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Santa’s Gift to Putin: Victory

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Santa's Gift to Putin: Victory

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Written by Julian Macfarlane

No Negotiation

The Ukraine Proxy War is an endless black hole for the West.

No, there’s not going to be any negotiated settlement to American’s proxy war on Russia. For one thing: what is the point of the Russians negotiating with the Ukrainians when it is the US and the UK that call the shots?

The Russians already tried compromise in Istanbul back in the Spring when they had destroyed most of the UAF’s air force and navy and much of its air defense system, forcing the UAF into its “Maginot Grid.  The Ukrainians were willing to accept Russian terms.   The US said No!  And that was that.

Now, the Russians are going to continue what is branded as a Counter Terrorism campaign until they have full control of Western Ukraine.  There is no other way of ensuring they can achieve their original goals – demilitarization—destruction of Western Ukraine’s military resources – including the electrical infrastructure that supports it – and denazification, identification and capture of Neo-Nazi / Fascists along with holding of tribunals for crimes against humanity.  Repeated Ukrainian atrocities have made justice a political necessity.

The Final Goal: Consolidation  

Incorporation back into the Russian Federation is the only viable option that will protect the lives and livelihoods of the country’s population.

Historically, Ukraine was always part of Russia. Today it is just a US colony. A kind of Slavic Puerto Rico.

Russia’s original twin goals of demilitarization and denazification always implied this third final goal –the logical consequence of the first two – usually overlooked— but crucial to an understanding of what Russia is doing: Ukraine must die if it is to live again.

“Consolidation” means taking a Ukraine broken by American meddling and resurgent fascism and putting the pieces back together.

Nations are containers for cultures.

The more cultures, the bigger the pot and the more fragile.

In Russia, Putin took the shards of a shattered country and fragmented cultures and put them back together. At first, it leaked.     Now, we see Russia is fixing itself – building on its achievements at home, with an evolving   social and cultural consensus – bottom-up—driven by a stubborn, conservative but diverse population rather than by corporate propaganda, top-down as in the West reflecting the agenda of the oligarchs there.

Gilbert Doctorow writes: The pressure on Mr. Putin is from his own patriotic supporters, and an untimely truce for negotiations right now could lead to civil disorder in Russia.  … Meanwhile, discredited Russian Liberalism is taking down with it the commitment to free markets for the sake of more effective war production. There is serious talk of reintroducing Five Year Plans.  

Had Putin gone all out in February this year and announced mobilization at that time, there would have been resistance from an always skeptical public. Now things are different.

Putin and Russian Social Evolution

So many people in the West believe Putin is a “dictator’ and a “tool of the oligarchs ’although how one can be a dictator AND someone else’s “tool” I don’t know.

Pepe Escobar writes:

between 1991 and 1999 the equivalent of the present entire household wealth of Russia was stolen and transferred overseas, mostly to London. Now the same usual suspects are trying to ruin Russia with sanctions, as “new Hitler” Putin stopped the looting

“Stopped the looting”?

Nobody in the West compares Putin to someone in law enforcement.

Rather, he is characterized as low level criminal – a thug.

Yet, he is the most legalistic and juristic of leaders.

Putin realized that Russian social and economic evolution required stability—and the rule of law.  The most corrupt oligarchs went to prison or fled the country.  The rest had to toe the line.  They could prosper if the country did. Russian oligarchs definitely didn’t like working for the State – but they didn’t have a choice Those who survived and thrived did so to provide continuity and service.

Then came sanctions; finally, war – carried out by Western oligarchs – existential challenges that further weakened the Russian oligarchy and empowered the Russian majority.

No longer will ordinary Russians sell their souls for Big Macs.

It is significant that Putin’s main opposition in Russian is the Communist Party—which is strong because –just as people do increasingly in East Germany– many older people look back to – and talk about – the benefits of socialism in the days of the USSR.

Despite what Doctorow thinks, the war has not discredited ‘Russian Liberalism” which, in its present form, accepts both social democracy and capitalism—just Russian Neo-Liberalism, which promotes greed and personal profit—and, of course, the Western “narrative”.

In war, when everyone is at risk and basic morality is essential to survival, demanding attention to human needs and sacrifice. The West’s war on Russia which began years ago with sanctions and psyops has driven the development of Russia.  The country is now autarkic, basically self-sufficient, suspicious of Western values, and building new economic roads to the world through alliances with China, India and an ever expanding and powerful BRICS network of countries.  While the West fails and flails, Russia is on a roll.

Ukraine as a Russian Republic

If the Ukraine is to be rebuilt, its future lies with Russia. Consolidation will mean not just a new federal republic, in addition to Donbass, Lugansk and the oblasts of Eastern Ukraine; it will mean a return to parliamentary democracy, and pluralism for the Ukraine as a whole.

Kiev was the first capital of the Rus’ long before Moscow.

