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MAY 2021

Saber Rattling: Israeli Officials Vow To Assassinate Assad, Attack Syria

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Israeli media and officials are fueling the current escalation over Syria.

“If the Iranians act against Israel from Syrian territory, it will be Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government that will pay the price,” senior Israeli defense officials were quoted by the country’s media on April 11. “Assad’s regime and Assad himself will disappear from the map and the world if the Iranians do try to harm Israel or its interests from Syrian territory.”

“Our recommendation to Iran is that it does not try to act, because Israel is determined to continue on this issue to the very end.”

The comments came in response to claims by Iranian officials to retaliate to the recent Israeli strike on the T4 airbase in Syria where some Iranian servicemembers were killed.

On April 10 Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said that Israel will take all necessary steps to prevent Iran from establishing a permanent military base in Syria.

“No matter what the price, we will not allow Iran to have a permanent [military] foothold in Syria. We have no other choice,” Liberman said.

Maj. Gen. (ret.) Amos Yadlin, a former head of IDF Intelligence and currently the director of the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) at Tel Aviv University, called on April 8 for direct actions:

“As we approach Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom Hashoah, Israel should clarify that it takes a moral stance against killers who use weapons of mass murder against civilians. In this instance, Israel’s values and its strategic interests both point in that direction,” Yadlin tweeted. “[Syrian President Bashar] Assad’s squadron of helicopters that drop barrel bombs should be grounded once and for all. Even without poison gas, these vehicles are used to launch inaccurate explosives that inflict terror and death on Syrian civilians.”

Separately, Housing Minister Yoav Galant, a former commander of the IDF Southern Command, vowed to assasinate Assad:

“The world will be a better place without Assad. Five days before Holocaust Memorial Day, the world has once again received a horrific reminder from Syria. The butcher of Damascus is still here and still using poison gas to murder women and children without mercy.

“World leaders must intervene – and fast,” Galant said.

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  1. Luutzen says:

    I knew the Israelis were behind the Douma CW false flag! They have a GAS complexion, which, likely, is a Hollywood fiction.


    Unlike the Trump tweets! ;(

    1. Garga says:

      As we approach Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yom Hashoah,…

      We all know that There’s no business like the Shoa business.
      Sorry, I don’t remember who said that, but I do remember that a frightened dog barks louder!

      1. squirrel dog says:

        I never remember it happening.

      2. jerry hamilton says:

        One of their most important prayers “Kol Nidre”, is recited in the synagogue before the beginning of the evening service on every Yom Kippur.
        This quote is taken from wiki…

        “All vows we are likely to make, all oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce.
        Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established.
        Let our vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths.”


        1. Blackie says:

          Nice try, Jerry. You should get a job with the MSM.
          You only posted part of the wiki…the part that intimates Jews can, just by reciting the “Kol Nidre”(sic) passage, be justified in breaking their word or vow or promise that they may have made to someone…forevermore. Basically your attempt to have these good readers believe that Jews can deceive persons with whom they make a vow or promise with. Kinda like when people were (and still are) saying the same about, “how followers of Islam are urged to lie to unbelievers…to deceive them.”
          Well, here’s the other portion of the wiki you mentioned and it turns out that a Jew can’t just lie or break their word when they make a vow or promise with someone.

          (This is copied from the same wiki linked in your comment, Jerry): The vows and pledges being annulled by this “Kol Nidrei” ceremony are of a limited category. As the ArtScroll Mahzor explains it: “There is a dangerous and erroneous misconception among some people that the Kol Nidrei nullification of vows—whether past or future—… gives people the right to break their word or to make insincere promises that will have no legal force. This is not the case. The Kol Nidrei declaration can invalidate only vows that one undertakes on his own volition. It has no effect on vows or oath imposed by someone else, or a court. Also, the invalidation of future vows takes effect only if someone makes the vow without having in mind his previous Kol Nidrei declaration. But if he makes the vow with Kol Nidrei in mind—thus being openly insincere in his vow—the vow is in full force.”[8] Moreover, as Rabbi Yechiel of Paris explained in a Disputation that took place before the King and Queen of France in 1240, “Only the erroneously broken vows are annulled, that nobody might commit the sin of intentionally breaking vows.”
          My Pappy used to say, “You’re only as good as your word.”

