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The Saker: Progress Report On The US-Russian War


Written by The Saker for The Unz Review

I am often asked if the US and Russia will go to war with each other. I always reply that they are already at war. Not a war like WWII, but a war nonetheless. This war is, at least for the time being, roughly 80% informational, 15% economic and 5% kinetic. But in political terms the outcome for the loser of this war will be no less dramatic than the outcome of WWII was for Germany: the losing country will not survive it, at least not in its present shape: either Russia will become a US colony again or the AngloZionist Empire will collapse.

In my very first column for the Unz review entitled “A Tale of Two World Orders” I described the kind of multipolar international system regulated by the rule of law Russia, China and their allies and friends (whether overt or covert) worldwide are trying to build and how dramatically different it was from the single World Hegemony and AngloZionist attempted to establish worldwide (and almost successfully imposed upon our suffering planet!). In a way, the US imperial leaders are right, Russia does represent an existential threat, not for the United States as a country or for its people, but for the AngloZionist Empire, just as the latter represents an existential threat to Russia. Furthermore, Russia represents a fundamental civilizational challenge to what is normally called the “West” as she openly rejects its post-Christian (and, I would add, also viscerally anti-Islamic) values. This is why both sides are making an immense effort at prevailing in this struggle.

Last week the anti-imperial camp scored an major victory with the meeting between Presidents Putin, Rouhani and Erdogan in Sochi: they declared themselves the guarantors of a peace plan which will end the war against the Syrian people (the so-called “civil war”, which this never was) and they did so without even inviting the USA to participate in the negotiations. Even worse, their final statement did not even mention the USA, not once. The “indispensable nation” was seen as so irrelevant as to not even be mentioned.

To fully measure how offensive all this is we need to stress a number of points:

First, lead by Obama, all the leaders of the West declared urbi et orbi and with immense confidence that Assad had no future, that he had to go, that he was already a political corpse and that he would have no role whatsoever to play in the future of Syria.

Second, the Empire created a “coalition” of 59 (!) countries which failed to achieve anything, anything at all: a gigantic multi-billion dollar worth “gang that could not shoot straight” lead by CENTCOM and NATO and which only proved it most abject incompetence. In contrast, Russia never had more than 35 combat aircraft in Syria at any time turned the course of the war (with a lot of Iranian and Hezbollah help on the ground).

Next, the Empire decreed that Russia was “isolated” and her economy “in tatters” – all of which the Ziomedia parroted with total fidelity. Iran was, of course, part of the famous “Axis of Evil” while Hezbollah was the “A-Team of terrorism”. As for Erdogan, the AngloZionist tried to overthrow and kill him. And now it is Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Turkey who defeated the terrorists and who will call the shots in Syria.

Finally, when the USA realized that putting Daesh in power in Damascus was not going to happen, they first tried to break up Syria (Plan B) and then tried to create a Kurdish statelet in Iraq and Syria (Plan C). All these plans failed, Assad is in Russia giving hugs to Putin while Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp Quds Force Commander General Soleimani is taking a stroll through the last Syrian city to be liberated from Daesh.

Can you imagine how totally humiliated, ridiculed and beat the US leaders feel today? Being hated or resisted is one thing, but being totally ignored – now that hurts!

As for a strategy, the best they came up with was what I would call a “petty harassment of Russia”: making RT sign up as a foreign agent, stealing ancient art from Russiastrip Russian athletes from medals en masse, trying to ban the Russian flag and anthem from the Olympics in Seoul or banning Russian military aircraft from the next Farnborough airshow. And all these efforts achieve is making Putin even more popular, the West even more hated, and the Olympics even more boring (ditto for Farnborough – the MAKS and the Dubai Air Shows are so much ‘sexier’ anyway). Oh, I almost forgot, the “new Europeans” will continue their mini-war against old Soviet statues to their liberators. It’s just like the US mini-war on the Russian representations in the USA, a clear sign of weakness.

