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Satellite Images: Recent Israeli Attack On Syria’s Homs Wrecked Several Ammo Depots

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On May 3, Israel’s ImageSat International released satellite images showing the devastating results of the April 20 Israeli airstrikes on the eastern countryside of Syria’s Homs.

The photos revealed that the airstrikes targeted an ammunition storage facility north of the historical city of Palmyra. Nine bunkers, 30 x 10 meters in size, were struck and completely destroyed.

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) launched the attack from Lebanon’s airspace. The Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces (SyAADF) failed to intercept all the stand-off munitions launched by Israeli warplanes.

A week after eastern Homs strikes, the IAF attacked the outskirt of the Syrian capital, Damascus, also from Lebanon’s airspace. The attack destroyed a facility in the Mezzeh Air Base, allegedly used by Iranian forces.

Three days later, Israeli attack helicopters struck several military observation posts in the southern Syrian governorate of al-Quneitra.

The recent wave of Israeli attacks on Syria appear to be a part of a new military campaign meant to increase pressure on Damascus and is close ally, Tehran.

Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said on April 28 that Tel Aviv has “moved from blocking Iran’s entrenchment in Syria to forcing it out of there.” Syria will likely face more attacks, if it continues to show no reaction.


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Rhodium 10

Again pro Israeli web posting fake photos of Fake israeli attacks!…IAF attacked T-4 base and failed! even jerusalen post told that IAF attacked that base!…now are posting bunkers that were destroyed by RUAF when ISIS retake Palmyra!…there thousands of warehouse in Syria..many of them are damage as consecuence of civil war…but are useful to post fake attacks!

Jens Holm
Zionism = EVIL

Must be a slow news day. Take it from someone who has analyzed ELINT imagery all their life, the last Zionist Popeye and Delilah missile attack om Homs was very costly as most of missiles were downed or captured giving Iran an intelligence bonanza. As can clearly be seen even by a novice, there are no secondary explosions or damage detected even with creative showstopping. Also any “successful” strike is always followed by a double tap to ensure maximum results, in all Zionist cunts latest attacks, none been even remotely successful and has failed completely as their cost to the Zionist parasites has been very high.

David Price

Israel administration are just an embarrassing rodent lead bunch of NAZIs. They murder, plunder land, bully the old and arrest little kids. They ensured there people will continue to be despised, they called the curse of God to be on them and there Children.
They live paranoid an as a dysfunctional cursed state in the Holy land. They are there by there tricks, & they are cursed.
You’re rich banking Family got your return against the will and command of the Almighty.. He sees you and your actions and thousands of years later, you still live unashamedly. You would never be a happy people or merciful, you will bring the end again,

Rhodium 10

Fake photoshop!…there was an airstrike in T-4 west of Palmyra and IAF failed!..pro jews sources dont say the truth!.comment image

Rhodium 10

Using photoshop they pick up one of these warehose and the remains of the other one!…Iran are deployed in T-4 ..there are armored bunker usuful to hide weapons!..neither Delilah cruise missile nor ATG 142 can destroy that bunkers!

Rhodium 10

comment image

Jacob Wohl's Nose

I can’t reiterate this enough – Syria NEEDS new long range detection radars. They only use very old soviet 1950 early warning radars. They also need plenty more Pantsir/Buk-m2, and oh wait forgot, actual long range SAM! Yes, multiple batteries of S-300 set up in Quneitra, Damascus, Hama, Homs, everywhere ONLY controlled by Syrians.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Syria needs to buy HQ-9 batteries and lots of JY-27 radars now, or dozens more Pantsir/BUK-M2. Otherwise these strikes will continue.

Jens Holm

They could remove the reasons for these strikes too.


It’s going to continue anyway.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Yeah sure, not with more than 1 battery deployed. You’re lucky Syria’s long range radars are from the 1950’s. They don’t control a single S-300 either.

Jens Holm

As written before its very stupid to put out small as well as big ammo depots out like that, unless they have to be used right away.

If true this is easy targets. As we also see, they even sometimes explose by themselves. So if You put them out in smaller quantities You will loose less as well as the explosions from them are smaller in seize and time.

You probatly need more guards for it, but thats about it.

There are no need to use bunkers for that. Digged in the sand having some rain- and dust coat does it as well as a good mad for people with bad memory.

Ammo already are in relative well protected boxes.

Here we see “sitting duck” ammo.

Jens Holm
Willing Conscience (The Truths

So Syria has to try and stop Israeli jets firing missiles from Lebanese airspace, lol, why don’t Hezbollah stop them, the Israeli jets are illegally flying over Lebanese airspace and illegally using it to hit Iranian targets in Syria.
So let Iran defend their own assets in Syria, they can set up air defense systems in Lebanon where the Israeli jets are launching their attacks, that way they can at least attempt to down every Israeli jet that tries to target Iranian assets in Syria.
Expecting Assad to do it is nothing more than a fantasy, he can’t, he can only try to repel what the Israelis send him, he can’t fire Syrian missiles at Israeli targets over Lebanese airspace, just imagine what would happen if innocent Lebanese civilians were killed, international condemnation.
So why don’t Hezbollah and Iran set up air defense systems in lebanon, they set up everything else there, they could target those Israeli jets with new Iranian AA systems far better than any of Assad’s systems could, but no they prefer to let Assad do the job they don’t want to do, but it’s not the job they can’t do, it’s just a job they don’t want to do.
Come on all the pro Iran and Hezbollah supporters out there, start demanding the Iranians deploy their new hi tech AA systems to lebanon where they can really do something to stop Israeli attacks against Iranian assets on SYRIAN TERRITORY. Just one or two of those AA systems would stop every Israeli attack before it even started.
So why do you all keep asking Assad to do a job he can’t do but Iran could [if it wanted to], I’d think all the pro Hezbollah and pro Iranian supporters would be screaming for new Iranian AA systems to be quickly deployed in Lebanon, but not a peep from anyone.
Russia and Syria don’t want to accidentally hit a civilian passenger liner flying over Lebanese airspace with a missile that was meant to hit an Israeli warplane, that should be the risk Iran takes to protect its assets in Syria, no one else.

cechas vodobenikov

likely these r decaying fireworks warehouses created to deceive the Israelis—actual weapons depots r mainly subterranean, disguised as agricultural edifices, etc

Zionism = EVIL

There are no secondary explosions and hence total Zionist lies. Just damaged some agricultural warehouses and fibro greenhouses. A real ammo dump explosion has debris littered over several square kms. In my day, we did hit a ammo warehouse and the debris and shudders could be felt after 7% pitch with 1.2 Mach afterburners to get the fuck out of the secondary HE, even then 2 of the F-4s collected shrapnel on the belly fuselage.

Rhodium 10

Map of the first image with warehouses of the second image….the first picture are posted to make photoshop


I want to see dead IRGC, not ruined ammo depots.

Zionism = EVIL

hahaha Jew PUNK cunt is back, playstation time again.


We aim to destroy their missiles depots in Syria, but we need to actually hit and kill IRGC too. They can replace those missiles, not their soldiers.

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