14. LRcaptain says:

            i don’t care ….,,,,,/

          15. LRcaptain says:

            i don’t care ….,,./,.,.

          16. LRcaptain says:

            ,i don’t care ….

          17. LRcaptain says:

            learn to look at other stories not just your own

          18. LRcaptain says:

            what ever info you are trying to support not be noticed

          19. Helen4Yemen says:

            You do not seem to understand: the Ashkenazi said he was
            returning home to his ancestral land, did he not? But he has
            0% genetic link to the region according to his own DNA. His
            ancestral lands are Ukraine, Poland…

          20. LRcaptain says:

            no i don’t care

          21. LRcaptain says:

            i don’t care

          22. LRcaptain says:

            stop it

          23. Helen4Yemen says:

            Herz wrote on July 26, 1896:

            The Sultan could ceremoniously invite the Jews to return to
            their historic homeland.

            How do total aliens
            “return” to the Arab region?

          24. LRcaptain says:

            don’t care..

          25. Helen4Yemen says:

            You should care, they are your Jews but we
            do not even know who these folks are, totally
            alien to us. If you love them, invite them to
            return home and away from the Arab region.

          26. LRcaptain says:

            I don’t care block me

          27. Free man says:


          28. LRcaptain says:

            I don’t care block me…

          29. LRcaptain says:

            I don’t care block me……

          30. LRcaptain says:

            I don’t care block me……..

          31. LRcaptain says:

            …I don’t care block me……

          32. Not a fan of Israel says:

            It’s ok, Helen. Just sit back and watch.

          33. LRcaptain says:

            don’t care.. …

          34. LRcaptain says:

            don’t care.. ….

          35. LRcaptain says:

            don’t care… go bother some one else

          36. LRcaptain says:

            don’t care …..

          37. LRcaptain says:

            don’t care.. ….

          38. LRcaptain says:

            go worship hamas

        2. Not a fan of Israel says:

          Zionists (Judenrats) rounded up their OWN people for the Germans then helped the Germans ~manage~ them in the camps (Kapos).

          1. LRcaptain says:

            oh no im talking about a clerk who had file the death of two British soldiers as road side accident. You the Jewish settlers were preparing to rebel against the British mandate if it was extended for two more years.

            These two soldier stumbled upon a Jewish ammo factory hidden under a laundry mat.

            if that secretary went public about it, the British would have had to extend their mandate and upon discovery of more of the ammo plants the Jewish settler would have started their war early and against the British forces who would levy heavy Arabs troops from region.

            how history can come down to actions of minor individuals was is beyond me.

          2. Not a fan of Israel says:

            Very interesting. Thanks for that.

            As I understand it, the Zionists seized military equipment left behind by the Brits when they suddenly left Palestine. Without those assets Israel may have still been a pipedream today. They began STEALING from the get go and have never stopped.

            The Zionists are about to get their comeuppance…..and it can’t happen soon enough. Muderous f**king savages that they are.

            ps. I am waiting for the Brit whistleblower who goes public over the Mossad op that caused the Lockerbie disaster. Scotland Yard has the details under lock and key.

            pps. …and the Mossad role in the Berlin disco bombing.

            Come on Putin, give your Mossad moles the GREEN LIGHT FFS.

          3. LRcaptain says:

            not really
            very limited equipment left when the mandate ended.
            what won the Israelis the first war was that they already had ammo plants and DIY armored vehicles and a few workshops already, they even had grenades

            despite only 20% of settlers mostly and American and British Jews wanted to rebel. The rest at that point would have had throw their a lot as once the British started dragging away settlers who suspected being part of rebellion.

            buy hey there is good change that Israel might up the Golan in next war.

          4. Not a fan of Israel says:

            Lose the Golan? Yep. And a lot more before it’s over. The war has begun. The Yanks can’t get involved without the Russians and Chinese coming in as well. We may see a Chinese fleet in the Persian Gulf before long.

          5. LRcaptain says:

            this is how i see the next war going down.
            IDF push into southern Lebanon hammer style losses be dammed. Hezbollah slowly retreating more so along Syrian boarder. Hezbollah is like sponge and are designed to bleed the IDF dry on a 1 to 3 basis. so 65,000 please 15,000 reserves were looking at 240,000 IDF losses worst case.

            the second phase would start by Syria joining and attacking the IDF positions along the Lebanon boarder. with Iranian backed forced getting ready to storm the Golan. now picture that losses to the IDF in that scenario.

            in comes Russia handling Israel a life line. They could get Syria to drop it’s support for operation against the IDF in exchange for Golan heights. The IDF would then be pushed back out of southern Lebanon since they be reduced to 3rd and 4th line troops.

          6. Not a fan of Israel says:

            None of that is necaessary. Iran can bomb anything in Israel with pinpoint accuracy FROM Iran.

  4. Arch Bungle says:

    ‘Tis but a scratch …


      1. Arch Bungle says:

        Where is this previously unpublished interview, pray tell?

        1. Not a fan of Israel says:

          Mossad HQ, apparently.

  5. Rhodium 10 says:

    Even if it was an infiltrator o a long range drone attack..Israel will never say the truth…therefore its an accident…

    1. Not a fan of Israel says:

      ….an accident? Why did they need to RETALIATE and hit Syrian positions?