Later, the Ukraine was the driving force of the USSR.

Once again, the region can become the core of Russia as a federation, revitalized and prospering through trade with Eurasia and BRICS – as the western hub of BRI.

Of course, the people of Western Ukraine are as brainwashed as Germans or Japanese were in 1942,   What to do about that?  In mass societies, much brainwashing is herding—it is all about direction.  You can change the direction of the herd.  The cows don’t know or care as long as they can munch some grass.  It’s when they get hungry – or frightened – that you have problems. The herd doesn’t have brains to wash; only guts.  We call propaganda bullshit for a reason.

As of this writing, bombardment of both primary and secondary energy infrastructure in Western Ukraine, turned off the lights country-wide, including the little ones that tell you your Internet is on. No water either.  The herd is discomfited, afraid and hungry. It will be a hard winter –depopulating Western Ukraine by as much as 5 or 6 million, certainly one or two, with people moving west to l join the global anti-Russian Ukrainian diaspora.

Those who get out will likely be the affluent first – privileged people with the resources to flee.

Estimates show that of refugees in Austria, 70 % identify as upper middle class or better.  Of 450 Ukrainian parliamentarians, only 90 remain in the Ukraine.  Bye bye Kiev. Hello Monaco.

Yet these people get benefits as “refugees”. Of course, some of them need it — but American aid tends to feed the starving Rich who simply must have their caviar.  It’s the vitamins y’know. It’s the American way, like corporate socialism.

But such inconsistencies means that the many upscale Ukrainian refuges who have arrived have poisoned the well of welcome for those further down the social ladder who will be arriving later in droves.

At some point, working class Europeans will also be asking why they don’t get caviar.

If I know this and you know it – then the Russians do too.

No Bargaining

There will be no bargaining between West and East.

As Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism writes:

The two sides have zero bargaining overlap in their positions, which means no basis for discussions. And one of the biggest impediments to any settlement, other than Russia eventually dictating terms, is the leader the collective West has put on a pedestal: Zelensky, with the additional baggage of his Banderite inner circle. NATO manhood is at stake and that it can’t be seen to lose to Russia.

Apart from the fact that “bargaining” means both sides must have something to offer and the West has nothing, “NATO manhood” is not the issue.   Europe lost its balls years ago – as in fact the US did.

The Russians already tried negotiating. It was called Minsk.

When that failed, they attempted more talks hoping for something different. Those failed too.

The US is a non-negotiator.  Insanity is repeating the same mistake and hoping for different result.  People like to cite that axiomatically while ignoring it in practice. First you have to recognize the mistake.  But people in the West don’t live in the real world. The Hegemon is an old guy locked in a virtual reality loop created by his own propaganda.

The Russians, by contrast, must face up to harsh necessity.

Click to read more.  Will NATO intervene?  What is the Endgame?


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INDEED!… Putin needs to stick it much further up that “black hole” of the Anglo-Zi0ni$t Empire by doing the following – …

Than do something about it Mr. Putin after “carrying the water” with these two 21 years ago https://www.911research.wtc7.net/wtc/groundzero/cleanup.html in keeping your mouth shut!…

If you’re waiting for the both of them to get off the fence to make BRIICS a reality you’re mistaken. China and India’s government “are” and will continue to be the handmaidens of Anglo-Zi0ni$t corruption as the British fucked it out of them for the better part of 150 years!…

“YOU” or your replacement are the only one(s) that can show the rest of the World leadership in Free markets where the price isn’t determined by Central Banks is through the Russian Federation opening the doors and windows to let the “fresh air” in. This means you have a lot of House Cleaning to do with your banks and your energy!…

Last edited 4 months ago by Matt

you posted this on the other thread zion this zion that yawn work up some fresh material already

Aunt Polly

Are you his stalker?

Shit country makes shit military

You poor lad are spreading The Saker blog bullshit. That fat ultra ortodox must be now in mental unstable stage after realizing what peace of shit Russian military is.

Last edited 4 months ago by Shit country makes shit military

“after realizing what peace of shit Russian military is.”

Are 70.000 dead Ukros/NATO/mercenaries/some other nazi-rats not enough?

“peace of shit” – what should it be?

And what shit are you spreading? LOL


Santa is not giving anything to russians. Russians have djed moroz = father frost.

Queen Glacier

They are both giving

Mini Tactical Hypersonic Nuke locked on Kiev

I liked to read this article. Concise, realistic.

Emanuel Gomes Bueno - Brasil

A guerra da Ucrânia não pode terminar nunca! Quanto mais tempo existir essa guerra, mais fraco militar e economicamente fica o Ocidente imoral e nazi-pedófilo. Não tem melhor guerra para engrandecer a Rússia do que essa! A Rússia está sugando toda riqueza e armas dos Estados Unidos e Europa!

