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Satellite Image: Iskander Ballistic Missile System Deployed At Rusia’s Hmeimim Airbase In Syria

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Satellite Image: Iskander Ballistic Missile System Deployed At Rusia's Hmeimim Airbase In Syria

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A fresh satellite image confirms that Russia continues to keep nuclear-capable Iskander ballistic missile systems at its Hmeimim airbase in Syria.

The system’s missiles can be armed with different conventional warheads, including a cluster munitions warhead, a fuel-air explosive enhanced-blast warhead, a high explosive-fragmentation warhead, an earth penetrator for bunker busting and an electromagnetic pulse device for anti-radar missions and even carry nuclear warheads.


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These weapons are ONLY to protect Russia stuff. Syria stuff is allowed to be bombed by Israel whenever Israel wants.

John Whitehot

actually these weapons are offensive, and have nothing to do with defending Syrian or Russian stuff, unless you have a zionist myth to keep perpetuating.

Promitheas Apollonious

he seems to have yes. on the other hand he maybe dont know much about weapons and their functions.


Agreed, they are purely retalitory weapons, and it’s not a coincidence that Russia pulled Iskander out of the wearhouse after Israel fired supersonic missiles near Aleppo.

John Whitehot

the fuck with everyone.


There is no other purpose for putting the ballistic missiles in an airbase other than being photographed, a simple image move for simple minded Putin believers.

John Whitehot

“There is no other purpose for putting the ballistic missiles in an airbase other than being photographed”

Bullshit. It’s actually thr best defended spot in the whole theater.

Besides, the missiles have been there since years.

Zionism = EVIL

The Asperger Jew Putin did not intervene in Syria to protect Syria, the opposite was true from day one. The Ruskie retards wanted to prevent the headchoppers from again attacking the illegally Russian occupied Caucuses and secondly to protect the Zionist entity. Russia is now the main proponent of the Yinon plan as it has so far to some degree succeeded in carving up Syria, but it won’t work as its defeat in Afghanistan showed. Russians are dumber than a rock and don’t understand regional demographics and power shifts. Russia is now much weaker than USSR and a few hundred dead Ruskie whores in Syria would do the trick. It is only a question of time that Ruskie shit heads are killed in large numbers by all sides.The dumbass drunk Russians don’t have a frigging clue about Arab mentality ROFLMAO!


That’s all well and good, but the Israelis are repeatedly acting as if they intend to drive the Russians out. The satellite photos alone betray a sugar coated belligerence towards all of Russia’s actions, even those in Venezuela. Some of the Zionist news media reported the above story quite differently. They us the plural, ‘systems’, when the pics show only one launcher.


This isn’t the hand wringing of a trusted friend. It’s someone who convinced that the Russians have not so friendly plans.


Not even that, everyone knows Israel shot down the IL20

The S200 story was laughable


Hello immigrant pseudo-murican.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

let me guess? is he a polak or ukrainian? I’ve noticed an insane amount of anti-russian polaks/ukrops on LiveUAMap and Southfront


What an astonishing admission from you. What could possibly have moved you away from the Zionist narrative?

Promitheas Apollonious




Allan Greedspoon

He has been exposed as an Israeli shill masquerading as a patriotic American. The pressure of exposure has been so intense, he has been forced to tone down his Yiddish comments . .

Zionism = EVIL

I think everyone now realizes that Putin is Jew scum faggot enslaved to his Zionist masters. Read some Eurasian news sites, they are openly questioning Russian collusion with Zionists in Balkanizing Syria and even assisting in the creeping annexation of Palestine. It is time Russian scum are targeted in the region. The US and Pakistan did the world a favor by destroying the USSR in Afghanistan and now the same needs to happen to the whore Russia.

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

I normally agree with you, but this is wrong. Inept Syrian Air Defenses (Special-Ed Air Defenses) accidentally shot it down because they were trying to track evasive IAF F-16’s nearby. The F-16s weren’t even that close to the IL-20 (within 5-10 KM) yet the Silly Syrians having no communication with the Russians shot down their own allies aircraft out of sheer lack of skill, stupidity, and senselessness. You can’t get any better with arab armies apparently lol

Jacob Wohl's Nose

damn u know ur one hell of a retard when even Rocket Nose Wohl doesn’t agree with you xD

Hisham Saber

Your just a bitter , miserable Jew.

Have you forgotten what ARAB Hezbollah did in 2006 ? When 4500 Hezbollah ‘ regulars ‘ effectively stopped and routed 75,000 IDF troops and two armored battalions, all while enjoying total air superiority. And Israel lost 44 out of the 400 deployed, and would have lost much more had they not ran away from battle.

We all saw the T.V. News footage of Israeli Tank crews in tears. And Hezbollah, with a cheap Chinese C-108 Anti-ship missile almost sank Israeli’s Naval Flagship off the coast of Israel.

Such a beating is indeed rare in the annals of military history and will always go down as ‘ The Divine Victory ‘ .

Israel ceased production of the Merkava ( Chariot of God) MBT after its disastrous performance in 2006. Israel couldn’t even take and hold small Lebanese border villages . And Hezbollah had its Special Forces and Commandos stationed just north of the Litani Line, and thus they saw no action. Now imagine if they were at the front. Then the battle would have shifted deep, very deep into Israel proper.

The Russians already squarely put the blame on Israel for the IL-20 shootdown, because Israeli pilots are cowards of the highest degree. Has nothing to do with supposed Syrian, or Arab incompetence you jackass.

Concrete Mike

Fuck off will ya, the other account is yours too, your actually talking to yourself on the internet.

Thats the epitomy of loserdom.

