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The Saker: What Happened To The West I Was Born In?!


Written by The Saker; Originally appeared on thesaker.is

Frankly, I am awed, amazed and even embarrassed.  I was born in Switzerland, lived most of my life there, I also visited most of Europe, and I lived in the USA for over 20 years.  Yet in my worst nightmares I could not have imagined the West sinking as low as it does now.  I mean, yes, I know about the false flags, the corruption, the colonial wars, the NATO lies, the abject subservience of East Europeans, etc.  I wrote about all that many times.  But imperfect as they were, and that is putting it mildly, I remember Helmut Schmidt, Maggie Thatcher, Reagan, Mitterrand, even Chirac!  And I remember what the Canard Enchaîné used to be, or even the BBC.  During the Cold War the West was hardly a knight in white shining armor, but still – rule of law did matter, as did at least some degree of critical thinking.

I am now deeply embarrassed for the West.  And very, very afraid.

All I see today is a submissive herd lead by true, bona fide, psychopaths (in a clinical sense of the word)

And that is not the worst thing.

The worst thing is the deafening silence, the way everybody just looks away, pretends like “ain’t my business” or, worse, actually takes all this grotesque spectacle seriously.  What the fuck is wrong with you people?!  Have you all been turned into zombies?!  WAKE UP!!!!!!!

Let me carefully measure my words here and tell you the blunt truth.

Since the Neocon coup against Trump the West is now on exactly the same course as Nazi Germany was in, roughly, the mid 1930s.

Oh sure, the ideology is different, the designated scapegoat also.  But the mindset is *exactly* the same.

Same causes produce the same effects.  But this time around, there are weapons on both sides which make the Dresden Holocaust looks like a minor spark.

So now we have this touching display of “western solidarity” not with UK or the British people, but with the City of London.  Now ain’t that touching?!

Let me ask you this: what has been the central feature of Britain’s policies towards Europe, oh, let’s say since the Middle-Ages?

That’s right: starting wars in Europe.

And this time around you think it’s different?

Does: “the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior” somehow not apply to the UK?!

Let me also tell you this: when Napoleon and Hitler attacked Russia she was undergoing deep crises and was objectively weak (really! research it for yourself!).  In both cases Russian society was deeply torn by internal contradictions and the time for attack as ideal.

Not today.

So I ask this simple question: do you really want to go to war against a fully united nuclear Russia?

You think that this is hyperbole?

Think again.

The truth is that the situation today is infinitely worse than the Cuban missile crisis. First, during the Cuban missile crisis there were rational people on both side.  Today there is NOT ONE SINGLE RATIONAL PERSON LEFT IN A POSITION OF POWER IN THE USA.  Not ONE!  Second, during the Cuban missile crisis all the new was reporting on was the crisis, the entire planet felt like we were standing at the edge of the abyss.

Today nobody seems to be aware that we are about to go to war, possibly a thermonuclear war, where casualties will be counted in the hundreds of millions.

All because of what?

Because the people of the West have accepted, or don’t even know, that they are ruled by an ugly gang of ignorant, arrogant psychopaths.

At the very least this situation shows this:

Representative democracy does not work.

The rule of law only applies to the weak and poor.

Western values have now been reduced to a sad joke.

Capitalism needs war and a world hegemony to survive.

The AngloZionist Empire is about to collapse, the only open question is how and at what cost.

Right now they are expelling Russian diplomats en masse and they are feeling very strong and manly. Polish and Ukrainian politicians are undergoing a truly historical surge in courage and self-confidence! (hiding, as they do, behind Anglo firepower)

The truth is that this is only the tip of a much bigger iceberg.  In reality, crucial expert-level consultations, which are so vitally important between nuclear superpowers, have all but stopped a long time ago.  We are down to top level telephone calls.  That kind of stuff happens when two sides are about to go to war.  For many months now Russia and NATO have made preparations for war in Europe.  And Russia is ready.  NATO sure ain’t!  Oh, they have the numbers and they think they are strong.  The truth is that these NATO midgets have no idea of what is about to hit them, when the Russians go to war these NATO statelets won’t even understand what is happening to them.  Very rapidly the real action will be left to the USA and Russia.  Thus any conflict will go nuclear very fast.  And, for the first time in history, the USA will be hit very, very hard, not only in Europe, the Middle-East or Asia, but also on the continental US.

I was born in a Russian military family and I studied Russian and Soviet military affairs all my life. I can absolutely promise you this, please don’t doubt it for one second: Russia will not back down and, if cornered, she will wipe out your entire civilization. The Russians really don’t want war, they fear it (as they should!) and they will do everything to avoid it.  But if attacked then expect a response of absolutely devastating violence.  Don’t take it from me, take it from Putin who clearly said so himself and who, at least on that issue, is supported by about 95% of the population.  From the Eastern Crusades to the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, enough is enough, and the Russians will not take one more western attack, especially not one backed by nuclear firepower.  Again, please ponder Putin’s words very, very carefully: “what need would we have a world if there is no Russia?

All that for what?  The USA and Russia have NO objective reasons to do anything but to collaborate (the Russians are absolutely baffled the fact the leaders of the USA seem to be completely oblivious to this simple fact).  Okay, the City of London does have a lot of reasons to want Russia gone and silent. As Gavin Williamson, the little soy-boy in charge of UK “defense”, so elegantly put it, Russia should “go away and shut up”.  Right.  Let me tell you – it ain’t happening!  Britannia will be turned into a heap of radioactive ashes long before Russian goes away or shuts up.  That is simply a fact.

