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MAY 2021

Satellite Imagery Show Damage Caused By Israeli Strikes To Government Forces’ Positions In Damascus International Airport

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Israel’s ImageSat International has released satellite imagery showing a damage delviered by the May 10 Israeli strikes on government forces’ positions in the area of Damascus International Airport.

Satellite Imagery Show Damage Caused By Israeli Strikes To Government Forces' Positions In Damascus International Airport

Click to see the full-size image

Satellite Imagery Show Damage Caused By Israeli Strikes To Government Forces' Positions In Damascus International Airport

Click to see the full-size image

Satellite Imagery Show Damage Caused By Israeli Strikes To Government Forces' Positions In Damascus International Airport

Click to see the full-size image

Satellite Imagery Show Damage Caused By Israeli Strikes To Government Forces' Positions In Damascus International Airport

Click to see the full-size image

More about the May 10 incident:

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  1. #'~A*Q@Xm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^% says:

    It is high time Syria starts retaliating against the depraved Ziofascist entity, targeting facilities in the Tel Aviv area.

    1. Redadmiral says:

      Agree, they should do it according to the Torah: an Eye for an Eye and an Airport for an Airport

      1. Joe Dirt says:

        Krav Maga: Basic principles
        1. Attacking preemptively or counterattacking as soon as possible
        2.Continuing to strike the opponent until they are completely incapacitated.

        1. Omega says:

          1. That’s how British-Israel has always justified its warmongering thirst: lie they were attacked to justify an attack and then lie they were attacked. All in the name of “preemptiveness”.

          2. Always diabolically disproportionate. One alleged rocket lands on empty land (no casualty, no damage), Israel responds with air strikes and killed a thousand.

          Besides, Krav Maga is nothing but combat moves taken from several pre-existing martial arts combined with the behavior of a gorilla given an injection of adrenaline. It lacks finesse and coordination.

          1. Joe Dirt says:

            Preemptive strikes happen, it’s just life. Get over it! Every nation in the world does it.

          2. Omega says:

            Suggesting that I “should Google” says one thing: nothing.

            Nobody, other than the rogue degenerate British Zionist State, has preemptively striked anyone this much, this long and for no legal and/or sensical reason.

            After the 1937 Peel Commission, which envisioned 20% of the land to Jews, the Zionist Jews went on the rampage of the land with terrorism – blowing up markets, infrastructures, attacking Palestinians and the Brits. Their terrorism was so bad the British Army couldn’t contain it. They also put a motion to cleanse the land of its inhabitants What was “preemptive” about that long decade of terrorism?

            In 1967, the Zionist State went on attacking the USS Liberty – in spite of identifying it as American nine hours prior – to then attack Syria (breaking the cease-fire) to seize the Golan Heights. It also attacked Egypt who has closed the Straits of Tiran legally and who has amassed troops at its border following Soviet intel (confirmed by the CIA) that Israel was readying to attack. The Zionist State also attacked and seized more lands in Gaza, the West Bank and other parts of Palestine – forcing more Palestinians to become refugees. What was “preemptive” about 1967 when ISraeli officials admitted there was no threat of annihiliation and that it was propaganda to steal more lands?

            Ignoring the continuous bombing for an entire decade (1970-1980), Israel illegally invaded and occupied the south of the Lebanon for twenty years, causing the death of tens of thousands of civilians. What was “preemptive” about it? Thanks to Hezbollah, the not-so-kosher vermin were kicked out. Israeli military officials called it a “humiliating” deafeat.

            In 2006, Israel planned and waged a war on Hezbollah/Lebanon and caused the death of more than a thousand civilian and over two billions worth of damage. Again, thanks to Hezbollah, the Zionist State lost and was shown the way out. What was “preemptive” about that?

            I’ll get over it when British Israel gets an equal dose of “preemptive” hit from the people it has angered for the past seventy years. Little do you realize, Israel is destined to national suicide.

          3. Joe Dirt says:

            bot, enough with your copy and paste. block.

          4. Omega says:

            No copy-paste but my words (based on facts).

          5. Vitex says:

            Thanks Joe, I did :) I’m much happier now.

          6. Vitex says:

            Like USS Liberty eh. Turning on your allies for no reason. Until you have no allies left eh Joe.

          7. #'~A*Q@Xm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^% says:

            No Sir, you are misinformed: preventive ‘self-defence’ is a specialty of the Empire-in-decline. Do yourself a favour and read some decent literature about this, instead of the government propaganda regurgitated by the presstitutes.