          1. jerry hamilton says:

            Don’t get me wrong. There are some good jews.
            Some though are the most despicable things on earth.

          2. Blackie says:

            jerry said:
            “Don’t get me wrong. There are some good jews.
            Some though are the most despicable things on earth.”

            Why does that comment remind me of America, circa 1965? Except back then, “jews” was replaced, in the same statement, with the “n-word.”

          3. jerry hamilton says:

            Justify yourself taking lawn chairs to watch murders of Palestinians.
            You even hate black jews you niga murderous cretins.

          4. Blackie says:

            Did the real “jerry” just come out? Hi, jerry.

          5. jerry hamilton says:

            Oh gosh, that was the total of my jewish learning.
            Go on a jew forum, you learn it rather fast.
            Now however I am sober and you are still a murder loving jew.

          6. Ace says:

            I am sure there are Jews who consider that there are some good schwarze along with the bad ones. Am I right?

          7. Blackie says:

            Given the nature of humans, I can’t say that you are wrong.

          8. Ace says:

            That’s a very useful perspective. Modern political leftist argument is so tiresome because it treats white European males as being uniquely depraved. Or “capitalism” as being the only example of flawed economic organization. Those responsible for barbarism throughout history have, however, had black skins, white skins, yellow skins, and red skins. Cold white barbarians have, I suppose, had blue skins.

            The real danger is not white males but out-of-control political power. The left loves power and will do anything to get it so don’t look to the left to be any kind of an ally in establishing and maintaining a government devoted to maximum individual liberty.

          9. jerry hamilton says:

            If you are a good person. Stay good.
            Jews, historically, forgive me for saying so are murderous Bolsheviks.
            Occupied Palestine are the most murderous evil people on earth.

          10. Ace says:

            So if I, a Jew say, buy a car from Mildred and promise to pay her $200 a month for two years that is a contractual obligation (a promise to do certain things) I assumed voluntarily. It was not an obligation imposed on me by Mildred or made involuntarily in court, so I can now enjoy the car but not have to pay Mildred after a Kol Nidrei declaration?

            Also, it seems Mildred is taking a chance in dealing with me because she doesn’t know if my promise to pay was made without having in my mind my “previous KN declaration.” Does that declaration have to be one with some kind of a relationship to Mildred? That all sounds like the phenomenon of taking an oath with purpose of evasion. Under American law, I am held to obligations I enter into at a certain time and what I did or didn’t do ten months ago have no bearing on the matter. Did I promise to pay Mildred? Period. End of discussion.

            The idea of an erroneously broken vow is strange. Under American law, any time I breach my contract I am liable for damages and the question of whether I broke my contract (promise, vow) “erroneously” does not relieve me from liability for breach.

          11. Blackie says:

            “The Kol Nidrei prayer has been used by non-Jews as a basis for asserting that an oath taken by a Jew may not be trusted.”
            I was kind of thinking the same thing, at first. After reading further, I’m not sure it works that way…entering into a contract with intent to defraud is just that…”fraud.” That, I believe, is not in the scope or spirit of Kol Nidrei. That would just be immoral and illegal and all-too-convenient for an unscrupulous person to get away with breaking a promise and profit from the act of Kol Nidrei.
            My understanding is that Kol Nidrei is a public admission of our moral inconstancy. We made promises and pledges to God, often at a peak feeling of devotion or gratitude—or of desperation, but our good intentions are short-lived, and we allowed the promises to slip from our attention. Such as, (example) after a particularly hard night of drinking, we swear to God that we’ll “never drink again.” Of course, it is not long until we find ourselves at a party with a beer in our hand. Promises taken “in the name of God”…and then broken can be a serious source of guilt and shame to one who sees himself as “breaking an oath to God”….and possibly anxious as to if he will get into Heaven when confronted with his broken “oath” at the Pearly Gates. That’s how I understand it…at least for now. Contracts, as made when buying a car, cannot simply be broken and then forgiven by God’s Grace.
            The Rabbi’s of long ago were afraid of a misuse of the Kol Nidrei centuries ago and some confusion, I have read, still exists. The act of Kol Nidrei was previously forbidden by some Jewish scholars. They did not want to be seen as a people who, just like you described in your comment, could pick and choose when and whom they would defraud “willy-nilly”…for their own convenience and profit. Kol Nidrei, I opine, is for “oath’s” taken in extreme situations that are not realistically expected to be followed through..like, “If you get me a front row seat for Madonna’s next concert, I swear to God I will give you my first born!”
            Excellent questions you posed, Ace. Please correct me if I am wrong.