What baffles me is this: do American leaders really want to lose their country in behalf of a small nasty clique of arrogant British pompous asses who think that they still are an Empire?  Did you even take a look at Boris Johnson, Theresa May and Gavin Williamson?  Are you really ready to die in defense of the interest of these degenerates?!

I don’t get it and nobody in Russia does.

Yeah, I know, all they did is expel some diplomats.  And the Russians will do the same.  So what?  But that’s missing the point!


You can get 200,000 antigun (sigh, rolleyes) protesters in DC but NOBODY AT ALL ABOUT NUCLEAR WAR?!

What is wrong with you people?!

What happened to the West where I was born in in 1963?

My God, is this really the end of it all?

Am I the only one who sees this slow-motion train-wreck taking us all over the precipice?

If you can, please give a reason to still hope.

Right now I don’t see many.

The Saker

PS: yes, I know. The rules of the blog prohibit CAPS as this is considered shouting.  Okay, but this time around I AM TRYING TO SHOUT!  So, for this one time only, feel free to use caps if you want.  The world badly needs some shouting right now, even virtual shouting.



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  • Capdemort

    U think idiots know whats really important to them?They have LGBVTQISFJKSNFJHFJKNDI problems to diqus,whats new in thei Facebook status,what movie will be awarded with an Oscar and other “important” issues.The fact that maybe in 30-60 mins they can be ashe doesnt matter.Thats called beeing “educated”.

    • velociraptor

      vkontakte is much worse then FB. fyi, i dont use such shits.
      how do you applaud to putins freedom, who banned tor and VNS???

      • ruca

        You don’t use such shits, yet you do abuse your keyboard. When Russian citizen’s data is stored on foreign soil, they get banned. God forbid Russia follows its own laws. By the way, nobody needs a velcro capper. It can never be cleaned.

        • Sharen

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      • NeoLeo

        Yeah, you ‘use shits’ only for your breakfast…

      • Capdemort

        Dear CIA troll (yeah everybody knows who u are) I dont give a shit about VK,Facebook,Twitter or other personal data gathering devices.I hate censorship and btw poor idiot quote my “applaud Putin” stance.Personally ive lived under comunist “era” and capitalist “era”.So dont tell me whats better.The answer is none.And pls inform ur handler next time to pick smarter bots.I know u have some more on comments.Have a nice day.

  • Alex

    It was all just an illusion, imho.

  • Örjan

    At last a sane voice and a shared feeling of disgust and despair!

  • velociraptor

    I was born in Switzerland, lived most of my life there, I also visited
    most of Europe, and I lived in the USA for over 20 years.

    I was born in a Russian military family and I studied Russian and Soviet
    military affairs all my life. I can absolutely promise you this, please
    don’t doubt it for one second: Russia will not back down and, if
    cornered, she will wipe out your entire civilization.

    either, or, big liar.

    – west was always the same as now. lies,lies, lies.
    – east was always the same as now. lies, lies, lies.
    – if you are o much unhappy, why do you not move in russia???

    also putins daughter studied in west and has firm in netherland and other countires. putins family is taxpayer in west, not in rossia.

    by the way, russia can not do anything. similarly, as ussr. the same weak shit. i am sure, more than half of russian strategic weapons are unfunctional. if rossiya does not have money for patch of ships, planes, sure does not have for icbms.

    • Anti_Globalista

      You are prime example of an idiot brainwashed to think that nuclear war is winnable. Even if you are correct, and no icbm is fired from Russia as a response to western nuclear attack, what do you think would happen to your pittiful country, and their pittiful people as a result of all radiation coming your way? Too difficult for your brain to compute? Ten icbm fired into the air to explode without hitting any country would cause global nuclear winter wiping out 90% of global population, and causing remaining 10% to envy the dead ones. With every post you just confirm that status of western servant is your intelectual maximum.

      • ruca


    • NeoLeo

      Lol what? You are an idiot from Slovakia, Solomon Kurwacek. You had some disturbing childhood traumas with soviet soldiers (or their dogs) so you hate them obsessively. Today you’re paid by yankee and german tourists to clean their toilets in some cheap hotel in Kosice, so you adore them.
      btw ICBMs are always an absolute priority, just another proof how utterly clueless you are.

      • velociraptor

        and i block you, fiascist, in the future dont try to contact me

        • NeoLeo

          Oh no velocraptor blocked me.. please no, NOOOOOOOO!
          Don’t worry I would never “contact’ you… not even with a stick. But I’ll laugh at you as usual: “fiascist” lol

  • Ed

    I love this website!! Every day there is an article by someone who is crying into their cornflakes, moaning about life now is absolute crap, how world war 3 is just around the corner, how the world is soon going to be ending or how mankind is basically doooomed!! And of course, everything wrong in the world today and since the beginning of time is all the USA’s fault!!! ha ha ha!! keep it up guys. It makes for extremely entertaining reading if nothing else!!!

  • Pave Way IV

    What does Saker not understand about oligarch-controlled rentier economies and the state-dependent, state-worshipping societies they inevitably produce right after they have destroyed the middle class? What does Saker not understand about the state’s purpose of ensuring its own survival and their willingness to let a few million of their own serfs be immolated if necessary ‘for the greater good’?

