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JUNE 2021

The Saker: How the East can save the West

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Written by The Saker; Originally appeared at The Unz Review

Europe: My honor is solidarity!

“That tells you all you need to know about the difference between modern Britain and the government of Vladimir Putin. They make Novichok, we make light sabers. One a hideous weapon that is specifically intended for assassination. The other an implausible theatrical prop with a mysterious buzz. But which of those two weapons is really more effective in the world of today?”.

(Boris Johnson)

Let’s begin this discussion with a few, basic questions.

Question one: does anybody sincerely believe that “Putin” (the collective name for the Russian Mordor) really attempted to kill a man which “Putin” himself had released in the past, who presented no interest for Russia whatsoever who, like Berezovskywanted to return back to Russia, and that to do the deed “Putin” used a binary nerve agent?

Question two: does anybody sincerely believe that the British have presented their “allies” (I will be polite here and use that euphemism) with incontrovertible or, at least, very strong evidence that “Putin” indeed did such a thing?

Question three: does anybody sincerely believe that the mass expulsion of Russian diplomats will somehow make Russia more compliant to western demands (for our purposes, it does not matter what demands we are talking about)?

Question four: does anybody sincerely believe that after this latest episode, the tensions will somehow abate or even diminish and that things will get better?

Question five: does anybody sincerely believe that the current sharp rise in tensions between the AngloZionist Empire (aka the “West”) does not place the Empire and Russia on collision course which could result in war, probably/possibly nuclear war, maybe not deliberately, but as the result of an escalation of incidents?

If in the zombified world of the ideological drones who actually remain in the dull trance induced by the corporate media there are most definitely those who answer “yes” to some or even all of the questions above, I submit that not a single major western decision maker sincerely believes any of that nonsense. In reality, everybody who matters knows that the Russians had nothing to do with the Skripal incident, that the Brits have shown no evidence, that the expulsion of Russian diplomats will only harden the Russian resolve, that all this anti-Russian hysteria will only get worse and that this all puts at least Europe and the USA, if not the entire planet, in great danger.

And yet what just happened is absolutely amazing: instead of using fundamental principles of western law (innocent until proven guilty by at least a preponderance of evidence or even beyond reasonable doubt), basic rules of civilized behavior (do not attack somebody you know is innocent), universally accepted ethical norms (the truth of the matter is more important than political expediency) or even primordial self-preservation instincts (I don’t want to die for your cause), the vast majority of western leaders chose a new decision-making paradigm which can be summarized in two words:

  • “highly likely”
  • “solidarity”

This is truly absolutely crucial and marks a fundamental change in the way the AngloZionist Empire will act from now on. Let’s look at the assumptions and implications of these two concepts.

First, “highly likely”. While “highly likely” does sound like a simplified version of “preponderance of evidence” what it really means is something very different and circular: “Putin” is bad, poisoning is bad, therefore it is “highly likely” that “Putin” did it. How do we know that the premise “Putin is bad” is true? Well – he does poison people, does he not?

You think I am joking?

Check out this wonderful chart presented to the public by “Her Majesty’s government” entitled “A long pattern of Russian malign activity”:

The Saker: How the East can save the West

In the 12 events listed as evidence of a “pattern of Russian malign activity” one is demonstratively false (2008 invasion of Georgia), one conflates two different accusations (occupation of Crimea and destabilization of the Ukraine), one is circular (assassination of Skripal) and all others are completely unproven accusations. All that is missing here is the mass rape of baby penguins by drunken Russian sailors in the south pole or the use of a secret “weather weapon” to send hurricanes towards the USA. You don’t need a law degree to see that, all you need is an IQ above room temperature and a basic understanding of logic. For all my contempt for western leaders, even I wouldn’t make the claim that they all lack these. So here is where “solidarity” kicks-in:

“Solidarity” in this context is simply a “conceptual placeholder” for Stephen Decatur‘s famous “my country, right or wrong” applied to the entire Empire. The precedent of Meine Ehre heißt Treue just slightly rephrased into Meine Ehre heißt Solidarität also comes to mind.

Solidarity simply means that the comprador ruling elites of the West will say and do whatever the hell the AngloZionist tell them to. If tomorrow the UK or US leaders proclaim that Putin eats babies for breakfast or that the West needs to send a strong message to “Putin” that a Russian invasion of Vanuatu shall not be tolerated, then so be it: the entire AngloZionist nomenklatura will sing the song in full unison and to hell with facts, logic or even decency!

Solemnly proclaiming lies is hardly something new in politics, there is nothing new here. What is new are two far more recent developments: first, now everybody knows that these are lies and, second, nobody challenges or debunks them. Welcome to the AngloZionist New World Order indeed!

The Empire: by way of deception thou shalt do war

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.