Assad Defeated Zionists

The slaves of the Zionists must be having a nervous breakdown, they can’t defeat Russia and now Iran is closer to a nuclear weapon than ever before, and there’s nothing they can do about it.. Slava Putin. Slava Bashar Hafez al-Assad.


In Syria the illiterate terrorists pro West and against Damascus they were exterminated in astronomical numbers. Basically, only a few rats survive in the middle of the desert……………….Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much so that the Americans no longer have terrorists to send anywhere, e.g. Yemen, e.g. Libya. Thanks, Syria!


“Counter terrorism campaign”??? This comes from the country that systematically bomb civilian fascilities in a neighbouring country. A neighbour that they unprovoced attacked and there they could executed genocide in order to exterminate the “unwanted” Ukrainians. This becomes more and more bizarre the longer it continues.


Whichever way you look at this war, it is another devastating defeat for the masters of the west. Since 1945 they have lost every war, and disastrously. They are stupid and unfortunate “elites”.


Interesting way to look at it. I am sorry but i saw no victory of yugoslavia, iraq and lybia. And the bets are still off in yemen and syria.

With ukraine the us has different levels of victorys. The contract which germany has signed to buy expensive us gas for many years can be seen allready as a huge victory as well as the fact that no european leader will even think about reducing the us ocupation forces in the eu for decades to come.

Sure they will not defeat russia in ukraine but whatever is left will have to be rebuild with money from russia and the eu. Another level of victory of the us.

As long as the dollar keeps working they will not feel real defeat only minor setbacks. And i am not persuaded that Xi will not take a deal in the end if the alternative is an insurgency in xinjan where his hope to be independet from foreign energy lies beneth the ground.


I confirm my thesis. THEY ALWAYS LOSED CATASTROPHICALLY. Kicked out of Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan… etc. etc. In Libya, there is now a general of Gaddafi in command, all gas and oil are under the control of Benghazi. In Yugoslavia NATO-US lost 220 jets……… apparent victory. Milosevic succumbed to blackmail of bandits because they hit CIVILIANS. The Americans had one mad fear of ground fighting with fierce Serbs. And finally, America is increasingly poor and miserable (with all these tremendous losses), Very stranger for a superpower of losers.


Well every former yugoslav country is a colony of the us/ eu so i see no defeat there i am sorry and for those redmarkers i am just stating the obvious i am not on the us side in this…

Gneaus stapo

Name a single Battlefield Encounter lost? Might got tired of certain Battlefields, but always left on own timing, millions more death enemies and won the big ones aka cold war…or where is ur soviet bolshivik flathead Empire of lies/ corruption/ terror?

Last edited 4 months ago by Gneaus stapo

This is true, but it is also an endless black hole for Russia.

Bigg Chungus

While I agree with this article in spirit, it goes too far, sometimes laughably so. Putin is really such a juridical leader? I find him more of a pragmatist than a legalist.

The biggest disaster was the failure to capture Zelensky and arrest key government figures during the assault on Kiev. Maybe it was the American mercenaries; maybe it was witchcraft. I don’t know. But the failure of that assault set the stage for a long, bloody conflict that might yet still take several more years to conclude.


” The biggest disaster was the failure to capture Zelensky and arrest key government figures during the assault on Kiev. ”

Was there a plan to capture Zelensky? What makes you say that? And what advantage could bring such capture? ***wonder

Last edited 4 months ago by Darius
Gneaus stapo

Lol, so no Special forces operation in the first hours of DüFaZ Putin war of agression ? Aim to get close to Ukrainian government and take it out?


Putin needs to do ‘Fuckall’ He’s Carving up Shitkraina nicely.

Pavel Sukhoi

Identification and capture of Neo-Nazi / Fascists And then what? Exchange them as they did with the Azov commanders captured in Maruipol?

I know that you will erase my comment… because SF don´t like to accept this true event You act just the same way that western media

Gneaus stapo

Worse than western media…..fake bolshivik hordes Propaganda, Putin faking everything, even talking to russian soldiers mothers/ wifes… sitting on table with fellow apartics Propaganda girls, known from other videos

Shit country makes shit military

Western economy is 20 times bigger than that of Rooskies.


” Western economy is 20 times bigger than that of Rooskies. ”

and the stick of an elephant is 20 times bigger than yours. But what’s the point in your comment?

Gneaus stapo

Size matters 😉, small Ivan cant win. No winter offensive, trust me.


A big potential problem that Russia needs to address is that of Donetsk and Lugansk. I hear it that in these cities, now that they have been “incorportated” into Russia that Russia citizens are coming in and taking peoples homes, to the point of kicking the elderly out of their own homes and onto the street. People are scared to talk about this because anarchy rules and they fear for their lives. Surely it is enough that the peoples of Donetsk and Lugansk have fought against their own people and effectively suffered ethnic cleansing from 2014/2022 but now they have to endure this? This is not good for moral for the inhabitants of these cities.

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