          12. Ace says:

            That makes a lot more sense. If you leave contracts and soberly-made obligations aside, it sounds like the KN declaration relieves one of unwise “commitments” when one is part of a culture where anything that sounds like a commitment is taken to be a serious act with serious consequences. The Wiki treatment isn’t satisfying. I think I’d rather listen to a fellow I used to see on the web, “America’s Rabbi,” for the straight skinny.

      3. Boris Kazlov says:

        If the Holocaust had not happened, which I doubt, Zionists would have to invent one.

        1. Ewan says:

          It really happened?

          1. jerry hamilton says:

            No. Lord Rothschild had been given Palestine by Lord Balfour for getting America into WW1.
            They needed a lot of money to turn it into a country. Reparations.
            The problem was, The Leviticus, one of the jewish bibles states that before the “chosen people” can return to the “promised land” 6 million of them must perish.

            They tried many times before 1945 to make it happen.

        2. john says:

          They did! Three quarters of a million Jews died in concentration camps–not six million.It is a fabricated figure. This is fact. Personally, i don’t want to see anyone die, especially the innocent, no mater the religion. But we must also ask why have the Jewish people being pushed out of so many countries over the centuries? And no one, it appears, has thought of thanking the 27 million Russians who died saving the West from the Nazi boot and protecting their Jewish population and also rescuing the Jews from the concentration camps. I just wonder why? Not the Jews nor the West has ever publicly thanked them. If it were not for the Russians we would now all be speaking German.

          1. john says:

            Thank you for the correction: the figures are dropping by the years.

    2. jerry hamilton says:

      Put it this way. After poison gas has killed, it is still deadly.
      Open the door and it would take weeks before a room was safe to enter.
      Gas is attracted to an enclosed area.

      1. Ace says:

        No. Some gases like chlorine will sink into lower elevations or rise higher into the atmosphere like helium but a gas in a room with open doors and windows on level ground will dissipate. Gas outside will not infiltrate from outside into such a room just because it’s a room with walls and a roof. I think entropy is the relevant concept here. Maybe even the second law of thermodynamics but I am no thermodynamicist.

        A substance in a gaseous form introduced into a room will stay a gas and will have nothing to be absorbed into if naked people are in the room, other than their hair and lungs. I suppose certain gases may condense on cold walls and linger in a liquid form until it evaporates. I’m no chemist, however.

        1. jerry hamilton says:

          Thanks. I will take that on board. Entropy is over my head.
          Do you think it would be fair to say that after the last person has dropped dead, it would not be safe to enter the room to start removing bodies like claimed?

          1. Ace says:

            Well, I’d have to say “It depends.” Yes, I would definitely say that if I knew nothing about what had killed the people. Why rush in just from a common sense standpoint?

            However, the properties of individual gases or agents are crucial, of course, but immediately entering an enclosed space in which people have been killed by an agent seems foolish to say the least. Even the most volatile gas seems to me to still be a threat as it could be trapped under bodies and in lungs, as I say. But, bottom line, it all depends on the agent and what an expert would advise. Even someone using inmate labor to clear out a gas chamber would want to not expose the inmates to the risk of death. Otherwise, they’d have to periodically recruit or force new inmates into the clearing operation.