(John 8:44)

Over the past weeks I have observed something which I find quite interesting: both on Russian TV channels and in the English speaking media there is a specific type of anti-Putin individual who actually takes a great deal of pride in the fact that the Empire has embarked on a truly unprecedented campaign of lies against Russia. These people view lies as just another tool in a type of “political toolkit” which can be used like any other political technique. As I have mentioned in the past, the western indifference to the truth is something very ancient coming, as it does, from the Middle-Ages: roughly when the spiritual successors of the Franks in Rome decided that their own, original, brand of “Christianity” had no use for 1000 years of Consensus Patrum. Scholasticism and an insatiable thrust for worldly, secular, power produced both moral relativism and colonialism (with the Pope’s imprimatur in the form of the Treaty of Tordesillas). The Reformation (with its very pronounced Judaic influence) produced the bases of modern capitalism which, as Lenin correctly diagnosed, has imperialism as its highest stage. Now that the West is losing its grip on the planet (imagine that, some SOB nations dare resist!), all of the ideological justifications have been tossed away and we are left with the true, honest, barebones impulses of the leaders of the Empire: messianic hubris (essentially self-worship), violence and, above all, a massive reliance on deception and lies on every single level of society, from the commercial advertisements targeted at children to Colin Powell shaking some laundry detergent at the UNSC to justify yet another war of aggression.

Self-worship and a total reliance on brute force and falsehoods – these are the real “Western values” today. Not the rule of law, not the scientific method, not critical thought, not pluralism and most definitely not freedom. We are back, full circle, to the kind of illiterate thuggery the Franks so perfectly embodied and which made them so infamous in the (then) civilized world (the south and eastern Mediterranean). The agenda, by the way, is also the same one as the Franks had 1000 years ago: either submit to us and accept our dominion, or die, and the way to accept our dominion is to let us plunder all your riches. Again, not much difference here between the sack of the First Rome in 410, the sack of the Second Rome in 1204 and the sack of the Third Rome in 1991. As psychologists well know, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

Interestingly, the Chinese saw straight through this strategic psyop and they are now sounding the alarm in their very official Global Times: (emphasis added)

The accusations that Western countries have hurled at Russia are based on ulterior motives, similar to how the Chinese use the expression “perhaps it’s true” to seize upon the desired opportunity. From a third-person perspective, the principles and diplomatic logic behind such drastic efforts are flawed, not to mention that expelling Russian diplomats almost simultaneously is a crude form of behavior. Such actions make little impact other than increasing hostility and hatred between Russia and their Western counterparts (…) The fact that major Western powers can gang up and “sentence” a foreign country without following the same procedures other countries abide by and according to the basic tenets of international law is chilling. During the Cold War, not one Western nation would have dared to make such a provocation and yet today it is carried out with unrestrained ease. Such actions are nothing more than a form of Western bullying that threatens global peace and justice. (…) It is beyond outrageous how the US and Europe have treated Russia. Their actions represent a frivolity and recklessness that has grown to characterize Western hegemony that only knows how to contaminate international relations. Right now is the perfect time for non-Western nations to strengthen unity and collaborative efforts among one another. These nations need to establish a level of independence outside the reach of Western influence while breaking the chains of monopolization declarations, predetermined adjudications and come to value their own judgment abilities. (…) The West is only a small fraction of the world and is nowhere near the global representative it once thought it was. The silenced minorities within the international community need to realize this and prove just how deep their understanding is of such a realization by proving it to the world through action.

As the French say “à bon entendeur, salut!”: the Chinese position is crystal clear, as is the warning. I would summarize it as so: if the West is an AngloZionist doormat, then the East is most definitely not.

[Sidebar: I know that there are some countries in Europe who have, so far, shown the courage to resist the AngloZionist Diktat. Good for them. I will wait to see how long they can resist the pressure before giving them a standing ovation]

The modern Ahnenerbe Generalplan Ost

The decision, therefore, lies here in the East; here must the Russian enemy, this people numbering two hundred million Russians, be destroyed on the battlefield and person by person, and made to bleed to death

(Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler)

Still, none of that explain why the leaders of the Empire have decided to engage in a desperate game of “nuclear chicken” to try to, yet again, force Russia to comply with its demands to “go away and shut up”. This is counter-intuitive and I get several emails each week telling me that there is absolutely no way the leaders of the AngloZionist Empire would want a war with Russia, especially not a nuclear-armed one. The truth is that while western leaders are most definitely psychopaths, they are neither stupid nor suicidal, but neither were Napoleon or Hitler! And, yes, they probably don’t really want a full-scale war with Russia. The problem is that these rulers are also desperate, and for good cause.

Let’s look at the situation just a few months ago. The US was defeated in Syria, ridiculed in the DPRK, Trump was hated in Europe, the Russians and the Germans were working on North Stream, the British leaders forced to at least pretend to work on Brexit, the entire “Ukrainian” project had faceplanted, the sanctions against Russia had failed, Putin was more popular than ever and the hysterical anti-Trump campaign was still in full swing inside the USA. The next move by the AngloZionist elites was nothing short of brilliant: by organizing a really crude false flag in the UK the Empire achieved the following results:

  • The Europeans have been forced right back into the Anglosphere’s fold (“solidarity”, remember?)
  • The Brexiting Brits are now something like the (im-)moral leaders of Europe again.
  • The Russians are now demonized to such a degree that any accusation, no matter how stupid, will stick.
  • In the Middle-East, the US and Israel now have free reign to start any war they want because the (purely theoretical) European capability to object to anything the Anglos want has now evaporated, especially now that the Russians have become “known chemical-criminals” from Ghouta to Salisbury
  • At the very least, the World Cup in Russia will be sabotaged by a massive anti-Russian campaign. If that campaign is really successful, there is still the hope that the Germans will finally cave in and, if maybe not outright cancel, then vat least ery much delay North Stream thereby forcing the Europeans to accept, what else, US gas.

