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MAY 2021

Satellite Images: Iranian Positions Targeted In Recent Israel Attack On Syria

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On November 20, Israel’s ImageSat International released several satellite photos of alleged Iranian positions which were struck in the recent Israeli attack on Syria.

The photo reveals that Israeli airstrikes, which took place in the early morning, targeted the so-called Glass House building in Damascus International Airport. Israel claims that the building is a key headquarters of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Syria.

The damage inflicted to the Glass House appeared to be limited to the building’s upper right corner only.

Satellite Images: Iranian Positions Targeted In Recent Israel Attack On Syria

Click to see full-size image

Satellite Images: Iranian Positions Targeted In Recent Israel Attack On Syria

Click to see full-size image

Other photos show that an alleged Iranian position located within the Mezzeh airbase in western Damascus was also struck. Unlike the Glass House, the Mezzeh position sustained significant damage.

Satellite Images: Iranian Positions Targeted In Recent Israel Attack On Syria

Click to see full-size image

Satellite Images: Iranian Positions Targeted In Recent Israel Attack On Syria

Click to see full-size image

Israel said that the “wide-scale strikes” were carried out in response to 4 rockets, which were reportedly launched from Syria at targets in northern Israel on November 19.

The airstrikes claimed the lives of at least four Syrian service members and two civilians. There are no credible reports of any Iranian casualties.

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  1. Hasbara Hunter says:

    According international law Syria is allowed to use retaliatory strikes right?

    1. Derek Johnson says:

      The Khazarian mafia would love Syria to retaliate, that’s what they want.
      Its better not to take the bait as the last thing Syria needs is Israel bombing with their free weapons paid for by the American tax payer.
      Israels time will come come one day, just be patient.

      1. Hasbara Hunter says:

        Yeah…you are probably right…American Tax-Payers also paid for all ISraHell’s Wars & the Controlled Demolition of them Twin Towers….American Tax-Payers are All Accomplishes in the Evil wrongdoings of the Khazarian Mafia….

    2. Friend of Russia says:

      But unfortunately there isn’t a dependable military force anywhere inside Syria to teach Israel a good lesson

      1. Ceasar Polar says:

        Only a strong air defense in Syria is needed to be ON when the ZioNazi-scums send their free missiles at Damascus.
        Everytime Russia allows IsraHell to attack it is bad PR for their arms sales.
        Russia should keep all air defenses ON when the zioNazi-coward attack.

        1. gryzor84 says:

          It’s more due to Putin’s personal relationship with Nutta-a-Yahoo. It even sustained the enormous strain he had from his own military circles and public opinion after the IL-plane takedown incident, and had to posture like he was closing the Syrian airspace to the IDF, to no avail. Russian-operated S-400 batteries still don’t have permission to fire, ditto Syrian S-300 crews, let alone Su-30/35 CAPs. For now we have to accept that fait accompli : Vladimir Putin considers his Israeli counterpart as a partner and friend, beyond the diplomatic scope, and no even of importance bar maybe direct IDF involvement leading to kinetic damage or death within Russian military ranks will make him change his mind anytime soon. Likewise, he had to disregard the downing of an Su-24 and the subsequent death of one of its crew out of interest in luring Erdogan out of his NATO leash. Let’s see how far it goes.

          1. Vitex says:

            I agree – there is larger diplomacy involved than it at first appears. Putin doesn’t want a war with the jews – it sure didn’t work for Hitler.

          2. Ceasar Polar says:

            If Putin’s hands are too tied.
            China will be able to help lately. The US is openly meddling in Hong Kong, sparking outrage in Beijing. Plus Chinese hardware is needing real combat experience. The HQ-9’s air defense system may liter Syria’s skies very soon, and that will be an answer to the anglo-zioNaZi empire.
            I think Putin has the whole world behind him, if he takes down 1 or 2 F35’s it will be just a super bonus for Russian’s MIC. Only if the S300 operated by Syria hit both missile and missile launcher (be it a f16 or f35 or land based system) then the Glory of Russia’s might will be well echoed in the world.
            Russian arms sales would soar of course.