    Taking away the masses power and critical thinking ability in any western democracy is easy: corrupt the law and usurp the voting process so neither are a threat to the state. Then constantly preach to the little people via the MSM that the law and voting ‘work’ and have magical abilities to guarantee the moral righteousness of the state. At that point, the nation becomes a playground for psychopaths and oligarchs. You are never going to shame those degenerate leaders into morality.

    • as

      I let my brother know that Facebook have been and may still mining all your personal data and guess what’s his reply ?

      “Well if you’re not in anything worth the privacy it’s fine. Privacy is dead anyway.”

      By his word he unknowingly or knowingly given up his own privacies to unknown personal/entity that may use them to their own advantages and interests

      It’s not about privacy it’s all about control.

    • Merijn

      That’s why the West itself will sink away in Oblivion…Arrogance is bound to Fall, many people will stop listening to FOOLS….and the FOOLS that keep listening to them will fall too. And their stupid Smerks will disappear from their Faces once they finally realise they reached the Cliffs…. nice to see Mister Saker agrees with me….

      • Pave Way IV

        In all respect, Merjin – I think Saker is trying to make the point that nuclear-armed nations change the equation a bit. Ignoring monkeys running around down the street with live, armed hand grenades might end up ok if you ignore them (the problem is self-correcting), but not so much when they’re running around inside your house. ‘Toss your own hand grenade at them first’ isn’t much of a solution, neither are baseball bats, traps or diplomacy.

        • Merijn

          When a Monkey throws a hand grenade at you….gotta catch it and throw it back….

          • Concrete Mike

            Problem with that is you dont know how long the monkey tried to eat the grenade before tossing it over to you

          • Merijn

            Life’s a gamble, gotta take some risks…..

          • Concrete Mike

            Your right my brother…cant win if you dont gamble. I always say that after i fuck up at hockey hehehe

    • Harold Smith

      “What does Saker not understand about the state’s purpose of ensuring its own survival and their willingness to let a few million of their own serfs be immolated if necessary ‘for the greater good’?”

      This isn’t about the survival of “the state” at the expense of the people for “the greater good”; rather, it’s about the establishment of Satan’s kingdom on earth as per Isaiah 14:13,14. It’s a spiritual battle. “Evil” seeks to destroy “good”, because if it wasn’t for the existence of “good” there would be no such thing as “evil” by comparison.
      This is why the devil-worshiping, demon-possessed madmen that rule the corrupt “West” hate Russia so much. This hatred cannot be properly understood in any other “worldly” context.

      • Merijn

        Good & Evil is not bound to countries… it’s a Global Thing…..and Good can become pretty Evil if it comes to fighting

        • Harold Smith

          “Good & Evil is not bound to Nations…”

          You’re implying that “America” is on the same moral plane as Russia for example? Seriously? The people of Syria, Libya, occupied Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Guatemala, Vietnam, Panama, Philippines, etc., would vehemently disagree with you.

          History proves you wrong; the Bible proves you wrong; observation and reasoning proves you wrong.

          “it’s a Global Thing..”

          Actually it’s a human thing, each person has a choice between good and evil, but that doesn’t mean that “country A” cannot be collectively more evil than country “B”.

          • Merijn

            There are Good People & there are Bad People….if you start looking in percentages you are absolutely right… in some countries there are more Good people than in Others….

      • Pave Way IV

        To understand the nature of evil, understand who it is that insists on defining it for you.

        • Harold Smith

          To understand the nature of evil, consult the Bible.

          • Merijn

            Humans have Both….always…it’s all about choices that you make…go left or go right…

        • Merijn

          Every Normal & Rational thinking person in the World knows what is Good and what is not…. without even reading one book…

    • zman

      The Saker should realize that he fell for the same crap as the American people did. When Trump was first elected, he (the Saker) talked about Trumps campaign promises to make nice with Russia and to stop supporting ISIS and how rosy things could become. Then came the talk about how Trump was being manipulated. The truth is far from that. I commented back then that none of what Trump was saying would ever happen, that it was all a scam. I got lambasted in the comment section for that, but events have proven me right. The signs were all there for all to see, including the Saker. Hope springs eternal and that is what these sick fucks count on…the saviour complex. I said then that NO ONE was coming to ‘save us’, that we were going to have to grow up and take control ourselves, using common sense (make Mexico pay for a wall?? FMTT) and compassion. Unfortunately, the corporate ‘me first and screw you’ mentality has taken root in US society to the detriment of all. He has one thing very right though, what is coming is going to be very, very bad. The question is, will the American people wake up in time? The answer to that is not encouraging. Regardless of those here on this site, the vast majority of Americans still watch and believe the MSM. The US is in as much a chaotic state as is the ME…as by design.

      • Merijn

        The U.S. was Built on Violence…. can’t expect much Good from that….there is No such thing as the “American Dream”…for many there was only this “American Nightmare”. It is an illusion….or should I say delusion…

        • inf3rno

          It was built on the genocide of native Americans. Somehow people tend to forget that.

          • Merijn

            I won’t….they were good people…completely destroyed until their Spirits were broken and their hearts shattered in a thousand pieces….

