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JUNE 2023

Satellite Images Reveal Another Target Of Recent Israeli Strikes On Syria

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Satellite Images Reveal Another Target Of Recent Israeli Strikes On Syria

Illustrative photo of an Israeli F-15 Eagle fighter jet (Edi Israel/Flash90/File)

Newly-released satellite images have revealed another target that was hit during the November 8 Israeli strikes on Syria.

The target is an air-defense base of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) located in the southern outskirts of the city of Homs in Syria’s central region. The Israeli strikes didn’t hit the base’s inoperative S-75 Dvina air-defense system, rather a recently built underground hangar.

The first identified target of the Israeli strikes was a logistic support facility of the SAA located to the south of the city of Tartus on the Syrian coast.

The two positions appear to be the only targets of the Israeli strikes. A Syrian military source told the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency after the attack that positions in the coastal and central regions were struck.

According to the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, the strikes were carried out by six F-15 fighter jets of the Israeli Air Force. The fighter jets fired eight stand-off missiles from Lebanon’s airspace. Syrian air-defenses intercepted six of them.

Despite sustaining some material losses in the Israeli strikes, the SAA didn’t report any fatalities. Only two service members were wounded.

The November 8 strikes were a part of Israel’s “War-Between-Wars” military campaign, which is meant to push Iran and its allies out of Syria as well as to prevent them from developing their offensive capabilities.


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