This is an ambitious plan and, barring an unexpected development, it sure looks like it might work. The problem with this strategy is that it falls short of getting Russia to truly “go away and shut up”. Neocons are particularly fond of humiliating their enemies (look at how they are still gunning for Trump even though by now the poor man has become their most subservient servant) and there is a lot of prestige at stake here. Russia, therefore, must be humiliated, trulyhumiliated, not just by sabotaging her participation in Olympic games or by expelling Russian diplomats, but by something far more tangible like, say, an attack on the very small and vulnerable Russian task force in Syria. Herein lies the biggest risk.

The Russian task force in Syria is tiny, at least compared to the immense capabilities of CENTCOM+NATO. The Russians have warned that if they are attacked, they will shoot down not only the attacking missiles but also their launchers. Since the Americans are not dumb enough to expose their aircraft to Russian air defenses, they will use air power only outside the range of Russian air defenses and they will use only cruise missiles to strike targets inside the “protection cone” of the Russians air defenses. The truth is that I doubt that the Russians will have the opportunity to shoot down many US aircraft, at least not with their long-range S-300/S-400 SAMs. Their ubiquitous and formidable combined short to medium range surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system, the Pantsir, might have a better chance simply because it’s location is impossible to predict. But the real question is this: will the Russians shoot back at the USN ships if they launch cruise missiles at Syria?

My strictly personal guess is that they won’t unless Khmeimim, Tartus or another large Russian objective (official Russian compounds in Damascus) are hit. Striking a USN ship would be tantamount to an act of war and that is just not something the Russians will do if they can avoid it. The problem with that is this restraint will, yet again, be interpreted as a sign of weakness, not civilization, by the “modern Franks” (visualize a Neanderthal with a nuclear club in his fist). Should the Russians decide to act à la American and use violence to “send a message”, the Empire will immediately perceive that as a loss of face and a reason to immediately escalate further to reestablish the “appropriate” hierarchy between the “indispensable nation” and the “gas station masquerading as a country”. So here is the dynamic at work

Russia limits herself to words of protests ==>> the Empire sees that as a sign of weakness and escalates
Russia responds in kind with real actions ==>> The Empire feels humiliated and escalates

Now look at this from a Russian point of view for a second and ask yourself what you would do in this situation?

The answer, I think, is obvious: you try to win as much time as possible and you prepare for war. The Russians have been doing exactly that since at least early 2015.

For Russia this is really nothing new: been there, done that, and remember it very, very well, by the way. The “western project” for Russia has always been the same since the Middle-Ages, the only difference today is the consequences of war. With each passing century the human cost of the various western crusades against Russia got worse and worse and now we are not only looking at the very real possibility of another Borodino or Kursk, and not even at another Hiroshima, but at something which we can’t even really imagine: hundreds of millions of people die in the course of just a few hours.

How do we stop that?

Is the West even capable of acting in a different way?

I very much doubt it.

The one actor who can stop the upcoming war: China

There is one actor which might, maybe, stop the current skidding towards Armageddon: China. Right now, the Chinese have officially declared that they have what they call a “comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation” later shortened to “strategic partnership”. This is a very apt expression as it does not speak of an “alliance”: two countries of the size of Russia and China cannot have an alliance in the traditional sense – they are too big and different for that. They are, however, in a symbiotic relationship, that both sides understand perfectly (see this White Paper for details). What this means in very simple terms is this: the Chinese cannot let Russia be defeated by the Empire because once Russia is gone, they will be left one on one with a united, triumphal and infinitely arrogant West (likewise I would argue that Russia cannot afford to have Iran defeated by the Empire for exactly the same reasons, and neither can Iran let the Israelis destroy Hezbollah). Of course, in terms of military power, China is a dwarf compared to Russia, but in terms of economic power Russia is the dwarf when compared to China in this “strategic community of interests”. Thus, China cannot assist Russia militarily. But remember that Russia does not need this if only because military assistance is what you need to win a war. Russia does not want to win a war, Russia desperately needs to avoid a war! And here is where China can make a huge difference: psychologically.

Yes, the Empire is currently taking on both Russia and China, but everybody, from its leaders to its zombified population, seems to think that these are two, different and separate foes. [We can use this opportunity to most sincerely thank Donald Trump for so “perfectly” timing his trade war with China.] They are not: not only are Russia and China symbionts who share the same vision of a prosperous and peaceful Eurasia united by a common future centered around the OBOR and, crucially, free from the US dollar or, for that matter, from any type of major US role, but Russia and China also stand for exactly the same notion of a post-hegemonic world order: a multi-polar world of different and truly sovereign nations living together under the rules of international law. If the AngloZionists have their way, this will never happen. Instead, we will have the New World Order promised by Bush, dominated by the Anglosphere countries (basically the ECHELON members, aka the “Five Eyes”) and, on top of that pyramid, the global Zionist overlord. This is something China cannot, and will not allow. Neither can China allow a US-Russian war, especially not a nuclear one because China, like Russia, also needs peace.


I don’t see what Russia could do to convince the Empire to change its current course: the US leaders are delusional and the Europeans are their silent, submissive servants. As shown above, whatever Russia does it always invites further escalation from the Empire. Of course, Russia can turn the West into a pile of smoldering radioactive ashes. This is hardly a solution since, in the inevitable exchange, Russia herself will also be turned into a similar pile of smoldering radioactive ashes by the Empire. In spite of that, the Russian people have most clearly indicated by their recent vote that they have absolutely no intention of caving in to the latest western crusade against them. As for the Empire, it will never accept the fact that Russia refuses to submit. It therefore seems to me that the only thing which can stop Armageddon would be for the Chinese to ceaselessly continue to repeat to the rulers of the Empire and the people of the West what the wrote in the article quoted above: that “The West is only a small fraction of the world and is nowhere near the global representative it once thought it was” and “the silenced minorities within the international community need to realize this and prove just how deep their understanding is of such a realization by proving it to the world through action.”