          8. Joe Dirt says:

            Your argument is subjective and it shows your low IQ. Please go back to the academy as soon as possible.

          9. #'~A*Q@Xm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^% says:

            Your reply confirms that the inanity is entirely on your side, you are a poor blinkered parrot that merely regurgitates government propaganda with giving so much of a 2nd thought. You do honour to your surname.

          10. Joe Dirt says:

            block, lol

        2. Vitex says:

          Developed by the Stern Gang. I know krav maga – it makes you into a delusional, paranoid person who sees everyone as an enemy and one who can never relax.

    2. Nigel Maund says:

      That’s precisely what they want!

      1. #'~A*Q@Xm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^% says:

        True, but it needs to be done in the right way, so that any retaliatory action by ‘Israel’ is countered heavily & effectively. The Ziofascists, like their poodle across the pond, only understand 1 language: the language of violence.

        1. Nigel Maund says:

          I’d agree with that. The Palestinian cause has been abandoned by Saudi Arabia and most of the Gulf States who could have put heavy pressure on Israel including sutting off her oil supplies permanently until she returned all stolen lans from the original Palestine and ceased all further provocative action. The US is 100% controlled by the Zionists in Israel and the US as too is the UK and EU, so the Palestinians have been essentially abandoned. It’s clear genocide being performed by those who yell about “the Holocaust” and anti semitism every time they’re criticised. There is no obvious solution to the Palestinian problem until the Western MSM is effectively shut down and the Zionists cleaned out of Western Governments.

          1. #'~A*Q@Xm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^% says:

            You’re spot on Nigel, but there is 1 problem though: I cannot see the Zionists getting cleaned out of Western governments nor the Western MSM shut down, the latter being the mouthpieces of those governments.

          2. Nigel Maund says:

            Sadly my dream appears hopelessly unrealistic and you’re right. However, God is the ultimate power and evil will eventually lose because it has to for the sake of humanity. Meanwhile, I support the Palestinians, Syrians and Iraqi’s against their very evil foe.

  2. Rob says:

    Just wait when Syria and their allies Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Palestine are ready to start operation in the South Syria. This is will be a game changer. Recently Jordan also went to Moscow and meet with Mr. Putin and loud his efforts in the stability of Middle East countries. On the other hand Egypt also signed defense contracts with Moscow.

    1. Smaug says:

      I think this concludes Iran’s activities in Southern Syria for the foreseeable future. Russia is not interested in attacking a NATO member that has nukes, Assad is not interested in another active front in the war, and Hezbollah does not have the strength to act alone, sorry.

      1. Serious says:

        Which NATO member ? XD.

        1. Bru says:

          Maybe he meant a non-NATO tiny state under whose unofficial command NATO would stand?

      2. World_Eye says:

        This concludes nothing, who’s NATO member should Russia not Attack that has nukes, wtf you talking about, oh yes Assad is interested in war when his country is been attacked on daily basis, and what Hezbollah have not strength, are you a blind idiot, Hezbollah today is 10x times stronger than 2009. And don’t bring us news from straight Yahoo the very foiled MSM from the Very US and Canada.

        1. Smaug says:

          I’ll remember you said that in a couple months after nothing happens. I’ll also remember you attempting to deny that Israel is a NATO member with nukes.

          1. Mike says:

            You employer Saudi Arabia is NATO member there jihadi boy.

          2. Marko says:

            ” I’ll also remember you attempting to deny that Israel is a NATO member with nukes. ”

            Nukes, yes. NATO , no.


      3. Rob says:

        US, UK, France and Israel have smuggled so much weapons to their terrorists in Syria that that is enough for Syria and their allies to pay back to Israel and US migrants.

      4. Mike says:

        The Saudi spam bot, from the Saudi troll farm.

      5. Omega says:

        Assuming such conclusion is extrapolation. Otherwise, I agree that Russia won’t allow Iran to attack Israel or at least be part of it. In the same way, Russia did not allow Israel to attack Israel in 2008 when it destroyed two airports in Georgia (from where Israel was planning the attack on Iran).

  3. Smaug says:

    Based on these photos it would seem that the target was the logistics network of this base.

    1. Mike says:

      Sorry sitting on your ass disseminating Saudi propaganda, doesn’t make you an Intel professional. Idiot.

