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Satellite Imagery Shows Aftermah Of “76 Missiles” Strike On Syria’s Barzeh Scientific Research Complex

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Satellite Imagery Shows Aftermah Of "76 Missiles" Strike On Syria's Barzeh Scientific Research Complex

A screenshot from the video

ImageSat International released satellite photos showing an aftermath of the April 14 US-led strike on the so-called “Barzah Research and Development Center” in Syria.

According to the Pentagon, the US and its allies launched 76 missiles at this center and all the missiles hit the target.

According to the photos, all three buildings of the facility were destroyed. According to Syrian sources, this facility has been mostly abandoned before the US-led strike.

Some experts question the need of 76 missiles to destroy three “abandoned” buildings.

The US said that this facility had been an active place where the the Syrian government was recently producing chemical weapons. The Syrian government and Russia reject this claim by saying that chemical stockpiles controlled by the government have been destroyed and the production of chemical weapons has not been resumed.

Some other pictures:

On April 14, the US, the UK and France launched 105 cruise and air-launched missiles on targets in Syria [According to initial estimates 103 missile]. Currently, there are two conflicting versions of the events:

Fore more details on the April 14 strike: “Summing Up Results Of US-UK-France Strike On Syria: Statements, Facts And Speculations

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Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

lmao yea right


They lied about the CW and lied about extent of attack and lied about their missiles hit ratio to be 100%

Nigel Maund

The US and NATO cannot tell the truth as it’s not good consumption on their totally controlled MSM propaganda and brainwashing organisations. They MUST control the narrative otherwise the home pupulace may smell a very large and stinking rat!


I wouldn’t believe these people, all that they do is lie.

Click on the image to see an expanded view and to be able to read the text.

CNN, NBC, NYT. All Jews:



Trained by their evil Jew pedophile mass rape cult from birth to lie:


Nigel Maund

Thanks again! It’s a hopeless situation as the US citizenry have no voice at all except the Alt Media!!!!


Fortunately the internet is becoming the new msm and increasing numbers of people are viewing the lying Jew media as the sick and twisted parody of what news should be. In Europe with all of the crazy “antisemitism” laws that the evil Jews and their collaborators are also trying to pass here in the US, it’s even worse.

Nigel Maund

Richard, I agree entirely! This is no coincidence and these people are essentially all Zionists and evil. The US and Western world has to address this serious issue very soon and clean out these people from any positions of power or influence!

Tudor Miron

Rats cleaning themselves out of the ship? Never happens till the ship is about to sink.

Nigel Maund

Richard – Many thanks for this – much appreciated! Ye God’s its far worse than even I had thought!!!! The US is run by Israel totally – You’ll mever get your country back until you get rid of this lot and a great deal more!!!!


You’re welcome. They’ve been a parasitical disease on the body politic for a long time and the internet is waking increasing numbers of Americans up to that.

That Guy

The 71 missile interception thing looks way too good to be true as well. I’m 100% with the SAA, but still, we shouldn’t believe everything we are told. Either way, this strike was just a waste of ammo, nothing was achieved from it.


It’s possible because Russia surely provided as reported all the information from satellites etc the Moment the missiles were launched.

That means the Syrians already knew those incoming missiles , their direction , speed and even types the moment the missiles were fired.

So hit probability very high

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

My God, why does all this feel like live wargames by the US and RF on the battlefields of Syria? I can hear the crunch of military data as well the crunch of human bodies! Only a swift Assad victory will stop this madness. Godspeed to the brave SAA and allies. Liberate the whole of Syria and send the head-choppers back to where they spawned in the lands of the US/EU/NATO/GCC/Israeli gang.


Cheers am totally with you. Syrians have suffered long enough. Time to end all these madness.

Evil nations calling themselves high moral countries are actually devil’s advocates

May they all burn in hell


Of course, but that is their job, to keep people in the darkness.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

So, the Imperial Troika launched 76 tomahawk cruise missiles, each with 450 kg of high explosives, to destroy


Worry not about the money.


It means it’s all a show to save face. Russia told them to strike those empty buildings and it’s a great success for Trump’s ego

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Come on! Even Trump’s planet size butt does not need 76 missiles. Just one will do, unless, he is protected by Russian pantsirs and S200. What a thought!