            The “handling of bodies” question is not academic in our time. You see pictures of the White Helmets handling supposed victims of sarin gas in Syria. Some have their clothing partially removed or pulled down. Is that sufficient to remove the threat of secondary contamination? Wouldn’t you want to remove clothing completely, be dressed in a hazmat suit when you do, and move the removed clothing to a distant location? But no, the “rescuers” stand around still possibly exposing themselves to sarin which, after only an apparent hour or less after the attack, seems reckless in the extreme, unless it’s bogus to begin with.

            Some point to the White Helmets handling victims without gloves as proof by itself that there is no sarin involved but I question that. I looked at a text on treatment of chemical weapons casualty management (this one I think) that says that sarin does its damage by being inhaled and absorbed in the lungs and mucous membranes. This is different apparently from VX agents that work by being absorbed through the skin. I’ve only read that sarin was the agent used in Khan Sheikhoun, so the lack of gloves doesn’t convince me there’s fraud involved. The indifference to possible trapped gas in clothing and hair, however, seems to me to be an indicator of fraud. The half-hearted clothing removal (and no removal from women “victims”), no proper respirator protection, unsystematic hosing down of “victims,” and absence of evidence that victims in their underwear have voided their bowels are indicators to me of the Khan Sheikhoun incident’s being bogus. All just for show.

            Remember I’m just a layman too where this stuff is concerned. Just trying to use a little common sense. My relatives will definitely tell you I have little common sense. :-)

          2. jerry hamilton says:

            You may struggle with common sense in every day life but your reply to my question seems very thoughtfully considered.
            I would have to say that any reasonable person would consider it to be an accurate response.
            Thank you.

            It may also be a consideration that German women did not work in armaments like they did in all the allied countries.
            All the workers in concentration camps did that work.
            They all worked for the largest corporation in the world. IG Farben.
            (Funded incidentally by Wall Street.)
            They made all the munitions, fuel and other war materials for Germany’s military.
            There was an IG Farben factory near Auschwitz as there were near many camps.
            Strangely, visitors to Auschwitz are not informed of this.
            I can only assume that if the camp inmates really were starved, beaten and murdered, Germany had every intention of losing the war.

          3. Ace says:

            You are most kind, Mr. Hamilton. Thank you.

            The “official” version of the German holocaust has some odd aspects to it. To cite two examples: Every last German on the planet knew about it and approved of it. And considerable transportation resources needed to be diverted from combat support to eradication efforts during a time of mortal danger for Germany. Maybe the latter phenomenon was indeed the decision, in which case so be it, but it does seem like a major failure in not being able to distinguish between the urgency of particular problems.

            I think the real killings took place outside of the camps — and there were killings — but I can’t help but note the enormous Jewish investment in their version of “the” Holocaust and the use they make of it to keep the reparations stream flowing from Germany forever and to insulate Israel from criticism. Golda Meir is reported to have said, “After the Holocaust, Jews are allowed to do anything.”

            The really disgusting part about Jewish Holocaust worship is that they will never acknowledge that non-Jews in the 20th century suffered far, far, far more than Jews at the hands of totalitarian leftism. That is what I call real “holocaust denial.” Dishonest arguments about any political crimes should not go unchallenged. They should all be debated endlessly and forever without anyone having to be fearful of personal destruction for uttering “hate” speech or the truth.

            Personally, it’s never been hugely interesting to me. Nevertheless, Jews shouldn’t be in charge of what is or is not acceptable debate and we should all not tolerate attempts to deny our free speech. That Jews are behind laws against hate speech and holocaust denial is disgraceful and manipulative on their part. If Jews have to crucify people who disagree with their holy interpretation of history that can only mean that there is something dishonest about that interpretation.

            Clearly, the Germans relied on slave labor in their war industries.

          4. jerry hamilton says:

            You have a good head on your shoulders.
            Are you aware of the Russian revolution which wasn’t a Russian revolution?
            Jewish Bolsheviks killed tens of millions of Russian Christians and that was witnessed by the Germans, oh and Winston Churchill who wrote a newspaper article about it in the Sunday Herald Newspaper on February 8th, 1920 called Zionism versus Bolshevism.
            The Germans had a problem with Bolsheviks, not jews.
            Most internet sites will echo that with their jewish bias.
            Many of the honest sites have now been destroyed or hidden.
            The jewish media who won’t admit that Bolsheviks were jews as you can see from the jewish wiki sites, insist that the Germans hated jews and killed them whenever they could.
            When Hitler invaded Russia, he was actually invading the Bolsheviks. Not Russians.
            Offtrack… Here is a very interesting short read by one of the few people to research the subject. I think you will like it.
            I have researched it in depth and found this to be an excellent evaluation of events.

