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Sabotage Operation Targets Strategic Oil Pipeline Between Iraq And Turkey

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Six improvised-explosive devices (IEDs), which had been planted on a part of the Kirkuk–Ceyhan oil pipeline passing near Iraq’s Mosul, exploded causing a major fire, an Iraqi security official announced on July 3 afternoon.

The Iraq–Turkey crude oil pipeline is a 970 km long pipeline that runs from Kirkuk in Iraq to Ceyhan in Turkey. It is Iraq’s largest crude oil export line with a capacity of 1,600 thousand barrels per day.

Sabotage Operation Targets Strategic Oil Pipeline Between Iraq And Turkey

Click to see full-size map. Source: Wikipedia, by user: Amirki

The Iraqi official said that firefighters contained the situation and put out the fire at the Kirkuk–Ceyhan oil pipeline in a short period.

This was not the first attack on the Iraqi oil sector. Last month, a rocket struck the Burjesia residential and operations headquarters west of Basra, which is home to a number of international oil giants, including US firm ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell PLC, and Italian Eni SpA.

While the unusual incident could be related to the current tension between the U.S. and Iran, the possibility of a terrorist attack remains high. ISIS cells are known to be very active in western Iraq, especially south of Mosul, where the IEDs were planted.

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Hanny Benny

.. bad for aggressor turkey, so .. good for the world !!

Free man

No, it’s bad for Iraq’s oil exports.
Another terrorist attack by ISIS or IRGC.


No more oil for America and NATO. Good job. Well done.

Concrete Mike

Why would the iranians do such a thing when they spent so.much blood ridding iraq.of isis in the first place.

Your just planting a seed of lies, nice try!


IRGC is for IRAN , maybe it is you scumbag NATO attacking Iraq because they wont use Iraq as a base to attack Iran. Get bent Free Lamo. You have been blocked

Free man

ISIS wants to harm Iraq.
IRGC wants to hurt the oil exports from the region. As they said: “If we don’t export oil, no one will export oil.”


If Iran involved itself in terror attacks the US would use it to further isolate Iran.
This is just the USA putting pressure on Turkey, to force them to give up on having air defense, and to force them to give money to America.

Brother Ma

Not yet Iran wont. Yet in an all out war or embargo ,so it should! More power to Iran stopping oil supplies if Isramerica and its vassals too far.


Go back to sewer you Hasbara rats!

Free man

Which of the jihadist terrorists do you support ISIS or IRGC, or both?

Hanny Benny

again :

bad for aggressor turkey => good for the peacer of the world!!!


Assad should call foreign ministers of China, Pakistan, North Korea, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt etc.

Assad should also send his foreign minister to China, Pakistan, North Korea, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt etc.

Assad should arrange joint military exercises with these countries in Syria. If Assad have good relations with these countries so then they would know each other problems and would try to solve that.

John Wallace

Brilliant , what a devious plan to improve US-China trade.

Hisham Saber

All except Qatar, and Im with you on this. No to anything Qatar because they are a very, very crucial ally of Turkey, its and Turkey support the broadening of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and Libya, they are both exporting to Syria and Libya deviant strains of Islam called Wahhabism and Salafism.

Qatar bankrolls Turkeys adventures in Syria and Libya, Turkey and Qatar want to maintain Qatars monopoly on natural gas sales to Europe, which both Syria and Libya stand to squash if they become stable and start exporting again. So no to Qatar. Plus, they have the largest U.S. Air Force base in the entire region.

I firmly believe it is high time that China step into the Middle East militarily. It should sign a deal with Bashar’s government and quickly deploy 150 thousand troops to Syria. China already has military advisors and military intelligence personnel in Syria, keeping track of fighters of the Turkmenistan Workers Party, and lots of Uighur Muslim fighters in Idlib. They have been known to have been seduced by the Mi6 /CIA to perform terrorist attacks in China’s north west, which is primarily Muslim.

