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JUNE 2021

Sabra MK2 (M60T) Main Battle Tank (Infographics)

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The M60T is a Turkish nickname for the Israeli-made Sabra Mk II MBT. The Sabra Mk II was delivered for Turkish trials in 2005, and it passed qualifications in 2006. The first production tank was delivered in 2007.

Turkey uses the Israeli-made MBT in conflicts in Syria and Iraq as well as in the military operations against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in its own country.

Sabra MK2 (M60T) Main Battle Tank (Infographics)

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John Whitehot

i saw vids from syria with these tanks in hull down position, but being destroyed nonetheless with atgm (Metis?) hits to the front turret. They seem to get ignited easily.


Patton tanks had a very bad reputation in Israeli service because they had very flammable turret hydraulics and a very exposed ammo.


The chassis is based on US M60, the turret and cannon are entirely different. I hope you are correct , but never underestimate the enemy. That said any MBT is vulnerable to ATGM, ground or air launched, IEDs, AT mines, even Molotov cocktails. Don’t be misled by tech specs only – in the mixed rural/urban battlefield of northern Syria I’d rather have a Syrian T72 mod in my combat team than an Abrams M1A2 any day (plus the far superior SAA soldier than the cry-baby NATO cowards


The israelis operate Merkava tanks but export only M60 crap for Down syndrome militaries.

Turkey is cuckolded by little tiny Israel.
Turkey is so lame they cannot produce a tank to save their own lives.
Either fight Israeli, or give into death. Their is no room in this world for Turks to be slaves working hard to buy their Jewish masters products.
Putin was wrong to save the Jewish/Radical/Islamist government of Turkey.


Google Altay and the Leopard 2NG


The Turks do not put all their eggs in one basket and operate several different MBT platforms. Modernized M-60’s, Modernized Leopard 1 & 2’s and on top of this the indigenous Altay MBT. Even though Turkey is getting 1000 Altay’s they are not phasing out their current fleet but rather modernizing them. The Turks will have approximately 5,000 3rd Generation MBT’s in 2017.

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