I think the whole thing was an attempt to get russia to turn on and engage with the S-400. The data gathered would be worth more than its weight in gold to both military planners and weapon systems builders. A bonus of this attack was essentially it was indeed an ambush on a bunch of empty buildings, which means that there were no significant dead bodies, and because of that, it will be forgotten in a few days: “no harm no foul”, and both sides look like they won…

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

What did the Imperial Troika learn from last year’s attack? What really happened to the tomahawks that did not make it to that airbase? Does anyone know or is this top secret? You are right. The Imperial Troika are desperate enough for data on S-400s. Desperate enough to try the next attack against the Russian bases? Will they now change their minds after the 71/103 fiasco?


The shayrat air strike was probably a probing mission to see what the russians would do(nothing), what would happen with trump politically(it helped), was also probably a S-400 engagement mission as well(failed), and finally: a “gimme” for the israelis as they are most interested in this region because of the iranians(yawn).

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Well something that many people didn’t know was those cruise missiles fired were intercepted by a new EW jamming developed with the Syrian government. They found the hole in the system the first time with the three missiles getting past the radar jamming. Well shayrat proved that they could intercept all incoming missiles this time around all airbases remained untouched dismal failure for the west. You mean when the T4 airbase was attacked not shayrat because Israel lost 5 cruise missiles in that attack.

You can call me Al

They learnt that the S-200 and older systems can kick their ars3.


The buildings that US, UK and French morons have targeted if truly there were chemical weapons produced or stored so that would be a disaster for the whole Middle East region because bombing it would spread poisonous and toxic chemicals in the whole environment which would kill thousands but there were not chemical weapons. LOL

Julius Meinel

Your are largely correct about the first part of your assessment. I thought the same. However, I do not think that Russia thinks of S400 as the primarily anti cruise missile weapon. For that it relies primarily on Pantsir missiles and the MIG 31 launched R 33 and R 37. That, combined with electronic jamming, should do the trick at least in the final phase of the Tomahawks’ flight when it switches from the automated GPS flight path to the homing targeting system and thus become more vulnerable.


Tomahawks dont “switch” to a homing targeting system, they can be guided to the target entirely by GPS, either aided by DSMAC or not.


Any way, they were handled by Russia in their flight.


Yea, the problem is when you flood an airspace with missiles that cruise at subsonic speed kindof like a regular aircraft or bombers, you could spook some green troops into firing.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That didn’t happen with SAA ADS technicians as they were very calm and collected and turned it into a Pantsir and BUK party.


I think you are right on with the thoughts about data gathering. I don’t imagine the war gamers and strategists like the thought of going in blind as to the actual abilities of S400, S300, etc. capabilities. This seems to be apparent from the first attacks. Something that also gives them pause is the capabilities of s125 and s200 after electronic upgrades. I imagine the actual ability of a fully modern system and hardware is more than ‘concerning’…hence no aircraft is Syrian airspace. They may also be trying to analyze Russian EW, which is a definite thorn in their side (the Buffoons new ‘smart’ missiles). All in all, there will be no all out attack before they think they understand the Russian defenses…but maybe more ‘feelers’. How far can they push the fake issues to continue to probe Russian defenses? How much are they will to lose…not just in lives and hardware…but military ‘prestige’?

Rüdiger Preiss

Yes it’s a show to ‘save face’ but Russia certainly hasn’t told them to strike or what to strike. They have chosen the sites based on pre- 2011 intelligence knowing too well that there was nothing there since 2013. This only is a success for Trumps’ ego in the eyes of people who’s mind is clouded by the fog of Neocon propaganda. In reality it was a success for Syria and Russia


The reason I sail Russia told them to strike at the empty building was the large number of missiles deliberately directed there …. 76! That building was not protected by SAM . Others you notice high shot down rate.

Imagine how Trump will face the Americans if only one or two of the missiles went thru?

So to save face ….send those cruise to unprotected useless targets.

It’s nuts to send so many to that location if there has been no prior agreement


Your are missinformed look up Russia report about this missile attack.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US had 12 sites chosen the last wave was called off after Russian Jets were scrambled to meet the incoming wave of planes to the other 4 targets. US tries a lot of Hokum with their failed mission objective and hitting A research and development center that was cleared in November 2017 by the OPCW. They had no clue that it was involved in cancer research and Solar energy along with testing imported products and Teaching facility.


Assad with the help of Russia and Iran develop two 1100MWe Nuclear power plants in Tartus and in Latakia and withdraw from NPT. Assad also develop Nuclear missiles industry in Tartus and in Latakia for their defence. Assad should not negotiate or compromise on Syrian defence. Be strong. Learn from Pakistan, Iran and North Korea.


Not true. There’s no such thing


This is a lie. You must be a jew to say that.


