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The Saker: Uncle Sam Dumps The Kurds (Yet Again)


The Saker: Uncle Sam Dumps The Kurds (Yet Again)

US forces, accompanied by Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters, drive their armoured vehicles near the northern Syrian village of Darbasiyah, on the border with Turkey on April 28, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / DELIL SOULEIMAN

Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

The drama which is unfolding in northern Syria is truly an almost ideal case to fully assess how weak and totally dysfunctional the AngloZionist Empire has really become. Let’s begin with a quick reminder.

The US-Israeli goals in Syria were really very simple. As I have already mentioned in a past article, the initial AngloZionist plan was to overthrow Assad and replace him with the Takfiri crazies (Daesh, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, ISIS – call them whatever you want). Doing this would achieve the following goals:

  1. Bring down a strong secular Arab state along with its political structure, armed forces and security services.
  2. Create total chaos and horror in Syria justifying the creation of a “security zone” by Israel not only in the Golan, but further north.
  3. Trigger a civil war in Lebanon by unleashing the Takfiri crazies against Hezbollah.
  4. Let the Takfiris and Hezbollah bleed each other to death, then create a “security zone”, but this time in Lebanon.
  5. Prevent the creation of a Shia axis Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon.
  6. Breakup Syria along ethnic and religious lines.
  7. Create a Kurdistan which could then be used against Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.
  8. Make it possible for Israel to become the uncontested power broker in the Middle-East and forces the KSA, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and all others to have to go to Israel for any gas or oil pipeline project.
  9. Gradually isolate, threaten, subvert and eventually attack Iran with a wide regional coalition of forces.
  10. Eliminate all center of Shia power in the Middle-East.

With the joint Russian-Iranian military intervention, this plan completely collapsed. For a while, the USA tried to break up Syria under various scenarios, but the way the Russian Aerospace forces hammered all the “good terrorists” eventually convinced the AngloZionists that this would not work.

The single biggest problem for the Empire is that while it has plenty of firepower in the region (and worldwide), it cannot deploy any “boots on the ground”. Being the Empire’s boots on the ground was, in fact, the role the AngloZionists had assigned to the Takfiri crazies (aka Daesh/IS/ISIS/al-Qaeda/al-Nusra/etc/), but that plan failed. The only US allies left in the region are Israel and Saudi Arabia. The problem with them is that, just like the USA themselves, these countries do not have ground forces capable of actually deploying inside Syria and taking on not only the Syrian military, but the much more capable Iranian and Hezbollah forces. Murdering civilians is really the only thing the Israelis and Saudis are expert in, at least on the ground (in the skies the Israeli Air Force is a very good one). Enter the Kurds.

The AngloZionist wanted to use the Kurds just like NATO had used the KLA in Kosovo: as a ground force which could be supported by US/NATO and maybe even Israeli airpower. Unlike the Israelis and Saudis, the Kurds are a relatively competent ground force (albeit not one able to take on, say, Turkey or Iran).

The folks at the Pentagon had already tried something similar last year when they attempted to create a sovereign Kurdistan in Iraq by means of a referendum. The Iraqis, with some likely help from Iran, immediately put an end to this nonsense and the entire exercise was a pathetic “flop”.

Which immediately begs to obvious question: are the Americans even capable of learning from their mistakes? What in the world were they thinking when they announced the creation of 30’000 strong Syrian Border Security Force (BSF) (so called to give the illusion that protecting Syria’s border was the plan, not the partition Syria)? The real goal was, as always, to put pressure on Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Russia while grabbing a lot of oil. As always with Uncle Shmuel, the entire plan had no UNSC authorization was thus totally illegal under international law (as is the presence of the USA in the Syria’s airspace and territory, but nobody cares any more).

Did Trump and his generals really think that Turkey, Iran, Syria and Russia would accept a US protectorate in Syria masquerading as an “independent Kurdistan” and do nothing about it? Yet again, and I know this sound hard to believe, but I think that this is yet another strong indication that the Empire is run by stupid and ignorant people whose brain and education simply do not allow them to grasp even the basic dynamics in the region of four planet there are interfering with.

Whatever may be the case the Turks reacted exactly as everybody thought: the Turkish Chief of Staff jumped into an airplane, flew to Moscow, met with top Russian generals (including Minister of Defense Shoigu) and clearly got a “go ahead” from Moscow: not only were the Turkish airplanes flying over Syria’s Afrin province not challenged by Russian air defense systems (which have ample coverage in this region), but the Russians also helpfully withdrew their military personnel from the region lest any Russian get hurt. Sergei Lavrov deplored it all, as he had to, but it was clear to all that Turkey had the Russian backing for this operation. I would add that I am pretty sure that the Iranians were also consulted (maybe at the same meeting in Moscow?) to avoid any misunderstandings as there is little love lost between Ankara and Tehran.

What about the Kurds? Well, how do I say that nicely? Let’s just say that what they did was not very smart. That’s putting it very, very mildly. The Russians gave them a golden deal: accept large autonomy in Syria, come to the National Dialog Congress to take place in Sochi, we will make your case before the (always reluctant) Syrians, Iranians and Turks and we will even give you money to help you develop your oil production. But no, the Kurds chose to believe in the hot air coming from Washington and when the Turks attacked that is all the Kurds got from Washington: hot air.

