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The Saker: Make no mistake, the latest US thuggery is a sign of weakness, not strength

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The Saker: Make no mistake, the latest US thuggery is a sign of weakness, not strength

JUNE 22, 2107 FILE PHOTO FILE – In this June 22, 2017 file photo, President Donald Trump speaks on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)

Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at his blog

For a while already the Russian diplomats have been openly saying that their American counterparts are недоговороспособны or “non-agreement capable”.  This all began under Obama, when Kerry flew to meet with Lavrov and declared ‘A’, then flew back to Washington, DC and declared ‘B’.  Then there were the cases in Syria when the US agreed to a deal only to break that very same deal in less than 24 hours.  That’s when the Russians openly began to say that their US colleagues are rank amateurs who lack even the basic professionalism to get anything done.

Now the US has slipped even lower: the Russians speak of US “hellish buffoonery” and “stupid thuggery”.


For the normally hyper-diplomatic Russians, this kind of language is absolutely unheard of, this has never ever happened before.  You could say that the Russians are naive, but they believe that their diplomats should always be, well, diplomatic, and that public expressions of disgust is just not something a diplomat does.  Even more telling is rather than call the Americans “evil” or “devious”, they openly express their total contempt for them, calling them stupid, incompetent, uneducated and their actions unlawful (read Maria Zakharova’s statement to that effect on Facebook).

So let me explain what is happening here how the Russians interpreted the latest US thuggery concerning the Russian Consulate in San Francisco and the Russian diplomatic annexes in Washington and New York.

First, the Russians fully expected the Americans to retaliate after the Russian expulsion of US diplomatic personnel in Russia.  That, by itself, is not the problem.  The Russians understand that Trump is a cornered and weak President, that he has to show how “tough” he is.  Sure, they smile, but they think that this is ‘fair game’.  The Russians also know that, as a country, the USA cannot accept the biggest reduction in US diplomatic personnel in history without reacting.  Again, they don’t necessarily like it, but they think that this is ‘fair game’.

You know what really triggered the Russians off?  The fact that the Americans gave them only 2 days to vacate the premises they would seize and that they organized some kind of bizarre search operation.  Let me immediately explain that this is not a case of ruffled feathers by the Russians, not at all.  But here is how they would think about it:

Why would they give us only 2 days?  Do they really think that we cannot clear the premises from anything sensitive in 60 minutes if needed?  Or are they actually trying to inconvenience our personnel?  If so, do they really think that we are going to break out in hysterics?  Do the Americans really think that they will find something?  What?  Papers proving that Trump is our agent? Maybe a hidden nuclear device?  Or the computers we used to hack in every server in the USA?”  To a Russian, these questions can only have one answer: of course not. So what is going on here?  And then there is the only possible explanation left:

We beat them is Syria, we are beat them in the Ukraine, they lost Afghanistan, they lost Iraq, their Navy apparently does not know how to use a radar, their soldiers are terrified to fight somebody capable of resistance, they failed to impress not only China, but even the North Koreans who are openly laughing at them.  Hezbollah laughs at them.  Even Venezuela refuses to be scared!  The Iranians openly threaten them with consequences if they back out of the deal they signed. Even Pakistan is openly expressing its disgust with the USA.  Ditto for Turkey.  Heck – the Americans are losing on all fronts and the very best they can do is try to feel good about illegally harassing our diplomatic personnel! Pathetic, lame, losers!

And they are 100% correct.

The latest US thuggery against Russian diplomats is as stupid as it is senseless.  I think that US diplomats of the era of James Baker must be absolutely mortified to see the kind of idiocy their successors are now engaging in.

This is also the end of Rex Tillerson.  The poor man now has only two options left: resign (that would be the honorable thing to do) or stay and become another castrated eunuch unable to even deal with the likes of Nikki Haley, nevermind the North Koreans!

A “spokesperson” for the White House declared that Trump personally ordered the latest thuggery.  Okay, that means one of two thing: either Trump is so weak that he cannot even fire a lying spokesperson or that he has now fallen so low as to order the “thug life” behavior of the State Department.  Either way, it is a disgrace.

