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Satellite Images: S-400 Position Near Dzhankoi Airbase In Russia’s Crimea


On March 10, Israel’s ImageSat International released fresh satellite images showing an S-400 position near Dzhankoi Airbase in the Russian Republic of Crimea. The images show several auxiliary components and launchers. A part of launches and auxiliary components as well as two radars have left the area in comparison with the previous images. Without these radars, the S-400 in Dzhankoi Aibase is not operational.

ImageSat International claims that there are three possible main reasons of this development:

  • training;
  • redeployment;
  • maintenance.

According to other sources, most likely, S-400 crews are passing another round of exercises in the nearby area. Over the past few months, the Russian media reported multiple local drills and excersises conducted by various branches of the Russian military.

Satellite Images: S-400 Position Near Dzhankoi Airbase In Russia's Crimea

Click to see the full-size image

Satellite Images: S-400 Position Near Dzhankoi Airbase In Russia's Crimea

Click to see the full-size image

The S-400 position near Dzhankoi in December 2018:

Satellite Images: S-400 Position Near Dzhankoi Airbase In Russia's Crimea

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  • World_Eye

    How in the God’s name the Zionists SPY Russia.
    I mean does this mean, even the Americans and everyone with Spy Satellite in Orbit can Spy on everyone, I thought that Russia has some counter threat about this stuff. Some missile or some radars that can detect Spy sat’s I know that the Chinese Have some sort of countering Spy satellites.
    Can anyone explain to me to what level can these Zionists Spy Russians, I mean how deep in their territory and do the Russians have some Anti-Satellite Missiles to counter these Spy Satellites.

    • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

      If i remember correct, lower orbit and outwards, is not considered national territory, therefore Russian territory have not been breach.

      Nothing prevents Russia for doing the same to Israel and the US.

      Shooting down the satellites would be a very stupid move; an direct act of war.
      Even jamming them, would according to many countries, be considered an act of war.
      The problem with sattelites is that they often have a predictable path, therefore you can often tell when sattelites will appear in the sky above you.

      • World_Eye

        But still Its an act of Spying, i mean you have the right to defend yourself from such surveillance technology, and why would Shooting down a Spy SAT will be considered as Act of war, I mean they spy on you right? Same with the U2 planes spying is act of war, of entering airspace but, still I don’t think the Russians or the Americans don’t want to be on life feed Satellite and to be shown their air-defense etc. I mean even if Russia shoot down this satellite, what was Israel doing there and Spying, right? Spy satellites are always in very low orbit 250 km from sea level. You don’t add satellite on 10000 km and spy from that high. Lower the better image you get!

        • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

          The sattelites are not inside Russian airspace, thats the important part here, and yes its spying, but they agreed that that kind of spying is allowed, so theres nothing Russia can do about it, besides doing the exact same thing to NATO and Israel, and they are.

          If i remember correct, national airspace goes up to 30km, so U-2 and SR-71 breached Soviet/Russian airspace, therefore both partys agreed that Russia have the right to shoot them down if they want (Gary francis powers incident).

          Like RADINT/SIGINT/ELINT, you can do that from the safety of your own airspace, reaching deep into enemy airspace, but as long as you dont physicaly breach the enemys airspace, theres nothing they can do about it.

          All countrys have realized that the gain by allowing that/you can do it too, is greater than denying it/you cant do it.

          • World_Eye

            So in all the winner will be who can mask its tech better and track the satellite patterns when it comes overhead and protect (camouflage) important stuff? Am I right ? Or!

          • Ronald

            On that (camouflage), you are right. And this article is a very dangerous exposition especially with its yellow labels.
            My guess is it has key disinformation embedded, otherwise everything except the radar should be covered for protection.

          • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

            It very well could be like that.
            Or, Russia have calculated that the impact of “revealing” their placement, gives a bigger punch that trying to cover them up?

          • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

            That is pretty spot on, yes.

    • Barba_Papa

      Spy satellites are as old as the space age. The US started to use spy satellites in the early 1960’s, which is why they stopped using spy planes like the U2 to fly over the USSR. Yes, back then they actually did breach Russian airspace. Until the USSR shot one down and captured its pilot.

      On the plus side, spy planes and spy satellites do have some advantages as they provide countries with intelligence that can counteract hysteria. The data from these planes and satellites allowed presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy to take a more relaxed stance on the USSR and Cuba as opposed to their hysterical generals who were demanding WW3 to be fought over the slightest perceived soviet threats. Different times I guess and I wish we had some of that backbone in the White House today.

      • verner

        and the u2 pilot, powers actually had a dollar coin filled with cyanide with a needle he was supposed to release and push into his body. he didnt do so.

    • gustavo

      Exactly, everyone with an Spy Satellite in orbit can spy on everyone, but the best and more sophisticate spy satellites are from Russia, USA and China. They can see anything, anywhere, anytime.

    • Alberto Garza

      russian spy sats criss cross across th eunited state this is nothing now

  • goingbrokes

    Interesting. Why would Russia relocate the unit and some of the components? The article’s (ImageSat) conclusion is of course laughable. Training, relocation or maintenance – unit is not operational – this is bollocks.
    Russia is 100% aware of all satellite surveillance on their territories and has developed multiple strategies of dealing with that. My guess is that they are signalling via the satellites, that they are ready and completely capable of concealing these important assets from view. It’s like a warning – “You think you can take out our assets because you know where they are. Think again!” In other words, the units are completely operational, but the difference is now that these israeli spy satellites can’t track their movements anymore. Lol.
    It is the currrent cold war, and there will be lots of cat and mouse games now.