      • Pave Way IV

        ‘Savior complex’ is how they are able to still sell the magic powers of voting, which has been rendered useless at best, and a tool for empowering the evil at worst. Trying to get corrupt, psychopathic, unaccountable lawmakers to write more useless laws in an effort to ensure they are not corrupt, are held accountable and have a normal sense of humanity is just a waste of time. Woke Americans are useless. Lots of noise on Twitter, but still worship the magic powers of a long-usurped law and voting process.

      • Larry Entenfus

        When Trump said–repeatedly, during the campaign “Iran [NOT the Saudis, mind you!] is the biggest state sponsor of terror,” he may as well have painted “I AM A FREAKING NEOCON WARMONGER” on his forehead. We ALL should have known what was coming. America is incapable of saving itself.

  • Lazy Gamer

    Just before any changes in the world order is the most dangerous. The existing power would usually prefer war now than later. With Nokor getting operational, The iranians legally getting nuclear, the dollar being circumvented, and with china buying everything, we are at a critical juncture. Add to that the rest who are destabilizers. We will be lucky if we can avoid war.

    • as

      The Iranian is already nuclear and have always been legally at it. Just like North Korea who demands the country that having problems with them in their nuclear programs to built themselves a light water reactors that can’t produce a nuclear weapons grade fuels in exchange of deactivation of it’s primitive heavy water reactor.
      But both of them rejected of course. So basically they are being commanded to cease using the most efficient energy generators for nothing other than unfounded inexistent fear without being compensated for it.

  • Alpha&Omega

    Have spoken to several ex NATO officers and a couple of western military and intelligence
    analysts the last days and there is a growing concern that things are actually
    spiralling out of control. Interesting is that several of them almost share the
    view of The Saker and these are the very people that are supposed to fight and
    advice NATO’s coming war with Russia.
    Why this happens and by whom is pretty clear, the mindboggling part is why literally
    every Westerner, high and low, plays along all the way to a far too early grave
    – or more correctly – millions of graves.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, hehe, its just when you think there is just one step more, and you step into the abyss.
    Ignorance is an bliss.
    Deadly on top of it to.

    Its much bullshitting flowing in all directions this days, some minor, some bonkers and other more interesting, the Poisoning freak show have I already forgotten, its not in it any more, that what happens in the coming week, will be the line in the sand, nonsense dragged to new heights.
    Some good things comes forth, never the less, like the sCambridge to Far, etc, and finaly, after all this years, Britain shows their true colors and face, after witnessing, reading and watching lies, for decades been hammered out of and on the MSM and the various internet sources witch all where controlled by the same people, nice isnt it, its all right in front of us as we speak.
    The reversing of Brexit, some even try to well piss that one to, never forget the years of attacks from the same persons that right now is lying about everything and wants to go back to the EU.
    Its like the Catalans, some drooled about them been Sore-ass cargo cultists, even when their fight is hundreds of years older than even Sore-ass, yeah, thats undermining, they will do the same about the Brexit, to nullify it, and I think they will use this to further strengthen this agenda, where an Fascistic not even elected EuroCrauts will rule you all.

    The Wankees, how many time must one tell you this, Russians, YOU cant argue, debate nor have any meaning full nor trustworthy cooperation or relation ship with an full blown psychopath.
    The American psychos, have only one thing in mind, full spectrum dominance, nothing else.
    Nobody in their right mind wants an war, but I know this would inevitably lead to an situation where an single event may trigger an war of such an scale that it will dwarf everything before.

    I cant see an ending, how on earth can Russia deal with them after this, whats next, huh, the hate propaganda is on full steam, and then to turn, they will never stop, never, until YOU put down the foot, and/or kicks them down, this is the truth, Trump is just an bad joke.
    Some of us knew this decades ago, nobody cared, then, and nobody cares now, even when its glaringly obvious, the simply don’t care, until, of course, when the mushroom clouds starts to pop up, then, its to late.


  • matt

    what a theatric piece of nonesense

    • Anti_Globalista

      Ignorance is bliss!

      • matt

        Dream on, buddy boy

  • Julius Meinel

    There are at least three indicators on how Russia will react to any NATO aggression:
    1) Putin’s analogy about the corned rat experience from his childhood.
    2) Putin clear assertion that he ( Russia) will strike first ” if a fight is inevitable”
    3) The third, more prosaic explanation which feeds on the second argument is that Russia, being in numerical inferiority vs NATO forces ( certainly when it comes to planes, navy ships and submarines), can ill afford a protracted battle where it would see its naval and air force assets diminish by the deal.

    With a ratio of 4/1 for the air force and 5/1 for naval assets in favor of NATO forces ( and that does not include Israel which will obviously side with the evil side), Russia will have little choice but to strike fast and very hard, to get a even a remote chance of getting to parity or close to it with NATO forces.
    Russia can’t afford an attrition, conventional war ( of large scale) with NATO forces. Putin knows it and Gherasmiov knows it too. We these two guys running the show for Russia, we shall not be afraid.
    Russian will give “war “a whole new meaning which the west apparently forgot. Time for a refresher.
    I personally doubt will be any tank or artillery battles other then perhaps some minor isolated incident that will serve the west as trigger for the confrontation.