  4. Jason H. Smith says:

    Sadly, Putin is Israel’s bitch, and just will not acknowledge the absurdity of supporting an evil entity that is one of the primary supporters of terrorism worldwide. Indeed, in Iraq they operated highly protected death squads that would massacre US servicemen, in order to keep the war going. Russia should have nothing to do with this false flag nation that is a curse upon us all.

    1. RichardD says:

      You really need to get your facts straight and stop living in your delusional fantasy world. The Syrian government coalition, which includes Russia, that is taking down Israeli missiles on a regular basis and aircraft, and just hit 10 Israeli military sites in the occupied Golan. They could help the Lebanese secure their airspace from constant Israeli violation and the Syrians and Palestinians clear the IDF out of the occupied Golan and West Bank to implement the UN resolutions that the evil Jew blood sucking baby rapers are in violation of.

      That’s why Netanyahu is in Moscow with his knee pads on a regular basis. Because he doesn’t want all of the UN resolutions that Israel is in violation of implemented. If Putin was doing what the Jews want, he wouldn’t be kicking their regime change terrorists out of Syria and be part of a military coalition attacking the IDF on a regular basis. That’s a no brainer.

      You do realize that Putin was a high ranking intel officer. And that an intel officer’s job is to obtain intel on potential threats like the Jews.

      1. Peter Bond says:

        Oh shut up! Shove your fake Christian crap up your behind Ali, you fool no one Pratt!

        1. RichardD says:

          Rather than writing obnoxious Jew nonsense in a 2 year old temper tantrum. Why don’t you try addressing the issues in a mature, rational and factual manner? Like your evil cult’s scofflaw crime state, which is one of the smallest UN members, and has over 100 UN and other resolutions against it for war crimes and crimes and crimes against humanity, far more than any other UN member. And should have never been admitted to the UN in the first place, and should be delisted and replaced with Palestine, as part of dejudifing Palestine and our planet. To bring an end to Israel and Jews, to create a Jew free planet that will be much better for humanity.

          1. Marc Fischer says:

            These blood-sucking Talmudic troublemakers would destroy the UN if they could, just as they have destroyed Iraq, Libya and Syria. Just ask any aged ex-members of Irgun, Lehi and Stern . .

        2. Marc Fischer says:

          Your Zionazi, Talmudic, herpes- riddled blood is starting to show through your ego wounds shlomo . .go back to your penile-sucking baby rituals and leave us alone. This is a strictly Goyim news site . . .lol

      2. Omega says:

        A Jew-free world isn’t the solution for long peace on Earth. An anti-Humanist Anglo-Saxon-(American) oligarchs free world is.

        As much as I despise Israel, Jews were not a problem for the world until they were made one by the oligarchs of the British Empire. Throughout history, Jews have been marginalized for being outsiders who didn’t want to assimilate with society. Their reluctance has its origin in Pharisaism (which later became known as Talmudism, Medieval Rabbinism, Modern Rabbinism and finally as Judaism). Pharisaism was a cult of Persian origin and Pharisaic leaders would not associate with non-Pharisaic people to be assured high-ranking positions within the Pharisaic society (after the polytheistic pagan beliefs in Canaan-Phoenicia were replaced in its favor and before the Romans destroyed Jerusalem).

        They (the oligarchs) used them (the Jews) in the Bolshevik Revolution, the fall of the Ottoman, as victims in WW2 and the creation of Israel to advance their hegemonic plans. Unfortunately, most Jews and/or Israelis and/or pro-Israel anyone don’t realize that.

        Everything about Israel, deep down to its putrid core, is British Colonialism. Their nuclear program isn’t any different.

        The ideologies, mythologies, and geopolitical strategies of the State of Israel, down to the minutest details, are the handiwork of a handful of Britons. In particular there was Orde Wingate, a representative of the Amery and Rothschild interests in the 1930s and a top British intelligence officer in Palestine. Moshe Dayan recently said of Wingate: “I remember Orde Wingate. And I salute him. He taught me and many another Israeli soldier everything we knew.”

        p.8-9: “The British Spook who built that Army of Zion” – http://wlym.com/archive/campaigner/7812.pdf

        In 1957, with the aid of Zionist French circles and British intelligence, Israel acquired a nuclear weapons research facility at Dimona. With the construction of the Dimona nuclear facility, Ben-Gurion and Dayan began to wage a factional battle within the Israeli military and scientific establishment for the hegemony of an active nuclear defense policy.

