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Safronkov: Politicization of Syrian conflict

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 Humanitarian crisis continues to deepen in Syria while no clear actions are taken to guarantee a long-term settlement in the war-torn nation.

Safronkov: Politicization of Syrian conflict

FILE PHOTO UN Security Council

Russia accused France, the UK, and the United States of politicizing the ongoing crisis in Syria, claiming that attitude could even put into jeopardy the arrangement of peace process in the Islamic nation.

Such allegations were made by the Vladimir Safronkov, Deputy Ambassador of Russia to the United Nations, in the frame of a meeting of the UN Security Council called by the three cited countries on Friday to deliberate about the situation in Syria.

Safronkov referred to the meeting like “unnecessary noise”, questioning the reason that might have led the UK, France and the US to call for a meeting that clearly politicizes the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

The Russian diplomat added that the insistence of holding the meeting “gives the impression that attempts are being made to undermine the launch of the inter-Syrian dialogue scheduled for January 25th” to take place in Geneva.

Safronkov also talked about the three nations’ double standard by focusing their attention on the situation in Madaya locality while not saying a single word in regards to the many towns that are still under the control of Daesh and other jihadist groups’militants.

Syria’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN said that President Assad’s government is doing all the necessary to provide aid to all the affected citizens with no discrimination. This, in response to the propaganda that some (also Western) media had been spreading that Syrian government had been killing of starvation its own people.

Assad’s government recently authorized international humanitarian aid to be issued in Madaya, where militants of the Islamic State are currently besieged by Syrian army troops.

Officers of Syrian government informed that aid delivered to the cited city on October was looted by ISIL militants and the sold to civilian population at higher prices. Also, it was said that the government’s aim was to prevent the humanitarian aid to fall into the wrong hands and also to guarantee the safety of humanitarian workers in the territory.

The Syrian Army, altogether with the Russian Air forces, airdropped about 22 tons of humanitarian aid to Deir ez-Zor  city in the east of the country (currently besieged by militants of the terrorist organization), where about 200 000 civilians live.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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