Putin should know that due to Israel, US, UK and France the Middle East states defences has been destabilized. Assad must have at least enough S300 and Pantsir-S1 for air defence and smart bombs and guided missiles to stabilize the defence in the region. Putin should produce their weapons in Syria to reduce the logestic cost and save money.


According to Russia MF about details on the Barzah and Jaramani strike, 23/30 missiles hit the target. I say that is reliable based on picture above.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

But why target with 76 in the first place? Are they trying to dig to the Earth’s mantle? Did the Imperial Troika expect this level of losses? But the Pantygone generals said none of the missiles were shot down, and they were more concerned about the poor Syrian civilians being killed with their own debris. What is going on? One one side we have the Pantygone generals stating with a straight face that none of the missiles were lost. On the other side we have the RF generals stating that 71 were shot down. So, who is right? There is only one way to find out : FIGHT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Np6gyUb0E7o

Tudor Miron

Live videos from Syrian airbases and Damascus aired yesterday is fine with me.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Have the Pantygone Generals released any videos of the missile impacts, or is that classified to hide their failure?

Tudor Miron

Only those abandoned buildings in research center. No video but satelite images before/after. Yes they managed to destroy those – those site had list importance and lowest interception rate. Airbases were much better defended with very high interception rate.

paul ( original )

Well if my rusty brain is still at all functional that equate to 33 imperial tons or 34 metric tonnes if you prefer. May be someone with demolition knowledge could comment on this bearing in mind this is probably way above commercial explosive.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Imperial or metric tonnes, that is still one hell of a punch against 3 buildings. What’s going on???

You can call me Al

$ 1,400,000 a pop for the standard model……Based on that = $ 10,640,0000 (I hope) – now how much would those building cost to replace ?…..$ 500,000 ?

Maybe it sounds dodgy (smells like fish), but you must remember the mentality of the YANKS…

“Scientific Research Complex” = “Chemical Weapons lab”…….come on everybody – cheers our heroes !!!!.

Rüdiger Preiss

The 2 true purposes of this attack: a) Trump ‘saved his face’ and gave in to pressure by war hawks surrounding him. Getting the UK & France on board, no matter how limited, gave a signal to Russia and the international community that the US isn’t the ‘bad boy’. b) How many missiles does it take to get through Syria’s air defences? Clearly, too many. I can imagine they have used about half of what the 3 nations had immediately available. This was a very costly ‘live-firing’ exercise which actually came to benefit Syria more than it harmed them. They have learned a lot more from it than the coalition forces have!


76 is a lie to hide wider missile failures at other targets.

Paul James

…. or maybe undisclosed DEEP STATE targets … long shot but I’ll keep my fingers crossed! https://1776reloaded.org/joomla30/index.php/truth-bombs/truth-bombs-list/462-exposing-the-latest-syria-rothschilds-united-states-corp-false-flag


Yeah right. Its the exact other way around, the so-called intercepted missiles aimed at airbases are a lie to hide the fact that Russia and Syria are powerless to stop NATO airpower. Those 6 airbases were not hit by anything because they werent targeted by anything. Syria just shot 40 SAM’s on a ballistic trajectory to give the impression they were defending themselves, even though most NATO missiles had hit their targets before the first SAM was launched.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

I would say that the RF side’s 70% kill rate was closer to the truth than the Pantygone General’s claim of 100% success. We will see in the rush to buy S-300 and S-400 RF systems versus the Patriots, won’t we? Why did the Maddog Mattis say this attack was a “one off” when the Trumpus wants be locked and loaded? Very revealing!

Paul James

For the reason that none of the story lines add up – the post at the top of this article is worth processing! https://1776reloaded.org/joomla30/index.php/truth-bombs/truth-bombs-list/462-exposing-the-latest-syria-rothschilds-united-states-corp-false-flag

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

There is now a real chance that the UK Parliament will defeat the government on this Syrian action with a vote on Monday. The MPs will have feared for their own butts on Saturday morning. We can’t have that, can we?


Yes, they were “Pentagon sized buildings”. This was a large research facility.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

You mean 76 of these 500kg high explosive impacts? I don’t think so. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sa7ZX58Kk4

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

One building was a swimming pool very funny people like you are idiots.

Douglas Houck

My quick calculations are those 76 cruide missiles equals 0.034 kt of HE (0.054 kt TNT equivalnt), The Oklahoma City bombing, using a truck-based fertilizer bomb, was 0.002 kt of TNT equivalent or the 76 missles had over 28 times the power of the explosion of the Oklahoma City bombing.