        In 1960, the entire membership of the seven-person panel of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission resigned in protest over the horrifying and suicidal implications of tiny, indefensible Israel developing an atomic weapons capability. Within the Israeli establishment, important “traditional Zionist” factions were purged, apparently including the former Defense Minister Pinhas Labon and other elements allied to him.

        While the internal battles raged among the Zionist elite, British intelligence unleashed a two-phase effort to create the proper psychological climate within the Israeli population for the assimilation of an Israeli doctrine of national nuclear suicide.

        “Masada Today”
        p.5: idem

        Falling for the “Jew” blame is the controlled-narrative of the oligarchs so they remain in the shadow.

        1. RichardD says:

          You’re involved in a blame shifting exercise and need to do a reality check. Jews have been a problem long before Britain or the British empire ever existed to the present day. Blaming the crimes of Israel on the British is absurd. Any fool can see that the evil Jews are just following the ideology in their Talmud rabbinical cult manual which the British had zilch to do with.

          Ezekiel, Jeremiah and Jesus Christ all called out the Jews for their demon worshiping and Satanic evil. The Jews fought running battles for centuries with non Jew Semites and others in the Levant until they were ethnically cleansed from it almost completely. The Romans devastated the Jews several times. And the list goes on and on to the present day. The Jews have always had goy collaborators, including British. And have been continuously persecuted, expelled and genocided for their crimes over and over.

          Jews are the oligarchs in the US. Upwards of 40% of US billionaires are Jews when they’re only 2% of the population. They gravitate to control positions in society like the parasites that they are to take it over, exploit and feed off of it. They’re way over represented in industry sectors like the media. Because they own and control it. They’re not front men for oligarchs, they are the oligarchs.

          1. Omega says:

            I am afraid you didn’t understand the intention of my comment. I am not blaming Israel’s crimes on Britain. I am equally afraid that you’re unaware of the British Empire’s real history (most, including Brits aren’t either since most of it occured outside their territory). Israel was created by the British Deep State as a bridgehead in the Middle East – first to counter French and Russian influence and later, and ever since, as a rogue warmongering state that steals lands in attacking the surrounding nations (Orde Windergate’s teachings attest of that). Israel is part the British Empire (now Anglo-Americans Empire) and is not an indepedant entity with a brain of its own – anyof its “leader” who went again the flow (think Yitzak Rabin) was discarded. Why and how do you think it has been able to get away for all the crimes it has committed since inception? My point: the hitman is as guilty as the one who orders the hit – but going after the hitman alone allows the one ordering the hit to repeat his hits with others.

            The Muslim Brotherhood isn’t any different – a British creation to keep Muslim countries economically and culturally backward in order to preserve British hegemony and loot geoassets – https://goo.gl/PkR7Gg – all in line with Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations where targeted nations must be kept below Britain. In both instance (Modern Zionism and the Muslim Brotherhood), religious scholars from Britain and Scotland studied and distorted the ancient texts to suit/support the British Empire’s hegemonic plans. The Judeo-Christian fallacy to have the Evangelical Americans support Israel is straight from the churches of Scotland. Worth noting that Evangelism is also a British machination and the same form of movement propagated by Houston Stewart Chamberlain in Germany to indoctrinate anti-Jewish sentiment to prevent emancipation of Jews and their assimilation with non-Jews (which was strengthening competitor Germany to make it the center of banking). Goebbles didn’t call Chamberlain the pathbreaker/visionary of Nazism in his diaries for any reason.

            There is no argument that the civil war between the Romans and the Jews was instigated by the Jewish extremists known as Zealots and not the Roman but how is it relevant today? (On a side note, the Jewish extremists who supposedly committed mass-suicide at Masada has been instrumental (along side the endless recall of WW2 memories) to brainwash and zombify the Israelis.) You seem to insinuate that they have continued their warmongering tactics covertly in using non-Jews throughout histoty – if so, when and where? The only historical, albeit lesser known, historical continuity that I am aware of is the one of the oligarchical system – which moved geographiaclly from Persia to Phoenicia to Rome to Byzantine to Venice to finally (and for now) to land in Britain. Webster Tarpley’s Against Oligarchy depicts it in detail. If we’re supposed to understand that Jews were behind such continuation, it would again not make much sense since Jews in Venice were obliged to wear a badged identifying them (just like in Nazi Germany).