    • NeoLeo

      Russia never strike first. Throughout the history they always tried to avoid the open conflict with the west, and that was their worst mistake: because the west always attacked them eventually. And they already attacked them, the Skripal hysteria is just another offensive. This newest tragedy in Russia with 70 people burned alive, I’m 99% sure it was their doing: they are trying to destabilize the country by any means necessary. Killing children is nothing new for psychos from WashingtonDC. So Russia should attack them first, I don’t mean conventionally: just hit them with nukes, with everything you have, when they least expecting. If they manage to retaliate and destroy you.. well, it’s a tie. I see no other options for Russia: fight (and probably be destroyed) or capitulate (and certainly be destroyed). War is upon them, and there is nothing they can do to prevent it.
      Delaying the inevitable, buying time… just make you weaker and them stronger.

      • velociraptor


        • NeoLeo

          Damn you are really mad. Well, sorry I said you are an idiot: you are more stupid than idiots… you are an imbecile :D

    • Jesus

      The NATO advantage is purely hypothetical, since they will have a hard time concentrating their forces along the Russian borders. Russia will not allow such massive mobilization to even be contemplated. In the past, numerical superiority was more of a hinderance, take the case the battle of Arabella, or Cannae, I am sure there are many other examples where smaller armies triumphed ove large ones given the brilliance of their leadership. NATO does not provide a homogeneous fighting force, it is made up of bridages from many countries that do not train together or have a central command. I give the Russians the advantage because of internal lines of supply and communications and a true moral purpose for fighting.
      Just think back of the German front line during WW2 in 1942, made of Germans, Italians, Hungarians, Romanians ….etc, it did not work well at all. Likewise Polish, American, German, British brigade contingents are not going to fare very well against a large tank army that packs overall greater firepower than the NATO contingents.

      For that matter, Russia can deploy Avangard hypersonic glide vehicles armed with conventional weapons, attacking carriers battle groups, American and European cities and industrial and communication hubs. The type of weapons Russia has developed bring all NATO targets within its reach for conventional attack. If they develop an arsenal of 700 Khinzal hypersonic missiles and 800-1000 Avangard glide vehicles, NATO will be powerless to pinpoint conventional attacks that will take out capital targets without being responsible for raising the nuclear threshold .

      • Silvia Mocanu

        As I said above…. if a war breaks out between NATO and Russia, it not be fought with tanks and artillery and certainly not a brigade or even division level. It will likely be mostly planes, misses and submarines. Once worrisome concern is that Russia limited number of strategic bombers are almost entirely clustered on just three airfields: Engels air base, Ukrainian in the far east and a few near Murmansk in the north. If those get wiped out in first missile attack, Russia will be hard pressed to response using conventional weapons..

        Those wonderful weapons are still under development and even thouse field like the Kinzal hipersonic missles are not yet deployed in critical number to make a differece.

        It seems like Nato is pressing for a war with Russia sooner rather than later, perhaps

        • Jesus

          In your scenario, NATO’s means of conventional attack deep into Russia will mostly be carried by Tomahawk cruise missiles, or heavy bombers. B2 does not carry stand-off weapons, the numbers of B1 available for service are suspect, the B52 can carry cruise missiles, however, they have to get close to the russian borders to fire their missiles. They would be succeptible to Mig31, Suk 35 and Suk 30 interceptions, and would not be highly effective. The Russian strategic bomber fleet is getting better and remodernized, still the numbers of T22, T95 and T162 equipped with KH series cruise missiles would outrage the Tomahawk capability.

          To be continued with a later edit.

          • Silvia Mocanu

            It is not bombers I have in mind (strategic, stealthy or otherwise) when it
            comes to a serious “decapitation” strike on Russia proper. It is the
            submarines, which are indeed US most potent weapon. A single ( there are 4
            active) Ohio class submarine can fire 154 Tomahawk missiles; The problem is
            that submarines can concentrate a massive amount of missile in stealthy manner,
            while the Russian air defense system ( while probably on parity if you consider
            missile for missile with number of the US Tomahawk missiles ) are widely dispersed
            across the vast territory of Russia. I do not think they have more than 36
            S-400 and perhaps an equal number of Pantisr missiles at any one site. That
            makes any site ( such a strategic bomber base) susceptible to a saturation

            Personally I think the key to defending such valuable assets from saturation
            missile attacks is electronics, not missiles. Electronics is much cheaper,
            hardly visible from the sky and potentially much more effective than the best
            air defense missile system. And I think Russia moves in that direction, just
            not sure how advance their electronic umbrella is at this point.

            The fact that they have recently starting to sign sales contracts with
            countries that are potentially hostile to Russia interest ( Gulf countries,
            Turkey comes to mind) is strong indicator that they do not deem the S-400 system
            as being indispensable to the protection of their assets. They likely have an
            Ace up their sleeve not yet disclosed to the masses.

          • Jesus

            I hardly consider a cruise missile attack a decapitation attack, since they are slow and not very accurate. Ohio class subs launch 600 cruise missiles against Russia, Russia has the look down capability from space and even MiG 31 against the cruise missile swarm, they are not going to waste S400 missiles on cruise missiles, to defend strategic airfields, there are cheaper and more effective ways of doing it, EW is on top of the list, followed by Pantsyr, Morphey, or CIWS.
            An S400 battalion consists of 8 vehicles with a total of 32 launchers, plus several reloads, therefore a battalion can have 90-100 various missiles at its disposal.

            If the cruise missiles were nuclear tipped, then S400 missiles and MIG 31 AA missiles would be used to intercept the missiles away from their intended targets.