I make no promise on the comparison (there is also kinetic energy of thr missile, etc.), so if others have better information please chime in.

petar petrovic

Heh, i had the same idea after I coudn’t find Tomahawk videos on youtube. US Fertilizer stronk.

JDAMS half the yield of tomahawks (500 lb) in action on a (concrete/brick? it is, multistory buildings arrent made from mud) hotel, flattening it’s right and mid section:


What seems to be a 2000lb (double tomahawk’s yield) JDAM to finish of the left section…


The amount of destruction seen at Berzeh seems quite replicable to a 15-25 jdams (tomahawks) on 3 two story buildings…


Douglas Houck

Thanks, your approach seems reasonable. I took a look at a decent photo of the Research site showing the destruction, and could only come up with around 20 +/- craters. As an order of magnitude assessment I can’t come up with anything close to approaching 76 missiles hitting that site.

Now on the other side, there is no way to confirm Russia/Syria’s side of the tale. They obviously shot down some missiles as there is video evidence of it., but 71?

The next day reported missile attack, that was then denied by the Syrian military “a false alarm of violating the Syrian airspace caused the air defense sirens to go off and a number of missiles to be fired, but no foreign attack on Syria took place.” makes one wonder if the US doesn’t have an effective “spoofing” radar EW system. See: http://www.militaryaerospace.com/articles/2017/06/radar-spoofing-electronic-warfare-ew.html

So who knows exsctly what happened. Just like last years strike, not all the US missiles make it to the target. That is certain.

Rex drabble

What matters here is that SYRIA by itself defeated an attack by three major countries and WON!!!!!!!!


Just one must take into account Russia electronic warfare (EW) too.



Russie Unie


Dušan Mirić

Оће банда!


A Mother Of All Overkills. I really don’t know why they didn’t consult the Mossad – those boys brought down the Twins and WTC 6 with with just a fraction of the explosive…


That’s because Russia only allow the Missiles to hit those targets or be shot down 100% . Then Trump loses face

Gerry Hiles

Why waste defensive missiles on empty buildings? All important targets had 100% “kill” rates – watch the video. Didn’t even need to waste Russian S-400s and other even better defences, which will be used if the Empire mounts a full scale assault … oh and bye bye the 6th Fleet + whatever floating coffins the British and French provide. Sad for the bereaved families, but obviously no US sailors paid heed to what happened to the USS Donald Cook a couple of years ago … and there it is again!!

Gerry Hiles

Except they probably used 2-6 mini-nukes, considerably cutting down on the amount of thermate/ite. SO efficient!! Only had to put on a token display of cutting charges around the perimeter for the partially observant to chatter about indefinitely, whilst the core got vaporized almost instantly at sun-hot temperatures. Anyhow probably one nuke in the basements and another one or two up the elevator shafts, perhaps in WTC7 too.

Rüdiger Preiss

Had nothing to do with bringing down those buildings. Last time Trump sent 60ish missiles last year and the Pantygone probably got a bit surprised so many of their toys didn’t make it, so they had to try again with a greater number this time… and got surprised again :D! This is probably the main reason why Russia decided to lean back and let the Syrians deal with it – to show the hawks, look guys, we didn’t even lift a finger and your toys again blew up into nothing. History has told us several times, the more Trump bleats about success, the worse his failure


The U.S. bombed the facility because it was clean. If it was full of chemical weapons , they would have helped the jihadists seize it long ago :



If it was full of chemical weapons, all the territory around would be contaminated now.

Tudor Miron

As you could notice on live videos yesterday – people are walking around the site without any protective gear. All seem safe from chemical gaz attack other than a fart or two coming from US/UK.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That’s why the soldiers weren’t wearing protective gear at that location.


They should send the inspectors there to verify or disprove the conflicting claims.


If that was hit by 76 cruise missiles then they can’t have been carrying much explosives. That building looks like it was hit by just one. I’d sue the manufacturer for such gross negligent underkill.


More likely RuMOD version is correct. Pentagon tries to hide missiles failures by claiming all went to the few targets actually hit.


Pardon my French, but one might call this pornographic war. It’s like jerking off at a painted picture and calling it ‘having sex’…


35 tons of HE? I really don’t think so.


– Tactical nuclear weapon –



76 missile to destroy 3 small building wha a waste of money. They should’ve wipe they behind with the money instead.