          5. Ace says:

            I am aware of the Jewish role in Bolshevism and the Cheka in particular. Jews comprised 40% of the NKVD chiefs until 1937 when their representation plummeted to a mere 4% two years later. (Karlin.)

            Jews were 75% of the Cheka in Kiev in 1919 (The Atlantic, 9/91, p. 14.)

            Churchill wrote: ““And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the [Cheka] has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses. The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary.”

            Hitler killed lots of Christians and I think his motivation was lebensraum in Eastern Europe. I don’t think Hitler’s primary motive in attacking Russia was because he hated Bolshevism, which I am sure he did, but because he was forced to act because he knew of Stalin’s intention to attack first. You can see I think Suvorov’s thesis is correct.

            It’s a huge area to study and highly contentious, and why shouldn’t it be? Jews are guilty of trying to distort and skew the debate, however, else Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together would not be unpublished in an English version and even factual assertions would not be dishonestly characterized by Jews as “anti-Semitism,” the catch-all term for whatever Jews to not like.

            Thanks for the link.

          6. jerry hamilton says:

            I downloaded the translated chapters of Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years but my library list is so extensive that it will be a while before I get round to it.
            I think the Germans thought they were fighting the Bolsheviks.
            If you start this 50 seconds in, you should find it very informative.
            It’s less than 5 minutes long.

          7. Ace says:

            Thanks. I remember seeing that now. I believe the Germans had had enough of the reds what with their takeover in Hungary, attempted putsches in Austria and Germany, and street thugs. The Myth of German Villainy was the first time I saw these events discussed. The nature of the Soviet Union was well known, as was its aggressive nature. So, not to waffle too much, it may be sufficient to say attacking the USSR was because of the clear threat of Bolshevism however I do think it was clear that the Germans had every intention of taking over in Czechoslovakia, Poland, and elsewhere in E. Europe. Many Christian Poles were just eliminated, not just Jews. Bloodlands also describes the scale of the killing if memory serves me. I also read something on the internet that didn’t look all that scholarly but it purported to tell how some 50,000 Germans in Poland were killed by Polish officials and citizens just before the Wehrmacht arrived. Nobody came out smelling like a rose in that ghastly war, including the Allies.

          8. jerry hamilton says:

            The Poles killing Germans in Danzig and the Corridor is how the British started the war.
            At the Treaty of Versailles, the Sudetenland area was taken from Germany and given to the newly formed Czechoslovakia.
            Danzig and the Corridor were taken from Germany and given to Poland.
            That alone ensured that the Great war would continue.
            Poles hate Germans and murders were expected.
            In 1939. Hitler told Chamberlain that if the British PM was unable to stop the massacre of Germans, then he would invade and make it stop.
            That was exactly what Britain, France and America wanted to hear.
            Their encouraging of Poland had finally worked.
            Once Hitler had stopped the Polish attrocities, he offered to withdraw all his troops and resort to peace.
            That was totally rejected as we wanted war. We had planned for war.
            “We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not.” – Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast)

      1. Ace says:

        If you were to express your thought in words, what would you say?

    3. TheLulzWarrior says:

      The reason of these raids is that they have already p**ssied out from a real fight.
      We have seen the future of Israeli governement and it is beautifull!

  2. Kell McBanned says:

    Someone might get wiped off the map but the entire planets hoping its not Syria but somewhere close.

    1. BL says:

      oy vey!

    2. TheLulzWarrior says:

      Ballistic missiles can fly straight from Iran to Israel. -)

      1. TiredOfBsToo says:

        If Iran is attacked, it would be justice to see Israel, that bastion of hate and evil, finally meet it’s well deserved karma.