          3. gryzor84 says:

            All of this is true but rendered moot for now, due to his deep relationship with Nuttyahoo. That one goes beyond expected mainstream geopolitical dynamics, and seem deep-rooted between the two men. Ever since the man achieved the extraordinary feat of not moving an iota either militarily or politically towards the same leader that led to the death of 15 Russian service members, and so despite tremendous pressure from his own military and political brass at home, I started to believe that the Tzar might not be as rational as people once thought him to be. For Moscow to truly make meaningful moves against Israeli belligerence in Syria , Israel needs to sort out its internal crisis, and Gantz has to replace the criminal formerly enjoying unquestioned dominance.

          4. Ceasar Polar says:

            Putin’s relationship with Satanyahu combined with Putin’s inaction towards israel’s posture (15 servicemen died in the recon plane because of israHell), makes me and others think more and more about the crypto-jews theory. Some Christians, some catholics, some evangelical christians some orthodox Christians some muslims, some hindus, some atheists in high position of power are said to hide their true faith towards judaism. Why is Putin holding the mighty Russian punishment against israHell’s aggression, that is the Billion dollars question.
            I hope Putin is not a crypto-jew. If he is we are all doomed on the long run. If he is not, he probably a higher chess-game player than all of us can probably anticipate. So let’s hope for the best, and hope Putin allows the SAA to punish the IOF against their repeated violation against Syria’s Sovereignty.
            Fingers crossed

          5. Free man says:

            God wants you to take your pills.
            If you don’t he will send again the people in white with the restraining jacket.

        2. Vitex says:

          If you leave air defences on all the time then they are targets for beam-riding anti-radiation missiles. And the Israelis are listening for intel all the time. It’s a matter of staying as silent as possible. And revenge is a dish best served cold

          1. gryzor84 says:

            Agreed. Ask the Lebanese for that. How they felt in 1982 when Beirut was pretty much rubble and the Israeli occupation was just settling in their southern lands, and how they felt in 2000 when Israel finally decided to take its many losses sustained non-stop over a 17 year-period of guerrilla war by Hezbollah, and opted to let go of Lebanese water-rich soil and namely the Litani river they tried to hold on for nearly two decades. A place they have absolutely not stopped coveting ever since, and will look at any opportunity to try to encroach on again, but that day hasn’t come yet and the balance of power has differed enormously , specially after the 2006 debacle.

          2. Ceasar Polar says:

            Hezbollah is today a different beast than in 2006.
            It got hardned in the Syrian theater, plus new toys, and weapons from friends and allies. Their tunnels are more developed and sophisticated. If israel ventures again in Lebanon, they might get burnt in a way they have never been. It might even create the collapse of fragile israHell politcally.
            Invaders will start coming back to where they came from in masses.
            That is hezbollah reciprocated to a IOF atttack like it s ready to reciprocated.
            Different times, different weight.

          3. gryzor84 says:

            Correct, although if there was a military wish for the Russians to physically interdict Israeli operations over Syria, they could enforce it, but this would have larger consequences on the geopolitical chessboard that the Tsar doesn’t want to have to handle. After all “his Syria”, the “Russian Useful Syria” if I may, is about to get secured for decades after the Idlib problem is settled once and for all. But for now it seems Putin’s “talke to all, trade with all” mantra is alive and well and reigns supreme over picking sides, no matter what they are, including when it comes to its own allies (more like vassals in the case of wartorn and exhausted Syria, but that’ll change as well overtime).

          4. Ceasar Polar says:

            If the Russians fail to protect Syria’s skies from zioNazi assaults, perhaps the Chinese are now more than happy to help Damascus in providing some HQ-9 system that will carpet the whole Syrian territory.
            Now that US is openly meddling in Hong Kong and the recent “muscle flexing” of the US near the South China islands, China is more eager to send some hardware to Syria, and test out their gear in the Syrian theater just like Russia successfully did since 2015. China has no battlefield experience and plenty of brand new hardware, this will be a win-win venture for Damascus.
            If Russia’s hands are too tied, others are willing to step up.
            How and why the S300’s and S400’s are OFF when the IOF hit Syria is beyond my mind. Even when Russia lost 14 servicemen in the recon plane incident cause by the IOF.

      2. Wayne Nicholson says:

        Don’t mistake a single battle for the war.

        The SAA are fighting to regain their country. A “dependable” force in your estimation may lose their discipline and react to Israeli provocations but being a professional military force that have been trained and organized by the Russians and have 8 years of fighting under their belt the SAA know to keep focused on their objective which is the liberation of their country.

        To react to a few pot shots from Israel and start a second front with a well armed enemy would NOT be a good strategy at this time. One volley of Grad missiles does as much damage as this Israeli attack and they are under fire from these weapons every day.