Later fascist cheerleader.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Rocket Nose doesn’t even agree with you… his double digit IQ still cannot beat your single digit :)


I got too admit, i think you got a point. Once in a time, even a blind chicken finds a corn.

Zionism = EVIL

As I have said consistently, Russians are savages and a nation of whores and have no friends. Their “Warsaw Pact allies” are now their worst enemies. Russians fuck up anything they touch, including Christianity with a bizarre Orthodox version which is the Wahhabism of the Slavs. We just saw how well Russian flying dishwashers performed against Pakistani JF-17 and US F-16. The geriatric Indians flying Russian jets were blown out of the sky and are now waiting for froggy Rafale for a possible rematch, which I doubt would even work out.

Real Anti-Racist Action

We know. Israel has been murdering Christians for over 2,000 years starting with Jesus himself.
The bible says that the Faults-Christ Himself will come from the land of Jews and not from the sea of Gentiles.


UK has founded the terrorist state of Israel and finance by both UK and US to destabilize entire Mideast and Russia. The scare of Putin is genuine.


No, Syrian stuff is allowed to be bombed as long as Iranian hardware and personnel are involved. I reckon that’s the deal that Netannutjob made with Putin. Israel recognizes that Assad has won the war and will be here to stay. And Israel will stop doing something about that. But Iran’s presence in Syria is still fair game.

And I reckon the Iskanders are there as a reminder to Israel to be very careful as to not make another costly mistake like with the Russian spy plane.

Serioza Stepanov

Rubbish, what you write.
Tacticaly and politicaly, you talk rubbish. Anyhpw,
Shalom shalom, Shlomo Shekelstein.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Is ISKANDER BALLISTIC MISSILE SYSTEM is excellent. however it has one flaw.
It only works if you push the button. So the system itself is top level stuff. The operators and commanders tend to lack a button pushing skill.
Perhaps Hezbollah can step in and give the crews a one week training session on how to properly push the button’s and when it is called for it. Just the confidence elevation for the crew’s alone will makes these systems much more efficient under combat conditions.
Oh what they heck, in the spirit of peace how about supplying the Lebanese Army with dozens of these systems as well.
Russia should stop fearing Israel. Quite hiding from Israel and quit living in denial. Israel does everything possible in this world to hurt Russian people and Christians in general.comment image

Allan Greedspoon

Just like Germany pre WW2 . . .dettached from the New York bankster cabal, basic Christian ethic, hard-working people . . .their only crime was the Yids hated them and hated Europe as a whole . . .

Jacob Wohl's Nose

A great deterrent. If US/Israel attacks Russia in Syria, their bases will become radioactive waste or be flattened by conventional warheads in precise Iskander strikes


LOL. US and especially Israel will not attack Russian troops or bases.
They have direct channels, and coordinate their moves. Thats public knowlegde for years, and said countless times by officials.
And especially Israel coordinates their moves with Russia, so no Russian is harmed.
Syrian and Iranian troops are an entirely different thing, and Putin has multiple times assured he understands Israels demand that Iran “must not entrench itself in Syria”. Meaning their goal to remove Iran from Syria.
It even led to the NATO offer relayed by Russia to Assad to cut ties with Iran in exchange for dozens of billions of dollars, and a promised offer regarding Golan.
Which Assad proudly refused, and instead increased his ties with Iran.
Now Iran has advisors in every base, and military units.


Why Do Russia, China or any Non-Aligned Movement country not publish satellite images about Israhell or US military bases? I find hateful that Western countries do this bullying.

Daniel Miller

why wold they? Russia knows that sattelites can watch them


Russia China etc. are treating the USA etc. like you would if you encountered a crazy person on the street who though you were the devil and threatened violence. Their taking the abuse, putting themselves in a defensive position and talking calmly and rationally to the nutcase.

What good is baiting a crazy person? At best one someone gets hurt and if the crazy person has nuclear weapons you both die.

Zionism = EVIL

Usual pot plant junk to protect the Zionist masters. Russian arseholes have been totally exposed now.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

And the Russians have been improving the system since it’s been there, going all the way back to early 2016 they’ve been using the war in Syria to help improve the systems effectiveness. The range of this system only really threatens most of Israel and about half of Turkey, which of course is a NATO country, so in the event of a US or NATO initiated nuclear strike against Russia, these missiles with nuclear warheads will all be heading off in Turkey’s direction. Here’s an article from a Russian news source that gives us an insight from one of the men in charge.

Russia has successfully used the Iskander-M missile system in Syria
There is an update from 19:54 → Iskander-M seen at Russian airbase in Syria
Moscow. December 17th. INTERFAX.RU – Russia used the Iskander-M missile system in Syria during the war against terrorists, said Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.
“The Iskander-M ground forces missile system, as well as the Tornado-G and Smerch rocket launchers, have confirmed their effectiveness,” Borisov told reporters after a trip to Syria.
He added that Russia has analyzed the use of military equipment in Syria. “Based on the analysis of the combat use of armaments and military equipment in Syria, all the identified shortcomings were promptly eliminated, and directions were outlined for improving the effectiveness of Russian armaments,” the deputy prime minister said
December 13-14, Borisov visited Syria, where he met with President Bashar Assad.
“Iskander-M” (the development of “Engineering Design Bureau”, part of the holding “NPO” High-precision Complexes “) is capable of hitting targets at a distance of 500 km. The complex consists of two types of missiles: ballistic and cruise missiles. enemy fire, anti-missile and air defense systems, airplanes and helicopters at airfields, command posts and infrastructure facilities.
According to official data, the range of the Iskander-M missiles is up to 500 km. The missiles of the complex can carry a nuclear warhead.

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