The Saker: Uncle Sam Dumps The Kurds (Yet Again)In fact, it is pretty clear that the US Americans have, yet again, betrayed an ally: Tillerson has now “greenlighted” a 30km safe zone in Syria (as if anybody was asking for his opinion, nevermind permission!). Take a look at this simple map of the Afrin region and look what 50 miles (about 80km) look like. You can immediately see that this 30km “safe zone” means: the end of any Kurdish aspirations to created a little independent Kurdistan in northern Syria.

To say that  all these developments make the Russians really happy is not an exaggeration. It is especially sweet for the Russians to see that they did not even have to do much, that this ugly mess of a disaster for the USA was entirely self-inflicted. What can be sweeter than that?

Let’ look at it all from the Russian point of view:

First, this situation further puts Turkey (a US ally and NATO member) on a collision course with the US/NATO/EU. And Turkey is not ‘just’ a NATO ally, like Denmark or Italy. Turkey is the key to the eastern Mediterranean and the entire Middle-East (well, one of them at least). Also, Turkey has a huge potential to be a painful thorn in the southern ‘belly’ of Russia so it is really crucial for Russia to keep Uncle Sam and the Israelis as far away from Turkey as possible. Having said that, nobody in Russia harbors *any *illusions about Turkey and/or Erdogan. Turkey will always be a problematic neighbor for Russia (the two countries already fought 12 wars!!!). But there is a big difference between “bad” and “worse”. Considering that in a not too distant past Turkey shot down a Russian aircraft over Syria, financed, trained and supported “good terrorists” in Syria, was deeply involved in the Tatar separatist movement in Crimea, and was the main rear base for the Wahabi terrorists in Chechia for well over a decade, “worse” in the case of Turkey can be much, much worse than “bad” is today.

Second, these developments have clearly brought Turkey into an even closer cooperative dynamic with Russia and Iran, something which Russia very much desires. Turkey by itself is much more of a potential problem than a Turkey which partners up with Russia and Iran (ideally with Syria too, but considering the animosity between the two countries and their leaders that is something for the distant future, at least for the time being). What is shaping up is an informal (but very real) Russian-Turkish-Iranian regional alliance against the Axis of Kindness: USA-Israel-KSA. If that is what happens then the latter does not stand a chance to prevail.

Third, even though the Kurds are outraged and are now whining about the Russian “betrayal” – they will come to realize that they did it to themselves and that their best chance for freedom and prosperity is to work with the Russians. That means that the Russians will be able to achieve with, and for, the Kurds what the USA could not. Yet another very nice side-benefit for Russia.

Fourth, Syria, Iran and Turkey now realize a simple thing: only Russia stands between the crazy US-Israeli plans for the region and them. Absent Russia, there is nothing stopping the AngloZionist from re-igniting the “good terrorists” and the Kurds and use them against every one of them.

Be it as it may, having the USA and Israel shoot themselves in the leg and watch them bleed is not enough. To really capitalize on this situation the Russians need to also achieve a number of goals:

First, they need to stop the Turks before this all turns into a major and protracted conflict. Since Tillerson “greenlighted” a 30km “safe zone”, this is probably what Erdogan told Trump over the phone and that, in turn, is probably what the Russians and the Turks agreed upon. So, hopefully, this should not be too hard to achieve.

Second, the Russians need to talk to the Kurds and offer them the same deal again: large autonomy inside Syria in exchange for peace and prosperity. The Kurds are not exactly the easiest people to talk to, but since there is really no other option, my guess is that as soon as they stop hallucinating about the US going to war with Turkey on their behalf they will have to sit down and negotiate the deal. Likewise, the Russians will have to sell the very same deal to Damascus which, frankly, is in no position to reject it.

Third, Russia has neither the desire nor the means to constantly deal with violent flare-ups in the Middle-East. If the Empire desperately needs wars to survive, Russia desperately needs peace. In practical terms this means that the Russians must work with the Iranians, the Turks, the Syrians to secure a regional security framework which would be guaranteed and, if needed, enforced by all parties. And yes, the next logical step will be to approach Israel and the KSA and give them security guarantees in exchange for their assurances to stop creating chaos and wars on behalf of the USA. I know, I will get a lot of flak for saying this, but there *are* people in Israel and, possibly, Saudi Arabia who also understand the difference between “bad” and “worse”. Heed my words: as soon as the Israelis and the Saudis realize that Uncle Sam can’t do much for them either, they will suddenly become much more open to meaningful negotiations. Still, whether these rational minds will be sufficient to deal with the rabid ideologues I frankly don’t know. But it is worth trying for sure.


The Trump Administration’s “strategy” (I am being very kind here) is to stir up as many conflicts in as many places of our planet as possible. The Empire thrives only on chaos and violence. The Russian response is the exact opposite: to try as best can be to stop wars, defuse conflicts and create, if not peace, at least a situation of non-violence. Simply put: peace anywhere is the biggest danger to the AngloZionist Empire whose entire structure is predicated on eternal wars. The total and abject failure of all US plans for Syria (depending on how you count we are at “plan C” or even “plan D”) is a strong indicator of how weak and totally dysfunctional the AngloZionist Empire has become. But ‘weak’ is a relative term while ‘dysfunctional’ does not imply ‘harmless’. The current lack of brains at the top, while very good in some ways, is also potentially very dangerous. I am in particular worried about what appears to be a total absence of real military men (officers in touch with reality) around the President. Remember how Admiral Fallon once referred to General Petraeus as “an ass-kissing little chickenshit“? This also fully applies to the entire gang of generals around Trump – all of them are the kind of men real officers like Fallon would, in this words, “hate”. As for State, I will just say this: I don’t expect much from a man who could not even handle Nikki Haley, nevermind Erdogan.

