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The Saker: Newly Revealed Russian Weapons Systems: Political Implications

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The Saker: Newly Revealed Russian Weapons Systems: Political Implications


Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

For those interested in the military implications of the recent revelations by Vladimir Putin about new Russian weapon systems I would recommend the excellent article entitled “The Implications of Russia’s New Weapon Systems” by Andrei Martyanov who offers a superb analysis of what these new weapons mean for the USA and, especially, the US Navy. What I want to do here is something a little different and look at some of the more political consequences of these latest revelations.

The first two of the five stages of grief: denial and anger

Right now, the AngloZionists are undergoing something very similar to the first two of the Five Stages of the Kübler-Ross Grief model: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Mostly this manifests itself in criticisms of the quality of the videos presented by Putin and by simple incantations about “these weapons only exist on paper”. This is absolutely normal and will not last too long. That kind of denial is a normal coping mechanism whose primary function is to “soften the blow”, but not something one can base any actual policy or strategy on. However, it is worth looking into why exactly these revelations triggered such a powerful reaction as things are a little more complicated than might first appear.

First, a stunning revelation of sorts: the deployment of these weapons systems does not fundamentally change the nuclear balance between Russia and the USA, at least not in terms of first strike stability (for a detailed discussion see here). Yes, it is true that the US nuclear arsenal is becoming increasingly antiquated, especially when compared with the Russian one and, yes, it is true that in an entire family of technologies the Russians are now clearly many years ahead of the USA. But no, this does not mean that Russia could get away with a first strike against the USA (neither could, for that matter, the USA could get away with a first strike against Russia). Both countries possess more than enough nuclear warhead delivery capabilities even if their forces were to be reduced by a full 90% in any putative disarming (counterforce) strike. The point of Putin’s warning was not at all to threaten the West or to suggest that Russia could prosecute a successful nuclear war, far from it! First and foremost, his speech was a much-needed case of public psychotherapy. You could say that his intention was to force the Empire to eventually enter the next, more constructive, three stages of grief: bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Bringing a sense of reality to a deeply delusional Empire

The leaders of the Empire, along with their brainwashed ideological drones, live in a world completely detached from reality. This is why Martyanov writes that the USA “still continues to reside in her bubble which insulates her from any outside voices of reason and peace” and that Putin’s speech aimed at “coercing America’s elites into, if not peace, at least into some form of sanity, given that they are currently completely detached from the geopolitical, military and economic realities of a newly emerging world ”. Martyanov explains that:

American power elites, the majority of whom have never served a day in uniform nor ever attended serious military academic institutions and whose expertise on serious military-technological and geopolitical issues is limited to a couple of seminars on nuclear weapons and, in the best case scenario, the efforts of the Congressional Research Service are simply not qualified to grasp the complexity, the nature, and application of military force. They simply have no reference points. Yet, being a product of the American pop-military culture, also known as military porn and propaganda, these people—this collection of lawyers, political “scientists”, sociologists and journalists who dominate the American strategic kitchen which cooks non-stop delusional geopolitical and military doctrines, can understand one thing for sure, and that is when their poor dears get a bulls-eye on their backs or foreheads.

The fact that in the real world these elites have had a bulls-eye on their backs for decades doesn’t change the fact that they also managed to convince themselves that they could remove that bulls-eye by means of withdrawing from the ABM treaty and by surrounding Russia with anti-missile launchers. The fact that some (many? most?) US politicians realized, at least in the back of their minds, that their ABM systems would never truly protect the USA from a Russian counter-strike did not really matter because there were some uniquely US American psychological factors which made the notion of an ABM system irresistibly attractive:

1) An ABM system promised the USA impunity: impunity is, along with military superiority, one of the great American myths (as discussed here). From Reagan with this “weapons which kill weapons” to the current crisis in Korea, US Americans have always strived for impunity for their actions abroad: let all countries drown in an ocean of fire, murder and mayhem as long as our “homeland” remains the untouchable sacrosanct citadel. Since WWII US Americans have killed many millions of people abroad, but when 9/11 came (nevermind that it was obviously a false flag) the country went into something like clinical shock from the loss of about 3’000 innocent civilians. Soviet, and then later, Russian nuclear weapons promised to deliver many tens of millions of deaths if the USSR/Russia was attacked and that is why spinning the fairy tale about an ABM “shield” was so appealing even if it was technologically speaking either a pipe-dream (Reagan’s “Star Wars”) or an extremely limited system capable of stopping maybe a few missiles at most (the current ABM system in Europe). Again, facts don’t matter at all, at least not in American politics or in the US collective psyche.

2) An ABM system promised a huge financial bonanza for the fantastically corrupt US Military-Industrial Complex for which millions of US Americans work and which made many of them fantastically rich. Frankly, I suspect that many (most?) folks involved in the ABM programs fully realized that this was a waste of time, but as long as they were getting their bank accounts filled with money, they simply did not care: hey, they pay me – I will take it!

3) The US military culture never had much of an emphasis on personal courage or self-sacrifice (for obvious reasons). The various variations of the ABM fairy tale make it possible for US Americans to believe that the next war would be mostly fought by pressing buttons and relying on computers. And if real bombs start falling, let them fall somewhere else, preferably on some remote brown people who, well, ain’t quite as precious to God and humanity as us, the White “indispensable nation”.

Add to this a quasi-religious belief (a dogma, really) in the myth of American technological superiority and you understand that the Russian leaders began to realize that their US counterparts were gradually forgetting that they did have a bulls-eye painted on their backs. So what Putin did is simply paint a few more, different ones, just to make sure that US leaders come back to reality.

The goal of Putin’s speech was also to prove both Obama (“the Russian economy is in tatters”) and McCain (“Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country”) wrong. The Russian message to the US ruling elites was simple: no, not only are we not lagging behind you technologically, in many ways we are decades ahead of you, in spite of sanctions, your attempts to isolate us, the dramatic drop in energy prices or your attempts at limiting our access to world markets (the successful development of this new generation of weapons systems is a clear indicator of the real state of fundamental research in Russia in such spheres are advanced alloys, nanotechnology, super-computing, etc.).

To the warmongers at the Pentagon, the message was equally clear and tough: we spend less than 10% of what you can spend on defense global aggression; we will match your quantitative advantage with our qualitative superiority. Simply put, you fight with dollars, we will fight with brains. US propagandists, who love to speak about how Russia always uses huge numbers of unskilled soldiers and dumb but brutal weapons now have to deal with a paradigm which they are completely unfamiliar with: a Russian soldier is much better trained, much better equipped, much better commanded and their morale and willpower is almost infinitely higher than the one of the typical US serviceman. For a military culture used to mantrically repeat that everything about it is “the best in the world” or even “the best in history” this kind of new reality will come as a very painful shock and most will respond to it by going into deep denial. To those who believed in the (historically completely false) narrative about the USA and Reagan bankrupting the USSR by means of a successful arms race, it must feel very strange to have sort of “traded places” with the bad old USSR and being in the situation of having to face military-spending induced bankruptcy.