      Sounds to me like there were more than 2 missiles involved. One hits Tomer, one frightens Dimona so she needs to lift her skirts to let tha sucker through….and Israelis saying there were multiple explosions in various directions.

  6. James says:

    They wanted to blame Iran so much that they bombed themselves. Good work Israel!

    1. Not a fan of Israel says:

      That IS a distinct possibility. Iran can kick back and watch Israel bomb itself. Wouldn’t be the first time they’ve bombed themselves.

  7. Roy Sonman says:

    Don’t worry, real or another Urban Moving Systems action, the Jews will tell us who they require we know did it and the US and European Tyrannies will set off to bomb the so blamed’s wedding parties and schools.

    1. Not a fan of Israel says:

      Why is that facility in an urbanarea? Human shields?

      1. Arch Bungle says:

        There are no urban areas in Occupied Palestine – all is occupied land.

        1. Not a fan of Israel says:

          Yes. Point taken.

          I don’t know what the Russians do but I always thought the US had it’s rocket engine testing facilities as far from habitation as possible,….in the event of an accident or misfire.

          In the case of Tomer, that was no misfire, that facility got hit by a precision missile…..a missile that was likely FASTER than any “state of the fart” Israeli missile defense systems.

  8. tzatz says:

    Iranians reaching for ANY sign that they can DEFLECT from their SHAME and EMBARRASSMENT at being ZINGED time after time by the Mossad INCLUDING the Iranian Oil tanker with holes in it and 3 DEAD IRGC off Syria …


    1. Not a fan of Israel says:

      …or the Mossad safe house in N. Iraq where 10 Mossad operatives lost their lives?

      Mossad claims to have done stuff they didn’t even know was about to happen. No other Intelligence Agency is quite as stupid as Mossad.

      1. Arch Bungle says:

        The CIA takes the crown for stupidity.

        1. Not a fan of Israel says:

          I dunno. Have you read Ostrovsky’s work?

      2. tzatz says:

        Iranian talking head … filled with dreams of glory

        Seems all Iran gets are slaps across the face … Shame / Humiliation

        The Whole World is Watching … lol

        1. Not a fan of Israel says:

          Israel’s getting slapped about quite a bit at present. LOL. What a bunch of losers.

  9. chris chuba says:

    Accidents like this at a nuclear facility that only makes weapons as Israel does not have any nuclear power, is a bad sign. It means they are developing new weapons, likely tactical nukes for use against Lebanon, Syria, and Iran.
    You cannot make new weapons without having accidents, there is an old saying, you get covered in flour if you work in a bakery. No one should laugh at these type of accidents. The orcs in Mordor are busy preparing for war.
    All of the accidents in Iran are for conventional weapons or for space launches that are open to inspection and the U.S. carries on as if there is something sinister about it, but an Israeli accident at a secret nuclear facility for a country w/no nuclear power? Eh … no biggie.

    1. tzatz says:

      ‘Secret Nuclear Facility?

      That’s one I haven’t heard … eh? lol

    2. Arch Bungle says:

      Conversely, the accidents one sees in Iran are an indication that they’re working on deadly weapons too. That offsets these troubling signs …

      1. Not a fan of Israel says:

        I disagree. Nuclear technology, even for peaceful purposes, is dangerous stuff.

  10. MH370 Atok The Deceiver says:

    iranian source always lying

    1. Not a fan of Israel says:

      Give examples please.

    2. Arch Bungle says:

      Hi Atok The Deceiver.

      Your name befits you.

    3. Not a fan of Israel says:

      Have you been taking those Qanon pills again?

  11. Cheryl Brandon says:

    Over 200 doctors call for global vitamin D distribution because it inexpensively reduces covid infections, hospitalizations and deaths
    Over two hundred doctors and scientists have come together in support of worldwide distribution of vitamin D to help treat…www.naturalnews.com

  12. Assad must stay says:


  13. Helen4Yemen says:

    White people: the Ashkenazi are your Jews and we have our
    Arab Jews. We do not like being burdened with your Jews.
    Please do us a favor and take back your Jews that you
    dumped on our soil. Thank you.

  14. Helen4Yemen says:

    Washington, October 2, 1963
    From President Kennedy
    To Prime Minister Eshkol

    The attitude of the United States to the creation of Israel
    has always been one of sympathy and understanding for
    your aspiration to re-establish your ancient homeland. Our
    policies have given concrete proof of our determination to
    see a prosperous Israel securely established in the Near
    East and accepted by her immediate neighbors. We shall
    continue this policy.(JFK)

    Re-establish and “ancient-homeland” are what the Jews
    claim as having a right to invade and occupy Arab land but
    why Kennedy could not look at them and figure out that
    the European Jews were just as European as he was and
    completely alien to the Middle East region is hard for me to
    understand. Today thanks to DNA, what we always believed
    has been confirmed to be true that the Ashkenazi are no
    Israelite but a European people. What now? Should they not
    just apologize and just get out of Arab land?

  15. Not a fan of Israel says:

    That’s a pretty massive explosion. I guess Iran replied to the sabotage at Natanz fairly quickly. Certainly looks that way.

  16. Not a fan of Israel says:

    The most interesting piece of information in this article is that Iran has satellites monitoring Israel from on high.

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