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JUNE 2023

Satellite Images: Recent Israeli Attack On Syria Targeted S-200 Air-Defense System

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Satellite Images: Recent Israeli Attack On Syria Targeted S-200 Air-Defense System

FILE PHOTO An Israeli F-16 fighter jet © Amir Cohen / Reuters

The November 24 Israeli airstrikes on Syria targeted an air defense base located some eight kilometers to the south of the central city of Homs, satellite images revealed.

The base hosts at least one operational Soviet-made S-200 long-range air-defense system, which was apparently the target of the Israeli airstrikes. The system’s main 5N62 fire control radar was hit along with at least one 5P72 missile launcher.

The Israeli airstrikes also hit an unidentified target located along a key highway linking Homs city with the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli.

According to a report by the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, the airstrikes were launched by six F-16 fighter jets of the Israeli Air Force from the airspace of Lebanon. The fighter jets fired 12 guided missiles. At least ten were intercepted by Syrian air defenses.

A missile fired by a Syrian S-200 system during the engagement landed off the shores of the northern Israeli city of Haifa without causing any losses. The S-200 base in southern Homs was apparently struck in response, meaning it was not likely the main target of the Israeli attack.

Satellite Images: Recent Israeli Attack On Syria Targeted S-200 Air-Defense System

Click to see full-size image.

Syrian news sources said that the Israeli airstrikes on Homs claimed the lives of three Syrian service members and two civilians.

Israel intensified its attacks on Syria in November in what appears to be another attempt to mount more pressure on Damascus and its allies, namely Iran.


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“…were intercepted, while 2 missiles got through…”. It’s a pattern I’m really sick of seeing.


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Antitrol Patrol

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Peter Wallace

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Iron Dud

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and btw, IDFags are the worst cowards in the world, just google “IDF crying”. They only can kill babies and bomb ruins in Syria hiding behind civilians airplanes. but you are not IDF either, you wannabe Jew /shabbos goy. Yet again, you are nothing. A turd with a computer.

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Don’t confuse real life with one of your PlayStation games. With statements like this one you loose all the remaining credibility you ever had in here. Living in a fantasy world is not healthy at all. Take a break go out meet some people and enjoy some real company. This should be a place for people to exchange their different opinions in a fair, objectively and civilized manner.

Peppe il Sicario

The Krav Magician!!!!! What a laugh!!!


Nice try :-) … now that is what I call propaganda.


Syria is one of the poorest countries in the world, they’re under sanction from the west and they don’t have an industrial base. They’ve been fighting ISIS, Israel, USA, France, Great Britain, Turkey as well as Islamic mercs from all over the world financed by the Saudi’s and the Gulf States for a decade.

Frankly I’m shocked that Syria still has a working SAM after years of Israeli air strikes. I’ll take you at your word that Syria can’t shoot down IAF missiles with their 1960’s vintage SAMs … I would suggest however that you stop buying your missiles from Nerf if you want to be somewhat effective against the SAA


With all these aggression and attacks Israel should have destroyed all the Sam batteries by now. Anybody with a bit of logic can see it. I think the Russian are allowing Israel to carry out these attacks after all there are 1.5 million Russian Jews who emigrated to Palestine and stolen Palestinian lands. Whenever Putin meets the Israeli leaders they carry out more attacks. Hopefully when Syria defeat the terrorists who were backed by Israel , Arab dictators and Western countries ( Assad is a dictator himself but not on their side) they will be able to reply in kind and then Israel will think twice before carrying any more attacks. They will not stop until they get hit.


Your country is extremely aggressive, at least once a week you launch missiles at a foreign country.


Look at the map. There is nothing Israel can to to others. That is why they are so desperate to achieve anything at all, but still fail. There will be no war. Even the puppets in Israel know that very well. Once they would start something like that it would be the end of that very tiny country. The US won’t back it up anyway. They will simply watch from the side line and send military hardware making a killing sell. They are as afraid of Iran as Israel is. On day they will look beyond Syria’s border and see Iran made military hardware. This will shut them up for good then. Nothing they can do about it. Israel did choose the wrong path dealing with the whole situation. Now they have no saying in this at all. It simply not up to them. It Syria’s call now.