            The fact that most billionaires in the USA are Jewish is true. The same goes for their infectious presence in every major cell of the US body. However, the take over of the US wasn’t a Jewish idea – the “Jewish idea” of the take over of the US was a non-Jewish British idea. If you have the time and interest to peruse/read the following document, you’ll have a better understanding of the ordeal. If you’re short on time or lack the interest, please refer to “B’nai B’rith, British Weapon against America” on page 16: http://wlym.com/archive/campaigner/7812.pdf Carroll Quigley’s “The Anglo-American Establishment” also sheds tremendous light on the non-Jewish origin of British Imperialism and its morphing to the Anglo-American Empire. There were and are Jewish oligarchs among their ranks but I insist that they are not the ones in charge.

          2. RichardD says:

            It’s not my fault that you lack knowledge of history and latch onto Jewish blame shifting propaganda peddled by Jewish revisionist academics. One example of your lack of or misunderstanding is that fact that the Russian revolution was overwhelmingly created and run by Jews. Right down to almost every major prison camp administrator and the camp system being run by Jews.

            Jews are a parasitical disease just like what you see in the US. They’ve always been like this. It’s what their Talmud rabbinical ideology is all about. You can’t place the blame for all of humanity’s problems on Jews. And dejudification isn’t a cure all. That doesn’t exonerate them for the crimes that they are guilty of. Which are many. Israel has stripped away any vestige of the evil Jews blame shifting scam. They elect governments that are overtly pro crime and reject rational politicians who want to stop the crimes that Israel, not Britain, are indisputably guilty of.

            Nobody disagrees that the British don’t have a long history of crime themselves. Some of it separate from Jews, and some involving them. Just like the Jew’s neocon collaborators in the US. The Jews form the back bone of the US deep state. And are the creators and primary drivers of the neocon Jew world order ideology. Which is a manifestation of their Talmud rabbinical hegemony drive to take over and enslave humanity. They created the neocon movement, not the British.

          3. kiwi says:

            william of orange,s invasion of england 1750,s[forget exact dates] the glorious revolution was the conquest of england by the jews within a few short years they where granted a charter by the king to set up the bank of england a private central bank check anna von reitz regarding US sovereinty

          4. RichardD says:

            Referring to Israel you wrote:

            “Why and how do you think it has been able to get away for all the crimes it has committed since inception?”

            83% of the planet’s Jews live in the US and Israel, 90% when you add France, Canada and the UK. That’s 3 out of 5 permanent UNSC members. It gets away with it’s crimes because they’ve gotten ahold of these governments, the US in particular.


            – Jewish population by country –


          5. RichardD says:

            I understand the tired and worn out Zionism is bad Judaism is good argument that has been beaten to death on these threads. And I understand the true evil of what Talmud rabbinical Judaism is. Which is 99.5% of Jews. If you’re not familiar with it, you should get up to speed:

            – the true causes of “antisemitism” –


          6. RichardD says:

            “Lyndon LaRouche reports that there is now firm evidence that the ongoing drive to induce President George W. Bush to launch a war against Iraq, is a 1996 Israeli government policy that is being foisted on the President by a nest of Israeli agents inside the U.S. government. This Israeli spy network inside the United States was unable achieve their objective until President Bush was entrapped by the events of Sept. 11, 2001 and the falsified accounts of those events provided by this foreign intelligence apparatus, and lured over to their policies. Lyndon LaRouche demands to know: Is this not the motive that explains the who and why of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001? LaRouche demands an immediate Congressional investigation, to help purge the U.S. government of this foreign intelligence apparatus, which attempted, with the 9/11 events, to seize control over U.S. foreign policy. The network of Pollard “stay-behinds” inside the Bush Administration is engaged in a witting hoax, to induce the President and the U.S. Congress to go to war.

            When you read the summary evidence below, you will certainly share Lyndon LaRouche’s conclusion that all of these people must be immediately fired from their Administration posts, and that the U.S. Congress must launch public hearings to get to the bottom of this criminal scheme.”

            – LaRouche – Israeli Moles Behind
            911 And Iraq War –


      3. Val Shadowhawk says:

        Totally agree with your observation.

  5. RichardD says:

    “The targeted Israeli military sites include a military reconnaissance center, a position for border security, a military center for electronic jamming, a military center for spying on wireless and wired networks, a communication station, an observatory for precision weapons, a gunships heliport, the headquarters of the regional military command of brigade-810, the command center of the military battalion in Hermon, and the winter headquarters of the special snow unit, according to the report.”

