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Sabotage Operation Targeted Four “Commercial Cargo Vessels” In UAE Waters


Sabotage Operation Targeted Four "Commercial Cargo Vessels" In UAE Waters

An Iranian crude oil supertanker anchored off Singapore. IMAGE: REUTERS

Four commercial cargo vessels were targeted by “sabotage operations” in the UAE economical waters east of the state of Fujairah on May 12, the UAE’s Foreign Minister has announced.

The ministry said in an official statement that there had been no injuries or fatalities on board the vessels and that there had been no spillage of harmful chemicals or fuel. It also stressed that the concerned authorities have taken all necessary measures and are investigating the incident in cooperation with local and international bodies.

“Conducting acts of sabotage on commercial and civilian vessels and threatening the safety and lives of those on board is a serious development … [The UAE] call on the international community to assume its responsibilities to prevent such actions by parties attempting to undermine maritime traffic safety and security,” the ministry’s statement reads, according to the Emiratis News Agency, known as WAM.

Earlier today, several news outlets known for their close ties with Iran, including al-Mayadeen and U-News, reported that several explosions took place inside Fujairah’s port. These claims were quickly dismissed by WAM.

Despite that, U-News went on to report that the explosion targeted fiver supertankers inside the strategic port. The Lebanese agency even provided the supposed names and international maritime organization (IMO) numbers of the targeted tankers, which are:

  • AL-MAJD, with IMO: 9773800;
  • AL-MARZUQ, with IMO: 9165762;
  • AL-MARIG, with IMO: 9394741;
  • AL-EMGAL, with IMO: 91477674;
  • KHAMSAH10, with IMO: 94320704.

These names and IMO numbers have not been verified by any independent organization, so far.

The sabotage operations announced by the UAE appears to be well-planned and prepared. Even most notorious terrorist groups are not known to have this sort of capabilities, especially that the ships were reportedly targeted while they were parked deep in the sea.

More details about the attacks will likely surface in the upcoming few days.

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