        • Jesus

          “””As I said above…. if a war breaks out between NATO and Russia, it not be fought with tanks and artillery and certainly not a brigade or even division level.”””

          Maybe that is Nato’s mindset since their formations are not homogeneous and do not have a positive perspective of what they are fighting for, Russia will go with the doctrine of combined arms, ground forces included, and if NATO is not willing to reciprocate, then NATO’s eastern borders will be reconfigured and Ukraine is not going to remain a nests of snakes at Russia’s doorsteps.

  • NeoLeo

    The same old west actually: full of lies and hypocrisy. “Helmut Schmidt, Maggie Thatcher, Reagan” – scumbags all of them. “rule of law” my ass, they were just more scared of USSR and not able to bully/terrorize the world as they do today. Yeah, many people believed that USSR was an evil empire, but the real evil empire for the last 300 years is in London/WashingtonDC. 300 years of endless crimes and world conquest. Why the f you think we speak English here, because it’s exceptional? They conquered the world basically. Their language, their (anti)culture, their currency, their media… their rules and ‘values’. They want your soul now.

    “They have plundered the world, stripping naked the land in their hunger… they are driven by greed, if their enemy be rich; by ambition, if poor… They ravage, they slaughter, they seize by false pretenses, and all of this they hail as the construction of empire. And when in their wake nothing remains but a wasteland, they call that peace.”

    • velociraptor


      • NeoLeo

        You are.

      • NeoLeo


  • Graz Bugni

    The last message, a protest of the deep state, was Trump. Our media is controlled. You will not see the dissent, real protests, or truth. The unions are busted. Americans have no influence on our gov’t. Public space has been shut. I think there will be people, with influence, who will come around, break rank, and bring some balance to the process.

  • RichardD

    The Jew world order coup against Trump didn’t succeed and is in the process of failing. The problem is Jews and their Israel firster collaborators, particularly in the US legislature that habitually votes Israel first against what most Americans want. It isn’t a coincidence that over 95% of the planet’s Jews live in NATO countries and Israel. The solution is outlawing Judaism and dejudifying the planet.


    • NeoLeo

      “didn’t succeed and is in the process of failing.” hmm I seems to me they control Trump’s administration completely, his entire team are “swamp-people” now and they are obviously going to war with Russia as planned. Trump himself is not even relevant any more.

      • RichardD

        Is English your first language? If it is then you’ve just identified yourself as a drooling idiot. Look up President of the United States and tell me who that is. And then look up the former President of Ukraine and tell me who that was. And then tell me which president was overthrown in a coup, and which one was not.

        • NeoLeo

          What’s your point exactly? Yes he is in the office, doing nothing. How do you explain recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? And Pompeo instead of Tillerson? Expulsion of Russian diplomats? New US bases in Syria?
          They don’t need to overthrow him any more, they control him now.

          • RichardD

            That you’re misusing the term and I’m not. All administrations are subject to coersion and conspiracies. That’s not a coup. The fraudulent impeachment attempts are coup attempts that are failing.

      • zman

        Trump is actually succeeding very well. Chaos and confusion is rampant, as designed, and the shell game continues. How do you get a neocon run government back in control? Win the election as a Reagan-esk type saviour, then fire your cabinet one by one until you have the government no one would have voted in. Who is the only one not replaced yet? Sessions…who is a perfect fit with the rest of the team. It will probably be years before the true-trump believers to come to the realization they’ve been had…just like Reagan and Obama supporters.

  • John Brown

    What was once the west has been conquered by racist supremacist Israel and its racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire. It was is Nazi Rothschild Israel as they put Hitler into power and made the Havara pact with Hitler to create Israel. It is Nazi Israel today that is expelling, sterilizing murdering and enslaving tens of thousands of Africans.
    Part 1
    The following video evidence in Britain again totally destroys Shabbas Goy Sakers, Anglo / Zionist empire narrative. It’s just the global Zionist empire as it is official and the law Jews are legally superior with more rights than all others in Britain, including Anglos in what was once an Anglo country. The Anglo Zionist empire term is like calling apartheid South Africa the “Africans Boer / Zu Lu black / empire”. When one group totally dominates all others with superior legal rights to all the others enshrined under the law, such an argument is basically a joke.
    See good video examples of proof. Shouldn’t it be The Guardian, the BBC or The Daily Telegraph that look into these matters? Why aren’t they? Stop Everything You Do and Watch This!!! January 11, 2017 / Gilad Atzmon Al Jazeera Investigations – The Lobby EP 1-4 http://www.gilad.co.uk/writ… So that you learn how Israel and its Lobby are plotting against Britain and the Brits. So you learn about our treacherous MPs who are shamelessly serving a foreign state and its foreign interests. Ask yourself, how is it that the most important news about the institutional betrayal of our political system is delivered to us by a Qatar TV network? Shouln’t it be The Guardian, the BBC or The Daily Telegraph that look into these matters? Is it a coincidence? The Israeli Embassy told us that Shai Masot was a junior employee. Watch this video and judge for yourself, he seems to run the entire Labour Party. Britain must probe the activity of the Jewish Lobby and the Israeli Embassy immediately !!! And if you want to understand why this plot is embedded in Jewish culture just read this
    Nothing beats the voluntary confession from Jewish sources . Even the most brainwashed Goyim will get it. Here is one for you. Racist supremacist Jews confess to running African and the Americas slave trade enslaving Goyims. This link Jews enslaving blacks the video with the 6 pointed star of Satan in it.https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=163&v=hyTmEdWZlqA
    The Lobby P1: https://youtu.be/ceCOhdgRBoc
    The Lobby P2: https://youtu.be/Vuk1EhkEctE
    The Lobby P3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3dn-VV3czc
    The Lobby P4: The Takedown https://youtu.be/pddH2sfNKNY