          1. TiredOfBsToo says:

            Me too…. for all of the as*holes on the planet to disappear. Doesn’t surprise me one bit the US, doing Israel’s bidding, wants Iran to disarm so they can suffer the fate of all of those states that have disarmed and then been bombed by the coalition of the cowardly under false pretenses.

        1. jerry hamilton says:

          It would. What concerns me is the amount of nukes israel has.

          1. TiredOfBsToo says:

            In this nuke filled world where many of the rogue countries violate International Law and threaten peaceful peoples everywhere, my wife and I are ready to move on to the next whatever, if it would also mean the decimation of these rogue regimes.

        2. Carol Cox says:

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    3. Rob says:

      If this time Israeli migrants invade Syria then there will be serious consequenses for Israeli migrants. Invasion of Syria mean invasion of Russia. Israeli witches should know that Syria is Russian ally.

  3. Vince Dhimos says:

    Yes, yes, no Iranians allowed on the planet. What’s new. Of course, Israel supports Saudi and has no problems shooting teens in the back.

    1. squirrel dog says:

      Yep, people who throw rocks at tanks are anti-semites I guess.

      1. jerry hamilton says:

        They face going to jail for up to 20 years.
        I believe that police are no longer allowed to kill them.

    2. Ewan says:

      Unarmed teens, and unarmed women, and unarmed children and unarmed anybody and declare a great victory

  4. FlorianGeyer says:

    The Israelis always have been Gas Bags and Carpet Bagger’s :)

  5. Wolfgang Wolf says:

    as Putin said about Shicerael: “this little asshole country” ))9

  6. Turbofan says:

    Amazing. How can a small country barely visible on the map and only illegally created yesterday be the cause of all worlds ills?..Please world..wake up..

    1. jerry hamilton says:

      They have had a lot of experience.
      They like to push it with a country to see how far they can go before being thrown out.
      109 countries can’t be wrong.

    2. goingbrokes says:

      That country isn’t the cause. The international banking cartel is.

    3. Mariana Hussein says:

      2 nukes & the world of humans are safe : hollywood & dimona. (y)

  7. Barba_Papa says:

    >>The butcher of Damascus is still here and still using poison gas to murder women and children without mercy.<<

    Says the guy from the government that does the exact same to Palestinians. People who live in glass houses shouldn't be the ones to start throwing rocks.

    1. northerntruthseeker . says:

      The problem is Assad is NO butcher, but that failed used furniture salesman Khazar freak that runs the psycho state of Israel sure is!

  8. Merijn says:

    Time to Assassinate Benjamin Netanyahu….
    Where exactly did Assassins come From? Hehehe…

    1. squirrel dog says:

      Mossads gonna Mossad.

  9. John says:

    Intentions coming out in the open now.

  10. BlueInGreen says:

    Things are really moving quickly now aren’t they?

  11. Joe says:

    Another set of nonsense .

  12. Brad Isherwood says:

    The IAF standoff off attack at T4 may have used Missiles with multimode targeting.
    Jamming disrupts the missiles programing.
    It either adjusts to another mode or is sent on its way to 1/0 failure.
    The US Tomahawk attack last year was Jammer with 2/3rds targeting track failure.
    Probable the USN Tomahawk load out on the ships was older generation.

    Jamming System’s once on are lit up like Radar vs Shrike from Vietnam war Era.
    IAF probably hit the Iranian Jamming at T4 with multimode adjusting missiles.
    Iran deflects some….and some get thru …
    Iran has for sure succeeded in defeating Israel’s technology….which has them vexed to prove they retain full spectrum dominance.
    Each attack gives Iran key data stream on Israel’s weapons and C4I.
    When you attack. …..you give up information.

    1. Ewan says:

      If Hizbollah had sophisticated signals interception equipment way back in 2006 that allowed them to anticipate Israeli groundforce movement and stop assaults dead in their tracks with a tiny force of men, then who gave it to them? Iran brought down Yankee RQ170 drone with ECM.Certainly by now they have even better equipment. Thank you China and Russia.

