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Sabotage Operation Targeted Four “Commercial Cargo Vessels” In UAE Waters

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Sabotage Operation Targeted Four "Commercial Cargo Vessels" In UAE Waters

An Iranian crude oil supertanker anchored off Singapore. IMAGE: REUTERS

Four commercial cargo vessels were targeted by “sabotage operations” in the UAE economical waters east of the state of Fujairah on May 12, the UAE’s Foreign Minister has announced.

The ministry said in an official statement that there had been no injuries or fatalities on board the vessels and that there had been no spillage of harmful chemicals or fuel. It also stressed that the concerned authorities have taken all necessary measures and are investigating the incident in cooperation with local and international bodies.

“Conducting acts of sabotage on commercial and civilian vessels and threatening the safety and lives of those on board is a serious development … [The UAE] call on the international community to assume its responsibilities to prevent such actions by parties attempting to undermine maritime traffic safety and security,” the ministry’s statement reads, according to the Emiratis News Agency, known as WAM.

Earlier today, several news outlets known for their close ties with Iran, including al-Mayadeen and U-News, reported that several explosions took place inside Fujairah’s port. These claims were quickly dismissed by WAM.

Despite that, U-News went on to report that the explosion targeted fiver supertankers inside the strategic port. The Lebanese agency even provided the supposed names and international maritime organization (IMO) numbers of the targeted tankers, which are:

  • AL-MAJD, with IMO: 9773800;
  • AL-MARZUQ, with IMO: 9165762;
  • AL-MARIG, with IMO: 9394741;
  • AL-EMGAL, with IMO: 91477674;
  • KHAMSAH10, with IMO: 94320704.

These names and IMO numbers have not been verified by any independent organization, so far.

The sabotage operations announced by the UAE appears to be well-planned and prepared. Even most notorious terrorist groups are not known to have this sort of capabilities, especially that the ships were reportedly targeted while they were parked deep in the sea.

More details about the attacks will likely surface in the upcoming few days.

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Could this be a false flag attempt for starting WW III? Not up to speed on the loyalties of UAE but certainly a disturbing development in a sensitive area. The ministries statement reads like a team of lawyers wrote it. Maybe someone sabotaged a batch of explosives used in the sabotage?


UAE+KSA=BFFs. This could be a FF…if so it would be aimed at only 2 victims(to be)…Iran or Yemen. One needs to remember though…none is confirmed. Different outlets have different reports and images supposedly related are fake. So far…a lot of nothing to report. TASS has no mention and FARS has no more than this either. Iran should be the go-to people on this, as they keep a pretty good eye on GCC, but nothing from them as yet. It would be interesting to see if all these ships are in good condition and being used as well.

You can call me Al

The White House said the move was aimed at countering “clear indications” of threats from Iran to its forces there.

The U.S. Navy’s Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet said it was aware of the report when contacted by Reuters but referred queries to the UAE authorities.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Navy’s Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet said they had no comment at this time when contacted by Reuters.

Tensions are running high in the region after the U.S. military sent forces, including an aircraft carrier, to the Middle East to counter what the White House says are “clear indications” of threats from Iran to its forces there.



If explosives performed as specified and bigger damage done WWIII, never mind Iran and Yemen. No? I mean why bother if you can’t sink them or cause horrendous damage. If nothing else take all the charges to one ship!


A lot of speculation right now. US/French aircraft over flying the area by some reports (some even saying they did this), some reports say this occurred in the port itself, some say in deep water. Those saying this occurred in deep water say terrorists don’t have such capabilities…which would seem to say it was state sponsored (Iran?). Can’t wait to see how this is laid out…and by who.

Saddam Hussein

One word : Mossad.


in cooperation with cia, of course, goes almost without saying!

Henry Swarey

Blame the Jew = 50 IQ.


Are you seriously suggesting Israel doesn’t have a bone fide track record of false flag attacks against vessels in region – USS Liberty you know they got caught (blame was intended to be misdirected against Egypt).

Henry Swarey

Yes, Israel does have a long track record. 1 The Boston Tea Party. 2 The Maine. 3. Pearl Harbor. 4. Gulf of Tonkin….Oh wait that was the USA! NEVER MIND!


Poor attempt at diversionary strategy. Fail.

Henry Swarey

Do you deny it? No.


Irrelevant, diversionary drivel. You’re desperately seeking to avoid a very simple question – who attacked the USS Liberty?

Henry Swarey

I already answered your question in a very direct manner. You just can’t handle the truth.


No, your denial makes it untenable for you to even accept the question, let alone the answer.

Henry Swarey

FYI The Israelis mistook the Liberty for an Egyptian ship in the heat of battle when ISRAEL WAS FIGHTING FOR IT’S VERY LIFE DURING THE 6 DAY WAR! Israel apologized PROFUSELY and paid the victims families and paid the USA for damages to The Liberty. How dare ANY AMERICAN point the finger at Israel for the Liberty when the USA has committed MULTIPLE atrocious false flag ops that costed thousands of lives. Only a worthless POS would point the finger of impunity at Israel.