  • John Brown

    Israeli press reported today that Israel’s chief (Sephardic) rabbi Yitzhak Yosef called black people “monkeys” during his weekly sermon. Nothing beats the confession. Following wall to wall condemnations by Israeli and Jewish bodies around the world including the ADL. They only condemn that he got caught. Real condemnation would be to remove him from his post, ruin his career etc. as they do to any goyim who even question the holocaust. Will this happen to this racist supremacist Jew? of course not https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/israel-cheif-rabbi-black-people-monkeys-yitzhak-yosef-talmud-sephardic-a8267666.html
    Israeli chief rabbi calls black people ‘monkeys’
    Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef’s comments denounced as ‘racially charged’ and ‘utterly unacceptable’ by Anti-Defamation League
    One of Israel’s chief rabbis called black people “monkeys” during his weekly sermon.
    Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef’s comments During his weekly sermon, the rabbi used a derogatory Hebrew term for a black person, before going on to call a black person a “monkey,” according to footage published by the Ynet news site.
    • Lorde called a bigot over Israel boycott by rabbi in full-page ad
    His office said he was citing a passage from the Talmud – the book of Jewish law.
    Mr Yosef represents Israel’s Sephardic Jews of Middle Eastern and North African descent.
    שקוף שזה איכותי! סיר CORNING זכוכית שקופה
    במבצע! >>
    מרחבי הרשת
    https://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-5181664,00.html by Taboola
    שיעור בגזענות: הרב הראשי השווה בין “כושי” לקוף
    בשיעורו השבועי על ברכת האילנות ביקש הרב הראשי להביא דוגמה מברכת “משנה הבריות”, תוך שהוא מסביר על איזה “כושי”, כלשונו, צריך לברך: “שאבא שלו ואמא שלו לבנים… יצא להם בן קוף”. לשכת הרב בתגובה: “הדברים – ציטוט מהתלמוד הבבלי”
    It was is Nazi Rothschild Israel as they put Hitler into power and made the Havara pact with Hitler to create Israel. It is Nazi Israel today that is expelling, sterilizing murdering and enslaving tens of thousands of Africans
    His racism: the Chief Rabbi compare “nigger” to a monkey.
    בשיעורו weekly on blessing the arbor day asked the Chief Rabbi to bring an example welcomes “matter creation”, while he explains what “nigger”, as he calls it, to bless: “his father and his mother white… came out a monkey.” The Bureau of the rabbi’s response: “stuff – a quote from the Talmud Babylonian”
    Ariella שטרנבךposted: 20.03.18 , 06:00
    by Taboola Promoted Links .
    Rabbis החרד”the shock: Christ came out a lesbian vegan
    The Chief Rabbi is he also a racist.: בשיעורו weekly compare the first to score, Isaac, Joseph, between “nigger”, as he calls it – and the monkey, and said, among other things: “not every nigger welcome… should be a Negro, his father and his mother white… if you know, out to them old monkey, came out a son like th
    Evolution according to Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef
    March 22, 2018 / Gilad Atzmon
    Israel Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef called black people “monkeys” during his weekly sermon.
    By Gilad Atzmon
    Israeli press reported today that Israel’s chief (Sephardic) rabbi Yitzhak Yosef called black people “monkeys” during his weekly sermon.
    During his weekly sermon, the rabbi used the Hebrew term for nigger before going on to call

  • NeoLeo

    Same old west, same old lies and hypocrisy. “Helmut Schmidt, Maggie Thatcher, Reagan” -rotten scumbags all of them. The real and only evil empire is the one in WashingtonDC/London, 300 years of endless crimes and world conquest. Their (anti)culture, their currency, their language, their media… their rules, their ‘values’.
    They want your soul now.

  • sam_koll

    ” What Happened To The West I Was Born In?!”

    “or don’t even know, that they are ruled by an ugly gang of ignorant, arrogant psychopaths.”

  • Harold Smith

    “Since the Neocon coup against Trump the West is now on exactly the same course as Nazi Germany was in, roughly, the mid 1930s.”

    I have to disagree with this statement. Isn’t it obvious by now that Trump’s campaign was a calculated “bait and switch” fraud from the beginning?

    Let’s face it, Trump is flirting with planetary extinction here. You don’t talk somebody into that kind of madness do you? A more plausible explanation is that Trump is a demon-possessed Satanist who set out to deceive from the beginning. He had no intention of following through on his pre-election intimations/campaign promises. No other explanation makes sense.

    • RamboDave

      You say Trump had no intention to keep us out of these endless wars, as he promised…. “no other explanation makes sense”

      Don’t you get it? Trump has just recently made a deal with the neocons, evidenced by John Bolton’s appointment. In exchange, the neocons will attempt to neutralize the Muller investigative dog pack by attacking it’s legitimacy, using Allen Dershowvitz, leaks from the DOJ Investigative General to the Nunez Committee, and etc.
      Notice how neocons William Cristol and Max Boot no longer appear on MSNBC to bash Trump.
      The neocons have switched sides. The Saker is correct. There has been a neocon coup. That was the entire purpose of RussiaGate. Trump has finally caved in to the neocons, and invited them aboard to save his Presidency.