        Second, as I stared above the SAA today is nothing like the SAA of 2011and certainly not the Syrian force that parked their tanks for the night because they were tired and hungry allowing the IDF get their tanks deployed and dug in overnight in 1973.

        They may not have the weapons the IDF has but they are a battle hardened and cohesive fighting force that have had some very impressive victories over the last 3 years. This force rearmed in a battle space in which the IAF didn’t have air superiority would be a nightmare for Israel.

      3. Hasbara Hunter says:

        The Famous Patience….Yeah it is a good virtue…I personally think that America should be on board before the Destruction of ISraHell….

    3. Justin says:

      i doubt iranian intel forces were at the airport sitting at the highest point of a tall glass building! i dont think Iran is that stupid!
      Best intel bases are underground! What is iran best known for? making the strongest concrete in the world!
      Why the fuck would iran put intel forces in a glass house when they have the worlds best concrete! All their rockets are underground too!

      i do not believe this report for a second!

      1. Hasbara Hunter says:

        But ISraHell still fired rockets at Syrian Grounds…them Khazarian Mobsters shouldn’t have done that…

        1. Justin says:

          its a page 10 propaganda snippet in the israeli newspaper to keep the jews morale high!

          When (after the Syrian war is complete) Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Iran (Perhaps Turkey too with the Financial backing of Qatar) start attacking Israel, it will be front page world wide! (Dont forget, Russia will be well entrenched in Syria by then)
          Their nation is so small, they are going to get fucked up and taught to never EVER cross this line again!


  2. <> says:

    What a beautiful pictures done by the IAF! MORE! WE WANT MORE PLEASE! :-)

    1. Hasbara Hunter says:

      Killed or raped any kids today Filthy IDF Paedophile? Are you the smartest faggot the Mossad had left?

    2. Ali Alsaaidi says:

      Be carefull what you say bro we Saw that the iron dome is not that efficient in Gaza if Iran and syria combine forces a launch a guided 200 rocket attack on tel Aviv the iron Dome may not be able to protect your people

      1. <> says:

        If iran shoots 200 rockets on Tel Aviv, Tehran will get some of our Jericho’s too :)
        That’s why they always use proxies, like yesterday.

        1. Ali Alsaaidi says:

          Jerichos what is that , long range missles ??

          1. Concrete Mike says:

            He is threatening nuclear escalation. Jerichos are icbm.

        2. Concrete Mike says:

          And what will that accomplish? Nothing Israel will still get destroyed and you people will die if you use nukes again.

          Your intransigence will be the death of us all, dont you get it??

          1. Vitex says:

            He doesn’t get it.

    3. Mrtl says:

      hey soap bar,Hitler räpëd your grandma? :)

      1. klove and light says:

        write the TRUTH (i dont mean this in a bad way bro)……his real Name was Schickelgruber (hitler)…..and he was a rothshild kid…..and did exactly as the Zionist satanic jews planned…..hence NAZI….that is not a german word..it is short for the Agreement between ZIONISM and Schickelgrubers(hitlers) Party….

        Schickelgruber(hitlers) Party was the NSDAP = NA
        ZIONISM= ZI


        the Agreement was the haavara Agreement!!!!!

    4. klove and light says:

      enjoy satanic jew Zionist…..and dont Forget..sooner or later we will eradicate ALL saTANIC ZIONIST JEWS FROM our Beautiful planet….wev will drown your satanic Kids and burn the rest of you lot..

      1. Jens Holm says:

        At that time DNAs as Yours are not even allowed to keep in the freezer.

    5. Mike says:

      The scumboy who brags about killing children and women, even though you are to chicken to be in the military. It shows what sewer sludge goes on between your ears there Israeli bed wetter.

      1. <> says:

        I am still there, just as a reserve. They will call me when the op starts, I’ll be there don’t worry.

    6. gryzor84 says:

      YEYYY, he said, MORE KILLING, he added, MORE BLOODSHED, he yelled, MORE CIVILIANS DEAD NEXT TIME, he ended. True cowardly applause from a miserable sub-human sitting far away from the warzone, sleeping safe and sound while every single Damascus inhabitant has to go yet again through one hell after the other, directly by the hand of the genocidal maniacs in chief themselves, now that their jihadi proxies have failed to do the job prior. I love it when the mask finally falls off the filthy face of the average bloodthirsty Zionist criminal, you people are really all the same. Thanks for sharing your thoughts like that in the open though, finally lifting the veil of the peace-seeking, Israeli-Arab loving Jew you pathetically tried to wear around here. In the end, you rejoice at news of ordinary innocent deaths, just like any normal ethnic cleanser would.