Speaking of weakness.

This is becoming comical. The US media, especially CNN, cannot let a day go by without mentioning the evil Russians, the US Congress is engaged in a mass hysteria trying to figure out who of the Republicans or the Democrats have had more contacts with the Russians, NATO commanders are crapping their pants in abject terror (or so they say!) every time the Russian military organizes any exercise, US Navy and Air Force representatives regularly whine about Russian pilots making “unprofessional intercepts”, the British Navy goes into full combat mode when a single (and rather modest) Russian aircraft carrier transits through the English Channel – but Russia is, supposedly, the “weak” country here.

Does that make sense to you?

The truth is that the Russians are laughing. From the Kremlin, to the media, to the social media – they are even make hilarious sketches about how almighty they are and how they control everything. But mostly the Russians are laughing their heads off wondering what in the world the folks in the West are smoking to be so totally terrified (at least officially) by a non-existing threat.

You know what else they are seeing?

That western political leaders are seeking safety in numbers. Hence the ridiculously bloated “coalitions” and all the resolutions coming out of various European and trans-Atlantic bodies. Western politicians are like schoolyard nerds who, fearing the tough kid, huddle together to look bigger. Every Russian kid knows that seeking safety in numbers is a surefire sign of a scared wimp. In contrast, the Russians also remember how a tiny nation of less than 2 million people had the courage to declare war on Russia and how they fought the Russians hard, really hard. I am talking about the Chechens of course. Yeah, love them or hate them – but there is no denying that Chechens are courageous. Ditto for Northern Alliance in Afghanistan. The Russians were impressed. And even though the Nazis inflicted an unspeakable amount of suffering on the Russian people, the Russians never deny that the German soldiers and officers were skilled and courageous. There is even a Russian saying “I love/respect the courageous man in the Tatar/Mongol” (люблю молодца и в татарине). So Russians have no problem seeing courage in their enemies.

But US/NATO armies? They all act as if Conchita Wurst was their Commander in Chief!

Remember this:

The Saker: Progress Report On The US-Russian War

The Saker: Progress Report On The US-Russian War

None of these man were kind or “nice” in any way. But they mattered. They were relevant. And they wielded some very real power.

Today, real power looks like this:

The Saker: Progress Report On The US-Russian War

The Saker: Progress Report On The US-Russian War

And you know what is really offensive to the AngloZionist leaders?

That this photo shows one Orthodox Christian and two Muslims.

Now that’s offensive. And very frightening, of course.

We are very, very far from the “birth of a new Middle-East” promised by Condi Rice (it is a new Middle-East alright, just not the one Rice and the Neocons had in mind!)

As for the “only democracy in the Middle-East” it is now in full panic mode, hence their now overt plan to work with the Saudis against Iran and their clearly staged leaks about bombing all Iranian assets up to 40km from the Israeli border. But that train has already left the station: the Syrian won and not amount of airstrikes will change that. So just to make sure they still look really fierce, the Israelis are now adding that in case of a war between Israel and Hezbollah, Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah would be a target. Wow! Who would have thought?!

Can you hear the giggles coming out of Beirut?

The scary thing is that the folks in DC, Riyadh and Jerusalem hear them loud and clear which means that sooner or later they will have to do something about it and that “something” will be the usual nonsensical bloodbath this “Axis of Kindness” has been made famous for: if you can’t beat their military, make their civilians pay (think Kosovo 1999, Lebanon 2006, Yemen 2015). Either that or beat the shit out of a tiny, defenseless victim (Grenada 1983, Gaza 2008, Bahrain 2011). Nothing like a good massacre of defenseless civilians to make them feel manly, respected and powerful (and, for US Americans – “indispensable”, of course).

Setting aside the case of the Middle-East, I think we can begin to see the outlines of what the USA and Russia will be doing in the next couple of years.

