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Satellite Images Reveal Impact Of Airstrikes On Turkish-Operated Al-Watiya Air Base In Libya

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New satellite images have revealed some of the damaged caused by the July 5 airstrikes on al-Watiya Air Base in western Libya.

The images, which were shared by Twitter user Gerjon on April 12, confirm that the southwestern section of the air base were hit by multiple strikes. A Turkish MIM-23 Hawk medium-range air-defense system was deployed in this section as well as in the southeastern section. The images didn’t cover that part of the base, however.

The Libyan National Army (LNA) claimed responsibility for the airstrikes, which destroyed the Hawk system as well as a KORAL electronic warfare system.

Activists supporting the Government of National Accord (GNA) denied that the LNA was behind the pinpoint airstrikes. They claimed that the airstrikes were carried out by Mirage 2000-9 warplanes of the UAE Air Force. According to the activists’ claims, the warplanes took off from Egypt’s Sidi Barrani Air Base.

Recent reports revealed that Turkey is now once again deployeding military equipment, likely a new air-defense system, in al-Watiya.

Turkey is reportedly planning to turn al-Watiya Air Base, which was captured by GNA forces in May, into a permanent base for its troops in Libya. The airstrikes delayed Ankara’s plans, but didn’t end them.


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Rhodium 10

UAE mirage dont have enough range from Egipt to west Libya loaded of weapons and fuel beside Martel antiradar missile are not long range!…the airstrike surely was carried out by SU 24/Mig 29SMT armed with KH-31 kripton long range(120km) antiradar missiles. this explain why these planes have been deployed in Libya.


What if the Mirage was actually not coming from Egypt and not belonging to UAE?


Hmmm….-9 or -5??


9 :)


I hear that the Turks now delivered a new antiaircraft system in Libya that is equipped with automatic switch on mechanism!! And it can also be used against aircraft not just loose camels in the desert! I also hear that Erdogogoun asked his super military chiefs to tell their enemies to start using very loud bells on their planes so his equipment operators can hear them coming so they can wake up, this way they will not embarrass the mighty Turkish army again!


It’s not a huge blow, even the Russian airbase from Syria was hit with drones few years ago.

alejandro casalegno

5……from the south…………

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Scalp EG (UAE export variant ‘Black Shaheen’) has a range over 560km.


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Rhodium 10

Hawk missile can shot down Scalp while KORAL EWS jam GPS signal…they have used long range antiradar missile KH 31 which have inertial Guiadance and near the target the missile active a radar seeker.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Very much doubt it.


Providing that the Hawk Missile is Switched on first, and that the operator is not a reject of the military school that promoted to a general cos he is a supporter of the Erdogogoun family!

alejandro casalegno

Air refueling???………..east of Sirte is a safe place for tankers.

Brother Ma

I said they were Greek which I believe fits the range. Some now say it was not by aircraft but simply missiles from a sub.

Given noone really knows for sure what type of aircraft they were ,then this missile theory may have some merit.


So basically, both sides are losers. This will stay on for another 10 years.


Arabs will cook turkey :)

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