History teaches us that the West only strikes against those opponents it sees as defenseless or, at least, weaker. The fact that the Popes, Napoleon or Hitler were wrong in their evaluation of the strength of Russia does not change this truism. In fact, the Neocons today are making exactly the same mistake. So telling them about the fact that Russia is much stronger than what the western propaganda says and which, apparently, many western rulers believe (you always end up believing your own propaganda), does not help. Russian “reminders of reality” will do no good simply because the West is out of touch with reality and lacks the ability to understand its own limitations and weaknesses. But if China stepped in and conveyed that crucial message “The West is only a small fraction of the world” and that the rest of the world will prove this “through action” then other countries will step in and a war can be averted because even the current delusion-based “solidarity” will collapse in the face of a united Eurasia.

Russia alone cannot continue to carry the burden of stopping the messianic psychopaths ruling the Empire.

The rest of the world, led by China, now needs to step in to avert the war.

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It’s a fact , Russia is weak . Even in response .. when UK expel x numbers , Russia expels x numbers etc
Russia should expel x+1 !

Still consider western nations as “partners” and “colleagues” . What a joke

Isabella Jones

Like all too many in the West you misunderstand the way Russians use those words. Even in Judo, the person you are fighting is called a “partner”. You still go out to beat him!!
Words, Modus Operandi in Diplomatic speak should never, ever, be taken to indicate characteristics of strategy.
President Putin has been getting poured on by Westerners for the past 15 years for using those words – including by the likes of Paul Craig Roberts.
Notice anything about his March 1st speech? How for the last few years he has been pushing and leading the innovation and making of unanswerable missiles??
While still referring to “our partners”.
Do not mess with Russians, for they are subtle and liable to anger!!


I agree. Permit me only to observe that Russia’s missiles are apparently much, much more capable and likely to get past U.S. missile defenses. But the old missiles were likely to get past those defenses as well. Nor can they cannot defend against our plain-vanilla missiles. A 1% “leakage” rate could mean the obliteration of Los Angeles or Vladivostok. No one has a leak-proof missile defense so all the MAD strategic calculations are still valid. Too, the new Russian missiles are not “unanswerable,” just probably unstoppable.

What current thinking is about tactical nukes I do not know. I do know Putin has said the next war will not be fought on Russian soil. No one should underestimate Russian fury at yet another attack so their use should be expected immediately.

Isabella Jones

I agree Ace – and certainly with your last point. This is, of course, the problem we are now facing – that it seems there are some in the UKUS who do indeed underestimate that fury. Neither the UK nor the US have had invaders on their soil, even though the UK has had to fight them off a few times, something the US has never had to do. They simply cannot imagine, it seems, how a people who have suffered so much, lost so many, can get to the point of saying “enough – never, ever, again”
And it is this complete misunderstanding that could see the world at war again.


Not only have we not had to deal with significant foreign invasion (at least foreign military invasion) but our amazing prosperity has also contributed to an unrealistic view of the world. (1) there are no really dangerous threats. (2) Resources are not finite and can be shared with anyone who feels like showing up at our door.

It’s all magic, no consequences, focus on happy talk and good intentions only.

Error: Should have been “Nor can they defend against our plain-vanilla missiles.”

Ilies Bekhtaoui

russia fights for it’s survival , the west walks toward it’s suicide . it woudn’t do any good to copy the west in any way . like the saying goes. the dogs bark but the train keeps on going .

Promitheas Apollonious

Relax kid and I dont think the russians are either weak in their actions. You are the one who is looking for a fight, not them at least not yet. When they are ready then they answer in a place of their choice and reason they deem serious enough not react to the panic spastic way of the west.


Yup. As the saying goes, “Diplomacy is the art of saying ‘nice doggie’ while you reach for a stick.”


civilized =/= weak

Obi Juan

You are right, Rusian economy cannot survive without the west. This is another nonsense the saker article, trying to show that Russia weakness is “smartplay”. Irak, Libya, Syria former Russian clients has been destroyed. Poland, East Germany, Romania, Hungary….and Ukraine former allies, now enemies and jumping positions for attack. Anyone needs more examples of Russia weakness?

Hideo Watanabe

No. Russia is the 6th largest economy in PPP. Agriculture is strong to have a lot of customers world wide. Their gold has increased to 1,900 tons. Almost 4000 tons combined with Chinese holding, which is the base for them to get out of dollar for energy transaction. Russia’s next neighbor, China with 1.4 billion population and the biggest economy in PPP is the largest importer for gas and petro. In addition, Russia has Yars and now Sarmat and China has FD-41 both of which are aiming at major US cities, although both of them won’t take the first strike. It is interesting to watch the recent reaction of American public when Sen. James Inhofe said that the US has no capability to deter hypersonic missile Russia and China have and when the launching test video of Sarmat was introduced at Washington Times.
It is necessary for Americans to recognize the potential fear of their homeland to be attacked. Their blind belief in the US missile shield and their unrealistic notion that the war takes always somewhere else have to be removed to constrain their military industry complex.

