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Sahel’s Impending Descent Into Chaos: 24 Killed In Terror Attack in Burkina Faso

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Sahel's Impending Descent Into Chaos: 24 Killed In Terror Attack in Burkina Faso

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On February 16th, a group of gunmen killed 24 and wounded 18 in an attack on a Protestant church in a village in northern Burkina Faso.

A group of “armed terrorists” burst into the village of Pansi, in Yagha province “and attacked the peaceful local population after having identified them and separated them from non-residents”, Colonel Salfo Kabore said in a statement, sent to AFP.

The attack happened during the weekly Sunday service.

“The provisional toll is 24 killed, including the pastor… 18 wounded and individuals who were kidnapped,” Kabore said.

A resident of the nearby town of Sebba said Pansi villagers had fled there for safety.

Burkina Faso is in the Sahel, which for years has been struggling with increasingly violent terror attacks.

On February 10th, suspected jihadists in Sebba seized seven people at the home of a pastor. Five bodies were found three days later, including the pastor, according to the local governor.

According to UN figures, jihadist attacks in Burkina and neighbouring Mali and Niger left nearly 4,000 people dead in 2019.

Since 2015, around 750 people have been killed in Burkina and around 600,000 people have fled their homes.

The situation in Burkina Faso in particular, and the Sahel in general is dire.

And the UN, the EU are generally just making statements and undertaking no actions.

France has an anti-terrorism operation, which is so unsuccessful that people in the Sahel G5 are organizing protests against their troops. Since France has been carrying out its operation, the terror attacks on civilian have only increased.

The situation, now, promises to get even worse, as a US government report suggests that US African Command (AFRICOM) doesn’t posses the necessary manpower to effectively fight the terrorist groups in the Sahel, and will rather focus on “containment.”

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper told reporters in January that American troops were not withdrawing from AFRICOM entirely, but he suggested the US might pull back on the counterterror mission in Africa to address competition from China and Russia elsewhere in the world.

About 6,000 US military personnel are deployed across the continent, the inspector general report adds, including 500 special operations forces in Somalia and about 800 personnel in West Africa.


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Oh Islam. What a peaceful religion you are.

Concrete Mike

Do not insult islam , these saudi.sponsored camel fuckers wahabbi trash are not real muslims.

You should know better.
Its like saying the IRA are good catholic lads… come on give me a break!


There’s another religion that hates Christians, and it’s not Islam. Many believing Muslims are tolerant of Christians, unless they’ve had their brains washed by Wahabism and Captagon

klove and light

british Zionist Modus Operandi…………… and the sentence

“Since France has been carrying out its operation, the terror attacks on civilian have only increased.”

says it all.

Samuel Vanguard

i smell Western Intelligence services in CAR they after resources of the third world country{Islamist=western intelligence services}(remember operation Gladio)

Peter Jennings

‘Since France has been carrying out its operation, the terror attacks on civilian have only increased.’

Speaks volumes and suggests that French forces are either behind the attacks in some way or are faclitating the terrorists, as was done in Syria and Libya. Why else would the UN sit on its hands and do nothing?
Nato obviously want their ISIS terrorist bogeymen to get a foothold in Africa before the Chinese get there in numbers. It means innocent people are to die in order for nato to get the Christian-Muslim conflict going.
Let’s hope the African people are not fooled into fighting each other.


Dont forget this, while some of us are constantly been hammered for been Natzees etc, take your pick, but when it comes to world politics, they go dead silent and we have even Norwegian forces in Africa, yeah, I could imagine a hell of a lot of things some decades ago, but never did this even remotely occure to me, that Norway have soldiers in Africa, and we are there as an sort of uh…piss… sorry Peace mission to fight eh…. Al-CIAedas in North Africa, and that thru an mandate coming from UN.

The facts are, the French took control over Mali, and have Mali as their central base, incl the so called vikings, and that was what I define as an coup, like Bolivia, but the problem for Mali was, nobody cared, nor cares, most dont even know there is an wast nation called Mali, in the Sahell region, and this coup came because of, the exact same resons for other wars, like Libya and Syria, control over resources and Mali have metals and above all, Gold.

I dont belive for an splitt second the nonsense about this been “mooslems” anyone saying that can stuff it up where the sun dont shine where it belongs, this so called Islamic terror groups are the same people that the SAA is fighting in Syria and LNA have against them in Libya, and even the Tuaregs and Berbers (they are NOT arabs, they belongs to the same european origin people as the basque and my self, all thoe its 3000-4000 km between us and them, but this have to do with sea faring, geneticaly I am in the same bloodline as both people and I know of some berbers), they all, perticualry the Tuaregs came to an understanding pre-election and everybody was cooperating, and the new president made one mistake, just as others have whom is under attack from the western Imperialists, dreamed about nationalising their own resources, and presto, the so called terrorist attacks sky rocketed and the French whom was behind this, had an exuse to go to Mali to “fight” the terrorists and take control witch they did, and the rest is history

The west is the problem, from Mali, to Burkina faso to Congo, etc. and I hope that the Africans, whom have sat on their f… hands, realy starts to wake up, their problem comes from the same source as ours do, infact as an white ass nationalist I hope that Africans starts to hang them all, incl the Imperialist scumbags, dont thin everyone of us are blinded, we have the same problem, and I am behind you all the way, never doubt that Africans.
And dont for an second think the American eh…. afros do care, they dont give an f…. about Africa, but whines about rayzeezm all the day in Wankeestan, and to this day I havent read one of this black f… say anything about Africans, and you must never ever think they will be of any help, they dont care.
Witch means, you have to look for others, either Russia or China, at least, you can deal with them, the European and the insane UssA just do whatever they want with whatever means they think is nessesery, and violence, itimidation and grees is their tools.


Tommy Jensen

Actually I have seen a couple of afro-amerifats saying NO to killing service overseas.

Tommy Jensen

CIA/MI6 at it again, with their eager lapdogs in France, Germany, Canada, Australia, E-Europe and UN NGOs.

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