    – Rocket fire targets 10 Israeli military positions –


  6. Luutzen says:

    Putin lacks a clear ME vision, of cementing friendships with nations that matter: Iran, Irak, Syria, Lebanon.

    They all need S300 or like protection, against Zionist/US/Saudi aggression.

    And Russia and China can rebuild the ME Oil/Gas infrastructure to foster mutual trade and fit the ME in China’s new OBOR or silkway eurasian infrastructure plans.

    1. Joe Dirt says:

      I think Putin has a clear vision of the M.E and it stops with Latakia and Tartus.

      Have you looked in China’s Silk Road policy? China’s Silk Road policy only benefits China.

      1. Luutzen says:

        That’s short vision.

        Large Infra Investment in countries brings jobs and raise general income. The improved infra will lower transport & energy costs, which makes it available to more peoples.

        It’s pretty much incontested economic theory.

        1. Joe Dirt says:

          OBOR in Kenya you should google it….The Kenyans rioted due to poor pay ($2.50US/day), hard labor conditions, and the fact China used majority of Chinese labor to build the OBOR in Kenya. The only one benefited in Kenya were the elites. $$$$$$$$

          1. Luutzen says:

            Yes, corrupted Kenyan elites, certainly.

            The Kenyan government should demand proper labour conditions, wages and high enough prices, for their products against the Chinese.

            If too low, don’t do it! It’s their land.

  7. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

    we dont see nothing special…one storage destroyed?..maybe was destroyed in many israeli attacks before 11 may…Iran sources told that massive Israeli attacks inflict insignificant losses!

  8. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

    Fake Photos!…in Photo after attacks we can see clearly that this polygon was attacked a long time ago!…you can see in the image of 11 may how a field of olives trees was planted in a rectangular shape that included the remains of the storage and even inside the storage you can see some small olives trees!…look at photo before….yo can see a line of ornamental trees..in 11 may yo can see that these ornamental trees have disappeared and have been changed by olives trees!…they will have a good fertilizer able to grown the olives in short time!..conclusion Israel image sat LIE!

    1. goingbrokes says:

      Yes, the trees look different in the photos. Plus, the storage site doesn’t look like a site of an explosion.

  9. Omega says:

    What does the Damascus International airport have to do with the war or anything for that matter?


    That’s what the diabolical inbred Israelis do: resort to collective punishment like they did in Lebanon in 2006 (airport, bridges in Christian towns, commercial/industrial buildings, etc).

  10. Pave Way IV says:


    Several storage structures along with suspicious military activities at Israel’s Ramat David Air Base suggest that it is being used as a logistics hub for high explosive devices (known to be used in acts of terrorism), missiles of various types and weapons of mass destruction.

  11. John says:

    Hmmmmmmm, 28 aircraft with ordnance and 10 ground to ground missiles worth of firepower and ………. they are partially destroying 30X10 storage facilities. Hey, IDF propaganda guys, stop it, get a glass of warm milk and hit the hay please. What a farce. A good evening to all.

  12. goingbrokes says:

    Israel happy to bomb international airports. Civilians are completely safe, nothing to see here, move on…

  13. SurfaceBook says:

    nice photoshops from israeli disinfo departments..

    thing is , the more they lose in the real war , the more they spread disinfo on media..

    classic israeli propaganda 101

  14. Art Best says:


    You are lying.

    You are in bed with the Jews.

    You didn’t even need to give S-300s to the Syrians.

    Just the threat of ONE cruise missile exploding on an Israeli military base would be enough to stop Israeli and American aggression.


    Russians are partners and collaborators with the Jews and the Americans. Ditto for the Chinese and the Indians.

    The Muslims are the Jews’ plaything. The Iranians are too stupid, weak and incompetent to do anything other than bragging and dying in the same breath. The Jews will slaughter the Persians at a time of their choosing.


    The human race is an abomination.

  15. Vitex says:

    Of course the Syrians have plenty of wrecked buildings to hide high-value, mobile military assets in. In an all-out war, buildings aren’t much of an asset, except as cover. Ask the Germans how it went in Stalingrad after they “Bombed it back to the Stone Age”. So what was the Israeli attack – a warning? Perhaps it was just Bibi showing the Israeli voter that he hasn’t lost the plot

  16. Dušan Mirić says:

    So, the time has come for some demolition works in return. With interest. 50 per cent interest

  17. Dušan Mirić says:

    Correction, 700 per cent

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