      1. <> says:

        NO problem, with all my heart. I hope we continue killing the Iranians in Syria and their friends in Gaza, no mercy.

        1. Concrete Mike says:

          Your an idiot, qatar supports hamas, thats why hamas helped al nusrah, wich helps you.

          I bet hamas is controlled by israel to keep idiots like you wound up. Keepnthe casus belli of terrorists going and going.

          Think about it. Like really think about it.

          1. gryzor84 says:

            Did you ask him to… think ? blind hate is the path he chose, just like the people he pretends fighting.

        2. gryzor84 says:

          ahah will you just look at the pig. Oh so you also support collective punishment ,indiscriminate bombings with banned weapons and starving a population to death too ? good for you. You are so full of crude hate man,I really,really pity you. So glad I do not share the kind of emotions towards any yuman group. Not a single moment in my life would i wish the same fate to jews had they been in Gazans shoes. But you go on tripping and rejoicing overs thousands of dead innocents. You brainwashed, hateful sociopath are the perfect symbol why all these people have to fight your occupation and oppression to the last soldier, following the Lebanese example between 82 and 2000. You dont even realize how tragic your reaction is.

          1. <> says:

            Oh shut up already, zionists here zionists there, poor palis etc. I don’t give a damn about them, I care for Israelis and Israelis only. If they or the Iranians shoot rockets over here then they need to die, simply die. I have no sentiments for them.

          2. gryzor84 says:

            Again, I pity you. See ? your true nature again, in the open, I don’t even have to do it for you, you betray your fascistic nature yet again from one post to another. You don’t even realize how far you people have wandered into plain racist supremacism. “I care about us and only us”, that’s precisely what German used as a mantra to go on invading every place they felt had done them wrong in Europe. Yeah let’s only care about poor Israeli settlers destroying Palestinian homes, doing arson attacks on the remaining ones, and harvesting their organs for trafficking on the dead bodies the IDF doesn’t even give back to their families. Let millions more die in a packed enclave called Gaza and wear them out through artificially induced poverty, destruction and hunger, that you use a weapon of war for internationally-recognized humanitarian catastrophe, exactly like African warlords in Somalia. Not even rice of wheat can pass through the Gaza blockade, not a bold either for reconstruction, nothing. They even have to smuggle animals in tunnels that you sometimes flood on their heads, you filthy fascists. All that in the name of “oh poor us Jews perpetually persecuted oh poor us Israelis besieged by hordes of Islamists paid by Iran” blah, blah and blah, again more of the same ,the same looping broken record, that same old zionist propaganda tape playing every time you decide to massacre some of your neighbors and eat a bit more of their territory that you haven’t stolen yet as the parasites you are, and so in total cowardice and impunity, and only the weakest (Palestinians) or weakened (Syria). You don’t dare touche anything that actually might fight back and draw you sacred blood : Hezbollah ? you vacated a whole base for RT Arabic jounalist to tour inimpeded. Iran ? 20 years of talk about an impending airstrike by NuttAYahoo and still, to this day, nothing happened. You want your neighbors dead, don’t have an ounce of regard for ANY of them, while I, as much as I staunchly and universally oppose Zionist expansionism, I still open claim generation of Jewish Israelis have a right to a state and had nothing to do with the 1947 massacres. Israel has a right to exist as an integral state with border following the pre-67 lines, not an inch more, not an inch less. You on the other hand, simply want Palestinians, Arabs and Iranians dead, indiscriminately. It is so obvious when you speak, your every word show the true mindset the lies behind , you are full of primal rage against everything non-Jewish, everything non-Israeli, and it shows. May more of your comrades in uniform die in pain in Lebanon next time your leaders are foolish enough to look at the Litani and their Southern lands. If that didn’t entail thousands of innocent Lebanese civilians that you would be sure to target voluntarily to provoke collective punishment, I would *almost* wish that your dreams come true and finally try to walk back on their soil, and see what happens. But I won’t, since I want that madness to end, once and for all. But with Zionism, there’s no status quo, there’s no end to anything until Eretz Yisrael can again reign all over the middle-east, so we’re not out of the woods yet… lol

  3. Ralph Conner says:

    I don’t believe for a minute that the Iranians would have a position that exposed. They’re rope a doping the zio-scumbags, LOL.