This is also really scary.  The combination of, on one hand, spineless subservience to the Neocons with intellectual mediocrity, a gross lack of professionalism and the kind of petty thuggery normally associated with street gangs and, on the other hand, nuclear weapons is very scary.  In the mean time, the other nuclear armed crazies have just declared that they have a thermonuclear device which they apparently tested yesterday just to show their contempt for Trump and his general minions.  I don’t think that they have a hydrogen bomb. I don’t think that they have a real ICBM.  I don’t even think that they have real (usable) nuclear warheads.  But what if I am wrong?  What if they did get a lot of what they claim to have today – such as rocket engines – from the Ukies?

In one corner, the Outstanding Leader, Brilliant Comrade, Young Master and Great Successor, Kim Jong-un and on the other, The Donald, Grab them by the xxxxx and Make ‘Merica Great, the Grand Covfefe Donald Trump.  Both armed with nukes.

Scary, scary shit.  Really scary.

But even more scary and depressing is that the stronger man of the two is beyond any doubt Kim Jong-un.

All I see in the White House are vacancy signs.

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Red Tick Alert

Great article as always; thank SF and The Saker.

Putin's baby

“stupid, incompetent, uneducated and their actions unlawful”….. no kidding, we have known that for ever…

Putin's baby

Couldn’t express it better:

“We beat them in Syria, we beat them in the Ukraine, they lost Afghanistan, they lost Iraq, their Navy apparently does not know how to use a radar, their soldiers are terrified to fight somebody capable of resistance, they failed to impress not only China, but even the North Koreans who are openly laughing at them. Hezbollah laughs at them. Even Venezuela refuses to be scared! The Iranians openly threaten them with consequences if they back out of the deal they signed. Even Pakistan is openly expressing its disgust with the USA. Ditto for Turkey. Heck – the Americans are losing on all fronts and the very best they can do is try to feel good about illegally harassing our diplomatic personnel! Pathetic, lame, losers!”


This Russians have finally seeing what we have for decades, the problem have been to make people aware of just how insane the uISISa are, weaponized stupidity, an American specialty.

I find this event just hilarious, and watch they faces, the believe their own bullshit to an extent that makes it even more hilarious, in fact the narrative about an open free range asylum is adequate, they even look crazy, just turn the sound of and watch them talk, yeah, hehe, and again, I see that the Russians have to same perceptions of reality. Black smoke, har, har, har, I almost peed my self, gotta wear dippers next time.

The uISISa is one big mafia org, the biggest ever, and about NK, to even drag China into this, as an “guilty” part of something its again just an confirmation of the lunacy taking place in the WH. And to build rockets isnt that difficult, please, what may be difficult is the electronics involved, but again, the Koreans have shown and is an remarkable people, innovative and knowledgeable, but above all, able to manufacture/realize it to. Both parts of the Korean peninsula is doing that, right now. What an pity, the waist of wars, an country with an future so bright, walks straight into the darkness imposed upon them bu strangers, people whom is doing this for over 50 years, sanctions and everything to keep the war theater going, what is it that blinds the SK so much, I understand the NKs and respects their position, but the mystery is never the less, the South. There are few country’s as we speak right now, that matches the human potential as the Koreans do, that is what makes me sad, to see this unfold, what an shame. Spineless, is the word.

I dont think there will be a war, nope, not yet, anyway, but I ges they uISISa will try to de-stable China first, to an extent where NK is an minor problem, contra the ones they are trying to provoke like Iran. I can only watch is ave of the moronic babbling manufacture by an people I consider to be idiots, sorry, downright bonkers.

But this time, let them hang them self, just feed them rope, the idiots will never see it anyway. The facts, are, everybody sees this, despite the invasion of wankers in the commentary fields, like RT, they appear just more revealing, for every day that goes, now its never been to obvious before, the fact that their propaganda war is slipping, from AGW, to AntiFa and back again to wars. And that hurts the scumbags, their wallet and their pride. Yeah, the eCONomic saga is widening, the fact is, despite the idiotic drooling about Russian economy, witch I find this days to be a bit disappointing to be honest, tsk, tsk, Russia, socializing private debt is theft, never forget that, but the problems in the Free range asylum formerly knows as Ameristan, is much worse, camouflaged growth by expanding monopoly’s, cannibalizing, others whom is going down because of the bad conditions overall, witch haven’t improved the last 30 years, is hidden behind expanding mega corps, the body is dying, but the illusion is keeping the shit storm outside yet another while, aka: status quo by all means, akaka: kicking more cans, the latest eCONomic answer to everything.