150 k Chinese troops would free up many Syrian Arb Army members with years of experience, and are needed with the Turkey/HTS/SDF stubbornness in Idlib, and will thus have to be removed by asymmetrical ways such as arming the Arab, Assyrian tribes, arming the NDF, who will have now have shed their military uniforms into civilian clothes. That way, when the Turks start to suffer unbearable losses and they are getting expelled from Syria, the Syrians will have plausible deniability. ‘ Hey, its the Syrian people your fighting, stupid ‘ .

Brother Ma

Well said but no chinese road nor rail will be built until the Fukusis are out of Iraq,Syria and Lebanon. At this stage it wont happen!

Hisham Saber

No, its in the process of happening, especially if Iran is attacked, or Hezbollah.

The U.S. is fast losing influence and market share, to a rapidly progression and modernization of China.

More and more world’s countries are seeing the Chinese way of ‘ win-win ‘ with billions of non political conditions. They are signing on to China’s gargantuan OBR Silk Roads.

Today, in the Middle East, the U.S. lost, is losing two wars and proven to the world to be broken, easily countered through attrition warfare mostly based on hit and run attacks, silent but deadly IED’s, snipers and lots of cheap Chinese ATGM’s. The void is being filled by the Chinese, who are building a giant port in Arab Lebanon, much to the chagrin of Israel, and will connect Lebanon, Syria,

Brother Ma

Thanks for that. You may have already mentioned it but can you please tell me where in Lebanon it is being built.

Brother Ma

Biggest mistake was China pretending to send troops to Syria and then not delivering.


They want to save Israel from ending in 2019.


Assad should bring new young talent to foreign ministry and to other institutions to set free Syria from current condition.


Thank you.Assad gotta change.but can the alawite trust sunni population
He have no choice
To some Pardon
with out repercussions
Alawite must kick fertility rate..sunni breed more the last 20 years,leavin countryside movin closer to city
Ghouta etc was farmland
Russia was smart 60 years ago all borders
Russians move populate border country

China same with Hans

Brother Ma

True . When he gets back NESyria he has to kick major Kurd arse for them being traitors.


Because Russia knows how the US commits these kind of terror attacks, they are building the gas pipeline from Iran to Pakistan underwater.
That doesn’t stop the US attacking, but it means they have to use their personnel, and not their hired ISIS terrorists. That means they can’t lie about who the terrorist really is.

Brother Ma

So Isramerica simply uses civilian boats and has personnel that pretend to be fishermen or recreational divers.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

I got word Rocket Nose is back on another tangent lately. Apparently the Hasbara’s Proboscis Division is getting desperate

Concrete Mike

Hehe yes i noticed as well.also his friends came out to defend whol yesterday.

Occupy Bacon, Freeman and Tonto seem to be working together, with your body.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

They all have become part of the malignant zionist mass tumor known as Jacob Wohl

Concrete Mike

Lmao, no worried he will be eating radioactive flakes for breakfast soon enough, best part, it will most likely be an israeli nuke that kills them, NOW THAT WOULD BE IRONY!!


[Imgur]comment image)

comment image

Trump u little failled bully, nobody takes you or the USA seriously any more….hahahhahaah

So true,manchild push the world Axis..we must find balance soon


Mr. trump should read the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, there especially Artikel IV. It gives the right of signees to enrich nuclear materials for civilian use, and should allow any signing nation to be able to run a civilian atomic energy program.

Brother Ma

What you say is all true but the Drump does not care as he believes he has strength. Bullies always think “Might makes Right”.

To Drump,laws are just for the little people.


I dont think he is the reading type…
He d rather write than read, he d rather talk than listen.
Diplomacy means firepower to him.
Kinda like the Neanthertal …

Hisham Saber

Turkey will be made to feel major, unbearable pain in the very near, medium and distant future it they don’t cease and desisting their sinister, greedy meddling in Syria, and Libya.

Rafik Chauhan

why Iraq is not suppling oil to Syria they are very near . IRaq should take a stand bcuz its Iraq oil they can supply anyone they want. Take Russia or iran help to that. Iraq should not betray their neighbours and watch them die hunger.

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