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Satellite Images: Recent Israeli Strikes On Syria Hit Compound In Eastern Aleppo

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Satellite Images: Recent Israeli Strikes On Syria Hit Compound In Eastern Aleppo

FILE PHOTO An Israeli F-16 fighter jet © Amir Cohen / Reuters

One of the targets of the July 19 Israeli strikes on Syria was a compound located in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.

On July 21, the Aurora Intel Twitter account shared new satellite images showing heavy damage at the compound that’s located a few kilometers to the east of Aleppo International Airport. The exact nature of the compound is yet to be revealed.

According to the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, the strikes were carried out by four F-16 fighter jets of the Israeli Air Force. The fighter jets penetrated Syria’s airspace over al-Tanf, which is occupied by US forces.

From there, the Israeli fighter jets launched eight munitions. Seven of the munitions were intercepted by Pantsir-S and Buk-M2 systems of the Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces.

The main target of the strikes was reportedly the al-Safirah defense factories in the southern Aleppo countryside. The complex, where Syria stored some of its chemical weapons before the 2013 deal, is now developing and producing conventional weapons and ammunition for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Syrian sources revealed that the last Israeli strikes claimed the lives of a SAA service member and two pro-government fighters.

Israel has been waging a military campaign on Syria in an attempt to prevent what it calls “Iranian entrenchment” for nearly ten years now. Nothing has been achieved, so far.


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Arch Bungle

Another few million dollars pissed away on inflatable targets and Iranian decoys (tents with gas heaters inside).

The Jews grow dumber by the day.

Rhodium 10

Another failed attack..7 misiles of 8 intercepted and damage in a warehose which cost 100 times less that one Delilah cruise missile…..by the way when Palestinians launched 10 heavy rockets vs Tel aviv..2 of them hit the city..despite all air defense deployed ( Iron Dome, Patriot, David Sling, Arrow)…

ALDO Korsar

Belief and opinion matters.

But tin foil hat and denial doesn’t stand any ground!

La Rata

Another failed attack by israel…

ALDO Korsar

Despite all these air strikes, it doesn’t prevent SAA’s and Russian onslaughts does it? IRGC entrenchment stays as long as Assad and Afghan Shia militia stays.

PGMs seems to hit their targets. But it remains to be answer as to what type of targets are getting hit! I would say mostly duds and decoys. Along with mid air interceptions, much of these attacks are so blunt, that israel uses them as optics rather than something effective.


shit russian air defense systems again. even syria was complaining that the s300 and pantsir is useless, but we already knew that from Armenia, Libya and Syria

Israeli Diaper Force

Syria needs to work more closely with the hardline Iranian government of Raisi and develop a localized air defence as Russia is in league with Zionists and will not permit the use of Russian SAMS to shoot down the ZIonist diaper force. Iran needs to test its domestic SAM systems in Syria.


Safira is a very important place. It had been long under siege and was supplied even by airdrops. It’s not just a weapons factory but a training ground and crucial for the Syrian airforce (at least, when they still had one).

Israeli Diaper Force,

Seems more of a PR stunt as no real visible damage. However, Syria needs to use the S-300 over Lebanese airspace from where these cowardly strikes are coming from.


Ok kids, calm down. Of course the aggressor knew exactly where to go, but the attack was only partly successful. It would have been a real failure if the planes would have been shot down. Now, that should, at least in principle, be possible, but it would require the Russian air force to attack the Israeli fighters with sufficient force. And that’s something Russia is not interested in at all. They will never attack their dearling Zios if only Syrian lifes and assets are at stake. Why, thy didn’t do anything even when their own forces were attacked!


I thought this facilities already hit multiple times in the past and now got hit again and still works again in somedays later, seems those fake semites cant do anything beside bombing woman and children when the target they bomb always survive multiple times

Ashok Varma

All the visible damage seems to be a civilian farm house in the countryside. The Zionist Popeye missiles are not working like the SPICE they sold India. The S-300 could have easily taken out the F-16 over Lebanon if Syria was allowed to use them.

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