May the lord have mercy upon the poor schmucks when reality kicks in.



If trump ordered it then he had a good reason, and russians getting mad over it validates that reason…

Remember: trump is not a politician, he is a businessman. He does not play by the same rules(not like I care, I’m just saying it like it is)…

And don’t reply to this comment with “trump this” “trump that” crap. I do not care….

Jan Tjarks

Actually, Trump is beating the Neocons with his approach, by overly acting on their demands, over fulfilling them and by this making them nonviable for solutions and their intended effects.

I still can’t decide if he is just deliberately using his bad reputation to do so, or if it is a coincidence due to hindsight. It’s really difficult to say.

But no matter what, we are seeing the process of the US empire collapsing in front of our eyes.


Yes, the collapse was inevitable and the speed this gathering pace is most welcome. We can all do our bit by boycotting ALL Israeli goods and boycotting all the US goods practicable ( I have done so for many years now). I fully understand that this chat site is hosted by a US company BUT we are able to use it for our purpose.


Of course you don’t care. Logic will never be something you could understand. The only reason Trump did this is stated in the article. Trump isn’t even a businessman, he’s a CONman. That’s why he’s bankrupted how many times? Businessman…HAH! He’s not called the Orange Buffoon for nothing.


That’s why we care little about your inane posts Max. They provide yet more evidence of the ignorance of at least 50% of Americans and that brings a smile to most faces in the world.

Jan Tjarks

Actually I didn’t expect the US empire to crumble that fast. Actually, Hillarious Clinton wouldn’t be that much different, as it is the events which count, not the person in charge, that only adds the spice.

The main question is, how will the world develop after the crumbling of the US empire and its adjacent leftover British empire. Which options open up and which doors are shut. This is a global question with huge implications and consequences.

There re possibilities, question is, if humanity can finally overcome so many different obstacles. There already is an underlying development, which gives us hope, but in the end it isn’t the hope that counts, but the real deal.


Remember when Trump promised fixing relations with Russia?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

He did fix the relations with Russia and did fix them for real good, and proved he is a Hellish Buffoon and then he further reduces himself to Stupid Thuggery.

Just imagine if Hitlary was in power the people would have flipped a bird and would have risen up and protested the White House and ripped every Senator a new one. The Deep state never wanted Hilary to win , why they Burned Bernie from the position since he was polling around 70% of the vote. The reason they needed Hilary and ran her campaign so she would be caught out and the eternal dark side of her would be shown leaving her to be exposed while ensuring her silence by not allowing anyone to prosecute her for any crimes she committed, for her Trump was a godsend.

Trump was the only one the Neo-cons could use and get away with all this nonsense, the others groups would have fallen off the face media and be consigned to obscurity if Hilary or Bernie was elected. Trump was the choice of the deep state all along because he would be easy to manipulate into making bad decisions, and they could keep their pet Focus hate groups busy with hating him.

The World has followed in lock step by being just as being divided against any candidate leaning to the right or even being moderate and against the current system. This is how you plan a worldwide coup against the people and usurp their power to think outside the box.

Seems like the Deep state and the Establishment have won while the mice play at being easily distracted and allow their freedoms to be reduced to nothing and the small few see how the real web of deceit is being weaved.

Jan Tjarks

The interesting thing is, that even Trump was only a better choice, but none of them was to their liking.

No matter the choice, the US empire would have started to crumble anyway. It might be that Trump is the one who speeds up the process more than any other candidate. Giving the Neo Cons quite a headache. They are losing on nearly every front now and there is no change in sight. Few monopolies will be created again, but that doesn’t change the fact that most monopolies will fall and are already having a difficult time.


This is what its like in the final days of an empire, bread and circus for the citizens, debauchery among the governing class, and the disadvantaged left behind to die while the empire goes around trying to prop up its once feared reputation. This is like 500 CE for the Roman Empire.


I keep getting this vision of an octopus with tentacles flailing about viciously, it’s one great eye darting to and fro, squirting ink, looking for a rock to climb under.

Sally Thomas

So should I have that HUGE piece of chocolate cake leftover from my birthday or is it worth continuing with my diet?


If only the ‘Pressitute’ Western MSM would print articles such as these , we would be able to have informed debates. However, instead the western MSM is more concerned with vacuous celebrities and Trans gender freaks.

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