Russia: the Russian strategy towards the Empire is simple:

  1. Try to avoid as much as possible and for as long as possible any direct military confrontation with the USA because Russia is still the weaker side (mostly in quantitative terms). That, and actively preparing for war under the ancient si vis pacem para bellum strategy.
  2. Try to cope as best can be with all the “petty harassment”: the USA still has infinitely more “soft power” than Russia and Russia simply does not have the means to strike back in kind. So she does the minimum to try to deter or weaken the effects of that kind of “petty harassment” but, in truth, there is not much she can do about it besides accepting it as a fact of life.
  3. Rather than trying to disengage from the AngloZionist controlled Empire (economically, financially, politically), Russia will very deliberately contribute to the gradual emergence of an alternative realm. A good example of that is the Chinese-promoted New Silk Road which is being built without any meaningful role for the Empire.

USA: the US strategy is equally simple:

  1. Use the Russian “threat” to give a meaning and a purpose to the Empire, especially NATO.
  2. Continue and expand the “petty harassment” against Russia on all levels.
  3. Subvert and weaken as much as possible any country or politician showing any signs of independence or disobedience (including New Silk Road countries)

Both sides are using delaying tactics, but for diametrically opposite reasons: Russia because time is on her side and the USA because they have run out of options.

It is important to stress here that in this struggle Russia is at a major disadvantage: while the Russians want to build something, the US Americans only want to destroy it (examples include Syria, of course, but also the Ukraine or, for that matter, a united Europe). Another major disadvantage for Russia is that most governments out there as still afraid of antagonizing the Empire in any way, thus the deafening silence and supine submissiveness of the “concert of nations” when Uncle Sam goes on one of his usual rampages in total violation of international law and the UN Charter. This is probably changing, but very, very slowly. Most world politicians are just like US Congressmen: prostitutes (and cheap ones at that).

The biggest advantage for Russia is that the USA are internally falling apart economically, socially, politically – you name it. With every passing year the once most prosperous United States are starting to look more and more like some backwater Third World country. Oh sure, the US economy is still huge (but rapidly shrinking!), but that is meaningless when financial wealth and social wealth are conflated into one completely misleading index of pseudo-prosperity. This sad, really, a country which ought to be prosperous and happy is being bled to death by the, shall we say, “imperial parasite” feeding on it.

At the end of the day, political regimes can only survive by the consent of those it rules. In the United States this consent is clearly in the process of being withdrawn. In Russia it has never been stronger. This translates into a major fragility of the USA and, therefore, the Empire (the USA are by far the biggest host of the AngloZionist imperial parasite) and a major source of staying power for Russia.

All of the above applies only to political regimes, of course. The people of Russia and of the USA have exactly the same interests: bringing down the Empire with the least amount of violence and suffering as possible. Like all Empires, the US Empire mostly abused others in its formative and peak years, but as any decaying Empire it is now mostly abusing its own people. It is therefore vital to always repeat that an “Empire-free USA” would have no reason to see an enemy in Russia and vice-versa. In fact, Russia and the USA could be ideal partners, but the “imperial parasites” will not allow that to happen. Thus we are all stuck in an absurd and dangerous situation which could result in a war which would completely destroy most of our planet.

For whatever it’s worth, and in spite of the constant hysterical russophobia in the US Ziomedia, I detect absolutely no sign whatsoever that this campaign is having any success with the people in the USA. At most, some of them naively buy into the “the Russians tried to interfere in our elections” fairytale, but even in this case this belief is mitigated by “no big deal, we also do that in other countries”. I have yet to meet a US American who would seriously believe that Russia is any kind of danger. I don’t even detect superficial reactions of hostility when, for example, I speak Russian with my family in a public place. Typically, we are asked what language we are speaking and when we reply “Russian” the reaction normally is “cool!”. Quite often I even hear “what do you think of Putin? I really like him”. This is in severe contrast with the federal government whom the vast majority of US Americans seem to hate with a passion.