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      I am thinking the same thing.
      Iranians are well educated, experienced with Zionist terror tactics and not prone to stupidity.

      1. gryzor84 says:

        Anything of importance among Iranian assets is where most Iranians live : Iran. A fortress that Nutt-A-Yahoo and every single member of his cabinet including the military haven’t dared try to touch despite claiming to do so “tomorrow” for the past 19 to 20 years, that speaks volumes as to their level of confidence in dealing with “the head of the snake”. The only feat of arms they’re able to sell are such kind of occasional, visually spectacular though militarily irrelevant strikes that seem nice and impressive on TV within a completely favorable context against an exhausted and busy Syrian military, nothing more.

  4. Rhodium 10 says:

    israeli airstrike failed accord SANA news.. I dont see nothing in that photos…beyond that in just 0ne day in the 3º photo suddenly more small trees have grown

    1. klove and light says:


      Home Middle East Israel sends powerful message as they destroy entire Syrian air defense storage
      Middle EastSyria
      Israel sends powerful message as they destroy entire Syrian air defense storage
      By News Desk –

      BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:40 A.M.) – Israel launched a powerful attack over the southern and southwestern regions of Damascus last night.
      Among the sites targeted by the Israeli Air Force last night was an entire air defense storage that belonged to the Syrian military, a source in Damascus told Al-Masdar News.

      According to the source, the Israeli Air Force fired a couple of missiles at the air defense storage in the town of Kesweh, resulting in a massive blast that could be heard from the capital city.
      In addition to the attack on the air defense storage, the Israeli Air Force also targeted a number of sites belonging to the Syrian military in the nearby Beit Saber area of southern Damascus.
      A source from the Syrian military said that the Israeli Air Force launched 18 air-to-surface missiles towards southern and southwestern Damascus, with at least 11 managing to hit their intended targets.
      The source added that the Israeli Air Force launched these strikes from the southern border of Lebanon near the town of Marjeyoun.
      Some casualties have been reported, but the total number of killed and wounded has not been confirmed by the military.
      This morning’s attack by the Israeli military is considered the most powerful attack launched by their air force in two months.

      1. Rhodium 10 says:

        accord SANANEWS only one ammo depot have been hitted..damage in civilians building as a result of shrapnel

    2. klove and light says:

      Home Syria Russia reveals details about several Israeli attacks inside Syria
      Russia reveals details about several Israeli attacks inside Syria
      By News Desk –

      BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:20 A.M.) – The Russian Foreign Ministry released details on Thursday about several attacks that were recently carried out by the Israeli military inside Syria.
      Beginning with the Israeli attack on the home of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) commander in Damascus, the Russian Foreign Ministry slammed this strike because it caused civilian casualties and war carried out near several diplomatic missions.

      “On November 12, Israeli aircraft launched a rocket attack on the home of the commander of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group, Akram al-Ajuri, in central Damascus, where foreign diplomatic missions are located. The victims of the attack were peaceful Syrian citizens. The attack caused significant damage to property and buildings. Al-Ajuri himself was not injured, but his relatives died,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
      The Russian Foreign Ministry then discussed the recent attacks on Damascus and the alleged Israeli strikes on the city of Albukamal near the Iraqi border.
      “On November 18, targets were attacked in the Abukamal region near the Syrian-Iraqi border. At the same time, Israeli aircraft violated, according to reports, the airspace of Iraq and Jordan. Explosions were reported on November 19 near the Damascus airport, and rockets were fired at targets 18 km south of the Syrian capital, allegedly in response to the shelling of the Golan Heights from the Syrian side,” they stated.
      “On the night of November 20, Israeli Air Force aircraft attacked the suburbs of Damascus, firing 40 cruise missiles. The attacks caused deaths and injuries of more than 10 Syrian troops and civilians.”
      ALSO READ Russia’s S-500 to enter service ‘soon’ to combat US F-35

      The claims about 40 cruise missiles fired on Damascus were not confirmed by the Syrian military, but they did stated that at least 18 missiles were fired by the Israeli forces from the Lebanese border.

      1. Rhodium 10 says:

        thats fake!…SANA news told that only a ammo depot and a warehouse were targeted beside damage in civilians buildings as consecuence of Shrapel!..as usual all attacks vs Syria are being magnifice..like when western media told that 400 russians PMC were killed!