Remember how the USA ignited the Ukraine to punish the Russians for their thwarting of the planned US attack on Syria? Well, the very same Ukraine has recently passed a law abolishing the “anti-terrorist operation” in the Donbass and declaring the Donbass “occupied territory”. Under Ukie law, Russia is now officially an “aggressor state”. This means that the Ukronazis have now basically rejected the Minsk Agreements and are in a quasi-open state of war with Russia. The chances of a full-scale Ukronazi attack on the Donbass are now even higher then before, especially before or during the soccer World Cup in Moscow this summer (remember Saakashvili?). Having been ridiculed (again) with their Border Security Force in Syria, the US Americans will now seek a place to take revenge on the evil Russkies and this place will most likely be the Ukraine. And we can always count the Israelis to find a pretext to continue to murder Palestinians and bomb Syria. As for the Saudis, they appear to be temporarily busy fighting each other. So unless the Empire does something really crazy, the only place it can lash out with little to lose (for itself) is the eastern Ukraine. The Novorussians understand that. May God help them.



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  • Lupus

    Time for Kurds to leave SDF and join SAA

    • Tudor Miron

      Time is running out.

      • Ann

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    • You can call me Al

      In an deal World, yes. Separate units maybe ?

      • Lupus

        yeah but common banner

    • Harry Smith

      Well, Putin’s way to do business is to make a very profitable offer before the confrontation. If the offer is rejected he starts the confrontation and wait until situation is getting worse for his counterpart and makes a less profitable offer, if this offer is rejected, he continues the confrontation and waits for the next moment. So, in the end, the counterpart accepts the offer or is destroyed.

      • Larissa Vanderbilt

        LOL. Well said . .

      • occupybacon

        He’s so previsible even a nobody can anticipate his next moves. With genial precision.

  • Rob

    This is a fantastic article, written in a simple understandable language, which hi-lights the Anglo-Zionist terror agenda in the Middle East.

    The Saker: Uncle Sam Dumps The Kurds (Yet Again)

    • matt

      It isn’t that great, very one sided and simplified version of reality.

      • Rob

        You like lie so then listen to devils. Devils tell lie and spread lie. This was Jews lie on which Jesus was crusified. This was Jews lie on which US destroyed many countries in the world. This was Jews lie on which they have brutally persecuted Palestinians and 4.7 million Palestinians have been made homeless.

        Now Jews will destroy the whole world because they have established Zionist terror network headquarter in Palestine called Israel.

        • matt

          instead of these superficial crap opinion stores written by outsiders, here is a real story from someone that actualy DID GO THERE!!


          • ilme

            Not judging the content of the linked article as I had no time to read it. But this article is written on a strategic level. Having been in the area of the hot conflict doesn’t necessarily enhance the knowledge on that level, it actually very easily can lead to wrong conclusions in the big picture.
            Which is one the reason why war reports from veterans can make historians come to wrong conclusions so they usually ignore them if understanding the strategic situation is the goal.

          • matt

            That can also be said from the article avove. This “saker”is an old fashioned nationalist christian fundamentalist with a very one sided worldview

          • Igor Dano

            go back to your zioBS.
            do not stink here, anglonazi.

          • matt

            Arguments is not your thing, is it?

          • Hide Behind

            US social engineers learned well from past failures, the Kurds in Iraq just found that out , they thought they were strong, until… US will allow their existence judt to keep Iraq guesssing and worrying about Kurds not US from stealing what little sovereignty they have left.
            THREE different groups necessary. MilitaryArm, Political Arm, and Poular community Organizing and Indoctrination Arm, your idol is no more than a tool and the Turk Martyr dom chosen but another tool.
            The popular populace arm are great propaganda assets to gain the leftist pacifist support of millenials and ancient the dye hippy commune believers
            KURDS in Syria have no financial institutions, no manufacturing base to tax, and while stealing Syria’s breadbasket agricultural lands. Means self sufficiency of Kurd food needs at Syrian people’s cost.
            Not saying that many, especially youthful dreamers and idealist are not sincere just dupes.
            My nation US began under Articles of Confederatio, much like your bubble in entist talks about, suckers gambit, fool the gullible.
            EVEN HE slyly and only in passing mentions the military groups and the political ones, of which has control of political bodies in each of the 5 Republics.
            Who pays his wage and all the infrastructure?
            KA CHING IS THE TJING.

          • matt

            So, where did you get this “wishdom”?

          • Hide Behind

            ATTEMPT AT INSULT?
            She’d them like water on ducks back.
            I profess not to wisdom, just the search of, but in my lifelong search I learned a lot,; how to collect data from many sources, eliminate the fools insults and DISINFO. To prove or disprove.
            When I write for independent news outlets , you verify, verify, verify, and you ask those who may know

            Black is not always black and may start out by layers of grey, you gotta peel those layers back to original source.
            Those black sources start out in light but there are those who corrupt into darkness.

          • matt

            you talk in riddles, it seems you just posit your opinion, nothing more

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    Erdogan know the Nato/USA Israel hidden agendas.Erdogsn is this time 100% correct if he leave this tricks will be apply against Turkey.SDF and YPG Kurds must disarm and join Syrian government or still side with their puppet USA and Israel a be die.If Kurds claim that their are Syrian citizens then their must disarm to guarantee the safety of Turkey’s territorial integrity.