Obi Juan

That is the typical “The saker” nonsense. The EU (32%) and China (26%) are the biggest producers and exporters of Hi-Tech, followed by Japan, South Korea and USA, Russia is not even in the charts.

Russia has the typical exports of a third world country such as Brazil and Argentina: oil and agriculture. By nominal GDP Russia is in the 12th position as South Korea or Spain, and by GDP per capita is around position 50 like Greece.

Russia still living from Soviet time assets concentrated in a very small number of russian oligarqs hands (more than 70% of all assets are in the posesion of the 1 % of the russian population). Russia has problems to refit their infraestructure (the bridge between Russia and Crimea with Chinesse credits is good a example) or to rebuild the navy.

To put very simple Russia has not any appeal as alternative society to Western imperialism, you can ask to the saker why he choose to live in the “evil” empire and not in the “great russia”.

Isabella Jones

Perhaps there is some hope – although I confess to having no idea how much – in the coming generation in America. The John McCains are the biggest danger – but he has little time left to run.
How many others with their hands on the levers of power are of the same mind-set as McCain??

Ultimately, it’s the system that is to blame – and people frame the systems they use just as cows meandering down to the stream to drink form the paths they will all always use.

In this case though, the current Ruling Mafia crop suffer from a rather horrifying dual psychosis. They are – clinically – schizophrenic. A person suffering from schizophrenia cannot tell the difference between reality and their own delusions; it isn’t that they dont see and know some reality – but they conflate it with a delusion, and the reality they can grasp reinforces in their mind the delusion as being true.
But being schizophrenic isn’t of itself always dangerous to others – John Nash was schizophrenic and by all accounts a humane and decent man.

But the Ruling Mafia Nec-Cons are also psychopaths. Again, it’s a clinical definition: psychopaths are defined as being without empathy – they are completely unable to understand emotion, especially pain and fear, and empathise with others. This means they can only see other people as numbers. Not all have blood lust, Hollywood notwithstanding. But Albrights “500,000 dead Iraqi children were “worth it” or Boltons’ “I killed a million Iraquies? I dont care” are examples.
Put the two together – which is what we have now in the Neo-Con Mafia ruling the West, and we can see we have one hell of a problem. It takes months and drugs and counselling to get throuth to a patient with schizophrenia – and thats when they are under hospital care and co-operating. How much chance of “getting through to” the equally schizoid Neo-Con Mafia does Russia or China have – when the minds as different as if from another planet??
But — is there any way the coming generation can avoid the system, tread a different cow-path and actually finally get rulers who are sane??
I dont know, but I”d suggest that it is that which is our only hope, not China.
The current schizophrenic psychopaths dont give a cuss for China – especially once they convince themselves that China is full of peasants and they can easily bomb it back to the stone age!!

Gideon Anthony

I would say that the British have an internal horse in this race as well – the spectre of social democracy – this has produced a sustained attack onJerwmy Corbyn for having the temerity to speak out against the inquisitorial justice handed out to Russia regarding this ridiculous case. Also there is an anti Semitic attack against him by both the Tory government and the neo liberal left. The UK governent is in huge trouble and the upcoming council elections should be a wipeout fpr them assuming that these ridiculous attacks on him are unsuccessful.

Isabella Jones

Yes, I dont lie there, but reading the newspapers online, I had wondered just how worried about Corbyn and the upswell of Socialist feeling these Old Etonian types might be getting. I suspect a fair bit – given that May had to pay money to buy off a group of Norther Irish simply to stay in power. Also, the number and nastiness of the attacks on Corbyn was telling it’s tale.
I hope he finally wins power. I have no hopes of any AngloWest politician – it’s just that getting rid of May, Bojo etc would, in itself, be a good thing I suspect.


The nastiness of the attacks on Corbyn indicate anxiety as you imply. Too, this Skripal incident is just not something it is necessary for sane, confident, principled people to engineer. It advances no genuine national objective and reeks instead of political weakness and too-clever-by-half, juvenile political maneuvering to shore up weak positions.

Isabella Jones

It does have much of the “done fast, in panic reaction Mode, on the spur of the moment, and “flying by the seat of your pants” about it, doesn’t it??
From go to woe in fact – it’s all had the hallmarks of the teenagers who threw a party which ran away from them – they see disaster in the house, and Mum and Dad are due home any minute.


Indeed. Someone listed five possible exposure sites: door handle, car heating vents, luggage, restaurant, and pub or bench. I could have some of these wrong but the point was five different possible locations being entertained by the police is hardly indicative of an investigation that’s on top of the whole thing and just tying up a few loose ends while the PM calls Putin a murdered.

Vince Dhimos

This is another Saker masterpiece. However, I am skeptical that any statement by China will stop the West’s march to suicide. I believe the only thing that could change the game is a show of Cihnese military power in the Black and Meditarranean seas.


I believe that israhell must get contained and all the supporters from aipac will learn their lessons and change the tune. And then the world shall have peace and there will be no more wars. Chop the head of this war-loving monster. Problem solved.


Took some of the points Saker had in his text….there is this great responsibillity in the choices the common people will make too:

*The next move by the AngloZionist elites was nothing short of brilliant:……..