Nothing will change in the Empire of Illusions (at least for the foreseeable future)

Speaking of bankruptcy. The recent revelations have confirmed what the Russians have been warning about for years: all the immense sums of money spent by the USA in ABM defenses have been completely wasted. Russia did find and deploy an asymmetrical response which makes the entire US ABM program completely useless and obsolete. Furthermore, as Martyanov also points out, the current force structure of the US surface fleet has also been made basically obsolete and useless, at least against Russia (but you can be sure that China is following close behind). Potentially, this state of affairs should have immense, tectonic repercussions: immense amounts US taxpayer money has been completely wasted, the US nuclear and naval strategies have been completely misguided, intelligence has failed (either on the acquisition or the analytical level), US politicians have made disastrous decisions and this is all a total “cluster-bleep” which should trigger God knows how many investigations, resignations, and numerous sanctions, administrative or even criminal ones. But, of course, absolutely nothing of this, nothing at all, will happen. Not a single head will roll…

In the “Empire of Illusions,” facts simply don’t matter at all. In fact, I predict that the now self-evidently useless ABM program will proceed as if nothing had happened. And, in a way, that is true. The zombified US general public won’t be told what is going on, those who will understand will be marginalized and powerless to make any changes, as for the corrupt parasites who have been making millions and billions from this total waste of taxpayer money, they have way too much at stake to throw in the towel. In fact, since the USA is now run by Neocons, we can very easily predict what they will do. They will do what Neocons always do: double down. So, after it has become public knowledge that the entire US ABM deployment is useless and outdated, expect a further injection in cash into it by “patriotic” “Congresspersons” (<<== my attempt at being politically correct!), surrounded by flags who will explain to the lobotomized public that they are “taking a firm stance” against “the Russian dictator” and that the proud US of A shall not cave in to the “Russian nuclear blackmail”. These colors don’t run! United we stand! Etc. etc. etc.

As for the USN, this won’t even be a topic. So some Russian guy (I mean Martyanov) wrote some stuff for the Unz Review. Who cares? That is just more “Russian propaganda” of course. It will be dismissed even before it is actually parsed and inevitably the reassuring conclusion will be, as always, “we are #1”, “Britannia America rules the waves” and all the rest of the usual jingoistic nonsense US admirals have been feeding the public for decades. Also, keep in mind that the smart folks in the USN, and there are plenty of those, knew what was going on all along, but they either had no influence or kept their silence for obvious career reasons.

The reality is that what Martyanov calls “the American myth of technological superiority” is so deeply ingrained in the US collective psyche that it has become part of the national identity and it cannot, ever, be successfully challenged. Even if Putin decided that videos and speeches simply aren’t enough and decided to make a live firing demonstration, the flag-waving zombies in the media, government and public will find a way to deny it all, pretend it did not happen, or put a mysterious smile on their faces and reply something along the lines of “yeah, cute, but if you only knew about the super-weapons we are not showing you!!” (as one drone actually wrote, “ there has to be weaponry up the USA’s sleeve that would be used in the event of an attack.”). So, for the foreseeable future, expect the collective denial to continue.

“When your head is in the sand, your ass is in the air”

And yet, reality exists. No matter how US propagandists have tried to spin it, deny it, obfuscate it or dismiss it, something very fundamental has changed for the United States. One such element of reality which, with time, will start to slowly seep into the minds of the people of the USA is that their beloved “homeland” and they themselves are now personally and directly at risk. Indeed, for the first time in history, the United States is now targeted by powerful conventional weapons which can reach any target inside the United States. Not only that but unlike the bad old ICBMs, the launches of the weapons systems, which can now strike anywhere in the United States, the cruise missiles, are extremely hard to detect and can give the US little or no warning time. We already knew about the Russian cruise missiles 3M-54 Kalibr and the KH-101/102 with ranges of 2600km and 5500km (or more). Vladimir Putin has now announced that Russia also has nuclear-powered cruise missiles whose range is essentially infinite. Keep in mind that these missiles are very hard to detect since their launch does not generate a strong thermal signal, they fly most of their trajectory at subsonic speeds (only accelerating at the end), their thermal signature is therefore very low, their shape results a very low radar cross-section and they can fly very low (nap of the earth) flight courses which further conceals them. Best of all, however, is that they can be launched from what externally appears to be a regular commercial container. Please take a look at this short propaganda video showing how such missiles could be concealed, deployed and used:

What Putin has now officially added to this arsenal are cruise missiles with an infinite range which could, in theory, destroy a command post in, say, the US Midwest, while being fired from the southern Indian Ocean or from the Tasman Sea. Even better, the launching platform does not need to be a Russian Navy ship at all but could be any commercial (cargo, fishing, etc.) ship, even a cruise ship. Russian heavy transport aircraft could also deliver such “containers” to any location in, say, Africa or even Antarctica and strike downtown Omaha from there with either a conventional or a nuclear warhead. That is also a fundamental game changer.

Conversely, you can think of the new nuclear-powered torpedo as a kind of “underwater cruise missile” with similar capabilities against surface ships or coastal installations. Except that this “underwater cruise missile” could “fly” under the polar ice cap. Needless to say, all of these cruise missiles can, if needed, be armed with nuclear warheads.

But it is not only the US mainland which is now targetable. All US military installations worldwide can now be attacked leaving the US very little or no reaction time.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this is truly a radical change, even a revolution, in modern warfare. I hate to admit it, but this is also an undesirable development from the point of view of first-strike stability as this places a good segment of the US nuclear triad in danger, along with almost all vital US military and conventional sites. Having said that, the entire blame for this situation is to be placed upon the arrogant and irresponsible policies of the United States since its disastrous US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty in 2002. Furthermore, I am confident that the Russians will gladly sit down with the Americans and explore reasonable any means to come to a mutual agreement to restore first-strike stability between these two countries. Nobody, besides the corrupt leaders of the US MIC, of course, needs any kind of arms race between Russia and the USA or the immense costs associated with such an endeavor. But since this arms race will probably continue (as said above, Neocons always double down), Russia has a huge advantage in this race for two key reasons

1) Unlike Russia, the USA will, for absolutely idiotic prestige reasons, categorically refuse to scale down its useless ABM and carrier centered naval procurement programs and all the monies allocated to actually trying to counter these Russian capabilities will be spent on top, not instead of, these useless and obsolete programs. Russia, in contrast, will spend her money on programs which actually make a real difference.

2) The USA is now dramatically lagging behind in many key areas all of which have long development cycles. Frankly, I can’t even begin to imagine how the US is going to extricate itself from such design-disasters as the littoral combat ship (LCS) or, even the worst of them all, the F-35. Just like Russia in the 1990s, the USA is nowadays ruled by corrupt incompetent cowards who simply don’t have what it takes to embark upon a real, meaningful, military reform and, as a result of that, the US armed forces are suffering from problems which are only going to get much worse before they get better again. For the time being the difference between Putin’s Russia and Trump’s USA is as simple as it is stark: Russia spends her money on defense, the USA spends its money on enriching corrupt politicians and businessmen. With that set of parameters, the USA doesn’t stand a chance in any arms race, irrespective of the talent and patriotism of US engineers or soldiers.

Russia and the USA are already at war and Russia is winning

Russia and the USA have been at war since at least 2014 (I have been warning about this year, after year, after year). So far, this war has been about 80% informational, 15% economic and 5% kinetic. But this could very well change, and very suddenly. Russia has therefore embarked on an immense effort to prepare against both a conventional and a nuclear atack by the AngloZionist Empire. Here are some of the measures which have been taken in this context: (partial, non-exhaustive list!)

