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‘Sabotage Attack’ On Iranian Nuclear Building Thwarted

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‘Sabotage Attack’ On Iranian Nuclear Building Thwarted

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On June 23, Iranian authorities thwarted a “sabotage attack” on a building of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) in Karaj city, 40 km to the west of the capital Tehran.

According to the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), the sabotage attack was thwarted without any human or material losses. The attack was foiled before it could inflict any damage on the AEOI’s building.

“Investigations are underway to identify perpetrators behind the act of sabotage,” IRIB said in a report.

Official Iranian sources are yet to reveal more details on the attack attempt. Nevertheless, social media channels affiliated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) claimed that a drone attempted to attack the building and was shot down.

The incident came following a series of suspected sabotage attacks targeting Iran’s nuclear program in recent months. Israel was blamed on several occasions.

In April, a sabotage act allegedly prepared by the Israeli intelligence targeted Iran’s Natanz fuel enrichment plant. More recently, a “temporary emergency shutdown” was reported at Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant.


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A clown like you

LMFAO, good to know some MEK or Jew ISH is getting fuked now… “Iran has also vowed to respond to the attacks at an appropriate time.” I still waiting for this…


Israeli Cargo ship was hit. What did that ship have on board?


Many ignored or laughed in 2014 when it was pointed out that the Jews all but laid out their plans in their 2009 “Which Path to Persia” document for using their US Tyranny and European Tyranny to destroy Iran.

Ignored and laughed when told that the Jews’ plan was to put forth a “deal” that then would be propagandized as “rejected” by Iran so as present Iran as only having dangerous intentions. Snickered when a “deal” was struck, but were told that the “deal” would be negated down the road and a new “deal” attempted and propagandized as “rejected” by Iran.

The ignorance is still high, but fewer are laughing, now.

Expect a massive Urban Moving Systems false-flag to be blamed on Iran. My analysis has an 80^ chance that it will be an attack on, possibly sinking, of a US Tyranny aircraft carrier (The Truman?!).

This end badly for everyone, especially the Iranian people, but great for the Jew virus wating mankind away..


Iran really needs to tighten security all over the country, too many Mossad terrorists.

US and Zionist Losers are desperate

Iran is creating a nuclear security force for all nuke sites. Raisi is a tested security hand and very tough. He executed hundreds of MEK and Zionist terrorists after the failed invasion in 1988 on the Mehran- Qasr e Shirin highway to hell. Security is already very tight now with a new nuclear sites protection force which the Chinese and Russian friends are assisting. These are desperate attempts and won’t make any difference. The Zionists are in for a very rough time as Sayyed Nasrallah said yesterday.

US and Zionist Losers are desperate

It is quite apparent that the Iranians have finally got their act together and shot down the MEK drone way before it could do any damage. Raisi will be much tougher against Zionist diaper heads.


Like Russian men paying child support after a marriage break up! Non-existent!

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