Indeed its a question of strategic mass and depth of which Iran has plenty, plus the tremors incurred by painful strikes on key infrastructure at the heart of Iran would trigger the little patruotic fiber still alive even among a population growing massively hostile to the regime nowadays.

As Uzi Rubin,father lf the Arrow ABM system regularly says :Israel simply cannot take a determined missile onslaught from Iran’s massive ,diverse and now pinpoint solid fuelled, MIRVed MRBMs arsenal.

Israel is 1/79th of Iran. It would also lose many pilots to its modern and heavily fortified IADS as well during the strikes themselves since they would require deep penetration efforts meaning reaching target on their last legs of fuel and they would lack margin for advanced manoeuvers against joint opposition from Iranian air defense squadrons and their supporting ground assets.

There would be nothing left of their crirical infrastructure after 48h of all-out ballistic and cruise missile strikes that will pummel and raze everything of mportance to the ground and take Tel Aviv back 70 years before the US can do anything ,assuming it does.

Decision makers both civilian and military in Israel know that full well veyond cheap PR from the lies of Bibi or that retarded wacko Bennet. The actual balance of power will always reverberate louder than empty words.


I think this is exactly where *you* are all wrong, IZ. Do you think Iran will simply stay idle in the event its country and people are under attack from foreign aggressor, Israeli or otherwise ? do you think Uzi Rubin is wrong and you will withstand the massive ensuing missile onslaught ?or your pilots not coming back home ? have you not learned a thing about Iranian history either ? the whole of the people turned their sights from the regime back to the enemy, a massive patriotic drive animate the spirit against attacking Iraqi forces while discontent with the mullahs was already showing at the four corner of the country.

Israel is the sole nuclear-armed country in the middle-east and and actively refuses any form of inspection from the AIEA or any other NGOs, it simply does NOT get to lecture, demand or expect anything from an NPT signatories. You can’t have it both ways with Iran. Palestinians and Syrians are simply too weak to answer your many unjust attacks and regular murder of their citizen, Iran is another ballpark altogether, strike it and you’ll see the dire difference.


Your post makes no sense. Israel makes itself the scapegoat by stealing these countries’land and ressources right in their faces and constantly attacking their people like a macabre routine ,killing civilians every now and then and terrorizing its already weakened population, sheltering and equipping salafist parlamilitary terrorists ever since the civil war started, and hampering its government’s war effort. The list goes on. By being an occupier, you can NEVER be right. The day Israel withdraws from the West Bank and Golan and its neighbors keep on being hostile , then and only then can we merely discuss it being unfairly scapegoated. Not a second before.

Until it finally becomes a law-abidding decent nation and gives back the land it stole ,Tel-Aviv will continue to deserve every bit of harm done to it,even by the letter of UN Rights Charter on self-determination and self-defense against foreign occupation, which is entirely and logically granted to both Palestinians and Syrians in their quest to get back their land.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gryzor

Iran has been fighting them and utterly destroying their forces everywhere that the GCC, Turkey and Israel tried to prop them up, genius. Even the US thanked them for that effort along their border in a vast and successful clean-up operation that spanned a big part of 2015. Iraq, Syria, even border Lebanese regions, you name it. Hezbollah for its part garnered massive popular support at home based on their own campaign. ISIS was at the gates of Baghad and even reached its outskirts before the Iranian PMF backed by its airforce stopped them dead in their tracks to the dismay of the likes of Bibi and his buddy MbS.

But you are right about the KSA, as a close and true strategic friend and economic partner of Israel, this temple of Salafism and international terrorism go hand in hand when it comes to harming Iran or Syria, absolutely. Go tell that to all those smiling Nourideen Harakat Al Zinki and Ahrar-Al Sham training camps and withdrawing under IDF air support in the Occupied Golan every time the SAA tried to dislodge them. They were even photographed giving them supplies and overtly provided medical care for their fighter until Putin asked them to stop that little arragement and let the SAA get back to the separation line. Your lies and level of denial are laughable.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gryzor
Icarus Tanović

Hes posts never makes any sence. He’s just little zion.