In response to the conventional NATO threat from the West:

  • Putin has ordered the re-creation of the First Guards Tank Army. This Tank Army will include two Tank Divisions (the best ones in the Russian military – 2nd Guards Tamanskaya Motor Rifle Division and the 4th Guards Kantemirovskaya Tank Division), and a total of 500+ T-14 Armata tanks. This Tank Army will be supported by the 20th Guards Combined Arms Army (in progress). This will be what was called a “Shock Army” during WWII and the Cold War.
  • The deployment of the Iskander-M operational-tactical missile system (completed)
  • The doubling of the size of the Russian Airborne Forces from 36’000 to 72’000 (in progress).
  • Creation of a National Guard: which will include troops of the Interior Ministry (about 170’000 soldiers), personnel from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the OMON riot police forces (about 40’000 soldiers), the SOBR rapid-reaction forces (about 5000+ soldiers), the Special Designation Center of the Operational Reaction Forces and Aviation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs including the Special Forces units “Zubr”, “Rys’” and “Iastreb” (about 700+ operators) for a total of about 250’000 soldiers which will probably reach the 300’000 men figure in the near future.
  • The procurement and deployment of advanced multi-role and air superiority fighters and interceptors (MiG-31BM, Su-30SM, Su-35S and, soon, the MiG-35 and Su-57).
  • Deployment of S-400 and S-500 air defense systems along with very long range radars.
  • The adoption of about 70% of new, modern, systems across all the armed forces.

In response to the ABM “encirclement” of Russia by the USA:

  • The deployment of the RS-28 Sarmat ICBM with hypersonic maneuverable reentry vehicles
  • The deployment of conventionally armed very long-range cruise missiles
  • The deployment of a nuclear powered cruise missile with a basically unlimited range
  • The deployment of a nuclear powered unmanned submersible with intercontinental range, very high speed, silent propulsion and capable of moving a great depths
  • The deployment of the Mach 10 hypersonic missile Kinzhal with a 2’000 kilometer range
  • The deployment of a new strategic missile Avangard capable of Mach 20 velocities

This list is far from being exhaustive, there is much more missing from it including new submarines, (air-independent propulsion, conventional diesel-electric, nuclear attack and SSBNs), strike aircraft, new armored vehicles of various types, new advanced (high tech) individual soldier equipment, new artillery systems, etc. etc. etc. But by far the most important element in the Russian readiness to confront and, if needed, repel any western aggression is the morale, discipline, training, and resolve of Russian soldiers (so powerfully illustrated in several recent examples in Syria). Let’s just say that in comparison US and EU servicemen (or their commanders, for that matter) are not exactly an impressive lot and leave it at that.

Si vis pacem, para bellum

The reality is, of course, that nobody in Russia plans for a war, needs a war or wants a war. In fact, Russia as a country needs many more years of (even relative) peace. First, because time is obviously on Russia’s side and that the military balance with the USA is very rapidly shifting in Russia’s favor. But no less important is the fact that, unlike the USA which strives for conflicts, wars, and chaos, Russia badly needs peace to deal with her still very numerous internal problems which have been neglected for all too long. The problem is that the entire US political system and economy are completely dependent on a permanent state of war. That, combined with an imperial hubris boosted by an increasingly vocal russophobia is a potent and potentially dangerous mix leaving Russia no other options than “bare her fangs” and engage in some saber rattling of her own. So will Putin’s speech be enough to wake up the Empire’s ruling elites from their delusional slumber?

Probably not. In fact, in the short term, it might have the opposite effect.

Remember when the Russian’s deflected Obama’s planned attack on Syria? The US reaction was to trigger the Maidan. Sadly, I expect something very similar will happen soon, most likely in the form of a full-scale Ukronazi attack against the Donbass this Spring or during the World Cup this summer. Of course, regardless of the actual outcome of such an attack (already discussed here), this will not in any way affect the actual correlation of forces between Russia and the Empire. But it will feel good (Neocons love revenge in all its forms). We can also expect further provocations in Syria (already discussed here). Hence and for the foreseeable future, the Russians will have to continue on their current, admittedly frustrating and even painful course, and maintain a relatively passive and evasive posture which the Empire and its sycophants will predictably interpret as a sign of weakness. Let them. As long as in the real world the actual power (soft or hard) of the Empire continues to decline, as long as the US MIC continues to churn out fantastically expensive but militarily useless weapon systems, as long as US politicians are busy blaming everything on “Russian interference” while doing nothing to reform their own, collapsing economy and infrastructure, as long as the USA continues to use the printing press as a substitute for actual wealth and as long as the internal socio-political tensions in the USA continue to heat up – then Putin’s plan is working.

Russia needs to continue to walk a very narrow path: to act in a sufficiently evasive manner as to avoid provoking a direct military confrontation with the USA while, at the same time, sending clear enough signals to prevent the US Americans from interpreting Russia’s evasiveness as a sign of weakness and then doing something really stupid. The Russian end-goal is simple and obvious: to achieve a gradual and peaceful disintegration of the AngloZionist Empire combined with a gradual and peaceful replacement of a unipolar world ruled by one hegemon, by a multipolar world jointly administered by sovereign nations respectful of international law. Therefore, any catastrophic or violent outcomes are highly undesirable and must be avoided if at all possible. Patience and focus will be far more important in this war for the future of our planet than quick-fix reactions and hype. The “patient” needs to be returned to reality one step at a time. Putin’s March 1st speech will go down in history as such a step, but many more such steps will be needed before the patient finally wakes up.

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It’s the brutal Far-West Cow-Boys with a big mouth and muddy boots

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Rex drabble

Russia,the peace maker!


This is new russian habit, that they believe in animated weapons???

Rex drabble

They have more than we know. Russia never bluffs



boy, i grew up under russian boot. i know exactly, how much they bluff. If you are not able to see this in Syria, you are hopeless….

John Whitehot

and why are you still around to tell the tale?

wait let me guess, you were too coward to speak back then and now you’re looking for OTHERS to fullfill your revenge plot?


what, cockie?

i never answer, if i close the page in my browser.


Perhaps you could sing the praises of Russophobia in Kiev. Sing aloud enough, they might make you a governor.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

And now you are under the US/EU/NATO jackboot! Lick, lick, lick!!! Just how many of the IS terrorists and their sympathisers will your former Soviet occupied country be forced to take in to prove your loyalty to your new masters? At least there will be some beautiful bronze/brown to break the piggy pink monochrome!

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Just like “animated” nuclear bombs, eh. Your ilk will only believe when the mushrooms sprout over your city. But then it will be all too late for you and the world.


Now Russia, you gave the Americans almost 3 years to adapt to the electronic warfare stuff and now they have.


Are you planning on waiting for the US to catch up again?

“Use it or lose it.”

I hope the Russian equivalent rhymes.

Rex drabble

USA will need 30 years to catch up.


It won’t ever catch up, if it doesn’t change direction. The long term consequences of not educating the American people, means they fall behind a bit more every year. Russian universities produce engineers chemists etc, American universities produce bankers, stock brokers etc.


The Abuses profit’s sickness is part of the Country obsolete rusted structures… =============================== https://www.counterpunch.org/2017/10/26/the-simulacra-democracy/

The Simulacra Democracy

… a nation in which 87 percent of eighteen- to twenty-four year olds (according to a 2002 National Geographic Society/Roper Poll survey) cannot locate Iran or Iraq on a world map and 11 percent cannot locate the United States (!) is not merely “intellectually sluggish.” It would be more accurate to call it moronic, capable of being fooled into believing anything …”

— Morris Berman

I cannot remember U.S. culture ever being quite so compromised by ruling class control. Hollywood turns out one jingoistic and militaristic and racist film and TV show after another. Corporate news is completely controlled by the same forces that run Hollywood. It is the complete capitulation of the liberal class to the interests of the increasingly fascistic U.S. elite. And this didn’t start with Donald Trump. Certainly in its current incarnation it goes back at least to Bill Clinton, and really it goes back to the end of World War Two. The ideological trajectory was formed under the Dulles brothers and military industrial complex — representing U.S. business interests and exhibiting a demand for global hegemony. But once the Soviet Union collapsed, the project was accelerated and intensified.