    Turkey wakbar boom no more bloody stupid heads on a useless body.

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    I dont trust much of the intentions of Erdogan and Trump..as both know that Afrin canton under FSA/Al qaeda terrorist threat Aleppo capital from Northwest beside terrorist already deployed in west part!…for other side US terrorist in Al Tanf could threat east Damascus…so bad bussiness for Syrian goverment that 2 big terrorist pockets have the main target two largest Syrian cities!

  • John

    I liked the article very much. As far as Ukraine goes, I say not to worry. If one thing has been consistent, since I stated to follow the events again in 2010, it is that the Russians are always ahead of the curve. This allows them to successfully adjust for mistakes and surprises. I wish well to all.

    • Hide Behind

      I would like to suggest you look into US Contractors bio labs in Ukraine and Georgia.
      If one studies Ukraine and it’s cultural roots since 1939 you will find a quite barbaric peoples.
      To expect them if ever push comes to shove not to use such weaponry, best think again.
      Look up Bavarian reporters expose, she names corporations and instances just in recent past of”ACCIDENTAL RELEASES” upon human subjects.
      I would not put anything past the newly arisen , but never eradicated since 1940, NAZI movement.
      Trust them, no further than I can throw a cow.

      • John

        Hello Hide. Thank you for your thoughts.

        I first became aware of the Ukraine situation in around 1974. We had Ukrainian students in my school. The story was typical for the time and followed the western cold war line. Everything was black and white, with the Russians always being the bad guys. As the decades pass, I have found that good and bad, hold no permanent residence and that the clothes worn by both come in more than just black and white colors.

        Ukraine has been recognized as unable to effectively self govern for more than 1000 years. Apparently they have always needed somebody to come in and organize them, much like the Kurds. I hold no hope that this will change. I am not under the illusion that the ‘Axis of Kindness’ will guide them into the light of a loving existence. Their actions, those currently in charge at Kiev ( or maybe they are not in charge) speak loudly as to their intentions. I wish well to you.

        • matt

          you know how many cultures have been governed by opressors for hundreds of years??? most cultures!!

          • John

            Hello Matt. I do not understand your point.

          • matt

            I tried to explain to you that what you said is nonesense, but you don’t get it, sorry for you. It is just no argument to say: culture x and culture y have been governed by others for so long so they can’t govern themselves
            You want me to make a list of countries that exist today but in the past have been governed by others for centuries????

          • John

            Okay, thank you for clarifying. Have a good one Matt.

  • Douglas Houck

    Not sure The Saker is correct on some of his points (getting Israel and KSA to help dampen down the regional chaos) or how this is going to end. Asia Times has some interesting articles on the Turkey/Kurd fight.

  • Alastair Johnson

    Really lame attempt. Apparently Syria’s Kurds want to “create a Kurdistan”??? It appears the author has been asleep for the past 5 years…

    “The Kurds are not exactly the easiest people to talk to…” – omg what a prick you are.

    • FlorianGeyer

      It takes a certain amount of intelligence to appreciate sarcasm Alastair and sadly you seem unable to do so.

      • matt

        following the saker as somebody that knows what is really happening in rojava is not intelligent, better read this article. Much more honest and with dept…


        • FlorianGeyer

          I read that article . Some of it has merit but the tired Social Engineering mantra is just another form of Identity Politics that is used so destructively by the West and Israel.

          In addition to that the Kurds are relative newcomers to that part of Syria and have themselves been engaged in the ethnic cleansing of the Arab and other ethnic groups. Even today in Raqqa.

          • matt

            show me ANY proof of that ethnic cleansing, never seen it! What do you mean with relative newcomers?? How long people should live somewhere to get rights?

            Where did Social engineering destruct things??? Proof!! What does social engineering has to do with identity politics???
            Are you against education for women in afghanistan, for instance???

          • Roddy Wehrmacht

            Israel supportrs Kurds. America supports Kurds. That’s all the reason neighbors need to destroy them.
            Spamming social justice warrior twat.

  • Hide Behind

    Good opinion piece by one of most in touch reality pundits in all of journalism, at least of what is in open forums.
    The Kurds that whine today are no more than opportunist, they made and were paid for their labors, and now their paymasters having made bad decisions will lay them off.
    Wars and the politics of them in today’s world are products of history past, the difference today is we have one power, U S / ISRAEL, that border on a homicidal pathology, that rest of world cannot tell WTF it will do at any one time.
    It is not just those two rabid dogs who are snarling and baring feet for throughout all of N. Africa, central Asia, Pakistan vs India, Iran and all of ME fanatical religious warfare happening on a daily basis.
    All parties are not so much ooking for peace but are upon war fulltime footings, and each vying for the two most rabid animals favors so that they can get leverage over their neighbors.
    As animals of the wilds can be predictable as to reactions from threats or hunger, I am sorry to say, IMO, the insanity of some humans cannot be predicted, just a guestimation of future possabilities.
    The United States is not the only nation in world with a mentally unstable figurehead, and about only thing reasoning people can do is watch out what they say in open about those nut cases.
    A trapped animal will sometimes thrash about and US Israel program for Syria has them in a box canyon; watch out when they think they found an opening.

  • Xanatos

    The conclusion is missing the war on Iran. Trump gave Israel his Total commitment for America to go to war with Iran last Christmas. The regime change strategy started with staged protests with extensive western media focus and Nikki Haley trying to get the U.N. to support military action.

