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Satellite Images, Russian MoD Confirm Israel Struck Damascus Airport

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Satellite Images, Russian MoD Confirm Israel Struck Damascus Airport

FILE PHOTO An Israeli F-16 fighter jet © Amir Cohen / Reuters

New satellite images and information revealed by the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that the target of the December 16 Israeli airstrikes on Syria was Damascus International Airport.

Capella Space shared an image of the airport taken by a SAR [synthetic-aperture radar] satellite on December 17. The high quality image shows three impacts 600 meters apart on the airport’s southern runway.

On the same day, Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit, deputy head of the Russian Center for the Reconciliation in Syria, revealed that the the Israeli airstrikes damaged a warehouse in Damascus International Airport.

“On December 16, from 1:51 to 1:59, four Israeli Air Force F-16 tactical fighters from the airspace over the Golan Heights struck with eight cruise missiles at targets near the Damascus International Airport,” the officer said at a briefing.

Kulit added that the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces destroyed seven of the eight missiles fired by Israeli fighter jets using Pantsir-S systems.

Satellite Images, Russian MoD Confirm Israel Struck Damascus Airport

Click to see full-size image.

This was the second Israeli attack on Syria in December. The first attack, which took place on December 7, targeted the Port of Lattakia.

Damascus International Airport was not likely the only target of the December 16 Israeli airstrikes on Syria. The airstrikes claimed the life of a Syrian service member, identified as Private Laith Youssef al-Barmawi, who was serving in the southern governorate of al-Suwayda, dozens of kilometers away from the airport.


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Iron zion your missiles are being intercepted, but you guys won’t intercept Hezbollah missiles hahahahhaha


Keep believing what’s written here, that 7 out of 8 missiles were intercepted. Can one missile hit 3 impacts at the runaway? you tell me.

And I told you yesterday Jnoub, shoot your rockets into Israeli civilian centers if you dare. Just don’t cry over non-proportional response by the IDF. We are more than ready to enter a war at any given moment against Hezbollah and the Lebanese state, you can thank our hero Kochavi.


Tel Aviv airport should be hit with a ballistic missile,see how you bastards like that.


Don’t get too annoyed, Israel will not exist in another 5 years….the child murdering “most moral army” will be skulking in some other corner of the world!


More than ready? Search up how your IDF troops started crying during the May conflict with HAMAS, not Hezbollah, Hamas isn’t even a 1% of what Hezbollah capable of doing, and your troops are crying.


Started crying? after 3 days Hamas begged Egypt for a ceasefire. Go read about it.


Oh yeah started crying LMAOOOOOOO https://youtu.be/mR-t1OjFITg And here’s your sugar daddies crying https://youtu.be/lScQMpMFIaU

Last edited 1 year ago by Jnoub

The joos are socially distant from the thruth.

Lone Ranger

One missile can make three craters if it uses a special cluster ammo warhead. Fact is you have around a 5% hit rate Aside from that whats the point? You really think these limited strikes do anything? They are warning shots at best. Waste of ammo and fuel.


I cannot wait for the forces of good to destroy you evil lowlife scum.

Chris Gr

Bet on foreign support on Hezbollah. They can’t do it alone.


Yes they can. Hezbollah has the missile arsenal to support an invasion, the experience and the motivation. But Hezbollah won’t do it alone, no war is fought alone now, everyone has someone to help them

Chris Gr

No. Hezbollah is supported by Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Algeria and Yemen at least.


During the invasion, I can see that. But a war like 2006 where Hezbollah doesn’t invade, turkey won’t really help.

Chris Gr

I don’t know. But Hezbollah alone cannot match Israel.


Yes they can lol. Hezbollah can wipe out their military bases and airports, and that will tremendously slow down their airforce. Their well experienced soldiers will invade through the north with missiles protecting them. Their missiles will slow down reserves and support for the IDF in the north

Chris Gr

Hezbollah doesn’t have navy and airforce.

La Rata

Not equipment from Iran Hit … another failed attack from Israel …


Syrians and Iranians have no chance against Israel – the IDF is hunting them down like rabbits lmao


Terrorists gonna terrorize

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