Another starting point might well be the 1960 Bay of Pigs fiasco, or the 1961 CIA (and MI6) assassination of Patrice Lumumba. Or Kennedy’s 1962 speech at American University calling for the end of Pax Americana. We know what happened to Kennedy soon after that. Pick any of these incidents. But it was the fall of the U.S.S.R. that signaled to the governing class, the proprietor class, that the last real obstacle to global domination had been removed. In the interim, one finds the Iran/Contra affair, and the invasion of Iraq. The real and the symbolic meaning of the Soviet Union is forgotten today, I think. Its meaning for the developing world, especially.

The next conscious trial balloon was Clinton’s attack on the former Yugoslavia. A test run for expanding NATO. And it worked. The propaganda machine has never been as successful as it was when it demonized the Serbs and Milosevic. Then came 9/11. And the well honed PR machine spewed an endless barrage of hyper-patriotic rhetoric and disinformation. American exceptionalism was given full credibility. And remember Colin Powell and his cartoon visual teaching aids at the UN? Nobody was going to argue. Certainly not the white liberal class. And Hollywood upped its game in churning out military fantasies. And in just churning out fantasies. A genre that lent itself to obvious neo-colonial messages. By 2007, when Barack Obama announces he will run for President, the master narrative for America was firmly entrenched. The biggest hit from Hollywood in this period is Avatar (2009), a neo-colonial fable that fit seamlessly with Obama’s reconquest of Africa.

Dan Glazebrook recently wrote:

The year 2009, two years before Gaddafi’s murder, was a pivotal one for US-African relations. First, because China surpassed the US as the continent’s largest trading partner; and second, because Gaddafi was elected President of the African Union. The significance of both for the decline of US influence on the continent could not be clearer. Whilst Gaddafi was spearheading attempts to unite Africa politically, committing serious amounts of Libyan oil wealth to make this dream a reality, China was quietly smashing the West’s monopoly over export markets and investment finance. Africa no longer had to go cap-in-hand to the IMF for loans, agreeing to whatever self-defeating terms were on offer, but could turn to China – or indeed Libya – for investment. And if the US threatened to cut them off from their markets, China would happily buy up whatever was on offer. Western economic domination of Africa was under threat as never before.

The US response was to increase base building, upgrade AFRICOM, and then murder Gadaffi. Hollywood hits from this period include The Hurt Locker and The Dark Knight. Meanwhile domestically Obama was giving the OK for militarizing of police departments across the country. On another front….Danny Haiphong wrote…

What isn’t discussed often enough is how Obama has worked tirelessly to protect and fulfill the interests of the corporate healthcare system. In 2009, he collaborated with the monopoly health insurance industry and its pharmaceutical counterparts to repress the demand for single payer healthcare. The conditions at the time appeared ripe for a single payer system. Popular discontent with Republican Party rule was at its highest point. A relatively organized movement for single payer care was represented by organizations such as Healthcare Now. The Democratic Party possessed a majority in both the House and Senate.

Obama came to power as Wall Street went into meltdown, 2008. But instead of hope and change we got almost 5 trillion dollars moving to the top 1% of the financial elite. Poverty increased every year under Obama, as did inequality. Social Network came out in 2010 and Wolf of Wall Street in 2013. Both were big hits. The message from Hollywood never changed. And part of that message is that wealth is its own justification and a symbol of virtue. Hollywood, and U.S. liberals just naturally gravitate toward the rich.

Obama attacked Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen. And it is perhaps that last venture that will prove to be his most significant. Arming, training, and coordinating the Saudi aggression (and now that has escalated to boots on the ground) against the helpless Yemen has resulted in the largest humanitarian catastrophe in five decades.

The U.S. now has all but formally criminalized dissent, especially if that dissent is aimed at Israel.

None of this is to create exact corollaries between political action and studio product. But rather that the overriding message of Hollywood in both film and TV is to validate U.S. exceptionalism. And to hedge criticism with faint token protest. But its not just Hollywood, its theatre and fiction and all the rest of the arts. The erasure of the working class is the most pronounced truth in American culture today. There are no Clifford Odets (a high school drop out) anymore; they have been replaced by a steady stream of well groomed compliant MFA grads. Mostly from elite and expensive schools. Hemingway and James Baldwin were not college grads, nor was Tennessee Williams, the son of a traveling shoe salesman. Even more recent authors such as Thomas Pynchon were college drop outs (to join the Navy), but the point is that today mass culture is carefully controlled. Dreiser was a college drop out, and Twain was a typesetters apprentice. Others like Faulkner, went to University, but also worked. In Faulkner’s case as a postman. Same profession as Henry Miller and Charles Bukowski. Stephen Crane and Hemingway worked as journalists, when that was an honorable profession.

The decision makers in mass culture are mostly firmly entrenched in the Democratic Party ethos (witness stuff like House of Cards, Madame Secretary, or Veep). If one only gets one’s news from MSNBC or FOX or CNN then one will take away mostly pure propaganda. Rachel Maddow has a career based on craven parroting of DNC approved talking points and conclusions. Bill Maher, whose show is on HBO, is of late pimping for war. Sunday news talk shows do not invite radical voices, not ever. Michael Parenti isn’t on those shows, nor are Ajamu Baraka or Glen Ford Mike Whitney or Ed Curtin or Dan Glazebrook or Stephen Gowans. No, but there are plenty of retired generals and politicians. This is a media that exerts absolute control of message.

The loss of the working class, of class diversity, has been a far bigger blow to the health of the culture than anything else. One might argue that culture has always been, in the modern era, a province of the bourgeoisie, and that’s true. But there is still a rather pronounced change that has taken place. But Americans are discouraged from thinking in terms of class. They see individualism and identity. Get me more women directors they cry….which would give us more versions of Zero Dark Thirty, I guess. Gender equality matters, something every single socialist country in history has emphasized. Something Chavez saw fit to write into the Bolivarian constitution on day one. Chavez, who liberal avatar Bernie Sanders dismissed as a “dead communist dictator”. Chavez, who feminist avatar Hillary Clinton worked overtime to oust from power.

People are shocked…shocked I say…that US soldiers are killed in Niger. Darn that Donald Trump. When it is pointed out that it was Obama who sent troops there in his pivot to Africa, one is met with blank stares. The concern over U.S. soldiers dying is simply mind numbing in its hypocrisy and blinkered exceptionalism. I mean just count the numbers of dead civilians due to U.S. drone strikes from just one year. Pick any year you like.

Under Obama, the US African Command (AFRICOM) has penetrated every African country but Zimbabwe and Eritrea. AFRICOM has locked African nations into military subservience. In 2014, the US conducted 674 military operations in Africa . According to a recent Freedom of Information Act request by Intercept, the US currently has Special Forces deployed in more than twenty African nations.