    But coming on the heels of the humiliating rebuke by the international community against America moving its embassy to Jerusalem, the anti Iran proposals flew like a lead balloon.

    Israel’s attempt to hide the Palestinian liberation movement by inventing an Iranian liberation movement didn’t work on France, Germany, or all of western Europe (Czech was onboard). Europe could see the destruction of Iran creating millions of new refugees coming their way. Furthermore , they can’t use Kurds against Iran before regime change in turkey.

    On to plan ‘G’. Airstrikes on Iran without europe. Kurds can’t attack turkey and Iran simultaneously. Not with syria and Iraq ready to join and reclaim land lost to Kurds. It should be clear that regime change of turkey is now vital to unlocking the Kurds potential against Iran.

    • Xanatos

      All signs point to Trump and Netanyahu desperately want to assassinate erdogan.

      I have the feeling Russia told Israel this is verboten. I have the feeling Russia threatened to kill MBS in Saudi Arabia, through which Israel controls Saudi Arabia and all al-Qaida, if erdogan dies.

  • Robert McMaster

    As usual the Saker winds up pitching his mantra that Russia can never, under every circumstance practically imaginable, contest the U.S. military or risk armed engagement. Always, Russia must back down and slink away. The U.S. is just so Big, so Intimidating. Russia is so Weak, so Powerless.

    • Harry Smith

      Russia is no weak but extremely rational. No one in the World, unless he is mentally sick, wants the global nuclear war.

      • Mario Ceva

        But be too afraid the confront USA help US transgresions… Turkey Erdogan is more seft assertive than Russia Putin

  • RichardD
    • RichardD
      • RichardD
      • Hide Behind

        Lots of ancillary comnections of Israel involvement.
        IN Canadian prison before incident an American lower echelon intelligence agent kept asking Canadian authorities to let him contact US embassy to report an upcoming terrorist attack.
        FINALLY 3 days prior to towards they allowed call.
        Later US embassy and Intel denied call and even such a person was on payroll, but Canadian records long after Investigation showed records, mans name and even employee of DOD #.
        Wa. State USA, Olympic Penninsula police stopped van with 3-5???¿¿¿ Israeli men inside.
        Sniffer dog, not drug but heavy concentrate of explosive residue found so men detained in jail and federal notified after first notification made to WA. ST. Patrol Secret Service.
        Next afternoon county received Federal notice to release and expunge record.
        TOO late as news had already reported it.
        All five 9/1/1 Israelis dancers were here on tourist visas nut van was registered to out of State business which said they worked for it.
        Illegal under USA to work while on tourist visa.
        Connections to the Israeli art espionage, Israeli computer firm that installed FIB computer and phone systems later found to have back doors from Israel monitoring.
        With friends such as Israel, whose MOSSAD had supposedly been monitoring both abroad and in US the pasty hijackers for months.
        Nut it makes no diff old history and dumber than rocks American populace just went shopping, and since then been on a killing spree.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          The “Out of State” firm was an Israeli moving company they ended up delivering explosives to the 17th floor of the Tower that was vacated by an Israeli company. They ended up breaking it’s lease at penalty 2 weeks before 9/11 and used an under contract to them an Israeli moving company. Larry Silverstein sued in court over the terrorist clause and won double payment for it. US is dumber than rocks many witnesses are have been murdered or given anyone back then asking to have it opened were killed or knew information murdered in plane crashes etc.

          • Hide Behind

            I live in a USA that is completely unknown to 90+% of present population, and I will die in this seperate from my birth nation.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            The US and Israel both forgot the news related to all this is on the internet and they can’t do anything about it.

          • matt

            there is so much on internet, that doesn’t make it true….

          • RichardD

            I’m a truther and I don’t think that it was a controlled demolition. There may have been conventional explosives involved. But conventional explosives don’t dematerialize 90% of the building before it hits the ground. Which is what happened. 1,700 foot skyscrapers would have left a much bigger pile of debris.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            You need a controlled demolition to bring it down in the footprint, also believed to have used a Tesla energy weapon developed years ago.

          • RichardD

            80 % to 90% of the building and everything in it is missing. On a facial recognition scan I come up as possibly part ET because of the substantial beam weapon entry wound scarring below my left eye from ET/ED contact work. A section of my face an inch and a quarter in diameter and up to a quarter inch deep at the center is permanently missing. An inch or two higher and I’d be blind in that eye. It’s also possible that what I got hit with is terrestrial sequestered directed energy technology. I don’t have conclusive evidence of what the source or who the shooter is. Though I’m working on it.

            Whatever I got hit with and whatever was used in NYC is some type of non thermal dematerialization directed energy technology. If conventional explosives were used, it was as a cover for the energy technology, or some type of non conventional explosives capable of dematerialization. Conventional explosives may have brought down a weakened structure, but they didn’t dematerialize it. The 200 + jumpers were probably being dematerialized, which is why they jumped. There are almost no human remains from the collapse, when there should be substantial human remains.

          • RichardD

            – List of tallest voluntarily demolished –



          • RichardD
    • Larissa Vanderbilt

      Last person who tried that . . well you know what happened to him. I often wonder if he fully realized just how vicious and unrelenting his supposed “victims” were . .

      • RichardD

        The Zionists wanted millions of Jews dead so that they could get the sympathy vote at the UN to get Israel admitted. There was no need for Hitler invade Germany’s neighbors. Yes there were border issues, but he used that as a pretext for expansion far beyond the border issues. Invading Russia was suicidal.