    3. Ceasar Polar says:

      20 interceptions.

  5. Johan says:

    I do not like Persians, they love taqiyya, hate women and want to kill non believers, who are everybody except them self.

    1. Free man says:

      “they love taqiyya, hate women and want to kill non believers, who are everybody except them self.” – Do you mean the mullahs regime ? Most Iranians / Persians oppose the crimes of the mullahs regime.

      1. Ceasar Polar says:

        Go away troll.
        ZioNazi scum of the earth.
        Leave this place and come back to twitter.

        1. Free man says:

          “Leave this place and come back to twitter.” – Learn to write English, illiterate mullahs supporter.

          1. Ceasar Polar says:

            In the name of God, i order you to Go back to twitter now you Evil-sick-zionist-scum-demon.

          2. Free man says:

            “In the name of God, i order you to…” – Are you kidding or are you a psychopath?

          3. Ceasar Polar says:

            So it’s whether people are zionists and they are perfectly sane, or they are anti-zionists and God-loving then they are psychopaths?
            Distorted logic, natural order taken upside down, freemasonic/zionist thinking.

            Anyone defending zionism is touched by the devil.
            That is more and more what i find most in common with ALL zioNazi-scums i met throughout my life.

          4. Free man says:

            Only crazy jihadists like you think they can order others in the name of God to do things.

          5. Ceasar Polar says:

            Wow, so according to you, they are no more Christian believers left to invoke the Power of God upon filthy zioNazi-demons ?
            Your snake eyes tells it all, demon infested being.
            Humans are vassals of souls, zioNazi-demons are vassals for Satan.

          6. Free man says:

            God wants you to take your pills.
            If you don’t he will send again the people in white with the restraining jacket.

          7. Ceasar Polar says:

            So you asked your troll squad supervisor for a copy-pasta answer, get some creativity at least geeeezzz

      2. Johan says:

        Those one yes, i know they oppose them, those mullahs cheated the people and stole the revolution. All the demands that created the revolution from human rights demands over corruption ban’s towards freedom of live and expression are still not realised and at least as bad as under the Shah. So let them destroy those rulers and there zombie helpers

    2. Concrete Mike says:

      Your so full of shit!

      I dont like fuckin liars like you.
      Garga would bitch slap you.

      Saudis hate women, go bitch at them.

      Fucking morron.

    3. Hasbara Hunter says:

      I Hate Fucken Wahhabis…Persians are more intelligent than you that is for sure

      1. Ceasar Polar says:

        Persians have given the world Chess-game.
        and Wahhabis have given the world Al qaida, isis and human walking penguins.

        1. Hasbara Hunter says:

          Wahhabism is an AngloZioNazi-ideology….Medina & Mekka will be confiscated by true Muslims in the near Future is my guesstimate…unity in the Middle East will push the AngloZioNazis out…Divide et Impera



    4. Ceasar Polar says:

      Lol, have you ever traveled to Iran by any chance?
      You are talking like a brainwashed coma state MSM fed burgerland debt enslaved citizen.

      1. Johan says:

        So all tourists guided by a state installed spy/guide/warder are specialist ? And university degreed specialist in , let say brain surgery, mathematic, gynaecology, astrology, psychology ore what ever is a “brainwashed cona state MSM burgerland debt enslaved citizen” great words for idiote arguments. By the way I forgot to mention “ the temporary mariages you are able to CONSUME” what we call prostitution but prude Islamic Iran hypocritical hides under his proper own hidjab “Nika mu’tah”

        1. Ceasar Polar says:

          you are still free to travel and visit Iran, if you have nothing to hide nothing will happen to you. If you are a zionist-scum-evil-demon well you will be cleansed of iran and sent back to where you come from.
          Millions of happy tourists already, many happy medical tourists as well. If you get sick in your zionist-controlled hometown, just drop by Iran you will get proper doctors to look into your situation.
          Keep on trusting your MSM, your coma-state fluoride induced is reaching stratospheric levels. Many of burgerland are also corrupt (sold out souls) that are ready to emulate whatever their zioNazi masters ask them too.

          1. Johan says:

            I am very happy to live in my country and you people say you love to live in your country. So why the hell are a of you so fanatically trying to come to live over here? We are unbelievers, sinners, perverse, non patriarchal and all of you want to be here, are you hypocrites or isn’t it not so great over there.?