Danny Haiphong

People are terrified today lest they be called conspiracy theorists. No single pejorative term has exercised such disproportionate power. There is a subterranean subject position associated with this, too. A masculine identity that connects with the presentation of those accepting of the official version of things. It is ‘no nonsense, mature, and sort of tough guy’ pose. Only weak and muddled (feminine you see!) would bother to question official narratives of…well, anything. It is staggering, really, why so few ask why is it OK to assassinate people without due process? Why is it whistleblowers, truth tellers, are being locked away and shunned? Why are there 900 plus US military bases around the world. Why, given the growing poverty in the U.S. do we need an updated nuclear arsenal that will cost trillions? In fact why is the defense budget over 4 billion a day? The liberal educated class seem not to ask such questions. Let alone ask is the U.S. arming takfiri jihadists in Syria? Most of what people call conspiracy is just perfectly reasonable skepticism. Given a history that includes COINTELPRO, Operation Northwoods, Gladio, MKUltra, and Operation AJAX. This is also relevant in terms of the coming war on *fake news*. An idea put forward by Obama and now in enthusiastic Orwellian operation by Facebook, YouTube, and Google. In the U.K. Theresa May proudly announces the government SHOULD control what one can see on the internet. Censorship is pitched as protection.

And then we come to NATO and Europe. Why does NATO even exist one might ask? I mean the USSR doesn’t exist anymore. Well, the answer has been under construction for a few years now, and that answer is the extraordinary anti Putin propaganda of the U.S. The “Russian Threat” is now an accepted trope in public discourse. Or the anti Iranian disinformation. In fact Iran is far more democratic and less a global threat (actually its NO global threat) than U.S. boon allies Israel and Saudi Arabia. Which brings us back to Yemen. The utter destruction of Yemen, poorest Arab country in the world, and now one with the largest Cholera outbreak in history, posed no threat to ANYONE. Certainly not to the United States. Are we to believe the House of Saud is worth supporting? They behead homosexuals and witches in Saudi Arabia. The leader of KSA is a 32 year old psychopath named Mohammed Bin Salman. Someone please explain the U.S. support for this country?

Or Venezuela. The U.S. has waged various campaigns against this sovereign nation for over a decade now. A democracy. But a disobedient one. Where is the outcry? When people are going on about Harvey Weinstein, a troglodyte movie producer that literally everyone knew was a serial abuser, I wonder that the women of Venezuela seem not to count. Or of Libya, or Haiti, or Puerto Rico, or hell, the women of Houston right now. Poor women. Ah, but that is class again. Now perhaps the Weinstein affair will yield good results and some form of collective protection and maybe even unionizing will take place to limit the power of rich white men. I doubt it, but maybe. Still, given that the liberal class today applaud the idea of making it OK for women to bomb defenseless villages in Afghanistan or Iraq or Yemen, just like men, and given that most of these horrified by Weinstein were and are solidly behind Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and laud adulation on figures like Maddie Albright, it seems hard to imagine.

David Rosen:

Sexual abuse and violence in the U.S. is as old as the country. America’s patriarchal culture long legitimized sexual abuse and violence toward women — and children — whether conducted at the workplace, at home, a nightclub or on a deserted street. During the nation’s earliest days, the custom of sexual abuse and violence was legitimized through the notion of “chastisement.” This was a feature of Anglo-American common law that recognized the husband as master of “his” household and, thus, permitted him to subject “his” wife to corporal punishment, including rape, so long as he did not inflict permanent injury upon her. Sexual abuse was institutionalized in the rape of African and later African-American female slaves. As the legal scholar Adrienne Davis notes, “U.S. slavery compelled enslaved black women to labor in three markets – productive, reproductive, and slavery – crucial to the political economy.”

One need only note the sexual violence that takes place in the U.S. military (See Kirby Dick’s The Invisible War). But that is not the military you see in this season’s TV shows such as SEAL Team or Valor or The Brave. The current Tom Cruise film American Made is a sort of comedy about Barry Seal who worked as a pilot for the CIA, and with various cartels in South America. Yeah, nothing funnier than squashing a socialist government like in Nicaragua. There is not a single Spanish speaking character who is not either a drunk, a sadist, or just incompetent. This stunningly racist revisionism was called “jaunty and bouncy” by the Hollywood Reporter.

The liberal class will always side with the status quo. Always. They do not care if the status quo is fascist. And its suits them much more to lay out bromides about male abuse of women, as long as this doesn’t mean having to untangle the complexity of women in unfamiliar non tourist visited nations like Yemen or Libya or Honduras. Just like the fact that U.S. domestic police departments murdered over a thousand black men in 2015. And continue to do so, along with increasing numbers of black women. That’s just not a jaunty bouncy story, I guess. Obama has never been comfortable talking about or to black people. He did manage to scold Colin Kaepernick recently though, about the pain he, Kaepernick, might be causing. The pain of white billionaire sports team owners I guess. The Uncle Tomism of what Glen Ford called black misleadership has never been greater. And that’s another crime we can lay, largely, at the feet of Barack Obama.

The U.S. House voted unanimously to sanction Iran and North Korea, an absurdity and a crime, and yet one that barely registered on the media Richter scale. What has Iran or North Korea ever done to hurt anyone in the United States? It is Saudi Arabia and Israel that fear a democratic nation like Iran and the influence they wield in the region. Iran is accused of fomenting instability but evidence is never given. Russia is said to control U.S. public opinion, but evidence is never given. The U.S. doesn’t even bother to really try and make claims about Venzeuela, because its just part of inherited wisdom that they are *bad*. Like Castro was bad, like Gadaffi, like Aristide, like anyone exhibiting independence. The world according to media entertainment is made up of bad guys and good guys. Mike Pompeo, head of the CIA, recently stated that his agency would become a “much more vicious agency” in fighting its enemies. Its actually hard to imagine what that might look like given CIA history. More vicious than rendition, drone killing and black site torture? Remember it was the U.S. and its School of the Americas that trained those death squads in Central America. Hollywood makes comedies about this.

In any event nobody in Hollywood complains. Just as none of the actresses assaulted by Weinstein (and countless others) said anything lest they lose career opportunities. Just as nobody complains about the racism and demonizing of Muslims or Serbs or North Koreans or Russians lest they not get the job. Coercion is silent and a given. It is also absolute. Most actors and directors simply don’t think about it, and most know little beyond what they hear on corporate news or read in the NYTimes. But I understand. People have to eat, have to feed their families. The real problem is that power is ever more consolidated. Distribution of films is monopolized. And for most Americans, foreign policy remains a giant black hole about which they know very little. Tell someone Milosovic was actually a good guy and they will laugh at you (this still happens on the left, too, rather depressingly). Tell them Russia is not threatening the U.S. or Europe, and they will laugh at you. Try to explain what Imperialism is and means, and you get that bored look of irritation. A good rule of thumb is if the U.S. targets a country or leader, then its worth questioning the western generated propagated propaganda in mainstream media about said country or leader (think Syria, Gadaffi, Aristide, Milosovic, Iran, North Korea). The U.S. does not go after countries who welcome western capital.