* Europeans are becoming more & more aware we always knew our governments were lying (but not that they were with demonic intentions)…so Russians keep the data flow going…until at least 18% of Sheeple in the West understands what really is going on..
* The UK never thought for a Second they were no longer the Leaders of Europe… They still Believe they are the God’s Chosen Leader of the Whole World….
* The West always Demonized every single Person in the whole wide World who dared to Challenge them… what happened to those People? They got Chopped up, Hanged, Quartered, Crucified, Ungutted, Ripped to pieces, Burned Alive, Beheaded and Divided among the people, their Country looted and it’s people Enslaved….
* In the Middle-East, the US and Israel are being defeated by People that are Sick & Tired of Endless wars that only Exists to Serve their Masters: Exxon, Total, BP, Shell and all the other Oil-farmers. The people in the U.S. are becoming tired of having to fight Israhell’s Wars and Losing their Lives & Loved ones for a bunch of Demonic Psychopaths in the name of Terrorism while they themselves are the Real Terrorists & Criminals, Europe is Nothing more than a Fascist State ruled by Dictators in Brussels…that will bend over for any wishes of their Masters…
* At the very least, who gives a shit about the World Cup in Russia, if there is a Nuclear War lurking just around the corner, because the West are such retards that they think they can win a War with Russia. The Western Establishment is a Pathetic bunch of Lying, Cheating, Chickenshit Motherfuckers that got no fucking clue what False Flag to try next, in their Desperate & Pathetic attempts to keep and expand their Global Control… If that campaign is really successful, it will mean the end for Every Rational Thinking Human Being and the world will be Ruled a Small Elite with a lot of Servants…. and they will deserve no better… Or Sheeple wake up in time to realise that our Greedy Masters of Evil are destroying every means of living around us… so that we no longer can be self-sufficient and totally depend on them for our Survival… So they take matters into their own hands again…in a Peaceful way if possible, Violently if it becomes a bare necessity… Or it will be option three and a nuclear war will wipe Humanity of the face of the earth…

Promitheas Apollonious

many assumptions and speculation, as far Russia and China conclusions from the writer. And I dont see the russians trying to convince what he calls empire about anything that if they continue this course then they will lose, their head soon enough.

As for China is them with the Russians seen farther in the future that formed SCO, as well the BRICS and the banking system that will be their replacement from the western banking system. China’s job is to secure her territorial claims and Russia’s theirs. But it if comes to global blows then is no question whom as a group, NATO have to face alone.

The logistics in case of such a war they are not to the favor of the west and west knows this better than any one. As long they farting as their deadline to hit Syria and their third rate hollywood scenarios remain just that, the world sees and understands.

Russia’s game and it works very well up to now is for western voters to see the morons they vote them as leaders in their true faces and colors and the people see and understand. And when it comes to blows americans will expiriense exactly what they needed to expiriense in WW1&2. What they so freely export all over the world and color it with heroic acts via their TV serials and big screen.

When you see a global problem it must be understood as global and not a neighbor fist fight and judge it base of her complexity and not simplify it and take it out of complex then you understand the moves of each player and why they are done.


No- its another pile of bottom-up dribble designed to impress beta cuck idiots on our side, and buy time for the Deep State to complete its plans for the nearly here Iran War.

Hideo Watanabe

This is the message to the US from China through Global Times one day before Kim John-un’s arrival at Beijing.

“The US has been wielding sticks worldwide over the past year. Washington needs to be taught a real lesson and such a lesson can only be taught by China, the world’s second largest economy. Some people think China should tolerate trade frictions and let other countries take the lead. But as a world trade powerhouse, China has to strive for its own interests.

Beijing and Washington may choose to finally negotiate. However, we cannot base our actions on that possibility. We should prepare for the worst-case scenario which is a large-scale trade war with the US.
There are different views on the US government’s motives to start a trade war. Some think Washington is seeking economic gains to support Trump’s re-election. Some believe it is part of the US elites’ scheme to contain China’s rise, and will continue to be a trend.

By no means can China back off. China will either be crushed by Washington with a growing appetite. Or it may engage in an epic trade war to renew the knowledge of the whole US about China’s power and make it establish respect for China.

Can China achieve this? Yes, it can.

Above all, China is not one to wage a trade war and has a system advantage. It enjoys strong solidarity domestically and is highly resilient to pain brought by a trade war.

Second, it’s wishful thinking for the US to try and pressure China together with its European allies. Most countries do not trust the current US government and have good trade ties with China. As countries seek to benefit from both China and the US to maximize their interests, they won’t want to be a pawn of Washington.

Third, the US is likely to play the Taiwan and South China Sea cards to assist the trade war. But there has been remarkable progress in China’s ability to control the Taiwan Straits and South China Sea situation and is fully capable of frustrating US attempts. China also has a trump card to deal a blow to Washington over international issues such as North Korea.

Fourth, China has a huge potential for development. A massive trade war may hurt the Chinese economy, but will force it into a transformation that facilitates releasing China’s full potential. Hence, China won’t be afraid of US provocations.

If the US wants to force China to give in, it should do it to its allies instead. A strong China only wants to be an equal partner, not a vassal.

The gap between China and the US has narrowed and the US’ global leadership has dropped to its lowest. Washington is just bluffing with a trade war that won’t deter China.”


China is like N Korea in this regard- always issuing PUBLIC bellicose statements that mean NOTHING. It’s just the culture of that part of the world- the hard men leaders spouting off for the ‘benefit’ of the peasants.