        The Germans should have simply declared Judaism a criminal cult and banned it.

        • Larissa Vanderbilt

          He wanted peace and strove for it, but Churchill the war criminal / war-monger rejected it. He also knew the clock was turning against him and it was a matter of time before the British, French, Americans and Soviets turned on him, using some sort of trumped up “Lusitania” style false flag. The Soviets were preparing for an attack, it’s well documented by military analysts (Heavy artillery and tanks at the front, little to no defensive positions, which is why so many Soviet armies were destroyed or captured) and the Germans knew this. Operation Barbarossa was a preemptive attack to neutralize their biggest and most dangerous foe, in order to then turn German forces West to defeat the expected Allied attack.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          Germany invading USSR was preemptive strike , according even their own Military GRU, Germany had hit trainloads of military equipment destined for an western front with Germany sweeping to France and beyond.

          • RichardD

            There was nothing preemptive about German expansionism that by 1941 was far beyond German borders or anything that was diplomatically justifiable:


          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            The French declared the war against the Germans and then others followed suit. There was nothing Justifiable that the West had done as they were cutting off Oil and other necessities for life. The west used the same actions against Japan, were they justified in any of the cases in one word NO. German,Poland and Russia were both expanding then Stalin turned on Poland and Germany had to launch a counter offensive, Russia killed 40,000 polish troops, in Germany they were prisoners. Now you see the war through one side of the war take some time to see it through both sides, can give you some insights to the atrocities committed by the West and USSR.

          • RichardD

            The French and British declared war and began the embargo after the German invasion of Poland. The Soviets didn’t invade Poland until after the German invasion of Poland. By the time Germany invaded Poland, it had already invaded Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Lithuania. How was the embargo unjustified?


          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Why do you omit the fact sanctions were already in place in the early 30’s are you trying justify an unjust war. The world is always full of revisionists , never mind the fact Eisenhower sat watch over the Rhine meadows camps where 2 million German POWs were intentionally starved to death and other camps with similar fates under Peiper.

            USSR was busy consolidating it’s forces and plans were leaked of an imminent invasion on Poland from the USSR , these plans was confirmed by former retired GRU officers in the 1980’s.

            Carefully think about the sanctions and think about the declarations of war which had been prepared in August in 1939 then released in September, Canada had jumped the gun in announcing before Britain, facts in history have been distorted. The war from the west actually started long before and even they had prepped commanders in 1937 were ready 1938, the real start. Sabotage on communications and sanctions , this sounds all similar to today’s operations.

            Don’t assume the war started in 1939 evidence in history proves otherwise.

          • RichardD

            There were sanctions starting with Versailles, and every nation with a military has plans, many include invading their neighbors for various reasons. What sanctions are you referring to from the early 1930s, and how do they and Soviet military plans justify Germany invading Austria, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania and Poland?

            “Don’t assume the war started in 1939 evidence in history proves otherwise.”

            What act of war prior to the British and French declaring war on Germany in 1939 are you refereeing to? The only acts of war prior to that that I see are the German invasions of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania and Poland

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Both Germany and Russia were reclaiming territories previously theirs, in Russia if you call Poland an invasion you will be treated in the same fashion as a holocaust denier.

            The West declared war but attacks by the west on communication cables etc. occurred long before the war. The fact that attacking a country is technically an act of war and the response would be legitimate. The actions sabotage being committed by Europe and Britain on Germany precipitated the war. Now you try to justify deliberate actions with malicious intent as justified how so explain why it is that we know of the millions of POWs intentionally killed and civilians after the war by the allies.

            Right now is not a good way to discuss WW2 on this thread as it detracts from the article.

            Just amazing how since then both the USUK chose weaker targets for regime change since then. History if we look t it in hindsight we learn more about the true actions and motives of that time , startling to see how far it goes back.

          • RichardD

            The Nazis wouldn’t win a referendum in Austria or anyplace else that I’m aware of. That’s why they invaded. You haven’t provided any links for sanctions or sabotage that you claim justify the invasions of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, or Poland. Hitler was a war monger, aggressor, and international scofflaw, as the maps that I’ve posted illustrate. That’s why the British and French declared war in response to the invasions and wars of German expansionism under the Nazis.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            They had the most Nazi party members more than Germany’s and you think they wouldn’t have won. You can look them up in old war documentaries quite surprising how much has been left out of our educations and within the systems.

            Well as for calling Hitler a scofflaw look back then and today the west has always been international scofflaws, really makes no difference which way you view it both are bad but the catch is which was has been the worse in the long run.

          • RichardD

            It’s unlikely that the Nazis would have invaded if they could have won a referendum. You’ve made a lot of claims trying to support German aggression, and have not provided any credible evidence to support them. You’ve read enough of my work to know that I don’t support western crimes committed in the name of “freedom and democracy”.

            My goals are peace, prosperity and a better future for humanity. The crimes committed by all of the actors in WW2 were, and in some cases continue to be, a problem.

  • Bring peace to ALL those areas mentioned above by dropping a few hundred nukes on America.
    Kaput. Problem solved.
    …. And better a few hundred thousand Americans die than a few MORE hundred thousand in the ME and Ukraine anyway.

  • Frank Behrens

    Wow, an article which begins with an Anglo-Zionist (empire)…one could guess what then follows up….for sure not an “neutral” analyze of the comlpexities involved. Once again one from the right-winged/altright tin-hat-faction reveals his conspirational world view…and in good tradtion, somehow the Jews (aka Israelis) are not involveld..no, they are more or the less the driving force behind all those…well, and for sure generates clicks…have one).