Peppe il Sicario

But a very teeny weeny d*ck!!!


It is understandable. But people have two ways to deal with that. They either talk it out or they start shooting at one another. Israel is now doomed to get what they wanted. They are clearly loosing their objective and desperately increasing their attacks with very little success. More and more missiles are being intercepted and that is the only military option they ever had. Sadly they choose this self destructing path. But I guess it looked ok for them when Syria had no real air defense then. But that changed now.


Calm down dude. We do understand your whiny bitch-faced mentality, born out of a sense of entitlement.

What you need is your own planet. The sooner the better for everyone.


the zionist has to be exterminated to the last genetic, once and for all !!! Dont let them destroy an other planet. Humanity and our solar system will be free.


Plan B for Iran like in ‘Israeli hero pilots bombing their way there and back’ ? IZ,please stop with that looping delusion of yours… i thought we had discussed that enough f times for you to admit it would mean devastation and unspeakable trauma at the Israeli homefront doublee massive erosion of whatever international standing since they would be the overt aggressors provoking potential nuckear catastrophe in a sovereign country. This 22-year old talk of unilateral strikes will not occur. And in the extremely unlelikey event that it does, every Israeli on Earth and generation yet unborn will learn to regret that fateful day for their belived country.


stop going around dropping bombs on other contries- stop with the open air prison in Palistine- stop stealing other people land- stop shooting protestors– Israel is the agressor here ! Stop it Stop pointng finger at other countries who you claimed have or trying to make Nuclear weapon- when you have a an illegal stock pile- you have not joined th NPT so you shouldnt be lecturing anyone on this

Last edited 1 year ago by RealJew

If Israel’s regime would ever decide to attack Iran, it would be Iran’s given right for self defense to level them with all they have. That is not a pretext Israel would ever want to achieve. Israel is already in a hard place. Threats won’t do it anymore. Provocations don’t work either. Iran did and still does the reasonable thing. Prepare and further build up their capabilities. Intimidating the US is a clear message too. The US is supposed to be Israel’s biggest alley.


A significant part of Israeli citizens *already* opposes such a completely ludicrous attack project. Only pro-Bibi or pro-Bennet militarist zealots actually support such a foolish and suicidal move. No people in their right minds will ever support that. And even if they do, the disastrous outcome that would materialize in a matter of days will change MANY minds VERY soon at the home-front. It’s easy to preach attack campaign from the confort of your couch when you do not know yet of true devastation in return. Israeli have grown used to total impunity when harming their overwhelmingly inferior neighbors, they took a painful beating already with Hezbollah and never tried to attack let alone invade Lebanon again after the 2006 debacle. When Iranian multi-warhead, 2.5 ton missile warhead start splashing down on towns and cities at hypersonic terminal speeds and begin leveling entire Israeli neighborhoods, every single Israeli will thing twice about its current grandstanding against Tehran and will start looking at its internal problem rather than being so focused on simply keeping its military hegemony over the region.


A war should be the last option between us, as I have already said to Garga aswell. But we will do whatever we need to stop your regime from having a nuclear bomb, whatever it takes Gryzor.

And you should know better what would happen to Iran in case they do launch thousands of ballistic missiles over here, we will unleash all of our nuclear arsenal at you till there would be nothing left of Iran. Keep that in mind.


What’s Syria to you is not your country. Nobody’s attacking you. Plan B just means more destruction and killing, right?


Not by the desperate attempts Israel is doing from Lebanese airspace. If Israel could do this, don’t you think they already had did it. All the facts show that Israel is achieving nothing by shooting some missiles which by now are mostly intercepted by Syria’s air defense. Even Russia is not bothered by them anymore. All they do is waste time, money and peoples lives and look bad in the eyes of the world.


In your dreams maybe. They’re actually expanding. If Israel didn’t want Hezb and Iran to answer Syria’s call for help they could have simply NOT bolstered and protected Salafist terror groups in the Occupied Golan with its airforce.


