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JUNE 2021

Satellite Images: Large Syrian Army Storage Facility Was Wiped Out By Israeli Strikes

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Satellite Images: Large Syrian Army Storage Facility Was Wiped Out By Israeli Strikes

Israel’s first two F-35 stealth fighter jets on their maiden flight as part of the Israeli Air Force on December 13, 2016. (Israel Defense Forces)

The recent Israeli strikes on Syria have targeted a large storage facility of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in western Homs, satellite images shared by Aurora Intel on June 9 revealed.

The strikes took place late on June 8. The storage facility in western Homs was only one of many targets struck by the Israeli military. Some of the targets were located in Homs, while others were located near the capital Damascus.

Aurora Intel images indicate that the Israeli strikes wiped out most of the facility, which includes more than 55 large hangars. Burn marks were also visible near a former chemical weapons facility in southern Homs.

The Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces intercepted several Israeli missiles. Nevertheless, the attack was not completely foiled as proven by satellite images.

Seven Syrian service members, including a senior officer in the country’s top military research and development center, were killed as a result of the Israeli strikes.

More information about the Israeli strikes, which were the first in more than a month, will likely surface in the upcoming few days. The targets were apparently storage and research facilities of the SAA.


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Oleg Granovsky

Mazol Tov 😁
Another great news,sunny day my dear children.😀
Also it is my duty to remind south-front slavian dumbasses that anything moving in Syria related with Iran will not go unpunished 😅.
Assad with his charming but brainless wife will be fucked from all holes in their body starting from the preauricular pit 😍😍.

jacob whoah

seriously just fuck off, striking a storage facility and not the actual factory is a waste of time.
Hell no attacks on anti-air units happened this time, despite them firing back and intercepting some missiles. This strike was also after month long period, now they seem to have courage to strike back.
before the Hamas mini war they attack Syria 3 times a month.

Now to actually prove your words wrong a day or two after the Hamas mini war ended a large weapons shipment did cross from iraq to Syrian full of short range missiles and Iranian backed militants and there was no air strike no crying Israeli for the world to even look at it.

it seems that Hamas mini war took the larger share of IDF resources. Do you know a term is for some that can dish out damage but not take any. its called and glass cannon. You should not be cheering this on as the bigger the attack and the less impact it has. That means your enemy can deal with the losses.

Israel is doomed if Hamas caused this big a lull in the strikes of Syria. Hell there were even missiles from Syria to the occupied Golan heights and they never got a response.

This is Israel wake up call git rid of Bibi buttface and find and end to conflict.

jens holm

Orgastic rhetorics from You might be a supplement to the Syrian gas production. They just simply dont attack, when they see no targets.

Who are those ham arses ?

jacob whoah

hey Jens how have you been?
has zion been around?


jens replaces her brain with ham, confuses arse for night porter

concrete mike

Dont worry, the whole world hate you zionists with a passion.

Either you change or you will become fertlizer.

Your choice, you choose war, we will give you war, on our terms. You will get crushed, your nukes cant save you, uncle sam cant save you, GOD will not save you.

Racist leeches like you are a thing of the past, and will be buried like the past.

Cheers loser


says the man whose family and neighbors despise him. geez.


Barry – a typical dirty jew name – like Barry ‘big nose’ Manilow, and plenty of other f!lthy Y!d “Barry’s”…

jens holm

he given name Barry is derived from Gaelic, possibly being an Anglicised form of the personal name Báire, which is a short form of the related Irish names Bairrfhionn or Barrfind (“fair-headed”, “fair-haired”). and Finbar, or Fionnbharr (“fair-topped”, “fair-haired”). … Pet forms of the name are Baz and Bazza.


Nicely Googled Jens!
Love your copy and paste response!
You are a God of Ctrl C / Ctrl V.
id love to see your fingers in slow motion pressing those keys!
Real Groovy stuff!

I so love how u DON’T know stuff, but then u google it, and then u know, and then u copy and paste it into someones face!
u are so awesome!


Barry is a Jew? Kill him! Wait….. wasnt Soliemani a Jew? Kill him too! Oh wait….. lol we did that already!
OK all is good! Just kill the Jews, even the Iranian ones! RIGHT? u with me?
OR is there a disclaimer to this comment u made?
Shouldnt we KILL THEM ALL?
If thats the case….. thank God we killed General Soliemani right?
u with me on this?
if u are not, then u are a Jew lover, Cause he was 100% certified Jew. Not even a secret!
i cant wait for your educated response!

Peter Wallace

Go take your mothers dress off Barry .. Not sure if she wants her underwear back.




Bertie desperate—family ignores, neighbors robots

concrete mike

Thats rich coming from an israel supporter.

I dont care if you hate me, i hate you too bitch!

jens holm

The whole world dont hate them. They and we condem them for the bad things they do as well as we condem others for what they do or dont.

Ypu seemes to be a racist Yourself if You go to school some years with good teachers added oxygen.


jens spokes girl for night porters, condemns day porters


state HOW! in detail… otherwise all u are saying is “bla ,bla, bla”

concrete mike

I.dont owe you shit.

Israel is an Apartheid Regime

Shove that “nozzle top” right up your ass.