    1. Bring down a strong secular Arab state along with its political structure, armed forces and security services.

    Facts? Sources? Why should the US want that ? (to that later)

    2. Create
    total chaos and horror in Syria justifying the creation of a “security
    zone” by Israel not only in the Golan, but further north.

    Ah, yes now. Why would the Israelis want that ? (and why should e.g. Trump..and before Obama…want that ?). For decades there was peace between Syria and Israel. In fact the Assad regime was the best “buffer” . Why risk that? In fact Israel valued the regime in Damascus for bringing stability , so why change the gov. ? They couldn`t be sure that a new gov. (especially a islamic one ) would be as reliable as the old gov. concerning that.

    3. Trigger a civil war in Lebanon by unleashing the Takfiri crazies against Hezbollah.

    Again, why ? And why use “Takfiri crazies” ? Those would be probably more a danger to Israel then the Hezb. could ever be. (their hatred for the Anglo-Zionist empire rivals the one from all Iran, HezB. and all right-wingers ).

    4. Let the Takfiris and Hezbollah bleed each other to death, then create a “security zone”, but this time in Lebanon.

    Uh, clever one. But why would they have a “security zone” in Lebaon? There is already a “security zone” manned by the Unifil and Lebanon national army in southern Lebanon ..and it works more or less, since there are no real clashes and no attacks on settlements in northern Israel since 2006. (and no one seriously voted in Israel for such an security zone” ).

    5. Prevent the creation of a Shia axis Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon.
    Now, THAT indeed has some merits…(and was more or less openly stated …but more voiced from the sunni led arabic states). But why then support the Iraq gov. (Shia led) against ISIS ? Or the kurds in syria and Iraq who fight also primarly against Isis and islamic factions? )

    6. Breakup Syria along ethnic and religious lines.

    Again, where to find that master-plan? Or is that just a (wild) guess? Did anyone in the US (or elsewhere) vote openly for such a plan?

    And in the end…it is up to the peoples in Syria (and which of all those factions demands for such an split up?)

    7. Create a Kurdistan which could then be used against Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

    urg, again, where is that master-plan? In fact every state involve is against that. And the fats cleearly speak against that, snce the US gov. supportes the central gov. in Iraq also vs. any split ups of Iraq.

    8. Make
    it possible for Israel to become the uncontested power broker in the
    Middle-East and forces the KSA, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and all others to
    have to go to Israel for any gas or oil pipeline project.

    Another wild guess. There I sought the initial plan was to replace the current gov. of Syria with a more “pro” western gov. (aka willing puppet…but how willing a puppet would be an islamic regime be? Makes no sense at all) which would then “allow” such piplines ?

    9. Gradually isolate, threaten, subvert and eventually attack Iran with a wide regional coalition of forces.
    Eliminate all center of Shia power in the Middle-East.

    Again, some merits. But that hasn`t to do with Israel (a lot at least)..there is a stiff (and traditional) rivalery between Saudi Arabia (sunni gulf states) and the Iran …both are competing for dominance (and/or feel threatend from the other side). Mere geo-politics in an oil and gas rich area.

    One doesn`t need here an “evil” Anglo-Zionist master-plan…

    • RichardD
      • Frank Behrens

        at your leal service…and a short reminder before leaving your bubble:


        • RichardD

          This is why I didn’t even attempt a rational debate with you, because in addition to being a liar, you’re also an immature idiot.

          • Frank Behrens

            I would consider doing a rational debate..but only if you make sure that your tin foil hat is on .

            And because of that meme ? ^^…and there I sought it is because I am one (in truth we are …LEGION muhahahaa) of those hasbara-Zionist-jewish i-net trolls?


          • RichardD

            You’re here to cause trouble, not engage in rational debate.

          • Frank Behrens

            sure, while you are the pinnacle of reasoning and sober discussion culture without any prejudices. And if you really believe your own bullshit …come to the conclusion to stop answering me (errr…”us”)..(which you can`t ..you are to obsessed with me (errr…us) ^^).

          • RichardD

            You’re the one rejecting rational debate with your lies, evasion and insanity.

          • Frank Behrens

            yeah, and you are still the stupid brutish facist without manners and severe inferiority complexes which still (mildly) amuses me (errr..us). go on with your endless repeating disc !

          • RichardD

            Anyone who is trying to prove that the Jews are innocent of their crimes and evil as you are, when the evidence is overwhelming that they’re guilty, is a liar and a head case.

          • zman

            Absolutely. He knows the answers to the stupid questions he poses. For example, anyone today, to ask what the Yinon Plan is woefully uninformed or is trying to act ignorant, which this guy is not, he’s is simply doing the troll thing and trying to obfuscate the subjects at hand…as if he is talking to 5 year old kids and can redirect the conversation. This is SOP for these dumb asses. Sooner or later even his handlers will realize that this is flogging a dead horse. His bringing up the tin foil hat BS is a dead give-away, a very old and tired CIA ploy. You are right, his mission is to sow discord and lies, he is only worth the time it takes to block him and his BS. Unfortunately, he is not the only POS online doing this to earn a piss-poor living…mainly because they are not fit to do any other work…this is the only line of work they are suited for. Losers. The only answers I have for these types is: FO.