          2. Ceasar Polar says:

            Only weak cowards and corrupt thieves leave their own country to immigrate to EU-fag land.
            No one with money/power/status will ever leave its country.
            For my case, i will never immigrate to any EU-fag state or any of Burgerland, or even Frozen-waste-land of Canada.

  6. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

    And the Russians with their arms crossed as always as perfect useless cowards, seeing how Israel mistreat their Syrian ally without doing anything about.
    Israel as a liar and evil as always having to invent excuses and lies to harm their weakest neighbors until one day some of them become strong enough to retaliate and make Israel pay for each of their cowardly acts against them.
    Because, why Israel does not mess with Hezbollah? For cowardice obviously, knowing exactly what awaits him if he dares to mess with them.

    1. LaRata says:

      Time for war will come … but not now … not at the time Israel want …

    2. Fred Dozer says:

      The Russians are not stupid enough to do anything yet. But they are talking with their friends. Maybe China will join with Russia in helping Syria. That would be nice.

    3. Concrete Mike says:

      Now is not the time to wrestle the israeli boar down.

      Patience young Padawan.

      1. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

        That is the problem with cowards. There will always be some justification for every act of cowardice however illogical and shameful it may be.
        Why do you think Israel did not dare to attack Hezbollah again after the latter immediately responded to Israel’s cowardly attack on Lebanon against them, being Hezbollah a microbe compared to the Russian superpower?
        Only for respect my friend, for respect for the courage and bravery of Hezbollah.
        What does not happen with the increasingly repetitive attacks of Israel against Syria without even the slightest respect for the Russians, knowing very well Israel that there will not be even the slightest retaliation from the giant coward of Russia against them.
        Always remember my friend of this wise Mexican proverb:
        ” The brave will take advantage as far as the coward allows it ”
        And that is exactly what is happening between Israel and the cowardly Russia in Syria right now, my friend.
        Crude reality no matter how much the truth hurts you my dear friend.

    4. Vitex says:

      You are starting to sound like a hasbara perhaps.

      1. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

        As much as the truth hurts you, it won’t stop being the truth my friend. If I am wrong, present your arguments please, and prove it and I will gladly accept my mistake humbly.

  7. Andrei says:

    Well the reality we don’t have a clue…
    We can speculate as much as we want…all day….
    We are not there on the ground to see the reality..so we don’t know anything…
    But..but… if Israel it claims that it hit Iranian targets…from soo many years…Iranian army never retaliate…. I understand that is tricky to retaliate but in the end of the day .. you hit I hit you 10 times…just to make sure that you wont misunderstand me ….
    For sure Iran soldiers if will happen like this what Israel says and soldiers die, they will want to retaliate. Even if they disobey orders..

  8. Papo Machete says:

    “in response to 4 rockets” that never did any damage or ever existed, this bloodthirsty zionazis always killing & destroying just for the heck of kill

    1. Jens Holm says:

      1 is enough. You are a slow learner.

      The Israeliens dont see their own inhabitants as spendables.

  9. chris chuba says:

    How credible is the claim that 4 rockets were fired at Israel, why would Iran take a useless pot shot at Israel that would do them more harm than good? I don’t buy it. The entire story is odd, the Syrians didn’t even that they did it in retaliation for Israeli strikes but Bibi was eager to use it as cover to bomb Damascus again.

    1. Luke Hemmming says:

      I agree too. Makes no sense at all for Iran to do such a thing. Reminds me of the time when the West accused Assad of using chemical weapons on civilians even when he had already won the battles and had taken back the territory. Politically motivated it seems. All about timing, a day before Bibi was to meet with Gantz to try and form a government, which failed anyway.