To summarize it all, I would say that at this point in time of the US-Russian war, Russia is wining, the Empire is losing and the USA is suffering. As for the EU it is “enjoying” a much deserved irrelevance while being mostly busy absorbing wave after wave of society-destroying refugees proving, yet again, the truth of the saying that if your head is in the sand, your ass is in the air.

This war is far from over, I don’t even think that we have reached it’s peak yet and things are going to get worse before they get better again. But all in all, I am very optimistic that the Axis of Kindness will bite the dust in a relatively not too distant future.



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  • slorter

    A good article!

  • George King

    A very sobering article from the Saker. I am quite sure I heard, “The bell tolls for thee” as an appropriate casus belli not in calling for war but in recognition of.

  • pipic astig

    This is quiet the best believable analysis between the two superpowers!

    • Cheryl Brandon


  • RichardD

    “imperial parasites” = Jews, more Americans need to wake up to the fact that Jewmerica is a sick and twisted perversion of what they want America to be. And the reason is that the US is the most Jew infested nation on the planet and that we need to get rid of these evil parasites for the US and humanity to have a better future. Judaism is an evil cult that should be outlawed to create a Jew free planet.

    • RichardD
      • Mortal

        I have seen a ton of posts from you Richard worth reading and I don’t understand how you end up using racial slur to make a point. It’s not Jews that are the problem, it is Zionism.

        • RichardD

          Any pedophile cult that rapes 1,000 cult babies every week as the Jews do, belongs in the trash can of history.

          “US Jews strongly support Israel, new poll shows – Jewish World …
          May 23, 2011 – 94% say that if Jewish state “no longer existed tomorrow,” it would be a “tragedy.””

          • Mortal

            My friend, I agree with your views. I also believe Israel is a nation mainly built on human suffering. And I have read a bit of the talmud’s most explicit content. But you should know that before even trying to exterminate that entity, one must destroy the theory is antisemitism and its impact to the world public opinion (you would know what I am talking about if you ever took a stroll in Berlin ;) ). It must become PC (sic) to talk about Jews and Zionism. But it is almost impossible to make someone read what you have read and started thinking differently to understand even the least of the game that is being played. So it is easy for someone to just level our theory as a conspiracy, at least in Europe, where I live. So instead of talking about zionism, we end up using the term Jew, which is still I think a sensitive matter, and easily can indicate some instant connection to suffering, brutality, victimization and even racial distinction. My point is -> crudely made points are worthless in real life.

          • RichardD

            If the truth is at times crude, it’s still the truth and worth considering. I didn’t swear and the Jews are parasites by ideology.

        • alejoeisabel

          The Jewish are Zionism’s human shields, and their main victims. Very sad.I have many friends and family who are of the Jewish persuasion. Not a single one has any connection to the Rothschild or Goldman Sachs. However, some have drank the Kool-Aid of Zionism…very sad.

          • RichardD

            They’re not Zionist’s main victims and almost all of them are Zionists themselves, 94% in the US and higher in Israel, where combined 87% of the planet’s Jews live. And they all belong to the same evil Talmud rabbinical pedophile rape cult that needs to be outlawed to correct the problems that Jews are causing.

          • Kevin Osborne

            There are as many Jews in the United States as there are in Israel and considerably more Jews in the world. Where did you get that Zionist percentage in the US? I’ve never seen any data so if you have a credible link that would be nice.
            Our problem is globalists, not Jews. Israel is a beard for the real bad hats and that needs to stop. However everyone who wants Sharia law in the US is welcome to raise a hand.

          • RichardD

            “While dozens of countries host at least a small Jewish population, the community is concentrated in a handful: Israel and the United States account for 83% of the Jewish population, while a total of 98 countries host the other 17%.”


          • Kevin Osborne

            I could ask again where you get the pedophile and Zionist percentages but why bother? At least you are honest in your hatred. Not all are.

