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Salafists are ‘’winning the ideological and cultural battle” in France- French PM

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French Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned that Salafism was rising in France and continues to attract followers at a round-table in Paris on Monday.

Salafists are ‘’winning the ideological and cultural battle” in France- French PM

Speaking at a round table in Paris on Monday, Valls expressed his concerns of growing number of adherents of the Saudi-backed Salafi ideology. At the round table Valls said that Salafists were ‘’winning the cultural and ideological battle’’ in the country

“Their message — their messages on social networks — is the only one we end up hearing,” he warned.

The Salafi movement is a radical movement that is often equated with Wahhabism. Wahhabism is the ideology that ISIS follows. The movement is dominating in Saudi Arabia and clerks can freely preach it in the Arab country.

Despite the deadly attacks, that have shaken the world in the last year, including the Paris attacks, in which 130 people were killed and over 350 others were wounded, and the Brussels attacks where ISIS took the lives of 34 people, many European countries are still in close relationship with Saudi Arabia and are main arms suppliers to Riyadh, even though it is a wide spread fact that it supports militants trying to topple the Syrian government.

According to a US intelligence report from August 2012, “the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria” was “exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime.”

Last December, Germany said it would no more “look the other way” as Saudi Arabia continues to nurture terrorism throughout the world.

“We must make it clear to the Saudis that the time of looking the other way is over,” said German Vice Chancellor and Minister for Economic Affairs Sigmar.

“From Saudi Arabia, Wahhabi mosques are financed throughout the world,” he said, adding that in Germany, many people “considered dangerous persons emerge from these communities.”

French PM Valls has stated that the country will ‘’massively’’ increase France’s security and defense budgets in the coming years.

“The Salafists must represent one percent of the Muslims in our country today, but their message — their messages on social networks — is the only one we end up hearing,” he said.

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When you put two races together in the same bowl, one must dominate the other. That is natures way. “SALAFISTS” is just the ideology offering itself to mobilize the anti-natives into a movement of total and complete conquest.
If it was not “SALAFISTS”, then it would be some other ideology. The simple point is, aliens landed on the continent that is not theirs. Like they did back when they called themselves the “Moors” and they are bent on conquering the indigenous natives. This is total and complete genocide going down right in front of our very eyes.


Religion has nothing to do with race. For instance there are Syrians that are christian so not all syrians are islamists. Like there are Europeans that have converted to islam. You need to rethink the way you pitch your comments. All religions are a waste of time and breeding grounds for bigotry and ignorance.

Thomas Baker

Look to the British Empire When it comes to creating these groups . Goes back to the 19th century. The fact is the British Crown and the Saudis made an arms deal, el Yamamah, to finance and arm these groups. Has nothing to do with “natures way” as you will discover if you seriously research. “Natures way” is what the British Empire calls geopolitics.

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