You’re full of shit , which is unexpected , I suppose. There are testimonies and even flight recordings from the Israeli pilots’ radio calls back to base warning that it was clearly an American ship , and they were instructed to sink it anyway. One Israeli pilot refused to participate , and was subsequently punished for doing so.

The cat has long been out of the bag on the Liberty. You’re pissing in the wind trying to trot out those discredited excuses.

Henry Swarey

Marko, the my above post.


Israeli forces, air and naval, continued attacking the USS Liberty with missiles, canon and torpedoes for hours – long after IAF pilots had reporting back the vessel was flying a US flag.

Henry Swarey

Were you there? No you weren’t. The same book you got your information about Dwight Porter? That’s the SAME DAMN BOOK THAT CLAIMS THAT LBJ WAS BEHIND IT. Look, I’ll even give you the QUOTE! “The authors’ bottom line is that then-U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson was behind the attack, in an attempt to blame then-Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser – an excuse that would then enable the United States to join the Six-Day War.” So you only choose the narrative that makes Israel look bad?
You are just like your forefathers. This generation of Israel haters are witnesses against themselves because they are the children of them which murdered the Jews. Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers. Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape damnation?


” Were you there? ”

The survivors of the Liberty were there. They witnessed the attack and and were forced to participate in the extensive cover-up that followed. That’s who people that want the truth should look to , not a typical lying , scheming Zionist like yourself ( or Lyndon Johnson , for that matter. He sucked Israel’s balls almost as much as Trump ).

” New tapes show Israel’s attack on USS Liberty was deliberate”




Henry Swarey

The very idea of the US joining with Egypt, Syria, Jordan and the USSR/Russia to attack and destroy Israel will be a perpetually unfulfilled wet dream of yours just like all the other alahu akbar chanting maggots. Mount Zion shall RULE THE WORLD! Isaiah 24:23.


” Mount Zion shall RULE THE WORLD! ”

Fuck you , you lying , cheating , greedy , hook-nosed , scum-sucking Zionist.

Go ahead , just try to rule my world , asswipe.


Were you there? You certainly claim to know more about it than the then actual US Ambassador to Lebanon, who read the incoming NSA/ CIA intercept cables. Your levels of denial and self delusion are really quite grandiose.


“Blame the Jew = 50 IQ ”

Blame the Jew when the Jew points the finger at himself in advance = Obvious , even to someone with a 50 IQ :

“….Israeli intelligence had warned the United States in recent days of what it said was Iran’s intention to strike Saudi vessels, a senior Middle Eastern intelligence official said.”


Henry Swarey

Hezbollah announced that 7-10 tankers were on fire Sunday morning when in fact it was NOT true. Sputnik News even bought the lie. Hezbollah AND SPUTNIK EVEN CLAIMED THAT US PLANES WERE FLYING OVER THE BURNING TANKERS BUT IT WAS NOT TRUE!

Henry Swarey

Could it be that Hezbollah was EXPECTING tankers to be burning because they Hezbollah divers attached limpet mines to the tankers and set them off right as US planes were flying by? It looks to me like Hezbollah told on themselves. Sputnik News realized this FACT so THEY PULLED THE STORY ABOUT 2 HRS LATER!


“Could it be that Hezbollah was EXPECTING tankers to be burning because they Hezbollah divers attached limpet mines to the tankers and set them off right as US planes were flying by? It looks to me like Hezbollah told on themselves. Sputnik News realized this FACT so THEY PULLED THE STORY ABOUT 2 HRS LATER!”

Everyone’s early reports were based on unconfirmed information. Even now the true nature of the events is sketchy. I suspect that Sputnik pulled the report when they found that it couldn’t be confirmed via other sources. They don’t continue to stand behind what proves to be fake news , unlike the US MSM , who do so readily if it fits their narrative.

This is exactly the kind of gaslighting misinfo campaign that Mossad runs behind every one of their false-flag operations. If you weren’t so obviously dim , perhaps you could get a job with them.

Henry Swarey



false flag cia/mossad operation most likely. like adolf hitler resorted to the reichstag fire today’s gestapo, cia/mossad, have to be creative in setting off a war against iran and thus sabotage is floating around the msm right on time for bolton (= today’s heinrich himmler) to further escalate the war he is intent in starting.

the only place for bolton is to swing from a lamppost hoisted by patriotic but undereducated americans from the fly over states and if they can hoist fatso and dunny the dunce and son in law kushner at the same time it would be a great leap forward for the world. the squatters will be eradicated soon enough so not to worry!

Prince Teutonic

comment image

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Iran and UAE have territorial disputes over strategically located islands of Abu Musa, Greater Tumb and Lesser Tunb.

My guess would be that the U.S. (with the UAE) shall be mounting a operation to “liberate” them.

Grenada in the Gulf.

Will UAE and Iran resolve the three islands dispute?


Sorna Karbaschi

This proves behind thought , that UAE, KSA, and Bahrain , are nothing but glass houses!


