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Satellite Image Shows Chinese Submarine Entering ‘Top Secret Cave’

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

The first-known and publicly released satellite photo of a Chinese submarine entering Yulin Naval Base in Hainan Island, one of the most important South China Sea military bases, was captured by Planet Labs and released on social media by Radio Free Asia.

Radio Free Asia, a U.S. government-funded broadcasting company, published the image Thursday of what appears to be a Shang-class nuclear-powered attack submarine entering “a not-so-secret, subterranean base at China’s southern Hainan island. Yulin Naval Base is home to subs of China’s South Sea Fleet and provides convenient access to the South China Sea.”

Satellite Image Shows Chinese Submarine Entering 'Top Secret Cave'

Not much is known about the interior of the underground military base. The Drive raises an important question: Where are all the Chinese submarines? They say the “docks are completely empty. This also seems exceedingly rare based on our monitoring experience.”

Satellite Image Shows Chinese Submarine Entering 'Top Secret Cave'

We can only speculate and say the subs are either hiding out in the underground base or on patrol following a surge in tensions between the U.S.

As for where all the other submarines are, we have no clue. Tensions are exceedingly high in the region and the U.S. has massively upped its presence there. Meanwhile, Taiwan has gone on elevated alert as China executes war games nearby. While some of those drills could and likely do involve submarines based at Yalin, it’s also possible that others have moved inside the mountain, as well. Why exactly remains unclear. – The Drive

Satellite Image Shows Chinese Submarine Entering 'Top Secret Cave'

China is preparing itself for South China Sea domination (see: “Are China’s Naval Ambitions A Global Threat?”).

The question remains: Where are China’s nuclear attack subs?

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‘Stop the Press. A Chinese sub has been identified by the US as it enters a known submarine pen with overhead cover AND all of this is on the Chinese coastline.’


South Front does not have much “war” news in Syria these days. So they have to be creative and make up some news. :)


Chinese submarines are also known to hide under water..


LOL. That’s surely against the rules of civilised warfare. ‘Sneaky Chinki’. Only NATO is allowed to patrol under water.

Traiano Welcome

I hope that cave entrance has a blast gate capable of handling a MOAB and an alternative exit for submarines in case the entrance is blocked.


I think its also nuke proofed to handle most things.. Although a direct hit by megaton nukes will collapse the entire thing on itself.

Traiano Welcome

Probably. Although, I think by the time things escalate to nuke strikes the world would have bigger problems on it’s collective hands …

Peter Moy

Of course this is sensational news to the amateur genius’ who are basically illiterate when it comes to math, science, reading and especially history, geography and basic common sense. I suggest they start reading up on the German U-boat pens on the occupied French coast during something called World War II. (Now display that blank, surprised, low intelligence, slow mental development look).

Ricardo Xavier

Forget WW1 and WW2…. Nuclear age… Open wars are not possible between nuclear nations, otherwise, nuclear winter and the dead of 23 of all humanity in less than 5 years… No crops, no food…

Tommy Jensen

We have also secret underground bases for subs and we had it before the Chinese. This you can see in old James Bond films, which means China again stole our ideas.

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