          • RichardD

            Thank You

          • Roddy Wehrmacht

            Agreed. The Jewish troll plays dumb as he whines he knows everything

    • alejoeisabel

      #1. To please money funders of Congress and US President. Who benefits with an atomized Syria? Israel.
      #2 The Yalon Plan for a ”Greater Israel”.
      #3 The “Takfiri Crazies” are Zionist proxies. The receive medical treatment and intelligence from Israel in the Occupied Syrian Golan Heights
      #4 Yalon Plan is all an excuse to have a “security” zone which keeps on growing. Occupation is what Israel does.
      #6 The master plan to break up Syria and the Middle East…Read The Yalon Plan.
      You are completely misinformed.

      • Frank Behrens

        1. To please money funders of Congress and US President. Who benefits with an atomized Syria? Israel.

        Aside from any hard facts…who are those money funders? Who was “bribed” in the Congress?

        In which way would Israel beneit from an atomized Syria? (more then previous)

        2. The Yalon Plan for a ”Greater Israel”.

        Can you discribe and give further information about that “Yalon plan” ?

        3. The “Takfiri Crazies” are Zionist proxies. The receive medical
        treatment and intelligence from Israel in the Occupied Syrian Golan

        Can you describe the amount and occassions this happened? Which groups were involved? HTS ? ISIS ? When and how did the Zionists created those Takfiries crazies . ?
        These groups instead blame the Zionists to support Assad /HezB. and claim they are Zionists puppets? Can you disaprove those claims of them?

        4. see nb. 2


        6. see nb. 2 and please do something against my misinformed status …

    • Attrition47

      Zionists aren’t Jewish, they are its antithesis.

      • Frank Behrens

        uuuuh, do I sence a bit of reason here?

  • alejoeisabel

    Great article; however, you missed one critical point, the occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights. Israel’s motivation in the atomization of the Syrian Arab Republic was to achieve its destruction; therefore, the permanent annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights.

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    In other words Greater Israel. One problem among many is that Israel is perfectly willing to throw the U.S. under the bus. The Israeli agenda has all ready diminished the standing and power of the U.S. Executing this murderous agenda would cause even more harm.

  • Merijn

    The YPG & SDF will soon find an invitation on their doormap…… their seats at the negotiation table reserved…… Kosjer meals will be served no problemo…… Diplomacy sometimes the best answer, all that fighting makes hungry. It’s best to end this whole drama nice & smooth. U.S. & Friends can start packin’ their bags go home & watch some more Looney Tunes and have a burger, game over…. for good, we don’t buy your shit no more. And Israel……. good luck bros…… you are on your own now. If there are some happy go lucky Zionazis that wants a war next time, I think you have to pick up an X-95 Family yourselves (or use a button perhaps?), because the whole World has had it with your Yinon plan. Artificial intelligence an option to do your fighting perhaps? You know what? I got a good idea: Build an intelligent spaceship & Leave this planet…… at the moment your plans appear to be nothing more than a gut-shot animal….by way of deception thou shalt do war…..the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service doesn’t have much deception left in the desert at the moment….every fart these Khazarian Mobsters create backfires right back in their face.

    Yours Sincerely Sun Tzu

  • Larissa Vanderbilt

    Great article. Well thought out and well written . .

    • matt

      Not at all, better read this article, written by a volunteer that stayed in the area for 9 months


      • Larissa Vanderbilt

        We are all entitled to our opinions. While I have sympathized with the Kurds for many years now, there is no denying that their leadership seriously lacks intelligence and understanding of the wider political issues facing Syria as well as Iraq. I still consider this article to be be extremely well thought out and enunciated . .

        • zman

          I agree. He does not seem to realize that in the article he refers to that it freely admits that the Kurds were instrumental in instigating civil unrest in Syria. Whose benefit was that for?

          • Son Osmanlı Boris

            Pkk is antifa linked marxist terrorist organisation Uncle same need to stop arming terrorists

  • RichardD

    “Israeli strategists have long wished to balkanize the Middle East to make it easier for Israel to dominate the region. These efforts to break up the surrounding nations into smaller units were described by Moshe Sharett in the 1950s, by Yinon Oded in the 1980s, and more recently by the neocons in the Clean Break document.”

    – The Mossad’s role in the Kurdish Independence movement –


  • Marinos Ricudis

    Pozdrav Mocni………

  • alejoeisabel

    Is the Uncle Shmuel really necessary? So anti semitic.

  • gustavo

    Excellent article, congratulation,

  • Barba_Papa

    I wish they stopped using the term Nazi for the Ukraine. It’s as stupid and ultimately counterproductive as is labeling anyone who disagrees with the radical left as ‘the next Hitler’. It devalues the term. The Nazis were only a small part of the ultra right spectrum. Fascist Italy looked nothing like Nazi Germany, neither did the ultra nationalist governments of Eastern Europe that allied with Hitler against the USSR. The only thing they had in common with Hitler was a common enemy in the USSR. And any racial policies they adopted, like persecution of their Jewish populations only came about after German pressure, or even takeover of their governments. Usage of the term Nazi only undermines ones own arguments as it shows the user to be an ideologue themselves. And ideologues have no arguments, only beliefs. Which is a shame, as otherwise this was a good article.

  • abel_kotze

    And when the SDF rushes to the aid of their buddies in the north, the SAA can roll back the east they are holding now. Nice strategy Turkey. First time ever I said something nice about Turkey. Oops…

  • Leon De Elias

    This ridiculous plan will never work..

  • occupybacon

    This piece can be resumed in just one word: Zionazis