      1. Ace says:

        I’ve not read a detailed account of the Hezbollah defense but I don’t get the impression it involved rapid repositioning of scarce weapons or reserves but rather extensive preparation of hidden, fortified, defensive positions with connecting tunnels and effective use of anti-tank missiles that did a lot of damage to Israeli armor. With lots of eyes on the defenders’ side and good communications between them, how hard is it to figure out where armor and infantry are? Maybe the defenders even had simple drones . . . ?

        Do you have a link to a good account of that battle by any chance?

        1. Ewan says:

          Google “How Hezbollah defeated Israel by Alastair Crooke. ” Crooke is ex MI5 / 6 His account is the most impartial. There are others but this is a good place to start

          1. Ace says:

            Many thanks!

  13. King_GeorgXIII says:

    Stupid Jews if you kill Assad you create 8 million new!

    1. jerry hamilton says:

      No. 6 million. It is the only number their bible permits.

      1. Ewan says:

        You mean the Talmud

        1. jerry hamilton says:

          Ahhh. Actually this time. I believe it is the Leviticus.
          The Hebrew Bible is made up of a number of books.
          The Talmud is just one of them.

      2. Boris Kazlov says:

        You are full of cultist murikan bullshit.

        1. jerry hamilton says:

          You research nothing. Arseh0le

  14. Marko says:

    Just to be on the record : I’m an American citizen and I do NOT support our troops.

    1. squirrel dog says:

      Just to be on the record I am an American citizen and I do not support IsraHELL.

    2. northerntruthseeker . says:

      Just for the record.. I am not American, but Canadian… And I do not support the murder of innocent people by those brainwashed by Jew lies

  15. squirrel dog says:

    Delenda Est Judaica.

    1. Ewan says:

      Delete Jews? – sorry, could you please translate that?

      1. alejandro casalegno says:

        Ewan. Is latin “Delenda est Carthago”…..did say Caton in Rome, “Carthago must be destroyed”

  16. temujin1970 says:

    Disgusting chosenite scum. I can’t believe I am saying this but perhaps Hitler had the right idea after all.
    Yes I know exactly what you are.

    1. Boris Kazlov says:

      Hitler was right about the Jews, his only delusion was to attack Russia.

      1. jerry hamilton says:

        Hitler attacked Bolsheviks. Not Russians.
        He was trying to save Europe from the communist threat.
        Russians were not Bolsheviks. Jews were.
        Winston Churchill can explain it better here.

        1. Boris Kazlov says:

          Bullshit, for nazis all Russians were untermenschen. Untermenschen planted red flag on the Reichstag.

          1. jerry hamilton says:

            Plss off jew troll.
            No Russian would post what you did.

          2. Boris Kazlov says:

            Jew your mother, imbecile.
            What I posted is fact, I could be an eskimo and it would still be fact, maybe you are resentful of the red flag planted on the Reichstag, never mind, next time we plant it in your ass to make you happy.

          3. jerry hamilton says:

            There were 150,000 jews in Hitlers military including Field Marshals and Generals.
            Now piss of jew troll.

          4. Boris Kazlov says:

            Proof idiot murikan, anybody can make assertions, why 150,000? why not 300,000?

          5. jerry hamilton says:

            All you have to do is google it.
            It is all over the internet.

  17. john says:

    We’ll see what Putin has in mind. He knows what he is doing. Did he not already save Syria from becoming a second Libya? The gas stuff is all bluff, just like beating up N. Korea. The Koreans stood up to them and told the Americans to take a hike, which they did. The North Koreans do not forget how the US slaughtered four million of their citizens and laid waste to their land. And neither should they; just like Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Iraq –more and more. The Americans love war. It is ingrained into their psychic–and that is their Achilles Heal. Payback time always comes around. Russia does not back down. They are far better trained and experienced fighters than the Americans, especially the loud mouted Israeli child killing mob of butchers. The Syrian army, too, has now vast experience and will put it too good use when they take back the Golan and eventually take back Jerusalem. It is coming and Israel is going. And maybe then, just maybe . . . peace will come dropping through . . .

  18. Hewal Neutralizer says:

    Better start building ovens and gas rooms.