          • RichardD

            I don’t hate Jews. I’m trying to help get problems solved to improve life here. Raping children is “antisemetic”, I’m trying to get it stopped. My feed is open. All of the issues that you’re raising have been covered many times in detail with supporting documentation. If you want answers, spend some time on it. If you don’t like truth and reality, then it might not be for you.

          • Kevin Osborne

            I am sure the pedophile issue is much more massive than is generally known. It isn’t 99.5 percent jews, though. By making such statements you lessen the reality of the general public in what needs to be done, which is big enough. My opinion, anyway. Let’s get the real bad hats whoever they are.

          • RichardD

            99.5% belong to the baby raping cult. The % that rapes their children with oral suction circumcision varies by location. In some places it’s less than 50%, in others it’s over 50%. It works out to about 1,000 raped babies a week. Which is mass statutory rape by any definition.

            These are the bad hats, and they’re Jews. It wouldn’t have happened without them pushing it and carrying it out:

            911 Israel Did It

          • Kevin Osborne

            Okay, well I’m done with this.

        • RichardD

          I didn’t use a “racial slur”:

          “racial slur
          a derogatory or disrespectful nickname for a racial group”

        • Vitex

          Talmudism, which is a jewish form of pharisaisim, teaches that the goyyim are less than cattle, that the best goys deserve to die, and that a jew can lie, cheat, steal or otherwise deprive any goy without sinning. So the divisiveness comes from within judaism. So until jewish voices arise to denounce talmudism, I tend to side with Richard D. Mind you, there ARE jewish voices doing exactly that – people like Gilad Atzmon. I grew up with jews, and have jewish blood – but I denounce talmudism as a racist sect

          • RichardD

            99.5% of Jews are Talmud rabbinical Jews, the other .5% are probably baby rapers also. The whole cult is rotten. Sure there are dissident Jews, Jesus Christ was one. That doesn’t absolve the guilty or rehabilitate the cult from being evil and detrimental to humanity.

          • Kevin Osborne


          • RichardD

            Your being a truth hater s your problem not mine

          • Kevin Osborne

            Your truth is all jews are pedophiles. It would make as much sense to say everyone named Richard or Kevin is a pedophile. Why make such a statement?

          • RichardD

            They’re all pedophile rape cult members.

          • Vitex

            Hmm. Of course Jesus said a few other things about beams in eyes and splinters and things. I’m not claiming any superiority, I’m only saying I have some difficulty with the Talmud. I wouldn’t go so far as you do, as you would be accused of hate speech and I think the accusers would be right. If you can’t resist the Talmud without hate, the talmudists have won (I think).

          • RichardD

            “There has been debate over freedom of speech, hate speech and hate speech legislation.[8] Critics have argued that the term “hate speech” is used to silence critics.”


            What you call my use of hate speech is what I call truth and evidence of crime. The evil Jew pedophile rape cultists have long been at the forefront of efforts to shut down investigations of their evil by making any exposure of their crimes suppressible using accusations of “antisemitism”, it’s one of their oldest scams. While they’re the ones raping 1,000 Jew cult babies a week. Most of whom aren’t Semitic compared to people who actually are Semitic:

            “Near Eastern heritage which can be genetically mapped back to the ancient Fertile Crescent”


            The Jews go to great extremes trying to show that European Jews, which is upwards of 90% of Jews, have some trace of middle eastern ancestry to justify their colonial crime spree in the Levant. When in reality they have almost no or not any middle eastern ancestry compared to the people that they’re victimizing, who are by far the primary descendants of the the Hebrew and other non Jewish tribes from the area. And really are semetic people.

            It would be like a blue eyed blond haired north western European like myself, except that I’m an American of European ancestry, claiming to be black or Chinese because there was someone in my family tree hundreds or thousands of years ago who was black or Chinese. It’s absurd. I don’t have anything against people of other races. I just think that the Jews go way overboard with their racial claims and “justifications”.

