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Satellite Image Shows Taiwan’s Missiles Positioned Toward Mainland China

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Satellite Image Shows Taiwan's Missiles Positioned Toward Mainland China

Taiwan’s Hsiung Feng IIE land-attack cruise missile stationed at a base in Taoyuan positioned toward mainland China. Image: COURTESY OF KANWA DEFENSE REVIEW

Kanwa Defense Review released satellite imagery showing Taiwan’s Hsiung Feng IIE land-attack cruise missile positioned toward mainland China.

The image taken in March shows the Hsiung Feng IIE land-attack cruise missile deployed at a base in Taoyuan. The base is located about 250km from Fuzhou, the capital city of China’s Fujian province. According to reprots, the Hsiung Feng IIE has a striking range between 8,00 and 1,500km.

Amid the increased tensions between China and the US, multiple speculations have once again appeared in the MSM arguing that China is preparing to invade the US regional ally – Taiwan. These claims are a part of the propaganda campaign aimed at supporting the US policy in the region and demonizing China.

On the same time, the MSM describes Taiwan’s growing defense spending and revealed missile deployments as a move to defend itself.

On August 6, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said she was seeking to increase her country’s 2019 defence budget by 5.6% to NT$346 billion (US$11.3 billion).

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I would imagine it would be like a pin-prick on the hide of a Dragon. No doubt the US would want to steer clear because of all the additional problems it would cause.


And how should they be positioned, toward New Zealand?


Taiwan only has two enemies, Mainland China and Japan. As long as it can convince Beijing that invading will mean paying a terrible price and as long as Taiwan does not formally declare independence Beijing can live with the status quo as is. Taiwan’s two biggest problems in this regard is that the PLA is no longer the outdated military behemoth of the past with no navy to speak of. All the branches of the PLA have made massive qualitative strides forward that can possible overcome whatever Taiwan can do to the mainland. And its not like Mainland China has to invade Taiwan, it can now impose a blockade on the island that potentially not even the USN can break. Not if it wants to lose a couple of carrier battle groups. And Taiwan’s other problem of course are its loudmouth politicians, who talk about declaring independence, which is basically the equivalent of poking the bear with a tiny short stick. If Taiwan were to do that Beijing will be forced to make a move.

And Taiwan’s other enemy of course, and far less known in the West, is Japan. As Taiwan and Mainland China are defacto allies over the conflict over some tiny islands north of Taiwan that all three countries claim. Territory that is potentially rich in resources. And like in South Korea, there is not a whole lot of love for Japan which did brutally occupy both countries.


From the beginning your comment was funny but when I red this “it can now impose a blockade on the island ” I almost spilled food on my laptop. Thanks for making me smile today.


Be careful. Once that blockade starts there won’t be any electronic replacement parts coming from Taiwan any more. ;-)


Since most stuff I use is made in China, can’t wait to get rid of it also. Down with consumerism, comrade!


There’s no chances they going to win against China even in defence. Presumed invasion of Taiwan by China doesn’t even have to install or create new government post war. Just inflict unacceptable lost to be pinned on the current US friendly China hating regime to step down.

You can call me Al

I actually think that China must step in soon and take out Taiwan’s air defences as a start, then a firm warning, that if they do not return to the flock, it will be war. If Taiwan becomes a US vassal, then China will loose face + the US will then interfere elsewhere on the mainland.

I understand the dangers, but the US vs China and the US vs Russia – or Iran, is going to happen sooner or later.

God bless you China and good luck.

Empire's Frontiers

There’s no reason to be cheering China unless you’re chinese.

Oriental barbarism hasn’t disappeared.

Promitheas Apollonious

I dont think he is actually cheering China, rather he is opposing everything west is doing. One must been by now ask itself in case of war which side I am with and I have no doubt, all who ask themselves, also received an answer from within.

Empire's Frontiers

Mutual annihilation is the answer I find.

None of us, I expect, want to live in China’s strip mine any more than America’s virtual prison.

Promitheas Apollonious

personally all I care is my motherland and dont make it my business to get involved, beside having an opinion, to what happen to other countries. If it effects mine, then I give attention and get educated. It is coming a time where all at least europeans must take a stand as to what is happening to them. But that none of us has control over it. But we have control in the areas we live in, so keeping our territory clean is what we can do and are doing.

Other than this, i dont know a place in europe that dont have their china towns and products. The chinese I know, are all business and kind of productive any where they go. Personally I know western allies, dont exist for my country and they did all within their power (greek politicians), to also destroy what ever relations they had with the russians, at the instructions of UK/Usrael, so the way I see it, soon we be at war. One way or another.

You can call me Al

Thank you; that was exactly my point.

Promitheas Apollonious

we dont know how the chinese are thinking. so yes good luck to them, against the western forces, since in this global game is not only US, that is just a military tool, but many other countries, lets not forget that.


The PLA’s missile defence systems is able to intercept the Tomahawk, so the Hsiung Feng IIE is not a big deal, because now the mainland’s defence system has also expanded from land-based to also ship-based.

Richard M

China missed their chance to invade Taiwan under eight years of Obama. Obama would definitely have stood down.

Real Anti-Racist Action

And where exactly should Taiwan’s missiles be positioned toward? Mainland Mexico?
Chinese wiped out ten’s of millions of free thinking Chinese, the last bastion of these were able to seek refuge in what is today called Taiwan. They are rightfully defending themselves against a much more powerful aggressor just as the Palestinians are defending their last bastion against a much more powerful aggressor.
Viva la Taiwan Viva la Palestine!

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

do they have a deathwish? lol

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