Yeah, I read someone that wrote something like this:
The incident was meant to be serious, and occured in night time, and it apeared to be fighter jets, brits or french, so far unknowns, but jets anyway, whom if I correctly understud it, dropped something to.
Since its been reported explosions.
Yeah, and this was also, exposed into the media, in the imidiate hours, before this event took place, witch means somebody blew the wistle, and this False Flag fisled into nothing and now the coverup is kicked into high gear.
The isane imperial banana republic, Dumbf….istan, lead by an vilage idiot from NY, wanting to show how much of an ISISraeli bitch He can be.
Yup, it reaks of vaseline.

What could possibly go wrong, huh.



The fact that the targets were not oil tankers points to the US.


More BS that the US has fabricated to justify their intervention with the navy at the Gulf. Iran is the target and the UAE is a US puppet state.


That is a factual statement, however a major war in the Persian Gulf will also destroy these puppet regimes.


Factual, based on what? who?


Geography, history and demographics. The Persian Gulf barely has a maximum width of 150 kms in the middle and around Hormuz it narrows down to only 35 kms. The Emiratis have more foreigners than local population and a few missiles lobbed into the literal glass towers of Dubai would set off a stampede of western masters and create havoc in the region. Iran is a giant of the region and has over 2200 kms of coastline and simply any conflict will go global due to its tremendous missile power and asymmetrical capabilities. The Iranian islands around Hormuz are very fortified and can destroy land targets with laser designated base bleed artillery of 175mm and above, which Iran has plenty of.

Toronto Tonto

Russia did it stupid not the USA .


Ok I can see where this is heading now, it was also reported that earlier this week powerful explosions rocked the strategic Saudi Arabian port of yanbu, guess who they are setting up to take the blame for both ? I think the Iranian leadership underestimated them when they said that America would never go to war with them and that they were bluffing, the nutters are dead serious. America is dead broke and trillions of dollars in debt which it could never hope to repay and now they are getting ready to set alight the planet.

Jongle Wongle

The Houthis might have done it. The Houthis are fighting against UAE forces in Yemen. The only thing pointing to a Zionist Western false flag is that there were no casualties, as if a pre-panned staged event. But there was also no spillage of harmful chemicals or fuel, also indicative of a false flag, but it could also be that these ” oil tankers ” were not carrying fuel but weapons and ordnance. Not weapons being dispatched outwards from there, because where would they be going from there, but weapons shipments incoming. The US and French fighter aircraft overhead would be not false flag, but running escort for arms shipments incoming. Try this on – Houthis withdraw from given ports in Yemen just recently, and UAE responds by detonating Zionist-orchestrated arms shipments to anti-Houthi forces. Thus, no unforeseen casualties or spillages.


These uppity puppet Bedouin regimes of the Persian Gulf were created by the British erstwhile imperialists in 1971 to promote regional destabilization and act as a 5th column for US and Zionists. However, if these UAE puppets goad the US idiots, led by draft dodgers Trump and Bolton et.al, into a suicidal war with Iran, most of these emirates will be destroyed as they have no social, economic or historical cohesion. A single missile strike on Dubai airport will lead to a foreign workers exodus, chaos and the artificial glass and concrete ugly buildings built by Asian slave labor will tumble. The moronic Sheikhs should be careful what they wish for!

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Yes i agree, I like your coments mister d’artagnan


Thank you.


Yes agree. Very accurate assessment & truth of real history. Masonic Zionism/Freemasonry using established covert Masonic Terrorist networks is how they have been doing it for several hundred years now. Muslim Brotherhood is Freemason/Wahhabism Terror Network.


Probably Iranian missiles without warheads – just saying to the respective navies, we can see you, we can hit you, this time you were lucky. Joking of course.


sabotage – how, with what – sugar in the fuel tanks or hacking the gps or forcing the crew to get blindingly drunk or opening valves. as long as there is no better information it’s a figment on the brain of the sheiks running the criminal dictatorships of the uae.


I have looked up the number 9394741 and it is not quite the same name as here – Al-Marig, it is described as Miraj and is a small chemical/oil tanker of 5581 tons, built in 2007.
If this is true, then it is an obvious false flag attempt.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Mission might have been performed by NEDSA, Iranian midget subs and SDV’s?

Sepah Navy Special Force

Iranian Special Forces 2018
Military Forces XXI Century
(Published on 1 Sep 2018)

Toronto Tonto

Russia and Iran would benefit most if other oil exporters are affected in that area .

Jongle Wongle

Houthi forces redeployed from al-Salif, Ras Issa, and Hodeidah ports in Hodeidah under United Nations supervision, per the Stockholm Agreement. In return UAE and Gulf State weapon transport ships were destroyed in the Persian Gulf.


almost certainly that the squatters are behind it desperate to get moronistan to go from threats to live action and where the squatters can sneak in attacks shielded by the neo-nazi moronistan. when hitler was at his best he was stopped and now, while the neo-nazi morons are threatening the world with nukes and murder and destruction on a scale not seen since ww2, the world sits mum with nothing to say, officially that is.

Henry Swarey

What are the odds that Moshiach shows up on Shavuot? Mark your calendars just in case!

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