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SAAB Delivers Its First New CB90 HSM Assault Boat to Swedish Navy

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SAAB Delivers Its First New CB90 HSM Assault Boat to Swedish Navy

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On October 24th, SAAB delivered the first of its new CB90 HSM fast assault craft to the Swedish defense material administration (FMV).

The boat is the first one of an order of 18, of the new and improved CB90 fast assault boats. Delivered by Saab’s Dockstavarvet, the new boats have improved speed and maneuverability – as well as attack power and surveillance capabilities.

The company said that the remaining boats would be delivered in the following months.

“The principles are the same, but with stronger engines everything becomes even more impressive. We’ve managed to surpass the speed demand by several knots,” said Andreas Nordstrand, project manager at Dockstavarvet, Saab.

In addition to stronger engines, the 18-ton boats now feature a new combat management system and sensors for surveillance and attack power through the Trackfire system. Trackfire provides a stabilized independent line of sight (SILOS), with the sensor module decoupled from the weapons axes, allowing the operator to maintain the line of sight on the target.

This configuration enables a target to be continuously lased during the engagement sequence; thereby providing a true comprehensive ballistic calculation including 3D target prediction.

”We’re looking at completely new capabilities. While the older versions are very fine boats, they are more like transportation vehicles in comparison to the new model, taking troops from one point to another. With these upgrades we have completely new operational capabilities in terms of surveillance, fire power, tactical awareness and the ability to act when needed” said Fredrik Hyllengren, project manager at FMV.

The CBS90 HSM were developed in close cooperation with the Swedish FMV, and Andreas Nordstrand says that it provides for the development of the best possible product.

“The list and level of demands push us to deliver accordingly – as best as we can. I think of it as a win-win situation.” The end user is always a part of the process, making sure standards are met, in this case the Naval Warfare Centre and the Amphibious Battalion, SAAB’s website said.

“This is a good product and the teamwork between all parties involved has been great, everyone have been humble and truly worked together. This is the reason for the successful outcome; a great cooperation.”, said Fredrik Hyllengren.

SAAB Delivers Its First New CB90 HSM Assault Boat to Swedish Navy

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The original CB90 (Combat Boat 90) fast assault craft was originally built to replace the Swedish Navy’s aging Tpbs 200 class. It represents the export version of Strp 90H, the official Swedish designation wherein H stands for the vessel’s ability to transport and deploy half a platoon of fully armed amphibious infantry. The ship was commissioned in 1991.

The boat is armed with three browning M2HB machine guns. A 12.7mm machine gun (or a 40mm grenade launcher) is fixed on a ring mount aft of the wheelhouse. This can be replaced with remote controlled, stabilised weapons for the ring mount gun position.

The boat is also mounted with one Mk 19 grenade launcher and a modified Hellfire-type RBS 17 SSM system. Four 2.8t naval mines or six depth charges can also be carried.

The CB90 HSM is the newest of the newest version of the boat, these are the specifications:

  • Displacement – Light: 18 t
  • Displacement – Fully loaded: 24.5 t
  • Total length: 16.3 m
  • Length of the hull: 14.9 m
  • Beam: 3.8 m
  • Draught: 0.9 m
  • Max speed with full load: 45 knots
  • Cruise speed at Sea State 1 or less: 38 knots
  • Range at cruise speed: 300 nautical miles
  • Engines: 2 x 900 HP, Scania Diesel 8
  • Water jet: S32 Mix Flow


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useless and waste of money, the tax payer’s money. back to neutrality rather than this ass kissing the unhinged states of A – ohh forgot the backsheesh the yanks can pay when you buy a patriot missile defense system.

Jens Holm

Is it expensive. I might buy one or two?

Has any from other countries ordered it.

You can call me Al

Looks shite.


I think it looks great. What strikes you as shite? I think these small boats are the future – small targets, low costs, they pack a punch too. These are the real littoral boats US keeps banging on about, as they build oversized shite! Lol.

You can call me Al

I thought it would be more OO7 type, but if it is functional, well OK.

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