One of the things I’ve noticed about Hollywood film is the extraordinary amount of self pity from most characters. Self pity, entitlement, and sarcasm. The people who produce and make film and TV today, by and large, tacitly censor themselves. Some don’t have to, of course. But there is a general group think at work. And it extends to the way characters are written. The problems of affluent white people is the template here. Few examine the wider world, and mostly when they do it is seen as a world of threat and menace. An uncivilized place in need of guidance from the civilized white West (The Lost City of Z comes to mind, which made all the approved anti colonial notes while still creating a colonial narrative anyway.). But it is even more narrow than that. Everything resembles a studio; political discussions, even if they take place in outer space, resemble studio executives discussing opening weekend profits, or Neilson ratings. And since Hollywood itself ever more resembles Wall Street, or some corporate headquarters, that is increasingly what the world looks like. It is a profound loss of imagination. Westerns look and sound the same as melodramas set in Santa Monica or New York. Fantasy worlds resemble corporate headquarters or corporate motivational weekends. It is a world created by writers under thirty, largely, and certainly under forty. These are worlds created by people who themselves know very little of the world. They know even less about having to work for a living. The entire universe of film is absent any class awareness. History is simplified the better to appeal to a wider audience. Everything feels and sounds the same. And it is stultifying. There are films and TV from Europe, even from the U.K. that have merit, have heterogeneous sensibilities, but not from Hollywood. Like White House press conferences, the idea is to stay on message. Black characters sound white (or are given caricature *black* dialect and dialogue), brown characters sound white (or are given caricature barrio dialects), and Muslims sound dangerous and devious. Asians seem lifted from Fu Manchu serials or Charlie Chan. Strange when I hear people make fun of ethnic cliches from the 1940s, because it is really no different today (and check the recent TV incarnation of the venerable Star Trek franchise where the Klingon villains are very dark, live in dark spaceships and utter a guttural invented language all of which suggests something oddly racist and like nothing so much as colonial portraits of savages from darkest Africa).

Fixation on Trump’s crimes distracts from a system in which crime is a built-in factor. Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump. They are only the figureheads that carry water for the system. And the system is the property of the ruling class. People vote as if it crucially matters, and they vote for who they like. Not for policy because mostly they have no idea of policy. Trump is an obvious target, but that’s the problem in a sense. America didn’t become racist and violent overnight. The forces of social unrest have been building for decades. Trump was inevitable. His lack of basic literacy mirrors the nation he nominally heads, and his vulgarity mirrors the vulgarity of America, as does his misogyny and racism. The same advisors are in place and if Hillary had won, those openly fascist thugs applauding Trump would still be committing hate crimes. Has Trump empowered them? To a degree, yes. But an HRC win would likely have provided motivation of a different sort and the same violence would be taking place. You cannot sustain, as a country, this level of inequality. And as more super hurricanes descend on us, as the bio-sphere collapses, none of this may end up mattering. There is something disturbing, actually, about the relentless attacks on Trump. Its like beating up a special needs kid. Where was this hatred and outrage before? I mean Trump’s America, a term I hear a lot, is just America. We have over 2 million people in prison in the U.S. Far and away leaders in the world. Infant mortality however puts the U.S. between 26th and 51st, depending on who is counting. There is no Universal Heath Care, no union protection for workers, no maternity leave, no free education. What is there to feel so special about, exactly? Trump was very popular on his moronic reality TV show. I’m guessing more than few now outraged by this buffoonish reactionary watched that show. I mean it did last fifteen years I believe. Who did they think he was? There is nothing wrong with identifying the crimes of Trump’s administration. But there is something deeply wrong in not recognizing it as a continuation of prevailing policy. Yes, it is worse in many areas. The environment for one. But then again, 47% of the world’s pollution is caused by the military. And the U.S. has a military bigger than the next ten largest militaries in the world. And every president since the first Bush has increased the military budget. The nightmare did not begin with the swearing in of Donald Trump. But nobody likes him. They liked Obama. And that is why he was able to do so much harm. Trump is dangerous not because of what he thinks (he mostly doesn’t) but because of his ignorance and weakness (and fear). And that weakness generated his welcoming hand to the Pentagon. Foreign policy is really in the hands of a man nicknamed ‘Mad Dog’. One cannot blame this catastrophic situation on one man. This is the creation of American history.

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More articles by:JOHN STEPPLING

John Steppling is an original founding member of the Padua Hills Playwrights Festival, a two-time NEA recipient, Rockefeller Fellow in theatre, and PEN-West winner for playwriting. Plays produced in LA, NYC, SF, Louisville, and at universities across the US, as well in Warsaw, Lodz, Paris, London and Krakow. Taught screenwriting and curated the cinematheque for five years at the Polish National Film School in Lodz, Poland. A collection of plays, Sea of Cortez & Other Plays was published in 1999, and his book on aesthetics, Aesthetic Resistance and Dis-Interest was published this year by Mimesis International.


A long time ago, let’s say the late eighties, the Soviet Union was the only nation in the world that had phased array radars (MiG-31). The west had no idea how the Soviets were blurring microwave frequencies from a single transmitter. By 1990, thanks to the promise of money and a few other bribes niceties, US designers had a napkin sketch of a basic design for a phased array radar. By 2000, most US ships and several aircraft types utilized this stolen technology, and if you listen to the average youtube ***AMERICA-fuck-yeah!!!*** troll, they’ll tell you it was invented in the US.

Keep in mind that China also has the beginnings of hypersonic glide vehicle tech. So someone’s going to sell the farm eventually. 30 years is way too conservative. Try 10, 15 tops.

John Whitehot

lol, that’s just the latest mark of the surface to air system on the Burke destroyer.

Do you even know wtf you’re talking about.


I hope like hell you’re right. The article says the ew system involves missile attack, and they wanted to see how it worked in a electronically contested environment.

John Whitehot

missile attack as in the ship being targeted by ASM.

They are probably trying to sniff on emissions from the Russian Navy in case it decides to perform training launches, and in any case it appears to be consistent with the US policy of keeping one unit in the area (another USN unit was escorted out the Bosphorous by the Turkish Coast Guard some time earlier).

pls don’t take general press at face value, especially in specialized sites like this.


one nail drives out another,

America is an has been going to implose


Thank you, that was highly informative.


>>In the “Empire of Illusions,” facts simply don’t matter at all.<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> facts. We toppled Khadaffi because ‘Oh no, won’t somebody please think of the children!’ No thoughts at all were given at the consequences, nor do we still don’t about the consequences of toppling Assad in Syria. We magically think that democracy will erupt and everything will become nice and peaceful and….. why are there suddenly millions of refugees trying to get into Europe?

Scott Adams has said it many times, the days of democracy are over. Parliaments and senates no longer lead, they follow. And what do they follow? The hysteria that is social media. When social media gets worked up over something everything must bow to the will of the people. Never mind that social media does that based on the first mention of something. In essence rumors. Rumors are often fake news. There is no time for fact checking on social media, there are no corrections. Once something has triggered the collective OUTRAGE, it will stay there, even in the face of countless evidence to the contrary. The whole fear of fake news does not stem from the evil Russians having invented it, it is as old as civilization itself. Demagogues could whip the peoples assemblies of Athens and Rome into a frenzy. Fake news is dangerous because of social media.

The Chinese are very wise indeed to have cut off China from the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Chinese leaders really look bewildered at the West that it allows such a destructive and unstable phenomenon free reign in its societies.


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You should stop lecturing to trees, unlike those on this thread, who can actually answer back. Have you tried critical thinking? Then you might be able to string a few sentences together to make a paragraph. So, what is your comment on the RF’s response to the US dumping the ABM treaty in 2002. It wasn’t such a clever idea, was it now???

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

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Good article worth a read thank you!

Hideo Watanabe

Excellent analysis.

This is what I posted at Global Times for the article on the reconciliation movement between North and South Korea.