      • Harold Smith

        Don’t you get it? You’ve been scammed. What “presidency” is there to save in the first place? You don’t make a deal to extinguish all life on earth including your own in return for the dropping of a farcical “investigation”.

        • Redadmiral

          I have to agree with RamboDave and Saker, Trump and his acolytes stole the Presidency from Clinton the anointed. They, “the Deep State”, know how he did it, because they did it on at least two previous occasions we know of. Hence, their fury and rage at Trumps’ audacity. I doubt if Trump ever realised that the inner circle of the deep state was quite as insane as it is. The Zionist-Yanki hegemon that controls the US, Briton, France, Germany et al., had planned for a WW sooner, Trump is to some extent the grit in the grease. However, the pressure is mounting at an exponential rate, Trump has to do or he will be done, as in dead. Pence is primed to push the button in retaliation “against the Russian assassination of their President, if he doesn’t. Where to from here?

          • Harold Smith

            When you say that Trump et al. “stole the presidency from Clinton the anointed”, you’re speculating.

            Why did they run Clinton against Trump rather than the apparently more electable Sanders? Why, in the early fall of 2016, as the election was coming into the home stretch, at a time when Trump was talking about diplomacy, non-intervention, getting along with Russia, etc., and Clinton was talking about confrontation, did Obama start ramping up tensions with Russia? I’ll tell you why: Obama escalated tensions with Russia so as to nudge the disgruntled Sander supporters (anti-war Democrats) into Trump’s camp, thereby swinging the election to him. Moreover, the kind of convictions that Trump ostensibly had pre-election, e.g., non-intervention, non-nation-building, diplomacy rather than war, etc., simply aren’t the kind of convictions that a person can be talked out of.

            Finally you seem to be saying that Trump’s betrayals are the result of threats made against him. That doesn’t make sense. Why did he run on a platform of defiance to the powers that be if he’s such a coward? Why wasn’t he “afraid for his life” during the campaign?

            Finally, if Trump was actually sincere during the campaign, please explain why “they” didn’t deploy a “lone nut” against him then, before the election? I would argue that “they” couldn’t risk letting anyone not fully under their control ANYWHERE NEAR the levers of power. One wrong move – even unintentionally – could trash their agenda.

            Your argument just doesn’t stand up to logical scrutiny.

      • Merijn

        Just another desperate attempt to save themselves from inevitable collapse…and they know it….panic..because if the Masses find out……they try harder and harder to draw peoples attention away from Reality…

    • Johnpd

      I have been thinking along these lines.

    • zman

      I agree. Trump was a trojan horse from the git-go, there was no coup. His transition from the ‘Trump base’ to the neocon admin he has now was there from the first. His nomination of Sessions screamed it and so did every one of his decisions since. From his immediate support for continued illegal seizure of property and his jokingly threatening to destroy the Texas politician who was fighting it, to the about-face on Russia and Syria in his first month. If that didn’t tell the people where he was coming from, nothing would. His criminal support base was also there from the git go. All those he was supposedly against were lifelong friends and business partners, not only Adelson, but Soros and the Clintons too…which Trumps base hated. Where did the prosecution of Hillary go? It was and still is there for anyone to see, but one has to be open minded to see it, not blinder-ed.

  • Mik Moore

    Saker you are not the only one who is paying attention and is scared shitless of where this is going. But like you said people in the west are too stupid and brain washed to realize what is happening.
    When a well packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous, and the tellar a raving lunatic. (Dresdan James)

    • zman

      Well put!

  • FlorianGeyer

    This should be official reading in all schools, colleges, universities, factories and GOVERNMENTS.

    The Saker has ‘ told it ‘ how it is.


  • Mik Moore

    Trump is a Zionist, I found out too late, his whole family is dual citizen, his son in law is business partner with Soros, amazing how much truth comes out after the election.

    • zman

      Actually, it was all there to see before the election…but one had to look for it, if one did not know before hand.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    It is the same west that launched a ground invasion of Japan in the mid 1980’s. Yes that is correct, they invade Japan first back when Japan use to be called “The hermit Empire”
    The same USSA Empire that spread propaganda about Germany to go to war with them two times.
    The US did the same thing to the Germans twice that they did to the Koreans. And to the Confederacy and so on.
    Nothing has changed with the US-Empire in the last 170 years. Absolutely nothing.

  • Nationalist Globalist Oligarch

    They don’t want a broader war, they just wanted to spoil the World Cup to further harm the Russian economy.

    Mission accomplished.

  • Art Best

    That’s the spirit, the Saker.


  • Larry Entenfus

    Am I the only one who sees this slow-motion train-wreck taking us all over the precipice?

    No, you are not along, Saker. I wake up early every day to check the news and see if we are at war. I am no longer suspecting it, I am expecting it!

  • inf3rno

    Trump is backed by weapon lobby, so it is evident that there will be war. We don’t know yet whether it will be with Russia or with some other country. Currently they are working on destroying European nations, so I think they will use the weapons there instead of Russia. Both scenario is bad for us, I live in the middle of Europe.