  19. jim crowland says:

    Is funny, I dislike Iranian Terrorist Republic but I am wishing that they send stones or arrows against Israel so Gassad leaves this world.

  20. joevid says:

    There’s strong theological components to this war. We can summarize these components as the Islamic component, the Zionist/Jewish component and the Christian component. The Islamic and Jewish components always take center stage as they fight for dominance it expressing their rights. The Christian component is almost 100% neglected in claiming their rights in the Holy land, Syria and the surround countries such as Egypt. Why? The majority Christian nations of Russia, Europe and America never, never demand the historical and theological rights of Christians in Israel, Syria and Egypt and yet the Christian religion has a longer and arguably more profound connection with these nations than Islam and modern rabbinic Judaism (not the Hebrew Temple religion of the Torah). Why is it that the leaders of America, Europe and Russia refuse to advocate for the majority Christian they represent? The answer lies in the fact that the establishment media movie industry in American, Europe and to some degree in Russia are all dominated and controlled by by Zionist Jews who use this control to suppress the natural rights of their Christian populations to demand Justice for the Christians of Israel, Syria, and Egypt. Again, its ironic that the primary concerns of the American and European media is Judaism/Zionism and Holocaust survivors. This distorted Jewish power has totally distorted America, Europe and Russia’s involvement in the Middle East in favor of Israel.

  21. joevid says:

    From a Christian perspective, the Christians should have full control of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, not the rabbinic Jews who reject Jesus and the God of Abraham. American, Europe and Russia are all Christian nations with Christian majorities and they have the power to take the whole Middle East if they unite. That’s why its time for the Christian nations to demand that Jerusalem and the Holy Land be administered by Christians with full protection of the rights of other historical religions. The Christian democratic values of America and Europe have proven that they are the only ones historically who have protected the rights of minorities codified in law. Both Islam and Zionist Judaism have proven that they are incapable of creating a just and democratic society for all people.

    1. Boris Kazlov says:

      You call the myriad of cultist pseudo-churches mushrooming in U$AIPAC Christianity? Please, they are a propaganda front for the Zio-empire

      1. joevid says:

        I agree about the Zio-pseudochurches. Christianity in America, Europe and Russia is much more than those cults who miss the spiritual dimensions of our faith. There are also nationalistic Orthodox Christians in Russia who are only Christian through baptism, not belief and lifestyle. Same with the Roman Catholics. Nevertheless, at the core of all Christian denominations is the reality of Jesus Christ shedding his blood for our sins.
        The Christians in all nations are influenced by a nationalism that replaces true faith with ideology. The core Christian believers in a American, Russia and Europe are the foundation of Christian Civilization that has contributed so so much to the world. The New World Order is controlled by Jews who are fanatically and radically opposed to Christ and to the teachings of the Gospels. They are trying to reshape the world according to their anti-Christ and anti-Christian toxic zionist ideology.

  22. Ace says:

    ** Israel should clarify that it takes a moral stance against killers who use weapons of mass murder against civilians. **

    What is the Israeli moral stance against killers who use rifles against peaceful, unarmed, civilian protestors in Gaza?

    1. jerry hamilton says:

      Netanyahu is very proud of them. Their mothers probably are too.

  23. Zarathustra says:

    Russia did one big mistake : you did not hang all dirty communists after 1990. Now you could be fully democratic functional healtly country. Instead you became mafia state.

    1. goingbrokes says:

      That’s US you’re talking about.

      1. Zarathustra says:

        Political opponents getting murdered, presidential candidate not allowed, state mafia, justice corruption, police repressions, welcome to vodkaland.

        1. goingbrokes says:

          As you say: US. JFK and many others murdered, Sanders not allowed, CIA is mafia, justice is corporations, Big Rock police repression. No vodka land in US, but how about Afghanistan and US troops guarding the poppies for black market earnings.

          1. Zarathustra says:

            Sanders not alliwed?!?

  24. Ivan Freely says:

    Once you allow assassination of a Head of State, it opens the door against all Heads of State.

  25. Daniel Apaza says:

    Don’t sing it; bring it!!!

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