“The role of China is getting bigger and bigger for not only for the peace of Asia but also for of the world. Yesterday I watched the testimony of U.S. House Armed Services Committee for U.S. Strategic Forces Posture and the Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Request. Mr. Hon Rood, Under Secretary of Pentagon for policy who is ex-senior executive of Lockheed Martin said that they have no capability to defend strategic nuclear missile of China and Russia. Although Washington Times reported this morning “Trump agrees to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong un in May”, US military industry complex will not allow their president to take immediate peaceful action on this matter.

However, what Mr. Rood said at the Committee is important for naive American public who blindly believe in the superiority of US military might to understand the reality because it is only American general public that can stop the belligerent neocon diplomacy. The key is how we can brush away their groundless fear of China threat and Russia threat. Actually, there are many Japanese who have the similar notion in my country. My focus is to persuade people to see things on a fair basis, not being deluded by one sided western media hysteria.”

Promitheas Apollonious

You can not. Their whole economy is based on debt and need the war and space industry to feed that machine with more debt. If they stop war and see reason in time of peace the whole western system goes down the train with all the alleged power that accumulated during is rein. And that will happen over night. Your monopolies will vanish over night as all electronics are made in china. So their powerful global companies will be taken over by other interest.

For this major reasons and many i am lazy to mention, the hollywood educated american people and their culture in prescription drugs will never believe anything you said or any one with common sense and they continue believing that USarmed forces and star trek technologies or stargate, are one and the same. You live in a system that treats you either as a victim or as a potential terrorist.

This people only see what the box tells them to see.


WHAT space industry?

Joe Ching

reunification of north and south korea. then, unification of korea, japan and china, based on minority rule — letting korea take the lead to bring asia back to become asia again.


Excellent analysis.


Brilliant article. Thank you, Saker. Putin could already have dozens of these containers on the Insane U$Asylum North American beloved homeland, sitting in docks or remote farmland or industrial parks. I hope he hints as much to the lunatics in charge of the A$ylum.

One factor not mentioned: in addition to world domination, the insane Elite are engaged in a world depopulation agenda, Bill Gates’ vaccines, etc. They want billions of people gone. UN Agenda 21 has set up the Club of Rome to achieve this. Bill Gates, Rockefeller, Soros & other worthies like Oprah Winfrey have set up the Billionaire’s Good Club to achieve this.

http://www.ukcolumn.org Scroll down homepage to the boxes Agenda 21 & the Bradbury £Pound. Both well worth reading.

John Doran.


moron, vaccines?!? WTF?

Vaccines SAVE LIVES. The population of Africa is EXPLODING


Fcukwit, http://www.needtoknow.news vaccinated kids 470% more autism than non-vaccinated. Bill Gates is on record advocating vaccines for population control: http://www.duckduckgo.com & research for yourself, idiot. His polio campaign in India left 47,500 living corpses behind it, shit-for-brains. Research this, Sh1tehead. More population is good for progress, sh1te-for-brains. More people, more scientists, more inventors, more entrepreneurs, more manufacturers, more distributors, better standards of living, more progress. The whole of human history bears witness to this, dumb brain, if you could think for five minutes, fcukwit. Economist Julian L. Simon looked into this: The Ultimate Resource 2, a great book. Also Bjorn Lomborg, Indur M. Goklany & many others. The only thing exploding, dunce bonce is your fcuking thick head. Good riddance, moron. John Doran.

Jennifer Tsun

to trump and the elitists, this is NOT their beloved homeland. This is the beloved homeland of many Indigenous peoples who do not want the occupation of these war mongers. we are well aware of genocide in North America!!!


The undeclared war on humanity, under the green cloak of “Environmentalism”. http://www.c3headlines.com Click on quotes. Many good articles & graphs also, exposing the global warming/climate change scam. We live in a world of lies & illusions. John Doran.

Nigel Maund

A superb article by the Saker pretty much “spot on the money!”. The Anglo – American Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal must be allowed, like corrupt, rotten and evil Rome, to fall apart internally due to collossal debts, misallocation of resources, massive economic distortions; destruction of the middle class, impoverishment of the majority, massive underinvestment in vital infrastructure and inefficent and ineffective collosal expenditure on a bloated military that can no longer be supported by more creation of FIAT dollars. Even its replacement by the Cabal, with some form of controlled blockchain currency, will not work. Quite simply “the gig is up” and we all understand the centuries old scam….. finally!! The Empire must collapse and the guilty be investigated, exposed, tried, prosecuted, jailed and their global assets confiscated and business empires broken up.


Well said.

Nigel Maund

Thanks John!

Art Best

Putin the zionist is the problem.

To put it in the mildest of terms, Putin is not a good man nor a great strategist who has Russia’s best interests at the top of his agenda. Check out the links below to get a fairly-rounded perspective on Putin’s real (weak) character and motivations:







Here’s a partial list of things why Putin is part of the problem and not, of the solution:

1. Putin never stopped selling Russian oil for American dollars 2. Putin never nationalized the City of London owned-and-controlled Russian central bank 3. Putin never stopped BACKING thereby subsidizing the petrodollar with Russian oil 4. Putin enabled NATO to kill Gaddafi 5. Putin sells Russian gas and oil for Euros (which are just a different name for the dollar) to the European Union who commit acts of war by passing sanctions against Russia along with the Americans 6. Putin never demanded the Americans leave Syria 7. Putin never declared Syria’s airspace closed to America 8. Putin never helped the Russians in Eastern Ukraine establish secure borders and independence from the NATO-imposed criminal regime in Kiev 9. Putin sold highest-level-military-technology S-400s to NATO via Turkey thereby directly impairing Russian national security 10. Putin sold S-400s to Saudi Arabia who are wahhabi muslim terrorists bent on the extermination of Putin’s allies the Alawite/Christian Syrians and Shiite Persians 11. Putin collaborates with the Turks who are proud to have ambushed and shot down Russian jets and killed Russian pilots 12. Putin opened Syrian airspace to the Turks so that they could bomb and exterminate the Kurds of Afrin in Northern Syria 13. Putin ALWAYS allowed the Americans and the Jews to bomb and kill Syrians with impunity 14. Putin never punished the jewish terrorists who exploded Russian passenger jets killing hundreds of Russians 15. Putin agreed to pass sanctions against North Korea thereby agreeing to starve the North Korean population 16. Putin refused to deliver the self-defense-related S-300s to his supposed ally Iran 17. Putin has not provided up-to-date SAMs to his Syrian allies


Not good.

Putin, just like Trump and Hillary, works for the talmudic jews.

You know, the same abominable creatures that all of YOUs work for.


Nice try. Worst, not best


Are you willing to debate this, or are you one of those trolls who posts anti Russian material, and then won’t stand behind it as it is disproven?

Art Best

Go ahead, disprove please.


I did, and I could go on. You haven’t disproven what I’ve written which directly contradicts what’s in your links that I’ve looked at and what you’ve posted. So have at it, disprove what I’ve posted like I’ve disproven what you’ve posted, if you can.

Art Best

[Same response as below]

Putin has as his mentor and confidant Lev Leviev and Berel Bazar whom Putin himself ordained as the head of the Jews in Russia (Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia). Both of these are criminal conspirators of the criminal American-based Jewish fanatics of the Chabad Cabal: http://geopolitics-behind-the-mask.36089.n8.nabble.com/Everybodys-Hero-And-that-s-not-an-quot-optional-quot-suggestion-either-td149.html


This doesn’t prove that Putin is a Jew or disprove anything that I’ve written. So what’s your point?

Art Best

Putin is a zionist traitor who works for the Jews.


