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Satellite Images Reveal Large-Scale Infrastructure Expansion At Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Facility

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Satellite Images Reveal Large-Scale Infrastructure Expansion At Israel's Dimona Nuclear Facility

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Satellite images show the significant expansion of infrastructure at Israel’s highly-secretive Dimona nuclear facility in the Negev Desert.

The International Panel on Fissile Material (IPFM) claimed on February 18 that that “significant new construction” had been underway at the Dimona complex. The detected construction is located “in the immediate vicinity of the buildings that house the nuclear reactor and the reprocessing plant,” the report said.

The report said the construction had “expanded and appears to be actively underway with multiple construction vehicles present.”

However, that the purpose was not known. Iranian sources specualte that the Dimona facility is linked to Israeli nuclear weapon program.


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Hasbara Hunter

GoOD! The Bigger the BooOOM!!!

johnny rotten

It is said that Jews are intelligent people, yet the universally recognized bases of intelligence are unknown to Jews, they never know when to stop, as bigoted and self-styled elected people they think that the context is never meaningful, but this is the reasoning of the madman and inexorably leads to destruction, well they will be able to understand it in the near future, but only if they are able to learn the lesson and survive, changing mentality, otherwise and how it is more likely it will be the last and definitive lesson for them , history is a teacher who does not give repetitions to presumptuous and inattentive schoolchildren.


stupid yep. fail to see what is good for them and thus they’ve sowed the seed of their own early destruction. and that early destruction ain’t a minute too soon.


Frankly, more and bigger targets for Hezbollah precision missiles.

Great Khan

hahahahha Hezbollah brother make kishmish mamtu Dimona………

James R

“Iranian sources specualte that the Dimona facility is linked to Israeli nuclear weapon program.”

What a joke. What is this website? It is a long established fact exposed by the whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu in the mid 1980s that nuclear weapons were constructed at Dimona, he photographed a laboratory model and the production model of a nuclear weapons core there.

I used to respect and enjoy this site, increasingly it is not worthy of my time nor respect. Previously I even donated money a couple of times, the idea that we are expected to fund this mediocre trash is beyond hilarious.

Just Me

Why single out SF? this Zionist expansion of Dimona is reported in most independent global media from RT to Press TV. So what seems to be upsetting you? It also shows the hypocrisy of the west who pick on Iran but let the Zionists commit every sort of crime.

Fog of War

I assume its this insane statement :

“Iranian sources specualte that the Dimona facility is linked to Israeli nuclear weapon program.”


So what sites are better ?


so just fuck off then – won’t be missed.

Arch Bungle

Nice. The bigger the target, the better.

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