            Plus I don’t hate Jews. I just see their evil cult and all of the crime that they commit for what it is. And I call it as I see it. And am offering solutions to get the problem corrected in a legal, moral and ethical manner to create a Jew free planet that will be better for everyone. The Jew cult is evil, it should be done away with. These evil cultists are the enemy’s of humanity. The world would be a better place without these pedophile rape cultists and their evil cult causing all of the problems that they do.

            “as with any right, the freedom of religion can be abridged if its exercise would infringe on the rights of others.

            As a result, several groups have been made into recognized criminal organizations. … These cults have generally been involved with activities like murder, abduction, statutory rape, or other serious crimes. Often, they hold an illegal activity to be a primary focus of their religious teachings, making adherence to the group’s beliefs a virtual guarantee of grossly illegal activity directly harming others.”


          • Vitex

            In that respect I agree that hate speech is an idiotic concept and used as a tool of cultural marxism to silence free speech. I believe in free speech and we do not get it.

          • RichardD

            That’s because Jews control the media and if the media told the the truth the Jews would go to jail or worse. It’s in the Talmud to lie to the goy because they’d kill the Jews if they knew the truth about Jew crime and evil.

            There’s nothing to be gained by keeping the Jews around and a lot to be gained by getting rid of them. We don’t need a blood bath or genocide. We just need to enforce the laws that they’re violating and pass some new ones targeting their cult. Most Jews who aren’t guilty of serious crimes can just go on with their lives sans Judaism. The crooks and extremists will have to be dealt with on a case specific basis.

        • RichardD
        • RichardD
        • RichardD
        • RichardD

          You’re evading the issue. The problem is Judaism, Zionism is a facet of Judaism. Approximately 95% of Jews are also Zionists.

    • RichardD
    • RichardD
  • Man Dagang

    Bla bla Lol you miss one main point if Usa & allies gave rebels on ground anti aircraft as they did in Afghanistan then syria & iraq will be governed by Sunnis..oil pipe from Gcc to europe will be a reality & putin with assad will be living in gulag

    • alejoeisabel

      One problem. Sunni Syrians love Bashar Assad more than they love Mohammad Bin Salman and his friend Netanyahu of Israel. Majority of the brave Syrian Arab Army are Sunni. Nobody likes Wahhabi Islam. However, very attractive to the ignorant as yourself. Shalom.

    • wwinsti

      A second problem for you. Most of your so called rebels had MANPADS- better ones than those used in Afghanistan in fact. They have shot down a small number of Syrian aircraft, but what your propaganda never informs people like you about is that any aircraft flying over 10,000 feet is more or less safe from such weapons. Also, the conditions in Afghanistan, where most of the land is at 15,000 feet or higher, will never be replicated. Finally, most modern aircraft carry IR jammers now that offer some protection against IR guided weapons. So stop living in the 80’s, try to keep up with the rest of us, for heaven’s sake!

      • Brother Ma

        Who cares about 15000 feet? Surely it is distance from plane that counts not how high in elevation manpad is held? So afghanistan is nothing special: if plane is within 10ooo feet it will be shot down even if manpad is at 15000 feet elevation.right?

        • Jeremy Rochon

          Many aircraft have an elevation ceiling. Afghanistan is already 15000 feet in the air. Anti aircraft devices are more effective there because many aircraft cannot fly high enough above the anti aircraft weapons without reaching their elevation limit. This cannot be replicated in Syria because Syria is closer to sea level.

          • Brother Ma

            Thanks Jeremy.

        • Tudor Miron

          No, manpads have limited range. Best ones are about 4000-5000m range. So if aircraft is far enough than even lower altitude is still safe. Flying above 5000m is a guarantee that manpad is not a threat even if plane is flying right above it.

          • Brother Ma

            Thanks Tudor.