You’ve run a lot of lies on this thread that I’ve called out. Syria is winning the war. Putin is defeating the Jew world order, Pax Jewmericana and Israel in Syria. And kicking Jew 5th column subversive rabbis out of Russia. Those are provable facts with credible evidence. You’re a liar and false accuser with a bad credibility deficit.

Art Best

Stop the ad hominem attacks, read this and weep. BEST and most complete compendium of information on Putin, the Jews, the Russians, and the Americans. This is going to change your point of view: http://geopolitics-behind-the-mask.36089.n8.nabble.com/Sacred-Cow-Slaughterhouse-of-the-totally-non-kosher-kind-Look-out-below-td169.html


You haven’t disproven what I’ve written with credible evidence. I’ve disproven what you’ve written with credible evidence. That makes me the truther and you the liar. There’s nothing ad hominem about that.

Anti Russian propaganda coming from a lying disinfo peddler like you in the face of facts disproving it, is worthless.

Art Best



Copy and paste from the link that you’ve provided to explain exactly what the point that you’re trying to make is. Because without an explanation, the link is just an evasion from your lies being disproved.


You wrote:

“7. Putin never declared Syria’s airspace closed to America”

The truth is:

“Russia’s defense ministry says it will treat U.S.-led coalition planes in Syria, west of the Euphrates River, as targets after the U.S. military shot down a Syrian Air Force jet on Sunday.”

– Russia Vows to Target U.S.-Backed Aircraft in Western Syria –


Art Best

Putin lies.

It’s common knowledge that very recently American war planes bombed and strafed Russian personnel in eastern Syria, killing dozens, if not hundreds of Russian soldiers (as reported by the Jewish press, namely the famous DEBKA website among others).

Putin did NOTHING.

A few days ago, a Russian plane carrying dozens of Russian military pilots crashed, killing all of them. Who did that?

Putin did nothing about it.

Israelis attacked the Syrians again after the Syrians were able to down an Israeli F-16, destroying most of the Syrian anti-aircraft assets. As reported by the Israeli press.

Putin did NOTHING, before, during or after.





– Syrian Air Defense Force –



” A Jewish family—an elderly couple and their daughter, Hava—lived in our communal apartment. Hava was a grown woman, but as the adults used to say, her life hadn’t turned out well. She had never married, and she still lived with her parents.

Her father was a tailor, and although he seemed quite elderly, he would stitch on his sewing machine for whole days at a time. They were religious Jews. They did not work on the Sabbath, and the old man would recite the Talmud, droning away. Once, I couldn’t hold back any longer and asked what he was chanting. He explained about the Talmud, and I immediately lost interest. …

There were other pensioners living in our apartment as well, although they weren’t there long. They played a role in my baptism. Baba Anya was a religious person, and she used to go to church. When I was born, she and my mother had me baptized. They kept it a secret from my father, who was a party member and secretary of the party organization in his factory shop.

Many years later, in 1993, when I worked on the Leningrad City Council, I went to Israel as part of an official delegation. Mama gave me my baptismal cross to get it blessed at the Lord’s Tomb. I did as she said and then put the cross around my neck. I have never taken it off since.”

Vladimir Putin

– An Astonishingly Frank Self-Portrait by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin –


Art Best

Putin recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel before Trump did: https://russia-insider.com/en/will-russia-beat-us-jerusalem-embassy/ri21817


No, Putin recognized west Jerusalem . The Palestinians are willing to do the same. That hardly proves your Putin is not a Christian material, when he clearly is.

Art Best

Fact: Putin defends the Jews’ right to have their capital in Jerusalem. Fact: Putin allows the Americans and the Jews to bomb and kill with impunity RUSSIANS and Russia’s supposed allies, the Syrians, the Iranians and the Lebanese Hezbollah. Fact: Putin NEVER prevented nor retaliated against American or Israeli attacks against Russians and Russian allies in Syria.

YOU are denying this fact.


Post the proof that Putin recognized all of Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol like Trump did. You can’t, because he only recognized west Jerusalem. Trump violated UN resolutions, Putin did not.

I’ve posted pictures and links showing Russia’s involvement in enforcing a no fly zone over most of Syria. Your lies don’t disprove that.


– Rabbi’s expulsion rattles Russian Jews fearful of Kremlin crackdown –


– Russia expels 4 rabbis within a year –


Art Best

Putin has as his mentor and confidant Lev Leviev and Berel Bazar whom Putin himself ordained as the head of the Jews in Russia (Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia). Both of these are criminal conspirators of the criminal American-based Jewish fanatics of the Chabad Cabal: http://geopolitics-behind-the-mask.36089.n8.nabble.com/Everybodys-Hero-And-that-s-not-an-quot-optional-quot-suggestion-either-td149.html

Art Best

Jews often pretend to convert to Islam (donmeh) or Christianity. In the first edition of Putin’s An Astonishingly Frank Self Portrait his mother’s name is given as Shalomowitch, a Jewish name. In the second edition, her name is changed to Shelomova. How convenient. http://lorddreadnought.livejournal.com/3483.html


Putin isn’t a convert from Judaism to Christianity. I’ve seen no credible proof that his mother was a Jew or a convert, in any of the material that you’ve provide or anywhere else. Your calling Putin a Jew and your links doing the same show that you and they are liars. In court you’d be convicted of perjury.

You also haven’t disproven that the Russians established a no fly zone over most of Syria. Any hostile aircraft entering Syrian airspace are being targeted, shot at, and shot down:



Somebody’s lying, would you care to debate who it is?

Art Best

Yes, SYRIAN Air Defense Forces. NOT Russian Air Defense Forces.


– Russia and Syria create joint air defense system –


Tudor Miron

Another one… they are so boring. Or is it another incarnation of that Starlight troll?


” to achieve a gradual and peaceful disintegration of the AngloZionist Empire combined with a gradual and peaceful replacement of a unipolar world ruled by one hegemon, by a multipolar world jointly administered by sovereign nations respectful of international law.”

Whether you believe in the Bible or not I think the above is what its referring to about when it talks about paradise

Ishyrion Av

It’s a good article, always I enjoy reading the Saker. I would like to observe, however, that the elite ruling America is not American and they don’t give a cent on the whites and their suppose white indispensable nation. In fact, for the global elite who is ruling now in US too, America is useful as long it can be used to subdue the “rogue” nations. Is not important if the bombs are falling over it, as long as they can protect them and their demonic plan.


A limit must have been reached, for Russian President Putin to have put all of it forward. Based on my observations of Russian responses to situations since Kosovo, something very serious has been brewing. I am curious as to what it is. A good day to all.

Joe Ching

i hope this is one of the reason that trump finally decided to meet with kim.

Everyday Person

All other matters aside it must be said that a nuclear powered cruise missile, in its forms that we are aware of, is a very bad idea from a public health standpoint as it leaves a very toxic plume of radionuclides in its wake. If the Russian military have been testing such a weapon it should at the very least inform the public of its operational hazards outside of delivering a WMD.


“”And if real bombs start falling, let them fall somewhere else, preferably on some remote brown people who, well, ain’t quite as precious to God and humanity as us, the White “indispensable nation”.”

wtf is this race baiting bullshit?

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

How many brown “untermensch” have been “democratically” killed by the US/EU/NATO gang in Asia and Africa? Just like the blacks being shot by the US police.

Art Best

Putin is a crypto-zionist traitor and a Jewish Trojan Horse. Read and weep:


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