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Satellite Images Show Aftermath Of Houthi Drone Attack On Saudi Shaybah Oil Field

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On August 18, Israeli defense observer Observer IL released new satellite images revealing the aftermath of the recent Houthi drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s Shaybah oil field.

The photos reveal that the Houthi attack sparked two large fires inside the oil field. Both fires were apparently put down by Saudi firefighters within 24 hours.

Saudi Aramco, which operates Shaybah, had acknowledged that the Houthi attack caused a fire in one of the field’s gas plants. The company also stressed that there were no injuries and no interruptions to oil operations.

The Houthis claimed that ten suicide unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) carried out the attack. However, Saudi Arabia said that only three drones were involved in the strike.

Shaybah, which is located in southeastern Saudi Arabia, is one of the Kingdom’s biggest oil fields. The field produces up to 1,000,000 barrels per day.

The attack on Shaybah oil field was a major blow to Saudi Arabia, despite the limited damage it caused. The attack proved, yet again, that the Houthis are capable of reaching sensitive targets deep inside the oil-rich Kingdom.

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Next time send 30 drones.


300 drones each equiped with high explosive!

Icarus Tanović

And Napalm!

Icarus Tanović

Well combined Napalm and explosive in the same warhead. I think this sounds rather fine.

Icarus Tanović

More like 300.

Ibrahim Ayyash

Bummer next time send 20 drone and Borkan-3 missile just for safety measures to make sure u do as much damage as possible

northerntruthseeker .

Bravo to the brave Houthi fighters!!

It does make you wonder what the psychos in Saudi Arabia will do now? Retaliation for years of butchering and murdering innocent civilians can be a real bitch!

Zionism = EVIL

This was just an appetizer and if the Saudi scum don’t leave Yemen ASAP and pay war reparations, they will be hit harder.


If sandal wearing Houthis can do this, what can Iran do if Saudi Arabia challenges? Timely reminder.

chris chuba

I bet the cost of the fire + air defense is much higher than the cost of 10 drones. That was a very long range attack so how many other oil facilities do the Saudis now have to worry about. This is the only way to end the siege of Yemen.

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