          • Tudor Miron

            You’re welcome Brother Ma

    • Tudor Miron

      Man, you wither uninformed yourself or think that we’re uninformed. RuAF planes have strict orders to conduct their operations no lower than 5000m altitude. Only in special cases (like when US operatives led that attack to try to kill/capture Russian MP outpost) they are allowed to fly lower. That is because “rebels” (who are in fact Israel/US/UK mercenaries) DO have manpads. It didn’t help them much.

    • Ricardo Ramos

      You are a little dim witted .do you think those in the state dept haven’t mulled over that? Of course they too recognize that the Houthis will be in Riyadh as quickly as the Jihadist will be in Damascus. Russia ,I think has the capabilities as a military power and that much has been made clear with 36 planes and a handful of special forces operatives in Syria.let that sink in.

    • Justin

      if USA gave FSA Manpads then those same weapons would end up in the hands of isis and al-nusra which would be a big problem for USA politcally!
      It means Russia could go ahead and sell to syria s-300 systems which would be a HUGE problem for Israel!
      Also, SU-25’s are practically invulnerable even to manpads!
      SU-24 would just fly higher than 15,000 feet!
      U make silly assumptions because u don’t realise that opposing sides can make equal and opposite effects to this!
      Many times the FSA have requested Manpads from the USA and have been knocked back 100% of the time! If u are smart u will understand why!

  • Jozsef Osztronkovics

    Until countries don’t cleans out their swamp –all those zionist lobby from their parliament —- there will be trouble all the time and many good people will be hurt — by those international deep state zionist scum’s

    • RichardD

      95% of the world’s Jews live in the US, Israel, France, Canada and the UK. They’ve used the UNSC NATO P3 to advance their global hegemony drive and international crime spree. Their evil cult should be outlawed to create a Jew free planet.

  • Mountains

    The US and Russia are allies welcome to 2017….. People are tired of this outdated fallacy. Report what is actully happening

    • MikeH

      This soft war is happening right before your eyes. The Anglo-zionist are determined to keep their unipolar world. If they give up that dream, there will be more peace. It really is just that simple.

  • Mountains

    BTW the russians are not a superpower anymore. they follow the lead of the Americans behind the scenes.

    in fact they serve the Americans.. 2017

    • andy l

      They are a nuclear superpower at least equal to the US in this area although falling short in other areas

  • Wolfgang Wolf

    Saker, whatever you try to say: you are still talking from the Florida perspective… i dont know why you think that RUS is the inferior military power – what you must learn first, before you open your mouth: russians are never barking or bragging or openly threatening somebody. they just sit, watch and wait. and then will kick your balls in the least expected moment with tools that you were never aware existing. read more sun-tsi instead of washington post!!!

    • gl_ben

      1. re. Wolfgang’s comment: I’m offended that you call nato gay, so sorry but smart&loving nato is not.
      2. re. this article: Yes possibly, but why not leave the door open for the ‘West’ to join the Belt&Road(Chinese+Russia+others) project as a peaceful non hegemonic partner and extend rebuilding to US infrastructure. The US already relies on Chinese manufacturing + image banking not being under the control of just one tribe. The majority everywhere want peace&sustainability, the minority should join us in sanity. Ta

    • Solomon Krupacek

      russia is simply infrior

      • slayern2

        ‘infrior’? your intelligence is inferior you drooling cretin

        • Orcbuu

          He is Drunk again. Alcohol makes your Bloodvesels in your Brain Die out Slowly, he dosent even realise he is getting Dumber. Thats why you always have this dissy feeling when you drink alcohol because it closes out the Nerf system in your brain. Never actually talked with a really drunk or alcoholic?! They are like small children, there brains are not fully developed or in this case this brain is dieing out.

        • Marc Fischer

          He is an absolute idiot. He is also Ukrainian. Everyone knows this about Solomon Cup o’ sh*t

        • Solomon Krupacek

          rather yours. if simebody is onanizing on mistypes, ….