  10. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    The Iranians may not have been expecting this for two reasons, number one the Israelis have an interim government in power now and will have for another month or more, that’s until an elected government can be installed, and because interim governments can’t get approval for these sort of strikes easily, the Iranians had no real reason to suspect they’d be targeted, especially if they weren’t doing anything in particular to aggravate the Israelis at the time.
    But they probably weren’t suspecting a FF attack by the Likud party to give Israel a justifiable excuse to launch a few missiles.
    Is it a coincidence that just as the White and Blue party sit down to talk to the Arabs about forming a minority government, 4 missiles are launched from Syrian territory, I doubt it.
    The Arabs and the White and Blues sitting down and discussing the possibility of forming the next Israeli government would be something none of the Arabs would want to jeopardize, they’re all totally in favour of it, but Netanyahu or his Likud party aren’t, when they lose power Benji and some of the other leader have to go to court and face corruption charges, so they’re the only ones that wanted the meeting to fail, and what better way to spook the undecided members of the White and Blue party is there, than sending a few Arab missiles from Syria their way.
    This is a retaliatory strike for an attack the Israelis launched against themselves, they probably paid some of their agents to do the dirty work, and then just let normal Israeli procedure do the rest, jobs done.
    As far as I’m aware no one’s claimed responsibility for the initial strike, but I’m pretty sure this is all down to Benji’s handy work, because no one but him stood to gain anything from the timing, the Iranians/Syrians/Hezbollah would have prefered to put off an attack until after the Israeli deadline to form a government had expired, that’s if they were indeed responsible, but as I say I don’t think they were responsible, it’s usually the one with the most to gain that’s responsible for irrational occurrences like this.

  11. Rhodium 10 says:

    18 Delilah cruise missile for nothing ( wasted 20 million dollars)…one roof, one ammo depot( there dozens in Syria full of terrorist weapons captured) and one small warehouse….almost all missile were intercepted over Beit Saber…

  12. hvaiallverden says:

    Yeah, another eh….. retaliation, yup, from an so called missile attack on the terrorstate ISISrael, coming from uh…. Syria, again, hitting nowhere and doing nothing, but gives the IDF an exuse to do something aka retaliate, yup, problem, soltuion and reaction, how eh…… surpircing, and of course, everything they eventually manage to hit, is Iranian, of course.
    Then we have the wave cut down to some IDFs missles actually manages to go thru, should be more intresting than the fact they indeed hit something, etc, like the only time I know of where an Sidewinder AtA missile in fact have hit an target, is when the Yankikes shoot down an Iranian comersial jet, some years ago, yeah, apart from that, I wounder do they even work.

    Second, IDFs airforce, is of course, since they are brave Joos, hide behind Lebanin air space, where there is an comerisal air traffic and to then whine about why Syrians dont fire on the coward rats, is of course understandable and nobody wants to make things worse, and this goes to the missle defence systems as well, you dont fire into an region packed with civil aircrafts, they are after all, not barbars, like the rotten f…. in the Most moral army in the world IDF, right.

    I am more, amd more conserned about what I see is an build up to something witch must be done to justify an all out war on Iran, false flags, etc, since its been quiet now for to long, and this silent gaps indicate something bigger is on its way, to have something to point on so they have an legitm cause to attack Iran, never mind the protestings, I dont talk about that, but in an region where nobody is honest, most nations untrustworthy, polticians lies all the time, and everybody is corrupt, and those few that isnt and is fighting the scums of this earth, is suffering under what we all know is the Yankikes asymetric war fare scrap book senarios.
    Thats whay I await, and Trump is just an ISISrael Bitch, period, but my conserns are about Russia, Truks of course plays everybody, but again, loosing their wet dream about the Calipat wasnt what they wanted but thats where we stand to day, the sole reason for alowing the happy head choppers to flow into Syria/Iraq in the first place, and now the ottomanian have loost theat option, but never underestemate the rotten Turks, because after all, they are Khazarian scums like their borthers in ISISrael and the Kurds, ISISrael Minore.
    Yeah, intresting times indeed.


  13. Tudor Miron says:

    Another piece of photoshop fakery.

    1. Derek Johnson says:

      Its always Photoshop – tell that to the Iranian family members.

      1. Tudor Miron says:

        Is Bibi that desperate because of inability to form a government? “Family members ” :) Try harder, Derek.

  14. Tommy Jensen says:

    So the S-300 and Pantsir are still not able to defend even Damascus Airport against Israel. The attack is probable agreed and times with Kremlin double game.
    “We are only in Syria to fight terrorists bla bla bla bla, US and Israel are Syrias problem bla bla bla bla”.

    1. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

      Exactly my friend, I think exactly the same as you.

    2. Ceasar Polar says:

      The S300’s might have been moved closer to Der-ezzor… or north closer to the Turkish border…
      they were some 20 interceptions made by Syrian air-defenses, however not enough the S300 would have helped indeed.
      Putin is making everyone angry by allowing ZioNazi IsraHell to strike they make him look like a zioNazi vassal.

  15. Rhianne Jane says:

    Excellent and very exciting site. Love to read you post. Keep Rocking.


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