Peter Wallace

Ya Khara . Go join proud hindu and swim in pig sh*t together.

Lone Ranger

Hi Shlomo…
Don’t let your matzoball soup get cold…


odd grain for brain believes her CIA propaganda can convince —only gypsy believes your stupidity


filthy Jew maggot cunt


What’s to celebrate exactly? See it for what it really tells. That Israel is basically loathed by ME region’s actual indigenous inhabitants – Arabs – and in frozen states of various perma-conflicts both internally and externally – and only survives due to subsidized US supplied welfare and weaponry. All of this simply indicates a failed political state – failed political leadership, and failed state policies, to develop a sustainable political entity in ME region. That is not a great space to exist in, and should the status quo alter, it’s unlikely to end well.

Last edited 6 days ago by VaporTrail
Israel is an Apartheid Regime

The SAA needs to build bunkers and warehouses that are under the ground. These were probably old warehouses.

Fog of War

I have a better plan. Why doesn’t Putin let Syria blow them out of the sky even over Lebanon ? Why is the s-330 there if it never gets used ?

jens holm

Send a mail. Normal people know why not – different agendas.

Peter Wallace

That is what should have happened years ago and there would either be no more attacks from Israel today or there would have been a serious war to sort it out in which case there would be no more attacks. Too late now. It’s a wonder that the planes can carry the weight of the balls with them being so big now.

concrete mike

Because idf hide behind civlian airliners, ALL the time!


empty card board decoy warehouse bombed—-odd pollack glanularoff-her-meds-ski writes propaganda

Lone Ranger

Thats a rather bad CGI.
Even from mossadisis…


they will feel the consequences soon these zionists because the time they could attack syria and get away with it is over so again they will be burning these zionist scum and again they will be losing more experts scientists commanders etc pp

jens holm

Well, Yours feel it NOW.

Both of You are mad. Normally psycopats are connected with victims. Here victims are psycopats and psycopats are victims.

But as long as You kill ecah other, You wont come here. No emmigrants has arrived in coffins – yet.


only lowest classes wish to be in cultural desert US colony Denmark

Rhodium 10

Aurora Intel satellite photos are less reliable that Navalny photos inside “Putin palace”…

jens holm

Thats right, but that what we have and we can use or ignore them. More pixels on the satelite images as well.

concrete mike

More pixels than you got brain cells for shizzle

jens holm


By unreliable sources its heard Assads has tryed to sell heads of the many they kill to the European Football Championship, but the noses are too big.


psychologically impoverished night porter has cheese economy


I got an email from a lost friend today. Seems that of late the counter-propaganda facts about the way the Jews drive the world that I had introduced him to in previous years, and the basis for him no longer speaking with me, have boiled to the surface.

He asked, in reference to Syria and Iran: “What was that great or greater, Israel thing you told me about?”

Seems that in his attempts to try and understand what is going on in the world, my past numerous mentions of “Greater Israel,” the Jews’ Yinon Plan, the Jews’ “Which Path to Persia” document, and the quote from Steele about who is at the core of the world’d problems kept coming to the surface.

Another on the path to Jew-wise.


I don’t hate the Jews. I hate deceit, plunder, destruction, oppression, tyranny, murder, war, and love my country, so it only appears that I hate the Jews.

Peter Wallace

You can hate a black man but not be a racist.

concrete mike

You dont hate the jew, you hate the fascist zionist.

Bolshevik Khazarian Criminal Mafia (Communist) 👹

I said just on your other report…you need someone that people in the world trust, not some fuking rat.

“Aurora Intel” what the fuk he/they use? to get those images? How do you people trust them?
Military sites are gray… those images can be good as dog shit.
No SF for real answer this, do you think I could use your website as proving (x or y)? No, you getting 2nd handed info for god knows where…”Syrian pro-government sources revealed on June 9″ the fuk does that even mean?

Say it SF you lazy mfs using Twitter, don’t you?
Do people see us as some moron kids like some Zion/Hindu/Nazi here?

Trap is Gay (and very proud)

If only I was regularly boned as much as Syria then I too would cling on to the S300 like Putin clings on to Yahoo Dicks. Gulp!

concrete mike

What cant you understand? The IDF wants syria to strike back so it can nuke damascus.

Never give the ennemy what it wants. Let them rot with their imeffective strikes that are just pr moves really.

Why is that so hard to understand?

Florian Geyer


Gay Ranger

“Well said” 👈🤣 where is the quality control in your brain?

Gay Ranger

“ The IDF wants syria to strike back so it can nuke damascus.”👈 😂 never have I heard such a more moronic assessment then this shlomo to excuse uncle Putin’s zio-apologists. You would have thought after 10 years of analysis a few on here would have evolved their brains rather than regress into greater depths of stupidity 🤣 next excuse 👉

Marcelo Rodriguez

Es necesario que el Ejército Sirio tenga las instalaciones de almacenamiento y de armas en túneles bien reforzados, como los tiene Irán, también se deben crear muchas instalaciones ficticias en todas las regiones para que el enemigo Israelí, crea haberlas destruido, y simplemente gaste en bombas y misiles sin ningún resultado positivo!!!


Putin an Israeli lackey

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