10 out of 12 is already a huge defeat. Israel is clearly loosing it’s agenda in Syria. That is why Russia does not and did not interfere with Israeli attempts to gain anything in military ways there. Israel simply cannot manage to impact any outcome in Syria by any means. They can barley achieve any goals as their missiles are being intercepted by old Russian hardware. This must be very frustrating for the Israeli regime. So they puff and huff all the time but nothing what they do really matters anymore. It just shows how little they care about others and international laws. They will be judged by later generations about their agenda. A loose-loose situation they will not be able to escape. Very shameful too.


Hahaha soo desperate


Go back under your rock you fucking fragile little scumbag.


Hooked nosed mutant bitch.


“run out of AA batteries”??? Please explain how after 4 years of nearly weekly raids on Syria there is still a SAM capable of shooting at IAF aircraft? Shouldn’t one of those invisible F-35’s be loitering over Damascus taking out SAMs and directing missile strikes left, right and centre?

You’ve been at this longer than the Allies bombed Germany in WW2 … and speaking of WW2 the S-200 was first operational in 1965 … it was designed to defend against F-4’s and B-52’s not state of the art invisible planes. How are they a problem for you?


Good observation and good point. Israel has to breach through Lebanese airspace to do it’s dirty work. Still, they need to be cautious and flee the scene after they unloaded their payload. It is not getting easy for them as they maybe had imagined. It is getting even harder. By not using the so called cutting-edge F-35 it should be clear to anyone by now, that this pricey peace of hardware is simply not capable of doing what it was supposed to do. But many have said it before already. This plane is obsolete when it comes to little advanced adversaries. In fact it weakens every country that operates them. There is no real advantage and it drains money that could have been used to buy real military hardware.

Last edited 1 year ago by TopGum

Ma chi ti dà il diritto di pretendere che l’Iran se ne vada da un paese terzo .quando è stata la Siria a invitare e accettare l’aiuto iraniano in un momento tragico come quello creato dal tuo Sadico paese con i loro sgherri. Finanziate frangie islamiste estreme , uccidete scienziati ex parlamentali arrestate bambini senza accuse , rubate terre a gente che i nonni dei loro tris nonni coltivavano e calpestavano già quando voi giravate il mondo per far soldi vendendo diamanti estratti da povere genti o infiltrandivi in società dove il denaro è I voltafaccia è il metro di misura x il giudizio. Fossi in te mi fermerei un secondo per capire che sei il risultato di un conato vagito tempo addietro. Senza violenza e soprusi sareste in una posizione diversa ma è l’unica strada da voi percorsa. Usate la schoa come scudo perpetuo ma è dimostrabile che quando avete avuto lo stesso potere di vita o di morte sul prossimo non avete avuto dubbi su come esercitarlo. Il vittimismo con cui attaccate è quasi patologico e le stampe mondiali sembrano inebetite davanti a sti tabù. Chissà i vostri sporchi soldi fin dove hanno attecchito creando metastasi narrative. Sia chiaro non disprezzo l ebreo in quanto ebreo ma il sionista che si erge a giudice del destino di interi popoli natii si.quello mi fa rabbia e ribrezzo.ora puoi scrivere la cagate che vuoi forse le leggerò domano sul cessò. GRAZIE A CONTROINFORMAZIONE X IL SERVIZIO ACCURATO E CELERE CHE CI DA’. BUON LAVORO CONTINUATE COSÌ

Karl Wolfe

It’s unfortunate that the Israeli government is so controlled by Freemasonry that THEY are exterminating the Jewish People who live in Israel. Why bother to even HAVE an IDF if they do not even rally to the side of the their own who dying every day from the Eugenics death jabs? ALL of you men and women in the IDF should rise up and fight the REAL enemies of the Jewish people: the Freemasons in control of the Israeli government. A fool stands idle while their own people are being murdered by the most vile of filth. Wake up IDF. Your enemy is within your own borders and they are planning the DEATHS of YOUR FAMILIES.

K Yogesh Patel

This is a big attack. https://blucellphones.us/android-13-download/

Last edited 1 year ago by K Yogesh Patel
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