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Satellite Images Confirm: GNA Airstrike Eliminated LNA Warplane In June

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On July 26, Oded Berkowitz, an Israeli intelligence analyst, released new satellite images revealing that an airstrike by the Government of National Accord (LNA) air force destroyed a warplane of the Libyan Air Force (LAF) last month.

The images, which were taken on June 13 and June 25, show how a GNA airstrike destroyed a Su-22 warplane of the LAF in al-Watyah airbase in northwestern Libya.

The GNA air force announced the destruction of the warplane in a short press release on June 19. These claims were met with much suspicion back then, as al-Watyah is not one of the LAF’s main airbases.

“The air eagles of the GNA destroyed a Sukhoi-type warplane at Al Watya Air Base,” the press release reads.

A recent report revealed that the GNA air force destroyed two Ukrainian IL-76D cargo planes in the Al-Jufra airbase in July.

The high-precision of the GNA’s airstrikes suggest that they may have been carried out by Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 combat drones, which are known to be operating over Libya.

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Could be fake news, more proof required than a couple of photos with a smudge.

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