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Sailor’s Selfie Allowed to Geolocate Russia’s Nuclear-Powered Battlecruiser


Sailor’s Selfie Allowed to Geolocate Russia's Nuclear-Powered Battlecruiser

A selfie, taken and published online by one of the sailors of Russia’s Pyotr Velikiy battlecruiser, allowed to find out exact coordinates of the nuclear-powered warship.

The Washington Free Beacon online newspaper published an article, according to which, photos, published by Russian navy sailor, allowed to obtain certain geolocation data and to determine that the Pyotr Velikiy was located to the east of the coast of Crete at that time.

Whether this information was strictly confidential or not – now this will be defined by the Command of the warship and, perhaps, by the headquarters of the Russian Navy. This is not even an issue of secrecy or non-secrecy of the information, but of an elementary discipline during a non-routine long campaign.

In 2005 the Russian Defense Ministry issued the 010 Decree, which strictly prohibits to use cellphones on the territory of military installations.

Sailor’s Selfie Allowed to Geolocate Russia's Nuclear-Powered Battlecruiser

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It is unlikely that the deck of nuclear-powered battlecruiser, which is set for a military campaign in Syria, is one of the places, where servicemen have a right to use mobile devices, take selfies and make videos, allowing to geolocate the warship.



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