Bjorn Metaal



Perhaps now the West can bomb Porton Down and the US equivalent where they are still producing chemical and germ warfare technologies given that they are still operating in breach of their agreements. Perhaps Putin can hit them with his high speed nuclear powered missiles because those facilities are clearly worse than anything Syria has produced.

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

If those buildings housed the manufacture and storage of chemicals, where are their traces now that the buildings have been wrecked? Or are we to believe that after such a “powerful” bombing, the wreckage wouldn’t be surrounded by clouds of the destroyed chemicals?

Tudor Miron



Nuno, You bad man, You are breaking the narrative with, FACTS.


Trump’s missiles are so smart they do hazmat too.

Joe Doe

Russia failed again to protect Syria. By now is clear that Russia has no ball$ to stand up against Americans, therefore this is message to other world leaders. Siding with Russia does not give you protection. If Russian leadership is afraid of Americans, at least they should give modern Air Defense to Syria such as S-400 in order Syria can protect itself. Russia don’t be coward

You can call me Al

I have told you the reason once, I shall not tell you again and it looks like no one else will.


Joe Doe is not worth debating with Al, his arguments do not even convince his Zio colleagues :)

You can call me Al

Thanks for your heads up……

Empire's Frontiers

Know your enemy and know oneself and there will be no cause to fear the outcome of a thousand battles.

The Russians don’t seem fearful.

turkish jihadi

we turk support strike


The majority US people today consider themselves exceptional and the representative of ‘God’ on earth. People such as these have huge ego’s. It is sometimes prudent to smile politely when ‘indispensable’ people say things that really do not matter.

Whether the US missiles all hit their targets or not matters little as only derelict buildings were hit . The obvious strategic targets of airfields were not harmed and that is due to the other narrative that 71% of missiles were shot down. And I believe they were.

If the US narrative is to be believed more than seventy expensive missiles hit a small complex of empty buildings that are still mostly standing but damaged. Where did the remainder attack. In the Gulf war the US proudly showed all attacks in video to the world. Where are they now?

The Syrian airfields are intact, the missile defences are intact and Russia did not need to show the ‘electrical’ component of their defence footprint to the US data gathering planes.

To me the US attack failed and if the US wants to massage its ego that’s ok. There is little to be gained in verbally challenging the insane and the US is collectively maddened by hubris.

In war real facts matter.

Raptar Driver

What really matters is that the imperial powers struck again a sovereign country which posed no threat and they did so with near impunity; nothing has changed since March 24th 1999.



leon mc pilibin

Most of trumpys smart bombs were shot down by old USSR air defence systems,lol

Miguel Redondo

Dumb question ….. This facility , a chemical research site , is a clear candidate for a visit by the members of the OPCW factfinding mission. And it is practically at the outskirts of Damascus. Is it a coincidence that this buildings have been totally destroyed by the attack? Can this attack be a message to the OPCW team?

Julius Meinel

For me there are two conclusions from this air strike:

1) US/UK/France are fear the loss of aircraft over Syria based Syria’s own air defenses. Not sure whether the claim of 70 missiles shot down is true, but even if there were to be half of that that still sends a chilling message to the warmonger, that Syria has the capabilities to shot down aircraft over its skies if it chooses to do so.

2) US/UK/France have lunched most of the missiles and cruise missiles from the Red sea and the Persian Golf. To the extend one of the main goals of Russians presence in Syria is to thwart any surprise massive missile attack against its southern flank (specifically the military installations in Crimea, and the strategic bomber bases at Mozdok in North Ossetia and Engels near Saratov), the fact that the warmonger parties have been careful enough to chose the two aforementioned locations to lunch their attack, indicates that they fear the Russia’s presence in the eastern Mediterranean.

This is something they did not worry about prior to Sep. 2014. Now they have to think twice about any stupid moves from that area. Cruise Missiles ( whether sea or air) lunched from Red Sea and Persian Golf do not have the reach to go all the way to either Crimea nor to Mozdok, let alone the bomber base at Engels. In this regard, one of the objectives of the Russian presence in Syria has been accomplished.

Joe Cassese

“The US said that this facility had been an active place where the the Syrian government was recently producing chemical weapons. The Syrian government and Russia reject this claim by saying that chemical stockpiles controlled by the government have been destroyed and the production of chemical weapons has not been resumed.” OK. Truth be told.

While the chemical weapons inspectors of the OPCW are in Syria have them inspect this destroyed facility. If the facility was producing chemical agents the area should be completely contaminated.

alejandro casalegno

The US photos of the targets are the best probe than tthe syrian ADF shot.down most of the missiles in the “Swarm”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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