What East Asian hard men really think is said in PRIVATE, not public.

China despises the weakness of Putin, and have learnt they cannot trust or work with him. Putin is a ZIONIST APPEASER- everything the chinese hate.

China would love to be part of a Great Power alliance against the Great Power of the West. China knows it cannot do this alone- but watches as Putin’s need to appease the West come what may ruins Russia on the world stage. So Russia, under appeaser Putin, can never be a true partner to China.

The Saker always dribbles ‘bottom up’ ‘analysis’, cos to the average BETA, such dribble seems ‘clever’. China, being ALPHA, looks to the actual facts. Thusly China is DISGUSTED by the fact that Putin allows America to operate in Syria. China is DISGUSTED by the fact that Russia allows NATO to wage soft war against it on Russia’s own borders in nations once part of the Russian Empire.

China sees Putin as the weakest leader imaginable- and in this they are 100% right. For China’s definition of ‘strong’ is a man willing to use the potential of the nation he leads in confronting others.

What is China’s position today? Much like Russia in the run up to the german russian war of WW2. China knows the USA is its deadliest enemy, yet at the same time that China must currently work with the USA to build itself up as quickly as possible in preparation for the coming war. Russia’s alliance with nazi germany bought both time- and that time served russia better than it did nazi germany in the end.

Nobody can trust Putin’s Russia. This is a consequence of Putin being a zionist (which he states in public pretty much every day- so this fact is beyond question), and worse him being an APPEASER.

Britain, after its false flag, knew the LEAST Putin could do in response, was utterly self-damaging diplomatic TIT-FOR-TAT. And that if appeaser Putin went that route, they had a perfect victory. What did Putin do? Just what the british predicted. And China face-palmed in despair.

What could Putin have done to destroy the Deep State’s plans instead, and impressed China at the same time?

1) throw the USA out of Syria immediately.
2) demand the UN be moved out of NY to a non-west nation.
3) begin actions to partition Ukraine into two or more new nations
4) begin the process to bring Syria and Iran into the Russian Federation.

It is The Saker’s zionist job to NEVER advocate the safe sane actions Putin can take to fatlally wound the Deep State, and end its warmongering plans for the nexy few decades.

The four actions I list above would peacefully batter and bruise NATO and the West, and render useless all their war efforts after 9/11.

spinworthy .

Discussing Alphas and Betas vis a vis great powers geopolitics is nothing but psycho-social oversimplification and misappropriation of terms. Simple minds need simple answers, no further examination necessary.
In circumstances such as described in the article, the manner in which information is relayed and its relationship to the reality behind such expressions is rarely simple. Throw in a large doses of propaganda, disinformation, perception management, limited hangouts, false narratives, etc.. and the notion of simple analogies such as ‘alphas and betas’, and ‘weak and strong’, become yet another false polemic.
In reality, terms such as ‘weak’ or ‘strong’ are largely relative and temporal, not absolutes. History has proven this over and over again.

Feudalism Victory

Sounds great russia takes all the risks and does all the work. No wonder he eschews such a lopsided arrangement and tries his best to keep Russia out of an unwinnable war.

Hideo Watanabe

Public bellicose? No, not at all. I am afraid that you are not familiar with Chinese culture for diplomacy. Why don’t you read Global Times which is the mouthpiece of the government and the one other countries never fail to read? If you read it continuously for some time, you can tell the change of their attitude.
Also you don’t know what was going on in SCS particularly back in 2016 when UNCLOS arbitration was awarded to Philippines. Right now, Two carrier strike group and assault ships are there and additional strike group is expected to join soon. Tension over here is very high.
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Russia’s wisest course is to maintain the status quo and watch for the internal strains of the U.S. to increase inexorably. You propose a “let’s you and him fight” strategy when there is no reason for Russia to escalate. Putin and his military leaders were crystal clear that an attack on Syrian forces by the U.S. would be unacceptable to Russia. The U.S. heard this warning and this will be the new boundary. Already Trump has spoken openly about getting out of Syria and this is vindication of a temporizing strategy with teeth.

The U.S. is clearly fracturing and it openly engages in a national debate that is self-delusional, fixated on trifles, and a tidal wave of lies on a daily basis. The U.S. officially worships open borders and third-world primitives and its elites embrace the vilest of doctrines — Islam. The most vicious and imbecilic version of ultra-leftism is a major factor in American politics and the founding white people of the nation cower before minorities and their ludicrous and treasonous assaults. The Saker’s characterization of the essence of Western policy is accurate. The U.S. in particular is losing traction and, in Solzhenitsyn’s formulation, there is an armor around the minds of our leaders that simply will not permit the intrusion of common sense or self-preservation.

The U.S. spends some ungodly number of dollars per hour in its military adventures for idiotic purposes overseas while pension funds, medicare and medicaid commitments, and debt service realities loom large but with no official reaction whatsoever except delay and new appropriations with gargantuan new deficits in them.

This is not Serbia again and a modest Russian investment has paid huge dividends in completely frustrating the Israeli vision of a Lesser Syria and a intimidated Iran. The U.S. illustrates the truth of Benjamin Franklin’s observation that “Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.” The U.S. has chosen to live in a world that does not exist and it will soon find out what Solzhenitsyn meant when he said that iron around men’s minds will be broken by “the pitiless crowbar of events.”