      • LR captain

        inferior is such a harsh word solomon why not try (has some serious disadvantageous that if not looked at properly can add up)

        lets look at them.
        has very little political trust.
        cannot use economic means as tool of war (turkey exception)
        many countries leaders are still bribed by the US dollar.
        does have much foreign reserves (can’t trade without it)
        its naval defense is lacking.
        it is not world power its military does not leave the continent. (lacks capacity for operations in south america or at least has not shown them)
        Russia’s armies are based on defense and never offence.
        Russia has man power shortage in comparison to its armor per soldier count.(china has opposite issue too much infantry)
        Russia’s industry can’t produce more (military equipment) than US industry yet.

        Russians are more piratical than anything
        and they found solutions around this issues. But at the end of the day.

        US vs Russia both a army unit
        how long do you think for each country to replace the units lost.

        Russia has her limitations and is not unstoppable. Her leaders know this.
        This were are unstoppable attitude is what causes the US leadership to be like it does.

        ps for the record im and pro-russian. Russia would win if the US attacks first. She cannot attack first.
        finding the issue is first step to solving it.
        You will also have to bring up the issue for anything to done about it.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          TLDR, only stupidities

          • LR captain

            no they are legit reasons why russia is not as strong as everyone thinks she is.

    • Grenada. They won their war on Grenada…..
      … The force they sent was larger than the entire Grenada armed forces.

    • Ricardo Ramos

      To add a bit of salt to what you have brilliantly already said,I remember vividly when Bizneuw Bizenski was pressuring the US military to disarm the Russian contingent in Syria and what did we see? Russia shot its missile from those little corvettes right from their own Lake and that put paid to that suggestion. What must be asked is how come a man highly placed with good information did not know that Russia had that in her Arsenal? So what you say is right and,I remember an interview where Putin,in response to a concerned Russian citizen said that they will ‘’’squeeze’’ NATO if they attacked Russia.so I believe all you have said.

  • TiredOfBsToo

    “..political regimes can only survive by the consent of those it rules. In the United States this consent is clearly in the process of being withdrawn”

    Which clearly points out why they are attempting to control the message to Americans via McCarthyism, censorship and any news network dabbling in fact based news such as RT.

  • TiredOfBsToo

    “.. if your head is in the sand, your ass is in the air.”

    I was wondering why the image of Washington DC is so unlike what’s portrayed in the history books.

  • Ricky Miller

    The military balance is narrowing. Most of the capabilities that Russia is behind in are wrapped up in force projection in distant areas. The war will be fought much closer to Russia and probably on terrain much more suited to Russia’s strengths. It will probably be a flash war of quick duration that scares the European populace so severely that Berlin and Paris have to close airspace to the U.S. in order to respond to the frantic demands of their people that they arrest it.

  • slayern2

    Great analysis.

  • Garry Compton

    Another good article – I like how positive the Saker is, even after pointing out all the US negative facts. Spacibo

  • Marc Fischer

    Excellent analysis…

  • Kevin Osborne

    I couldn’t find a single point to disagree with. However it may well be Trump has made an agreement with Putin that must be hidden while the deep state, including the Zionist media, are rooted out. (Note this does not include most Jews, many of whom abhor what the Israeli government has been doing, and does include many Zionists who are not Jews but are globalists or their lackeys) There is no reason we cannot be friends with Russia. Let’s hope this madness will soon be over. We all can help by stating our opinions no matter how many trolls cry over the fence.

  • Justin

    loved reading this and I totally agree!

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Well done Saker; I loved the article; You must have a look at Luke Harding shitty books of LIES

  • Ricardo Ramos

    There so many Trolls posing as Anti and Pro Russia and its sad that most contributors can’t identify their pattern here and in many other forum. They always alter the trajectory in any discuss by bringing unrelated topics and its usually the Jewish horse wiping and it gets tiring. Discuss the blasted topic and leave your paid Trolling out of it.