The Chinese are not as eager for “action” as you suggest. They certainly do not urge action for its own sake and, far from despising Putin, I think they agree with his policy of restraint. That said, you are the one reading the Chinese (open) press so maybe your picking up some of this impatience but I’m willing to bet the private discussions between the two powers is quite otherwise.

Joe Ching

“”” PUBLIC bellicose statements that mean NOTHING.”””

better than trump’s…”i want a diaper change|“

Joe Ching

yeah, that’s about rite.
now china dispelled all the rumors about its relation to kim jong un and north korea, the next step is doing the same with japan, especially if abe lost his job due to scandal. amerca has basically made itself an outsider. might not be a bad time to get california to leave the union and join the insiders in asia.

Feudalism Victory

Id bet russia also can outlast the “west”. Its one military defeat away from flying apart. Only force lies and tyranny keep it together fig leaf elections notwithstanding.

China has a huge demographic problem and will be like japan for decades. I wouldnt look to it for dynamic leadership itll be too focused inward on health care.

Clearly the only solution is to put me in charge. ;)


I was just thinking that!

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

There is action that China and the rest of the free world can take to avert global destruction initiated by the supremacist US/EU/NATO gang. The key lies in a systematic attack on the USD financial system which powers the US military. The refusal by key countries to trade and accept USD for payment will cause financial havoc of a massive degree but the free nations can plan a survival strategy involving securing food, water and energy supplies to survive the first critical months.
China, Russia, India, Iran and the rest are all used to such periods in their history. It is the brainwashed people of the supremacist West that has grown fat on imperial plunder and the proceeds of robbery conducted under their control of the financial and trading system. This state of financial collapse will be an eye-opener and a true game-changer, that will bring the multi polar world to birth.
The race is between organising and surviving a USD collapse or nuclear destruction.


An absurd mixture of madness. “Meine Ehre heißt Treue” was a terrible abuse of a certain German concept. What we see here has nothing to do with it. Europe hasn’t been forced anywhere but unfortunately decided to play along. Europe has no obligation to the UK. There is one good point in the article though, about China. In the long run, Russia and the new silk road countries will become more important to Europe, especially Germany than the US. One would wish for Merkel to take a clearer stand, but she says ‘yes’ here and ‘yes’ there. This isn’t so much about the occidentosphere but in order to keep the *eastern* European countries, which are massively russophobe, in line. Germany is still dedicated to the ‘greater EU’ option, and pursues it. France seems to sometimes favour a core-EU scenario with the original members, France, Germany, Benelux… +1 or 2. It is in Germany’s interest, however, to keep Poland, the Baltic states etc. European, rather than to abandon them to become mere US vassals.


The reason the Pols and Brits are acting acting irrational is really very simple.
The Pols Want the Russians to attack Ukraine so they can take back Lvov but MOST IMPORTANTLY they are REALLY peed off about the Deal that Russia struck with Germany, 190 USD for a thousand cubic feet of Natural gas, while the pols have to pay 234 USD or 219? I don’t even know if I got the Cubic feel of Natural gas thing correct, long story shot Germany has cheep Russian gas.

The British Want the Same Deal the Germans got!, So they feel left out, Cheated by Russia, Boned by Germany with Migrants, they are Clearly Crying alligator tears to America as we speak. they along with Poland are Simply being Spoiled little turds, complaining to Daddy (USA) that the big mean bully (Germany Russia China) refuse to pay Gibs The Brits,

Ironically RPG’s themselves in the foot, Each Culture has a Very Predictable Patarn of Behavior, The Brits are Flush with Africans and Muslims and they have No clue, Making Big Mistakes Left and right.

As for America, Oh yes they Jumped in really fast, to fast, expelling 60 diplomats, to the Trained Eye, they have Accidentally exposed a VERY big weakness.

The Americans, almost certainly Ordered a bunch of Small country’s to do the same (im almost Certain the Americans Promised Cheep Russian Resources and American technology)…A lack of critical resources, Natural gas? a lack of Rare Earth Metal (this is why America wanted North Korea so bad).
I bet the Next Hissy fit the Americans will throw will have something to do with the lack of Technology (American educational institutions, Penilising Whites and Asians, gender studies).

As for this war of Expelling Diplomats, Its Very Simple.
Only expel American, British and Polish diplomats Make the country’s that did not expel feel Special and Use controlled Media to Make allies look really good, the Man builds and his woman destroys.

To Wrap things up, UK and Poland want to Bully Russia into lower price for resources, USA Clearly needs something that Russia exports. last but not least, Do not expel Diplomats of the Small country’s, Use this as an opportunity, there are Multiple vectors that DUMA can exploit.



Wait a moment, this is the same Saker who told us repeatedly “Russia does not make idle threats”? Now he clearly entertains the possibility that Russia’s current threat is idle. Previously, the Saker also was quite confident that the appeasement policy of master strategist Putin would lead to all sorts of Good Things in the near future. Now even he has had to recognize that appeasement has the consequences–well which it always has, and that Russia’s warnings are not heeded because they’ve been based on bluff one time too many.

In view of all this, wouldn’t now be a great time to say “I was wrong”?


China and Russia need about 10 years to be unstoppable.
Within 10 years all Russia aligned allies will be impregnable fortresses (Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and some latin american countries) Also the US would have faced meanwhile another economic crisis and its allies would have been weakened.

Samantha Green

Death to abortion banners like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Yemen! May Saudi Arabia and Iran obliterate each other!

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